Living Cavern's social... brawl?

Western Weyr - Living Caverns
Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

Arriving from the bowl, one jingling-jangling form pauses at the door to get her bearings then with a glance to the fireplace, walks that direction. Nalissi shivers once and shakes her head, adjusting her satchel on her shoulder, bangle bracelets trailing up her arm then down as she moves.

The door from the kitchens open up, revealing T'lin backing out of it giving a small wave to the staff. "Thanks for the help." He turns back around, a clipboard resting in his right hand as he blinks a bit and then grins softly. "Evenin' everyone." The bronzer's dressed for what some would say the dead of summer, but it suits him for a breezy fall day. His eyes glance over to the jingling form as she heads for the fire before he returns his attention to the others.

Rea comes trooping in from the lower caverns, both hands wrapped around yet more folders that have some sort of paperwork in them… Is she always doing some sort of busy work? It quite seems like it as she hefts the folders over to a table and dumps them there. Her face is a bit flushed, which has seemingly been the norm for the past few sevendays. Sighing a little and stretching herself forwards with her hands behind her back, she slowly takes in the living caverns, itself, smiling awkwardly at S'chez as the man practically smirks at her. Her state is probably obvious to most of the Weyr, by now… And at this realization she frowns, standing back up and crossing her arms over her chest. Pointedly, she looks from the old gossiper to the rest of the room— and doesn't get very far, "T'eo!" She squeals like a little girl, before running over and embracing the man, with little formality involved. After the attempt at a hug(If T'eo allows her), she stands back up and beams, before turning to Kimmila, "Hello, assistant. You know if Menea got those tithe records?" Typical use of formal titles for the lass, and then her attention is drawn to the jingling, Furrowing her brows a bit, but not saying anything.

Kimmila nods, "Yes, Junior," she replies to Rea with a slight smirk. "I gave them to her myself." She scans the room and gives Nalissi a polite nod, before she lifts her own clipboard in a sort of clipboard-salute to T'lin. "Evening."

"Tell me about it." T'eo mutters, but not darkly. Instead he gives a smirk and a nod about A'ven. "Good reason. It's nice that you are that supportive… and able to move to readily for one. That's been the biggest struggle actually… having family far away." He gives a small shrug. "Still… Western has… well, enchanted me in a way. I don't have any desire to leave now that I can." But his attention turns at the squeal of his name. Oh dear. He looks terribly awkward as Rea hugs him around the middle, arms held out awkwardly before he tentatively pats her on the back. "Uh, hey-er…" He follows her flitting gaze back to Kimmilia and then to the jingling source as well. Girls… are… weird. Like avians- easily distracted avians.

The ominous thud of someone colliding with the wall nearest to the entrance from the bowl may cause people to turn their heads - if they could happen to avoid watching the squealing Rea bouncing over toward T'eo. In fact, if they could look away for a second from that scene, they'd see two men about the same age standing off, with one holding the other pinned against the wall. The one that's pinned appears to be a weyrling, though just as old as the one whose holding him. The red haired Weyrlingmaster realizes the abrupt noise might disturb some people, but there was something going on which caused his focus to stay on the black haired young man, known as S'cha. N'bis, one of the assistants of Islet stands off to the side of the scene, trying to offer smiles to those who are looking as if to say nothing was going on - so go back to eating. It doesn't take long before the Weyrlingmaster grabs the weyrling by the collar of his shirt and drags him out, back the way they came and not without some vile curses uttered by the weyrling. Only then does N'bis follow behind with a tail between his legs apologetic look.

Nalissi has a bounce to her step and flashes a bright smile to any who look her way, curls bouncing as she bobs a replying nod to Kimmila. Her eyes dart about as she edges nearer to the fireplace then stops and first puts her hands to it, flexing nimble little finger. After a moment of that she turns to put her back to it, clasping her warmed hands and rocking on her heels as she watches folks, resting an elbow on her satchel while she stands there.

T'lin raises his clipboard up in a return salute to Kimmi before he lets out a soft chuckle at T'eo's predicament. "Why am I glad that wasn't me." He shakes his head a bit before he heads closer to the group and he glances towards the other bronzer. "Western has a way of doing that. Just like it has a way of—." He looks towards the door with a quirk of a brow before he looks back at the others, "Seems this place is a bit more lively than when I last remember." He looks over at Nalissi and smirks slightly. "I take it that it's a bit colder than your used to?" His voice raised for her to hear him easier.

"That's good, took me a bit to finish it all and make sure it's correct. Glad to know they were given to her in good hands, though." Rea says a bit, flicking her eyes to Kimmila with a soft smile before she releases T'eo and grins wider at his reaction, "Awe T'eo, it's not that bad. I promise not to jump you in your old age, okay?" Innocently little beam at her comment, before she's turned to watch Nalissi again make her way to the fire, "Hmmm…" She says lightly, before bouncing on the balls of her feet and giving a bit of a wave to the jingling lass, "You seem like a new face… Welcome to Western, if you are a visitor." She looks like she could continue, with a salute to T'lin, in spite of rank differences, but her attention is caught to the front and she raises her brows a little, before letting out a low growl, "Those Weyrlings keep that up, and I'm gonna let Bennueth give them a piece of my mind…" She glares a bit in N'bis' direction, before plopping into a chair, "Thread bitten, smokeless Weyrlings…" She grumbles, mumbling off.

T'eo looks about suddenly at the noises, catching N'bis's eye with a frown. He watches what takes place and without realizing it, takes a sudden few steps towards the entry before pausing and looking back to Rea. He has the look of a man torn in what to do. As she drops into the chair he frowns. Perhaps it has started to circulate that the Weyrsecond doesn't think very highly of the Weyrlingmaster. "I'm going to see what's going on." The tone is half fatherly, half aggressive as he moves quickly towards the doorway, calling out "Weyrlingmasters!" So much for food.

The Outside View - T'eo Berates N'kor

Trailing green eyes snap back toward the origin of the voice and she grins, "The ride was a little more chilly for sure, the jacket helped but.. still.." and she nods her head. Nalissi's gaze is drawn to the scuffle and she tilts her head to hrm to herself then looks back those seeming interested in it and she watches their reactions. "Ya'd think I'd be used to it by now, sometimes just seems longer than others..colder than others.." her shoulders lift and she smiles at Rea, "A visitor, aye, dropped in just a bit ago, and thankee," she chirps.

Kimmila turns to watch the goings on near the door, her brows furrowed in thought as she observes the altercation. Then, as T'eo strides out, the girl decides that she's best left here, and not getting involved. She gives Rea a sweet smile, and then transfers it to Nalissi. "Traveled by dragon often, have you? Welcome to Western," she says politely. "What brings you to the weyr?"T'lin smiles a bit at the visitor, and he doesn't really say much as Kimmi swoops in and he looks over at Rea. "Care for a drink, Rea?" He gestures back to the kitchen, insinuating a glass of wine to calm her nerves, or herself down entirely. He looks over towards the door, and hms a bit before he just shrugs; his eyes glazing over for a moment before he looks back at Rea for her answer.

Rea looks over at T'eo as he walks towards th door nodding a bit to him when he looks her direction. She tightens her grip on the arm rests of her chair, knuckles a bit white, "Stay here, Rea… won't do any good in your condition…" She's mumbling to herself even as she looks with concern to the door. Her attention is thankfully snapped by T'lin's question and she turns to the only bronzerider left in the room. "I'd rather not provoke Bennueth right now, but thank you… she's a bit antsy about the smell of alcohol, so I try to avoid it." Lifting a hand, she directs him over to where they're sitting, "Come have a seat. I promise not to bite… Hopefully…" She mumbles off, looking a bit embaressed with her blush, and she's forced to drag herself away from the conversation with T'lin, to Nalissi and Kimmila. "Dragon back? I don't think even dragonriders ever get used to the cold of between… We just endure it out of neccessity. But, typically Western is a bit warmer then this, though… Cool draft blowing in off the ocean, I imagine."

T'lin chuckles softly at Rea. "Ah, I'll be sure to remember that. Would you like something to drink anyway?" He stays standing for the moment incase she wants one, and he glances over at the door for a moment; letting out a slight sigh before he looks over at Kimmi and the visitor. Then he glances back at Rea, as he's a bit distracted as well.

"Aye, dragon back," Nalissi answers Rea then she smiles and nods her head. "Still exhilirating, cold or not, to ride I mean.. takes my breath every time." She steps some from the fire, now warmed, her fair skin flushed to a rosy glow, "I shoulda come more prepared for the weather I s'pose," and she nods. She doesn't make a move to intrude on the lady's space or that of her friend, content to stay in the glowy warmth of the fire for the moment.

Rea arches a brow a little, and then jumps a little, sitting a bit taller in her chair in realization of T'lin, "Oh! Sorry, Hrm… maybe some juice? Probably shouldn't have any klah… I'm antsy enough." She grins, sticking her tongue out between her teeth as she replies to him, "How've you been, T'lin? Don't think I've had much time to talk to you since you resettled here in Western… Enjoying your time back, thus far?" Yes, distractions with chatter, that should hopefully work, even though there is still a tense look from time to time to the Weyr bowl. She flicks her eyes to the lower caverns worker who's talking with Kimmila, giving them a tentative smile, and she back to Nalissi, "Aye, flight is a glorious thing… If you ever know freedom, it's flying bragonback. Thougb between typically prepares you for even the cold weather of High Reaches, which I've heard isn't even as cold as Between." She lifts a finger, to mark her words, "Though, definately cold enough, there. Dragons prefer that cold over the cold of Between. Still a sun to bathe in at High Reaches…" She grins, shrugging one shoulder.

T'lin smiles. "Sure." He leaves for a few seconds and comes back with some juice for Rea and he shrugs a bit. "It's been well enough. Getting back into the swing of things with all things Vintner for the weyr." He blinks a bit, looking out at the bowl and lets out a short barking laugh as he shakes his head. "I've got to talk to him about that." He lets out a sigh and looks back at Rea. "High Reaches is warmer than between, that is true. But shells, snow isn't fun really. I nearly slipped onto my face going into living caverns there."

Nalissi smiles at Rea and nods, "I've only been to High Reaches once.. pretty, even if cold, not sure how'd I'd take to livin there though.." Her eyes scan around again and she finally moves to take a seat, putting her satchel on a table. A little box is taken out and opened and then a few other little things; tiny boxes, a little rolled pouch of what looks like miniature tools, and some magnifying glasses that attach to her head via a headband, though those aren't donned just yet. She digs around a bit more, humming quietly to herself.

Rea takes in T'lin's barking laugh even as he speaks, her eyes turning to the weyr bowl again before back to the bronzerider, "Well, it's good to hear your settling in, then. Seems we've got us a few vinters here in Western… Maybe we'll be able to compete with Benden wine, one of these Turns, with so many vinters at hand." She winks, grinning just a little before her curiousity gets the best of her. "What's… what so funny, T'lin? Your bronze seeing something the rest of us arn't?" Nodding her head at both of them about High Reaches, she shrugs her shoulders just a bit, "I've livedi n warmer areas the majority of my life, Keroon being near Igen 'n all…. Never really gotten myself down to High Reaches, I really should one of these times. Snow sounds like it could be wonderful, on a temporary basis." She smirks a little, "Bring some back, just to throw at people." She glances at Nalissi then, as she starts rolling out some utencils, and the goldrider arches her brow a bit inquisatively, "Craft work?" She asks, eyeing the lass.

T'lin turns towards the bowl once more as the echo of a roar comes flowing in and he shakes his head, "Yeah, he's seein' something that we arne't alright. And I had a front row view." He snickers a bit before he sits back down where Rea showed him to sit and he looks back at Nali and smiles. "I'm a crafter myself, though I don't look it really."

Rea tips one side of her lip up at T'lin, and curses a bit under her breath, "Well, guess I'll just have to get Ciragath to divulge to Bennueth, later… Though if it comes to blows, I'm going to rip those two bronzeriders up one side, and down the other. If I don't drop that Weyrling between, first." She growls a bit, her cheeks flushing with her indignation as she looks out to the bowl, before forcing herself to take note of Nalissi's tools again. Noting the necklace pieces the lass is showing her, she smiles brightly, "So, a bit of a jewelcraft by trade, then? Not officially trained?" Pulling on the chain around her neck, she pulls out her own red gemmed, bird medallion to show Nalissi, "Had this one commissioned a while back, by a trader passing through… Might not be Craft trained, but some people still do have the talent for it."

T'lin lets out a laugh. "Or I could have him do it now, or later. It's your choice entirely." He looked back over at Nalissi and smiles, "Oh, you really do have a knack for that kind of thing." He admires them for a moment before he says, "I'm a vintner, myself. Journeyman. Bout as high as I can go really." He lets out a good natured laugh and looks back at Rea, "Don't be too hard on them. Though you might have a nice little chat with a weyrling bronze soon."

Nalissi smiles and nods her head, "That's pretty!" and she stares over at it. "Not much na.. wanted to train some, maybe learn a bit more about metals and all but..been so busy.." She goes back to her work for the moment, nudging and taping, centering the piece just right before pressing it down with adhesive and starting to push the prongs into place. This one is pale white bone, etched with a dragon in flight, a scrimshaw piece with gemset green eyes, matching that of the rider. "Oh aye.. vintner, interesting.." she comments while she secures the bone medallion on the silver piece.

What words to come in on. T'eo shoots a look from T'lin to Rea, anger bubbling under the surface of his shame. He casts a glance back only to be surprised to see N'kor following after. He looks quickly away, moving for the table where the Junior and others sit, peering over Rea's shoulder at the necklace curiously. Perhaps he can play off that nothing happened and it will be left alone. At least for now.

N'kor is systematically walking slower than T'eo, coming in a lot further behind from when the other returned. It seems like quite the different man than the one who dragged the weyrling outside, not so physically imposing as he was when he pinned the weyrling to the wall. Instead, he literally seems defeated, or perhaps overly tired and on the edge of his sanity. Which ever, his head has slanted down and he's avoiding looking any where or at anyone, having already planted his feet in the direction of the beverage table. Hands fumble through what's available, making a few bottles clink as glass bumps and tips against glass. There isn't much for selection but the man does find something which he pours straight into an available glass. The amount he pours into the glass is immediately consumed in one tilted back chug, the glass only refilled after taking a moment to shake off the affects of the first. Pivoting, the man still doesn't look around, swishing his liquor in his glass as he seems to debate something intensely interesting at the bottom of the glass.

Rea smiles brightly at Nalissi's compliment, looking down at her cherished necklace before tucking it back into her shirt, "Thank you, it's one that I thought was rather lovely…" She continues to watch the woman work, taking note of the designs and such before her head tilts and she looks at T'lin, "I might just do that, but if any of their cajoling wakes up Bennueth, they'll have my wrath to…" She mumbles off as she catches the two coming in, her eyes locked on the form of T'eo as he makes his way in, intent on watching him before she flicks her eyes to N'kor and notes his dejected look… which gets T'eo a bit of a glaring look. "What happened?" She hisses, her emotions showing through as she asks, which forces her the shake herself. She looks to T'lin again, as if somehow, the bronzerider can now devulge the reason for N'kor and T'eo demeanor.

T'lin glances back at the two as they come in, smiling an innocent one to them before he leans close to Rea into her ear, a smile at the end of it before he gets up from his seat and heads over to his fellow Vintner. He goes to put a hand on N'kor's shoulder and says, "Hey. Don't feel to bad about it." He smiles a bit and tries to lighten his friend's mood up.

T'lin whispers to Rea "T'eo had a few choice words with N'kor. Or that's at least what Ciragath summarized. Don't be too hard on them, a Vintner really isn't the best person to be a Weyrlingmaster. I've done it before, and I didn't survive it that well."

Nalissi nods and keeps to her work, bending each little prong just so all the way around the smooth bone piece. Once it's set she tightens the clamps a little then her eyes upturn to the doorway and she watches, quietly. It isn't long before she sets the little anvil aside and picks up a thin silver wire, stringing beads and twisting, working it while she sits in the warm caverns in pleasant company.

T'eo looks down to Rea only to get hissed at. "Er… Weyrling… trouble… That's all." He feigns insignificance with a shrug, but he wears his heart on his sleeve far too much to be much of a good actor. …minus in crisis situations. Typical rescue rider. A dark, almost accusing, glance goes to T'lin. He does a doubletake to watch him cross the room to N'kor, the accusations deepening on his face.

T'burk waves to his old friend S'chez as he comes in. He takesa few steps more into the room and feels the undercurrent of…something…uncomfortable. "Now what?" he mutters to himself. He heads over to his usual small table near the hearth. Flaim is curled up there, appearing to be sleeping peacefully. He reaches over to stroke the large firelizard's back.

N'kor side glances toward T'lin as he comes over, swaying ever so slightly as the other's hand comes down on his shoulder. N'kor shrugs at the man's words, "I don't." He says simply, smirking over at T'lin as if he just wasn't seconds ago moping, since after all, he doesn't mope! It's just not like him. To explain further to his Vintner pal, he carries on casually, "Things happen. And I'm not worried. The Vintner world is calling my name if ever something goes awry here." Instinctively his eyes cross the space toward T'eo, seemingly a pointed glance as if to say 'only he could make them go that way.' Sloshing his drink about, he turns his attention back to T'lin, "I ought to thank your dragon, Ciragath. Though I doubt even he made a dent on that boy's head." A curious eye is attuned toward the table where one of the weyrwomen sit, suddenly alarmed, hissing abruptly in a low voice to T'lin, "She saw all that?"

Rea thins her lips a bit at T'eo's words, her head giving a curt nod to T'eo as he gives a feeble explination, which is suddenly given more depth as T'lin provides a bit more detail. Turning a moment to look at T'lin, as he walks over to N'kor, before she flushes a bit more and turns straight back to T'eo. "Hrm. Well, he's been trouble for a while, hasn't he? The Weyrling, that is…" She says in a louder voice, before she closes her eyes, her lips still a bit thin. Then just as suddenly, she stands up from her seat and makes a bit of a sprint-walk to T'burk's direction, who's just walked in. Without much formality, she sits right next to the Weyrhealer, smiling a bit sheepishly. "Sorry, I fear I might kill me a few bronzeriders… And in other circumstances, I like them…" She mumbles, the tale-tell flush of high emotions obvious on her face.

T'burk blinks at Rea, then smiles. "Oh, is that all." He shrugs. "Okay". He remains calm. He's waiting for a shoe or helmet or something to come flying his way. He's sure someone will explain in details in a moment.

T'lin lets out a soft laugh at N'kor as he then says in a soft tone, "Believe me, a weyrlingmaster a Vintner does not make. I was one in Eastern, and I couldn't handle the stress that well. I honestly had all the assistants doing the lessons while I tried to cope with the stress itself." He smiles brightly as he looks back at T'eo and quirks a brow for a moment as if asking 'What?' and he looks over at Rea with a wider grin. "I'll let you in the little comedy that Ciragath pulled in a few days." He chuckles a bit before he looks back at N'kor, leaning in to whisper something.

Nalissi pauses in her work to watch curiously, the inner workings of a weyr somewhat new to her as she tends to move around a lot at present. Her gaze follows Rea and she hrms, wondering what has the lass all riled up then she smiles seeing T'burk, giving him a nod before her head cants back down to the silver wire and beads her hands, her work continues.

T'eo is a bit distracted by watching N'kor and T'lin through narrowed eyes. So when Rea disappears after the comment about the Weyrling, he looks… well… crushed. Deflated, he flops into the seat she vacated, not even glancing at poor Nalissi. It would be rude, of course, but at this point he was striking out left and right. After a long moment of staring at the table, he gets up with a rough scrape of the chair, and stalks- not out -but down into the lower caverns… likely to bury himself in paperwork.

N'kor considers T'lin for a very long moment with a facial expression which was beyond serious - it was down right scary to see the man without a playful sneer tugging at his lips. Then, abruptly it shakes and cracks, splitting with a laughter that seems to release much of the man's stress, for he continues to chuckle as he explains to T'lin, "Like a little ovine being put to slaughter. It was actually pretty great to see that." He shakes his head at the recall, smirking as he puts his drink to his lips once more. Only after he shrugs, "I'm okay with the stress. It's not like I haven't been under heavier pressures before. In fact, I'd say being in a romantic relationship with a woman happens to be more stressful than being a weyrlingmaster." In a quieter voice, "Especially a relationship with a woman whose brother promises to do you in if you dump her." A side glance to T'eo, watching the man slinking toward the lower caverns. A beat, as he gets distracted again with T'lin, "A Ciragath comedy?"

Rea arches a brow at N'kor and T'lin from her safe spot next to the Weyrhealer, the small lass curling an arm around T'burk's as if in some fashion he'll keep her from acting stupid in some form. "Keep me company?" She asks of Burk, a bit of a desperate tilt in her voice as she looks from the bronzeriders to the greenrider. "I'm a little… out of it." She sighs, blushing a bit more as she looks away from the two Vinters to T'eo, frowning even worse as she watches the man stalk away from them and into the lower caverns. She's stuck this way for a few minutes, almost looking torn over staying, or following after the older rider. With a bit of a sigh, she tucks in closer to T'burk and smiles up at him. Tentively, she speaks with Nalissi again, trying to act as if there has been no interruption, though she has to speak a little louder at the distance, "That's a beautiful piece your working on, did you carve the design yourself, or are you just mounting it into jewelry for someone?"

T'lin lets out a chuckle as he looks back at N'kor. "You think it was just any bronze that made that little brat squeal? That was all Ciragath's doing, my friend. And he had fun doing it. My head's lit up with all kinds of smug comments from him." He shakes his head with a laugh before he looks over at T'eo leaving and he hms for a moment. "Hopefully, he won't be too mad at me." He snickers a bit more, apparently he's having too much fun tonight. His head turns back towards the bowl with a soft scoff coming from him. "Sharding dragon." He lets out a sigh and starts to head for the bowl, "Just love it when Ciragath keeps on schedule." He rolls his eyes a bit and waves as he heads out to the bowl.

Nalissi looks up at Rea and smiles, "I did the carvin, ma'am. I work on all sorts of things. This one is bone, a lass asked me to make it for a friend over at Igen, as you can eyed rider.. lil' greenie too.." She nods and taps just beneath the tiny green gems in the eyes of the images on the medallion, using the tip of the little tool in her hands. She flips the magnifier up and smiles, "Then I'm gonna add these beads… and twist the silver just so.. I think she'll like it."

"I'm glad for it then, that at least one of our bronzes can get that reaction out of the boy. You sure you don't want to take over?" He plucks the weyrlingknot on his shoulder teasingly, clapping the other on the back as T'lin makes to leave, "We'll catch up later for a drink, because I want to hear some of those smug comments." A moment later has him nodding to his pal, "See you in a while T'lin." When his Vintner friend is off to do what he must do, that leaves N'kor staring over the faces of the living cavern, instantly drawn toward the couple he knows. His lips draw up in a smirk as he crosses the threshold of the living cavern, approaching Rea and T'burk with a jest for Rea, "And you were calling /me/ old." A noted glance for the way the woman was clinging to the greenrider, with an added, "No offense T'burk." A pause as he considers the open seats, debating if he should really take one with the way Rea has been regarding him - oh yeah, he noticed the previous glances in his direction.

"Some Weyrling has been acting up, and I guess T'eo went to help, and things developed beyond just the Weyrling…" Rea whispers to T'burk, keeping close to the Weyrhealer for the moment— until he suddenly gets up and abandons her. She looks a bit hurt, not understanding, even as she sighs. "I avoid the bronzeriders, and the greenriders avoid me. Isn't this a wonderful basket I'm fitting in…" She mumbles, looking a bit depressed, her eyes wandering back to where T'eo left, biting on her lip as she does so. "I-I've got to explain to him later, I hope he understands…" She's at the table all by herself and she looks at Nalissi with a tentative smile. "Well, it's well done, then. I'm sure the rider will appreciate it, I know I would." She's a bit quieter, tentative on her own, "The beads will add a nice effect, certainly. Did you say you were self taught?" Then she realises N'kor coming to sit at her table and she visibly tenses, looking straight at him for a second, before down to the table. "Weyrlingmaster…" She greets, watching her hands as she picks at her nails, "Looks like you were having fun with the Weyrlings out there, and potentially riling up T'eo…" No formalities for the Weyrsecond, and the last brings her eyes up to N'kor, an accusing glare on her face.

Nalissi works at the wire and beads and then the magnifiers are pushed back down to eye level and she looks through them as she starts to attach the wire to the medallion. The bone is oval set on piece of oval silver, which is slightly larger and bearing scrolled sides, simple but refined. Each little prong is topped with a tinier prong which is there to hold the wire that is curled and wound, creating a sort of vining effect around the medallion's perimeter with beads on the curls. Tiny pinchers close the prong around the wire then once it is all in place is the delicate work of saudering it. She looks up, however, while the saudering tool is warming and smiles at Rea, "Thanks.." then her eyes shift to N'kor as well and she inclines her head respectfully, glancing back to Rea at her obvious discontent. Yup, saudering tool is hot, stare at the medallion a while, and so she does, thankfully.

"Riling up T'eo?" N'kor looks offended by that, pursing his lips together as he considers Rea with a whole new light apparently clicking on in his head. A pause as he debates taking one of the vacated seats, "He actually tries to rile me up. But that's a story for another day and another half-mark, which I doubt you'll hand over just to hear." He folds his arms across his chest, making sure his drink doesn't spill as it rests on one of his forearms, "Which reminds me of our unfinished business that was interrupted the other day." He moves to rest his hip up against the table, looking down at it, before he changes his tune, "Look, I've a favour to ask. Although it can probably wait until your ordeal is over, but, I was wondering if I can impose on you to get Bennueth to help me out a little with Osnysith. I'll be asking Jolie for Sevaruth's help too, but I thought I could come to you first and see if that'd work." There's a pause as he looks over to see Nalissi, a moment becoming distracted by her as he considers the work that she's doing, "Hello there." His eyes squint at the sides as if there was something just not right about the younger woman.

Rea looks like she might get angry at that, stiffening as if N'kor has trown some personal jab at her, "I've never known T'eo to do such, without considerably good reason. Despite what you think, T'eo is a good person, and I won't let you tell me other wise!" She says through gritted teeth, looking towards where T'eo left, "T'eo means a lot to me, and I would like to at least see him relatively happy… Seeing him that way is depressing…" She admits, deflatinga little as the wind blows out of her anger. She grips her arm tight and shakes her head, "Not that I helped any…" She closes her eyes for a second, but at the mention of interruptions makes the Junior's head snap up and her face to flame red, sputtering a bit as she does so. She tries to compose herself as he speaks, though she fails, favoring instead to fold her arms on the table and putting her face there. "Sure, sure… Bennueth can help, infact, I'm sure she would be willing, once she's done… Well," And a hand lifts up, flicking towards the ceiling, "Being herself." Peering over at Nalissi, one eye looking over her arm, she looks apologetic, before hiding her face again.

Shellie enters right about the time that Rea starts yelling at N'kor. She's currently dressed in her riding gear, but the jacket is open to reveal her wearing her healer's scrubs beneath it. At hearing the Goldrider yelling at the Bronzer, she hesitates, frowning, taking the time to assess the situation

Can we say /yikes/. Nalissi looks between Rea and N'kor and her eyes blinks once before returning deciedly back to her work. She winces now and then at the exchange then when things get quiet she gets that feeling, you know the one, someone is looking at her. Her hands stop and she cuts her eyes side to side then slowly looks up at N'kor, smiling, "Can I help ya?" she asks, smiling, one of those I-didn't-do-it smiles.

"T'eo and I never got off on the right foot," he starts, trying to explain to lessen her anger, "it's not as if I dislike him, but I dislike the way he treats me because of what happened between his sister and I." There he said it, his eyes fleetingly resting on Rea until they flash away, looking toward the exit as if abruptly wishing himself there. "I suppose he does have a reason, but I still feel as a rider he shouldn't be so hard on me because of it. He knows very well the way the life style of dragon riders in general." Letting his chin fall, he nods almost vaguely at her following words, lost in the moment as he considers something outside the realm of being a Weyrlingmaster. That is, until the distracting movement of Rea hiding her head in her arms makes him turn his face toward her, "I'll definitely wait until she's done…" he says quietly, turning a look back to Nalissi, his brows twitching again as the young woman offers the first words, "You look familiar. Could it be that we've run into one another before?" Certainly not, since he's usually good with names and faces, but he can't shake the feeling. Another glance to Rea, pursing his lips, "Do you at least have someone you can go to, if you, you know, don't want it to be random?"

Rea doesn't see Shellie's entrance, but that might be because her face is buried in her arms on the table. She's taking slow breaths, it's evident in the way her back moves that they're large ones, as she remains quiet for the time being. Hearing Nalissi, she looks over her the lass and gives a small giggle of amusement past her anger, as she slowly eases off the tension. "Yeah, take I and T'eo, and dump us between. Might help him lots…. Or put Bennueth and I on a secluded island. Hrm, there's a thought…" Hearing N'kor's comment, she shrugs her shoulder a little, but not looking up at him, "Eh, it's been random before, Bennueth's maiden flight was caught by Dhonzayth… So, it's not like I haven't experienced that before…." Finally looking up and closing her eyes a bit ,she takes another breath, before opening them again, "I apologise, N'kor, I'm just a little… tense, reactive? It's just the way I am when Bennueth is like this…" She shakes her head, "T'eo is the closest thing to a father that I've known in a long while, I hate to see him hurt." She finally admits, looking tentative before spying Shellie at the brink of entering, "Sorry!" She says loud enough, and then hides her head in her arms, again.

Nalissi tries not to stare or listen or be nosy, she's really not, just friendly and well, there. She goes back to her work, pondering, and the more she hears the more she realizes what is troubling Rea, at least what it might be. She frowns to herself at that and her brows furrow. That expression finds N'kor accidentally when he questions her again then she blinks and smiles it away, "Mighta, I travel all over.. from out near Greenfield Hold," she answers. "Name's Nalissi," and she stops what she is doing to offer her hand. Rea does get a glance at the mention of Dhon but Nalissi just smiles and looks back to N'kor.

N'kor is taking Rea's current mood in stride, though for the most part he tries to pretend that everything was normal, considering the way he strikes up conversation with their tablemate, Nalissi. "Like a father to you? Well, I'm sorry that well.. that him and I have issues.. I hope one day to get over them." His eyes catch Shellie briefly, though considering he doesn't know her right then, his attention floats back down to Rea, a brow lifting at her words and her reactions. Despite the weyrwoman's toils with proddiness, it's the other young woman which causes his head to turn. For as soon as she states her name for the record, he stills, becoming motionless, giving a closer study of her. "It can't be?" He blinks from Nalissi to over hear some of what Rea murmurs, seemingly trying to understand how Rea feels but at the same time he's thoroughly shocked and distracted by the presence of Nalissi. "You? You are little Lissi?" His mouth splits for a second in a gaping smile. A beat later and he replies to Rea, almost choppy like too, "Don't… be sorry. It happens to well, everyone…that rides green or gold. I'm sorry…" He steps around the table however, moving away from Rea to the other side, where he closes the distance to Nalissi, "I'm sorry, but did I hear right? Nalissi? …" He extends a hand to her, "You might not remember me, but I'm Nalkor. I believe I'm your cousin." He shakes his head, "I think we played together once in Benden, when your mom dropped by to visit mine. I was about nine, and you had to be around five or six…" He chuckles, looking up and down at his cousin, "You've certainly grown up well."

Shellie hears N'kor's explanation, and frowns. "Pardon me please. I need to get Rieselth somewhere else. Xanadu's duties…

Nalissi looks between N'kor and Rea then she nods her head a bit and looks to the little medallion she's working on, clamping the final prong. She smiles then looks to N'kor and nods her head, "Yes..Nalissi is my na..err…well only my family calls me Lissi.." she says confusedly at first. When he draws near she tilts her head and starts to stand, "Nalkor..???" she repeats almost disbelieving. "Oh shards.. yes.. My mother is Ava.. I canna believe it!" she chirps, jumping up from her seat, hands on dainty hips.

N'kor gives a good natured short laugh and a smile to Nalissi when she realizes the truth in his words, half grinning at her as he nods, "Yeah. I left Bended a couple Turns after your visist there, so if you came back again with Ava, then, I wouldn't have been there. But I thought I remembered your face for some reason. I just can't believe I'm running into another relative here. It's a sharding small world." He chuckles at her own excitement for the abrupt reunion, "What brings you to Western? And how's your family doing? How's your mom?"

Rea sighs a bit, and shakes her head, "Meh, using my dragon as an excuse for my actions is hardly permissable… I just wish it was a little more maintainable. It makes me so… well, I explained it's effects, and you know their effects well enough…" She whispers off and keeps to herself, letting N'kor wander off to talk with Nalissi. She props her chin on her arms as her curiousity takes over, listening to the Weyrlingmaster and the visitor relate, smiling a bit sadly in the background. She doesn't want to interrupt the reunion, even as she watches from her position on the table… No need to make N'kor's day worse, after, she's already done that for T'eo.

Nalissi laughs a little too then starts to hug, but pauses, Weyrleader? What did they call him.. he's important. She clasps her hands and rocks on her heels a bit, "Well it's sure is a sharding small world.." she agrees. "Mom is good.. everyone's good last note I got.. I left maybe half a turn ago.. started traveling wherever the next rider takes me.. and today it was Western.." she laughs. "Well it's not so random as that but.. carefree anyway."

T'burk comes back in after handling the emergency. He heads to the hearth to get his mug of klah filled and comes back to the table to stroke Flaim's back. The big firelizard raises his head and makes a happy croon then settles down again. He looks over at Rea. "I'm sorry about the abrupt exit, Rea. I completely missed what you said."

N'kor notices the lurch for a hug and can't help but go forward to give her one if she doesn't back away. Although he can remember her vague as a kid, they were blood, hugs were expected. If and when the hug completes its course, N'kor steps back, grinning at the update of his aunt. Though when she admits to why she had left, he smirks at her, laughing a bit, "Carefree sounds great in my books." He turns his head casually, glimpsing a bit of Rea as if to explain, "A long lost cousin. Well, not lost, I just haven't been visiting as I should have." He takes another gander at his cousin, "Travelling the roads like I did, eh? Though I should hope you will stay for a while at Western and catch up?" Smirking he tilts his head, finding his eyes turning back to Rea for some reason or another, brows furrowing at her sad smile.

Nalissi practically beams at the hug and her petite little arms curl around him as she cranes her head up to look him over a little. She notes the smirk then starts to retort, oh dear, that sounded bad.."I mean.. just wherever I can catch a ride…not.. well.." oi. She smiles and her cheeks redden then she hmphs, "No kidding, we never see ya.. I didn't even KNOW you.." she chides him. "Aye, I'll be around a bit.. glad we crossed paths!" She smiles and then looks to Rea with a softer version of the smile as she retakes her seat.

Rea flicks her eyes to the entrance as T'burk returns, and the goldrider smiles at the Weyrhealer returns, if just a bit dejectedly. "Don't worry, you didn't miss anything too important, just the typical run a muck." When he sits down, she tucks herself closer to him, as if he is some line of her sanity. Maybe someone who can relate… Or not a threat? Hearing N'kor, her eyes flick back to him immediately enough, she watches the two hug and nods to him as he speaks directly to her. "Well, pleasure to meet you, then. Rea, by the way… since I so rudely didn't amend that, before." She winces a little at her own thoughtlessness, before shrugging, "I'll have to apologise for N'kor's absence to your family, then. He's certainly be a great benefit to Western, since he's been here… keeps the Weyrlings well enough in line." She shakes her head a bit at N'kor's furrowing brows, kinda shrugging off any explination he might search for. "Family of our Weyrlingmaster is always welcome at Western."

"I don't think we know much about one another at all," N'kor admits, "other than what I heard of you in the letters I received once and a while from Ava." He gives a gentle smile to her, though he can't stem the concern in his expression when his eyes revolve back to Rea. A beat later and he shrugs at Nalissi, "Hey, I was the worst… and probably still am the worst from going to place to place." This a momentary comfort as he atunes his ears to Rea's words once again. The way she leans toward T'burk makes him lift a brow as if wondering if he smelt bad. Either way, he considers her for a brief period until she says that he keeps the weyrlings in line, which makes him cough as he turns his eyes away, "Kind of…" he admits, before adding his gratitude to Rea, "Thank you Rea. I appreciate you offering her a place here, for as long as she wishes to stay. Though you know," this to Nalissi now, "you can just pester me for a ride if and when you want to leave Western. It's a little more affordable than trying to catch one of the transport wing, besides which, it's easier to just call on family for these types of things." A troubled expression breaks this up though, "Speaking of weyrlings, I had better go deal with the one that's becoming a pain in my rear." A slight smile shared for Nalissi once more, "I'll be around to talk later if you want." As if something was itching at him, he looks anxiously toward the exit.

Nalissi grins, "Well.. we can get to know each other.. kinda nice to find some family.." she says with a warm smile to him. She starts packing away her belongings and carefully takes her medallion off the anvil to put it in a lined box, closing the lid. "That is ready for delivery.." She looks to Rea sympathetically then smiles again at T'burk and lastly N'kor, grasping his hand, from the top, not so much a shake as just holding it a moment, "I look forward to seeing you again already.. I think I'll find a place to rest, good to meet you, Rea, and to re-meet you, N'kor..everyone be well.." and she slings her satchel up over her shoulder, heading out.

Rea snorts a bit at N'kor, "You do well enough. If it was me, I might just dump the lot between and be done with it… A bit of keening, but less trouble in the long run." She smirks a bit, shifting herself to lean back before she finds herself a bit shocked to have T'burk's cool hand on her forehead. Turning to look at the Weyrhealer, she blinks at him, puffing out a quick breath sheepishly. "Considering my current… condition, and Bennueth's? That's not too much of a surprise. Kind of wish she would just get this over with, so I can quit acting like a hormonal teenager." She grits her teeth a little, giving a sheepish grin even as she says it. Looking to N'kor and Nalissi, she nods her head a little, smirking just a bit at N'kor, "No marks this time, sorry." She giggles a bit, looking down at her hands before shrugging. "Should probably lock myself in my weyr… Got any fellis juice I can get, Burk? That might help me sleep a bit…" Ah ha, an idea!

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