OOC: Ila/Zi Babies!?


[Western Weyr] Ila'den has disconnected.
[Western Weyr] Ila'den has connected.
[Western Weyr] Draval: Good!
[Western Weyr] Zi'on: It is a miracle!
[Western Weyr] Zi'on: Ila
[Western Weyr] Ila'den: Zi.
[Western Weyr] Ila'den: Make me babies.
[Western Weyr] Zi'on: I need someone to help me with that
[Western Weyr] Kayse: Raev is helping already.
[Western Weyr] Ila'den: Make babies with me.
[Western Weyr] Zi'on: Okay but you have to do the labor
[Western Weyr] Enka: You might want to have him carry to term too, Zi.
[Western Weyr] Sundari ..
[Western Weyr] Draval: Medical Miracle!
[Western Weyr] M'al flops on Weyr
[Western Weyr] Zi'on: I'll carry for six months. He can carry it the last three.
[Western Weyr] Kayse snerks.

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