Little Sandy Hold
Little Sandy Hold (Minor)
Holder Lorrod
Holder's Wife Lyoisa (deceased) Torghaninea (current)
Heir(s) Torghad (m), Orrnin (m), Dorihana (f), Liora (f)
Affiliation Sykan Hold
Imports Everything not involving shellfish
Exports Shellfish

Looking to Sykan Hold for protection and guidance, Little Sandy Hold is a small hold on the island closest to Emerald Island that had been founded some turns ago by Lorrod, a third cousin four times removed of the Lady Holder of Sykan Hold. The hold itself is very small, only a few buildings, and pastureland for grazing a small herd of sheep and goats in a small inlet on the island. Due to the tidal pools that make getting in and out of the inlet by boat difficult, Little Sandy Hold is forced to import a number of items by dragon transport, which costs them somewhat dearly and makes the Hold rather unprofitable. Their biggest export is shellfish, which doesn't seem to bring in as many marks as Holder Lorrod would like.

Lorrod has been married twice. The first time was to his first cousin, Lyoisa, over the objections of just about everyone around him. She died giving birth to a daughter, and Lorrod remarried to Torghaninea, a stout fishwife of a woman who has borne him two sons and a daughter.

Goldrider Liora of Western Weyr was searched from Little Sandy Hold. She is Lorrod's daughter from his first marriage and some say the reason why she's so stupid is because her parents were first cousins. Genetics, who knew!

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