OOC: Kazu Bo Bazu

Kazu Bo Bazu

[Western Weyr] Zi'on: Kazu Kazu bo bazu banana fanna fo fazu, me my mo mazu, Kazu
[Western Weyr] Kazuto peers.
[Western Weyr] Zi'on: What? it's the name game.
[Western Weyr] Kazuto: If you say so. :D
[Western Weyr] Enka: He does it to /everybody/
[Western Weyr] Zi'on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MJLi5_dyn0
[Western Weyr] Rhadan: Everybody? I thought I was special.
[Western Weyr] Kazuto doesn't feel special anymore!
[Western Weyr] Rhadan sniffles.
[Western Weyr] Zi'on only does it to certain special people. Or people who have funny names
[Western Weyr] Kayse snorts.
[Western Weyr] Kazuto: Now I have a funny name.. :D

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