Hatching History
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Half Moon's NPC Hatchings

30. Gold Chauth x Bronze Ysgieuth (March 3, 2019)

This Is About To Get Weird Gold Seyunestudath - Suriya
A Flair for the Under-Dramatic Bronze Qhatiratrixth - A'she (Aishen)
Dire Plans for Destiny Blue Jorynth - Alida (Leeta)
I Want a Revelation Green Zhelinath - N'on (Teinon)
Jewel of the Desert Green Hazeth - Petra

NPC Impressions:

Glitter, Glitz, and Chorus Line-y Bronze Stradomath - N’gel
Friends on the Other Side Brown Sombreth - O’rlean
When Tomorrow Comes Brown Mariuth - Cosette
Music of the Night Blue Rhith - E’rik
Who We're Meant to Be Green Zirkoath - Daya

29. Gold Ilyscaeth x Bronze Xermiltoth (April 21, 2018)

Huntress of Light Gold Chauth - Tanit
Promises You Don't Intend to Keep Bronze Ysgieuth - Z'tan (Zeltan)
Endless Storm Brown Jovianth - Ashwi (Ashwini)
The Nicest Angel We Have Blue Zychaelth - Suyi (Ayushi)
A Strange Exhilaration Green Dalisyth - Kiele

NPC Impressions:

Truth in the Echo Brown Vhaosath - S'ra (Sylrain)
Flight of the Phoenix Green Luyillath - Ta'ji (Tlayjit)

28. Gold Celimoth x Bronze Xermiltoth (July 13, 2017)

Lightning Before the Thunder Gold Ilyscaeth - Citayla (Citayzleat)
Rubik's Complex Curmudgeon Bronze Aedeluth - S'van (Sevran)
Ancient Sandstone Etched Brown Nehehkath - Xyvette (Elixyvette)
A World With No More Night Blue Fascath - Catwin
Tantalizingly Tropical Green Sakrayeth - Aine (Taline)
Far-Flung Hopes Green Myrakath - Baylee

NPC Impressions:
A Case of Deja Vu Brown Mnemth - Le'em (Emelio)
Unruffled and Unconcerned Blue Gallinth - Que'sa (Quesadian)
Time for a Butt-Kicking Green Tuoferiath - Nadarya
Paragon for a Peaceful Nation Green Katsuoth - H'yu (Heyyu)

27. Gold Feyruth x Bronze Emeliuth (August 27, 2016)

A Light in the Dark Bronze Elenth - L'kan (Lukhanyo)
Shot from the Storm Bronze Jabreth - N'lan (Nolan)
Your Friendly Neighborhood Bronze Leketh - J'en (Jaelyn)
Original Bronze Holderist Xermiltoth - R'hyn (Heryn)
Language of the Soul Blue Oranth - E'mi (Emiallis)
Loved by the Sun Green Lychenth - V'nyk (Venryk)

NPC Impressions:

Builder of Worlds Brown Krijuesth - A'xar (Caxandar)
Just Like Mama Used To Make Brown Olobgneth - O'odle (Noodle)
Lakes of Crystal Blue Tivonth - T'lau (Tofilau)
It's Called Art! Green Aydoth - Taleekah
Amongst Them All Green Lalasath - Fyffe
For All I Know You're A Duck Green Stoth - Myalli

26. Gold Valigath x Bronze Dhonzayth (September 20, 2015)

Glittering, Glamorous, And Green Samiryth - Serena

NPC Impressions:

Unsettling Charismatic Mystic Bronze Raspovyith - G'rii (Grigerii)
Ever a Bull Moose Brown Sevelth - Th'dor (Therodor)
Dance Through The Night Brown Columbinoth - R'aoul (Rinaoul)
Big Buff and Beautiful Blue Allouisineth - Livia
Gimme Two Claps and a Blue Flairth - R'ic (Ralic)
I Put A Spell On You Blue Marsonth - Tavotee
A Weaver of Words Blue Wainth - Sam'el (Samunael)
Loosen Your Corset, Have A Green Euphemiath - M'itch (Demmitch)
Express Yourself Green Dominath - Ciccone
Fire of Knowledge Green Gieth - N'drew
Passion And Pearls Green Lucregiazth - Fr'esco (Frestesco)
La Belle Dame Sans Merci Green Lynath - B'ron (Byeron)

25. Gold Celimoth x Bronze Teimyrth (November 23, 2014)

Ethereal Tyrant Gold Valigath - Aglaia
Crystals in the Dark Bronze Czaiath - D'nyl (Daranyl)
Word of Silent Courage Brown Yukenth - F'mar (Firamar)
Mercenary with a Mouth Brown Marweroeth - Trysta (Chrystyne)
Shining in the Shadows Blue Azminath - Aerza (Ezrayl)
Abated Vengeance Blue Galgardioth - K'an (Keldan)
A Silver Blue Wraith Blue Loyth - Kyra
Stealing Back the Stars Blue Aluath - Raelii

NPC Impressions:
Autumnal Adventuring Hero Bronze Keenth - B'lly (William)
Spooky Shy Green Booth - M'rio (Madrio)

24. Gold Shadhavarth X Bronze Tzettenvonth (February 16, 2014)

Crowned With Smoke and Fire Gold Tavehtiath - Rhysanna
A Smooth and Criminal Bronze Iidenskapurth - E'ros (Sorel)
Dancing Beneath the Aurora Green Kaiath - Nae (Naeda)
Lost Gone Found Green Anshenuith - Nisa (Naris)

NPC Impressions:
Shadow-Hamed Leader of the Lost Bronze Lanreth - M'dre (Maedre)
Vanquisher of the Inferno Brown Beriaruth - D'nte (Arrandante)
I Know What You Want Brown Gibrilth - J'hn (Johann)
A Hoary Hue of Cold White Blue Dumath - T'mah (Timmy)
Whatever You Do, Don't Blink Blue Sparrolth - D'ctor (Derektor)

23. Gold Miraneith X Bronze Suldith (April 7, 2013)

Paladin of the Cosmos Bronze Sidarith - Rh'ad (Rhadan)
Gifted With Magic Brown Vereduth - I'o (Iolain)
Radioactive Rubber Pants Blue Irkevalath - Sundari
Tiny Dancer of the Skies Green Danzleith - Zu'to (Kazuto)
Fluttering from Flower to Flower Green Espeth - R'bel (Rhabel)

NPC Impressions:
Warrior Anti-hero Bronze Proeliath - Gu'u (Agustus)
Everything Must Be Perfect Brown Desuzakith - Liz (Erizabesu)
Brazenly Bold Brown Moochith - Me'gan (Mergana)
Boiling Water Blue Yojokitobuth - Raye (Ravithaye)
Back From the Dead Green Hollaicheth - N'u (Ennuin)

22. Gold Shadhavarth X Bronze Teimyrth (June 3, 2012)

All Magic Comes With A Price Brown Cvilidreth - X'ar (Xander)
Knowledge Was Their Treasure Brown Indianath - Rou'x (Rousseaux)
The Essence of Cold Blue Geimhreath - Keely (Keelyra)
Fly Fly Away Blue Ujinath - Kiena (Kaliena)
Eyeshine in the Night Blue Yiskatiresiath - Ir'e (Theicher)
Don't Go Where I Can't Follow Green Tarieth - S'ol (Solarus)

NPC Impressions:
Full of Stars Bronze Atrupennath - D're (Drimeri)
I'm A Soldier Now Bronze Cimarroth - O'hit (Ohitika)
I Aim to Misbehave Brown Shanweith - Inara (Inayleera)
Looks Like a Six Foot Turkey Brown Velocirath - T'riq (Tanneriq)
It's Scrumdidilyumptious Green Ariadneth - Judienne
There is no Try Green Yodath - V'der (Valonder)

21. Gold Miraneith X Bronze Glyith (July 31, 2011)

Autumn's Last Glow Gold Shadhavarth - Iris (Idris)
Devoured by Winter's Night Bronze Teimyrth - Ila'den (Kilarden)
Unmasking the Ugly Truth Bronze Velokraeth - Th'ero (Kelthero)
Omen of the Gods Brown Loxiath - V'ric (Velrich)
Caught Drinking in the Bramble Brown Nyzieroth - S'rorn (Sororn)
A Lovely Little Green Taiyokanth - Raev (Raevella)

NPC Impressions:
Lord of Appearances Brown Nebtawyth - M'cha (Meshcha)
Sailing the Wide Summer Sea Blue Azimuth - Kashie
Pitter-Patter Blue Opicheskiduth - R'oy (Rory)
Blooming in Springtime Green Gaeath - St'nes (Steines)
Add A Squirt of Lime Green Maitayth - Teniqua
Wealth of Water Lillies Green Nymphaeath - Dalima

20. Gold Miraneith X Bronze Glyith (November 21, 2010)

Making It Up As I Go Bronze Suldith - Zi'on (Zsriston)
Fast And Furious Brown Locheth - T'ran (Torian)
Treasures of the Calico Mine Green Dumarath - L'ri (Lyrifah)
Queen of the Bayou Green Maraeth - K'yr (Kyrerin)
Spirit of the Savannah Zurith - Souvani

NPC Impressions:
Gentle Giant Brown Agridhath - Dora (Aladora)
Fur Coat and Flippers Brown Zaloth - C'lyde (Clydeseymour)
Figment of the Imagination Blue Channith - N'gel (Nigel)
The Forgotten Sea Blue Hurrikath - H'bor (Haebor)
Just Desserts Blue Kastelath - Fr'mer (Frommer)

19. Gold Nieleth X Bronze Halinith (April 11th, 2010)

Fearlessly Voyaging Brown Thianth - Av'ni (Avani)
Prickly and Ponderous Brown Veritath - Selchis
Shadows of the Forest Blue Orykoth - Ze'an (Zeibhan)
Stardust In Her Wake Green Messalith - Tora (Toraya)
Resistance is Futile Green Zusamenth - Liandyn

NPC Impressions:
Star Fire Fury Bronze Suiroth - C'ton (Chriechton)
Hoopiest Zarking Bronze Zaphoth - B'rox (Beeblebrox)
One With the World Blue Sulyth - Tiri
Effervescent Friend Green Mindyth - N'anu (Neemranu)

18. Gold Sevaruth X Bronze Odryth (August 2nd, 2009)

Defender of the Faith Brown Rauxith - V'ine (Vaine)
Well Begun is Half Done Green Ingriath - Mynna
The Glorious Green Sinasapelth - Kyldar

NPC Impressions:
In Honour Of Thy Father Bronze Brucifith - R'bert (Robereto)
Devil of Aquitaine Bronze Lantath - Ed'ard (Edward)
King of the Night Blue Megillath - Hadassah
Silken Sheen Emerald Green Bolyth - H'ry (Henry)
Formidable Lady Green Edyth - T'mas (Tomas)
Spirit of the People Green Noravitath - Eva (Juaneva)

17. Gold Bennueth X Bronze Nasrinth (Febuary 13th, 2009)

Forever Dreaming Bronze Halinith - Ae'gus (Aengus)
Timeless Waters Blue Dylanth - G'len (Gailen)
Freedom of Expression Blue Varmiroth - Kimmila
Watered Silk and Steel Green Damasth - Lissi (Nalissi)
Lady of the Arid Forest Green Mishath - Hadi (Hadria)

NPC Impressions:
Heroes and Cowards, No More Bronze Thalioth - T'rin (Turin)
Soldier of Fortune Brown Gillath - J'on (Jonlor)
Killer, Thriller, Ow! Brown Mykaelth - Ja'xon (Jalraxon)
Watcher of the Ocean's Ruin Blue Denadelth - Ru'ud (Ruluend)
Everlasting Views of Harmony Blue Ricmehath - M'oby (Malokoby)
Gem of the World Green Lithiuth - A'mee (Ayrmee)
Generous to a Fault Green Ysanith - Risa

16. Gold Onauth X Bronze Raenth (May 18th, 2008)

Painted Frontier Justice Gold Bennueth - Rea (Renae)
The Gangster of the Sands Bronze Gusith - F'ian (Finian)
Traitorous Ally Of Theives Brown Kurouth - Xe'res (Xaleres)
Got A Little Captain In You? Green Baliceauth - Josi (Josilyn)
Thief In The Woods Green Idesaeslitendeth - Ixie (Ixieae)
Rebelliously Righteous Green Lhayerath - S'vell (Suvell)
Richer Than Your /Wildest/ Dreams! Green Mevalonath - Rhelia

NPC Impressions:
Absolutely Corrupted Brown Dajith - J'ome (Jerome)
Force of Nature Blue Babayeth - Vasilisa
Wild is the Wind Blue Luyanth - Ni'an (Ni-Chang)
Determined to be Brave Blue Piehth - N'laum (Nalaum

15. Gold Merkabath x Bronze Dhonzayth (September 10th, 2007)

The Guiding Star Gold Onauth - Aerhi (Aerhia)
Creature of the Deep Blue Qhayth - Phee (Phyara)
Lost in the Deluge Green Phiaroth - Lilini
Imposing Mercenary Green Luxth - Ina (Inara)

NPC Impressions:
Light of the Jungle Bronze Venaith - P'kup (Parekup)
Merchant Brown Ndiath - I'ana (Ilsana)
Jungle River Blue Coluth - Sheri
Canal Waters Blue Panath - St'ven (Staeven)
Searching for Adventure Green Berinth - Ophelio
Falling Downriver Green Floeth - B'taru (Botaru)

14. Gold Leibeth x Bronze Honrith (December 18th, 2006)

Singing to Dawn's Light Gold Merkabath - Sharix
Legacy of Fire and Light Bronze Ciragath - T'lin (Thalin)
Shaped by Winter's Storms Brown Kilantaroith - L'iov (Jolmeriov)
Shimmering Iridescent Blue Qzeth - Soriya
Sun-bathed Green Amateth - Shenna

13. Gold Nylaeth x Bronze Xalmyrilth (April 15th, 2006)

Forged in Flames Gold Leibeth - Allwyn
Suntanned Serpent Sage Brown Zakynth - Meaghan
Lost in the Music Blue Elenboreth - T'balt (Tybalt)
Soaring in Space Blue Feith - Alleyne
Boisterous Befuddled Briny Blue Taruth - F'inn (Filan)
Fruit of the Vine Green Rieselth - Shellie

12. Gold Delisth x Bronze Caith (August 7th, 2005)

Imprisoned with an Enchantment Bronze Irilanth- Z'lren (Zephalren)
Dark Winter's Night Blue Esaminth - K'iro (Kiniro)
Pelagic Vistas Blue Tierijith - Delle (Adelle)

NPC Impressions:
Brown Heath - A'wyn (Allwyn)
Wiry Blue Arronth - P'don (Peledon)
Blue Glumeth - Mavairla
Green Jannerath - Leena
Impetuous Little Green Lucieth S'mel - (Saumel)
Green Nurmth - Aliva
Gawky Olive Green Senadrith - Sallia

11. Gold Sevaruth x Bronze Gilanth (Febuary 26th, 2005)

Exsanguinated Gold Delisth - Jandria
No Nonsense of Nothing Bronze Rombulath - N'than (Nathan)
Hooded Compassion Brown Garroth - Alorye
Draped in Finery Blue Chevalyth - Phaedra
Twilight's First Star Blue Dzbanth - Velika
Moonlit Knight Blue Tiordth - Lenka
Stormy Start and Sunny End Green Keorith - Erra (Errakiel)
Shimmering Emerald Green Milaiyoth - Neal (Nealon)

NPC Impressions:
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Bronze Rambouilleth - K'sel (Kassel)
Cobbled from Pieces Brown Colchesth - Funkena
Aged Wooden Brown Ubarth - S'mon (Sarmon)
Motley Collection of Patches Blue Quatreth - Odette
You'd Better Obey Me or Else Green Alysth - G'av (Gustav)
Fallen From Grace Green Antoineth - Margessa
Glittering Starlight Green Mireilleth - Landra
Silent Lullabye Green Shhuhth - Pilla
Poxed Virulent Green Yersiniath - Bridget

10. Gold Sevaruth x Bronze Xalmyrilth (May 23rd, 2004)

Forgotten in Time Brown Izelth - X'an (Zantos) (now Bronze)
Burnished Bronze Chest of Tricks and Treasures Orasth - D'nte (Dante)
Solemn Remembrance Bronze Tenirth - S'r (Ser)
Dynamic Rollicking Elemental Blue Phailinugoth - K'nan (Kiernan)
Exotic Baja Green Soavth - Kaisha

NPC Impressions:
Oddly-colored Brown Ferulath - P'ella (Puella)
Blue Curacao Margarita Pueblath - Z'go (Zaragoza)
Icy Crystalline Frozen Morning Green Crysyllyth - Sora
Sunlight Limned Green Oraquynhath - N'ran (Norman)
Bell Pepper Green Xanidaetith - M'eta (Metha)

09. Gold Zephyruth x Brown Ceannath (September 12th, 2003)

Waiting for Spring Brown Freiheith - T'ai (Taidan)
Life in Text Brown Gabraeroth - Argawne
Shadowed Illusions Blue Hesanoth - Lly'rah (Illyrah)
Ancient Copper Statue Green Zelinath - R'al (Ralin)

NPC Impressions:
Dreaming Sandy Bronze Sarnath - D'ter (Deeter)
Frazzled Brown Pykeeth - Eireen
Suddenly Shy Blue Seymanth - Audra
Startled Wraith Blue Tpeurth - G'ren (Giren)
Absence Of Shadows Green Meurseaulth - C'mus (Camus)

08. Gold Ilveraeth x Bronze Xalmyrilth (March 30th, 2003)

Mysteries Unraveled in a Beat Gold Sevaruth - Jolie
Rogue Of The Night Bronze Musimth - Eh'rim (Dherjenim)
Not Quite Sweet Brown Anonmyth - L'riv (Lyrriva)
Sweetheart of the Month Green Aeleojaith - S'in (Seyin)

NPC Impressions:
Deep Dark Bronze Ketath - D'ar (Darik)
Stocky Sandy Hued Brown Caernoth - M'lton (Milton)
Shaded In Summer's Brightest Blue Zuliouth - N'vel (Nouvel)
Fragile Light Blue Evisith - Lynnetta
Swirly Vibrant Green Variath - Liora
Mottled Green Alineth - Dr'mis (Dramis)

07. Gold Embreth x Bronze Varbaeth (April 16th, 2002)

Goddess Hi'iaka Rainbow Gold Ilveraeth - Rayne
Erupting Volcano Bronze Voledarth - T'ist (Trist)
Darkening Sunset Bronze Zavadoth - R'hem (Rahem)
Bubbles and Golden Sunrises Brown Cimaeth - T'ane (Thane)
Endless Rivers and Oceans Blue Gwellareth - Tirae
Corrupted Radiant Princess Green Hylaeth - R'an (Rakiyan)

06. Gold Braxith x Bronze Willowith (July 15th, 2001)

Gold Zephyruth - Marhiya
Brown Ihyth - Eetie (Deetie)
Brown Xaclenth - D'ir (Radmir)
Smooth Mint Green Eireneth - Alika
Green Enyoth - Lara (Laurya)
Moonlit Forest Green Rysith - Anoryn

05. Gold Loraeth x Bronze Prydieth (December 17th, 2000)

Midnight Sentinel Bronze Macoth - M'lor (Melior)
Ambitious Malt Liquor Bronze Nakotath - T'ji (Touji)
Crackling Parchment Brown Penceth - I'an (Illian)
Fanciful Lapin Brown Brown Salinath - Athanasia

04. Gold Braxith x Bronze Jaereth (June 21st, 2000)

Romeo's and Juliet Gold Loraeth - Briatta
Shimmering Glass Bottle Brown Panwraith - B'toren (Beltoren)
Roaring Hearthfire Brown Zycath - Rina (Aarina)
Dark Starry Night Blue Daoth - K'urk (Kyburk)
Chiseled Rune Stone Blue Shyth - Toree
Stained Glass Sea Green Lilenth - Marja

NPC Impressions:
Brewed-Tea Bronze Sadouth - P'kar (Poukar)
Starry Starry Night Blue Coresanth - Toralia
Bright, Sunny Lime Green Sekaith - Siralla
Moss Covered Moor Green Kamith - S'niv (Sevnival)

03. Gold Tiaketh x Bronze Glyith (September 19th, 1998)

Fiery Forge Gold Braxith - Shandra
Bronze Hakath - K'son (Kasson)
Brazen Bronze Quilerth - C'ine (Caine)
Autumn's Brilliance Brown Soleith - D'lon (Delon)
Velvety Celestial Navy Blue Cynteth - Calla
Lapis Blue Sardath - J'nus
Teal Green Shirath - Cinda
A White Grapes Green Yllawynth - Shaylor

02. Gold Crystath x Bronze Jayleath (November 22nd, 1997)

Gold Lyoneth - Diosa
Bronze Roth - K'ron (Karon)
Brown Erynth - Jolestra
Brown Finteth - In'var
Blue Jinnith - B'lez
Blue Kheldath - Carina
Blue Narmardreth - M'urn (Mourn)
Green Lumath - Kalhanna
Green Posiath - S'thac
Green Quozith - F'rit
Green Shath - Chrysa

01. Gold Crystath x Brown Tashmeth (September 17th, 1997)

Brown Caelith - K'lisha
Brown Micariath - N'ala
Blue Javath - J'rem
Blue Kallith - Kylia
Green Chailinth - C'rilla (Cerilla)
Green Kaliath - Kasha
Green Pippith - V'resse

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