Submit aTinyplot

TinyPlots are a wonderful part of Roleplay. They can be a single scenario or a string of scenarios woven into a larger story arc. Often these are inspired by random occurrences or planned out by an area in advance. Their purpose is to promote roleplay, for an area or the game as a whole. A good plot will be flexible and provide lots of ways for players to hook into the action and can evolve as the story goes on.

For ideas that may have consequences for the area as a whole, we ask that players submit a Proposal which will help iron out any details and potential impact on the area. This gives staff a chance to make sure that the idea is realistic thematically speaking, and is in line with the flavor of the area. Additionally, it helps prevent plots that may be overdone or might interfere with plots already in motion and lets us know if special resources or coding might be required, or if other areas need to be consulted.
Plot proposals can be simple or complex depending on the idea. For example, a plot running for six months will need more information than a request to host a single event. The more flexible the better. Every plot proposal should contain the following:

A Wiki plot or event tag (Example: #itsdeadjim)
A brief summary of the plot.
A timeline of events (for larger plots) and/or a rough outline of how long you expect to be running this plot.
A list of RP hooks or suggestions, ways to hook people into the story. Or an explanation of how the idea will promote roleplay.
A short list of the kinds of characters that might be interested in such a plot or be needed for the plot.
Any special code or assistance needed from Staff.
Other areas that may be involved (Halls, holds etc)

Once you have your proposal together You can @mail it to *hmwadmins using the subject TinyPlot: (plot name) Please allow Staff at least seven days to review the submission before inquiring about it. We may respond sooner but this gives us a chance to go over the information and come back to you with any questions or suggestions on things that may need to be tweaked.

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