Half Moon Bay Weyr doesn't limit it's Candidate pool to the weyr itself, Searchriders will go Pern-wide to pick up whomever accepts their dragons requests to stand!

When OOC Search arrives (+help Search Schedule), type 'search me,' and you'll be transported to the Search Application Room to apply! Before you do, be sure to read all the help files under +help Candidate before making a commitment to stand. Stand Only candidates are always welcome!

So, you've been Searched? Feel free to gather congratulations/condolences as you please. Candidacy is one of the most fun parts of being part of a Weyr, if you choose to take part in it.

During this crucial pre-Hatching time, many things will take place: we will observe you, to learn how you fit in at Half Moon Bay, and how well you interact with its residents and your fellow Candidates. Most importantly, it gives you the chance to determine whether or not Half Moon Bay is the place for you, while you develop IC and OOC relationships that are some of the strongest you will encounter. Candidates will receive further guidance from SearchCo, Weyrstaff and Weyrlingmasters during their stay with us.

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