Staff at Half Moon Bay, usually consists of between five to nine folks. They're identified on the knot as such and are here to help residents. Typically, when the numbers are low, a post will be up for folks to join and fill out an application.

Requirements to be and remain staff are:

*You must be a Half Moon Bay resident
*You must make the activecheck at the weyr. This is 4 hours over two weeks, so we're not asking for a lot of time.
*You must read and respond to any staff @mail sent out.
*That's it. Please contact a staff member if you have any further questions about being staff or what they do.

To send a @mail to all staff members at once, simply use *hmwadmins in place of the individual staffer names. This must be all lowercase and include the * symbol.

Example: @mail *hmwadmins=<subject>

Current OOC Staff at Half Moon Bay Weyr are:
Citayla, Kadesh, R'hyn, Raev, Ila'den, R'en and Tanit

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