A Weyr can't run itself with just a few people, there's always someone in the background making food, cleaning laundry and doing the dishes, or sweeping out the living caverns. With such a large community to oversee, NPCs are vital members of the setting, and they help fill out the roster and add some color and flavor to the goings on as the Weyr needs them. In fact, NPCs make up the bulk of the Weyr population, as a Weyr like Half Moon Bay can have hundreds of people living there, but only has so many PC players.

Listed here are some current NPCs:

S'chez, Rider to Blue Churuth - Weyr Gossip

Tidir - Drudge - Weyr Gossip

Look at '+hmwhelp schez' and '+hmwhelp tidir' for their info. Please visit the wikidot page at for a more extensive listing.

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