Half Moon Bay's Wing Organization

General Information

Half Moon Bay's wings work on a shift schedule each day. There are three shifts. Dawn shift runs from midnight to the eighth hour. Day shift runs from the eighth hour to the sixteenth hour. Dusk shift runs from the sixteenth hour to midnight. One wing is held in reserve, although a duty listing of 'off' is somewhat misleading as the wing is not out taking a vacation, it will take the time to practice as a wing whatever specific detail the wingleader feels they need more work on. Due to the workload during the day, two wings are always assigned to the day shift. Shifts are rotated OOCly each month. (See '+wewhelp wing shifts')

With the exceptions of Atoll and Islet, wings are comprised of groupings of riders and residents which work on the assigned shift schedule. Residents have the option of aligning themself with a particular wing in their role as a support staff, and those that do handle supporting the riders and residents of the chosen wing first, and the weyr overall second. For example a seamstress would mend first clothing from the wing members, and if they had any time left would then mend clothing from the weyr overall. Similarly, an archivist would update the wing members records first, before taking on the task of the general weyr records.

A shift will cover all duties required during the given time period. To cover all the duties wings sub-divide into task oriented groups. These groups rotate frequently so that each member has exposure to all aspects so that when there is a general emergency everyone is proficient enough to assist in the needed task. The wingleader and wingseconds handle dividing the wing up and assigning tasks to meet the shifts needs.

There are several common sub-groups that a wing will divide up into. How many riders are in each group on a particular day varies depending upon the workload. Similarly, not all possible sub-groups may be used, only two or three groups may be needed one day, or everyone may do the same job if, for instance there is a ship lost everyone may be on search and rescue patrols, or if there are a lot of goods to transport, the entire wing may spend the whole shift moving goods.

Commonly Used Wing Sub-Groups:

Transport: Riders assigned to this duty spend the shift delivering and picking up various mail, goods and passengers. These activities are the primary income for the Weyr, and riders can sometimes earn some marks on the side by taking on additional items/messages not on the roster.

Search/Rescue: Riders assigned to this duty spend the shift practicing various techniques. These include how to handle fire fighting, search pattern drills, air rescue/assistance, land/flood rescue, goods and body recovery for after a disaster, and ship rescue/assistance.

Patrol: Riders assigned this duty spend the shift flying sweep over a part of the Half Moon Bay territory. They will respond to posted flags at any hold they fly over, and routinely stop at various holds and villages to check up on the residents and help keep the Weyr viewed in a positive light.

Dolphins: Riders assigned to this duty spend the shift working with a dolphin/dolphin pod. Due to the nature of our territory dolphins are an extremely valuable asset and the dolphins and dragons need to get to know each other and be comfortable working with each other for when greater needs arise. There are several different pods in our area, but dolphins are not always available to practice.

Maintenance: Riders assigned to this duty spend the shift assisting weyr crafters with routine Weyr maintenance. This includes physical work as well as support work in helping to transport any larger goods, or the crafter back tot heir home/hall for research as needed.

Escort: Riders assigned to this duty fly as an escort for ships from island to island. These are pre-arranged between the Weyr and the private party for vessels of all sizes. Riders will deal with issues of weather, pirates, changing currents, and rescue as needed. They will assist in guiding ships, particularly at low tides, so that they do not become stranded on reefs or sandbars, as well as providing presence to deter any criminal activity.

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