-=Half Moon Bay Weyr's Wings=-

Half Moon Bay Weyr still adheres to the traditional formation of the original fighting wings as they were organized back in the days when Thread was fought: A Wingleader and his/her Wingsecond(s) with the wingriders who report to them. In general, wings consist of about 30 individuals, although the number more or less varies, and without Thread to be fought any longer, the wing generally stays intact for a longer period of time. This gives the members of the wing more camaraderie, and as a result the relationships within the Wing tend to be more or less stronger and the wing works together better as a cohesive unit. With variation within the wings, there is something for every member of the Weyr and most riders are allowed to choose what wing they feel they would best fit within.

Atoll Administration Kadesh (WW) Janja, Aglaia
Atoll Continued L'ton (WL) R'en (W2)
Archipelago Search and Rescue J'en L'kan
Seamount Transport and Delivery OPEN OPEN
Islet Weyrling Training Sundari E'mi
Sandbar Retirees E'len (NPC) S'mad (NPC)

Note: Reef Wing answers directly to their respective Craft Halls for duty, there is no Wingleader/Wingsecond. The Hall will inform the weyr of any craft changes or disciplinary measures. All 'independant' crafters (such as Vintners, Bakers, Cooks, Hunters, etc.) will answer to the Weyr's Headwoman/Steward.

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