T'eo Berates N'kor

Western Weyr - Center of the Bowl
This is the center of the huge oval crater of the Weyr. Standing here you can see how immense it is. The cliff sides rise up all around you, dotted with the caves of the dragon rider's weyrs. To the west you can see the arch open to the sea. North is the hatching grounds, south you see the cave entrance to the living caverns, and to the south east the entrance to the infirmary, raised a little from the weyr wall.

N'kor has released the weyrling, having pushed him back to make sure there was a good distance between them. N'bis was standing there looking clearly angered by the whole thing as well. As for the weyrling, S'cha, he goes on, barking, "You can go jump off a cliff N'kor. When I'm Weyrleader I'll see you removed instantly, if not imprisoned for handling me so rudely." N'kor lifts a brow at the barking young bronzer, and in response he merely says in a calm but dangerous voice, "For trying to hit N'bis and attacking me, you'll be spending your free time cleaning up the other weyrling dragon's dung, as well as scrubbing the floors, walls, and what ever else I want you to do. I've tried to give you some time to get your head on straight, but you fail to realize you're no longer in your Father's hold." N'kor takes a moment, as S'cha merely scoffs, "You can't make me do any of that." N'kor gives his 'problem child' a hard stare, "What about Osnysith? Do you even care what happens to him when you fight others? Do you care what will happen to either of you if you don't co-exist with your new life?" S'cha looks furious, slashing an arm through the air in gesture, "I won't do it! I won't clean up any more s**t for you or anyone else!"

T'eo strides out into the bowl rather magestically. It's again apparent why he was bronze-chosen, if often it is a wonder among them all. "What in the wide wide world of Pern is going on here!?" He booms, throwing his head back to get the strands of dark hair out of his eyes. Eyes that now glare upon each individual involved. "Weyrling!" He growls, "Hold your foul words in public. That is not befitting anyone wishing to lead." He looks to N'bis now, as if ignoring N'kor altogether.
"Weyrlingmaster?" The lean fellow grunts and shakes his head. "We've got a hot headed shiney, sir. That's all." T'eo's eyes dart back and forth between the weyrling and N'kor as if to ask 'which one?' "That's all? Quite a bit of violence for that to be all." N'bis just grunts to that, looking to the Weyrlingmaster. Even if T'eo won't recognize him, N'bis has, after all, turned this over to N'kor.

There's one thing to be sure, that a dragon as big as Ciragath is hard to be sneaky or to any other effect subtle. Being that he knows this, the bronze dragon stands off to the side, his eyes swirling a curious color as he watches this unfold. Though at the rather foul language and obvious disrespect to the weyrling's dragon, Ciragath does let out a low rumble from where he's resting.

The fact that T'eo has barged into the scene makes the irritable N'kor even more soon, however, one would never even know it for the sake of the man's ice cold expression. S'cha shrieks when another person comes into the scene, pointing a wild finger at N'kor, "He tried to hit me sir! He abuses everyone in the barracks and was afraid that I'd say something! I was running to go tell … that goldrider in there!" N'kor abruptly looks taken aback, his lips twitching as S'cha tries to continue, but in one swift moment N'kor silences him with a roared "ENOUGH." His shoulders rise and fall as he takes a moment, pinching the bridge of his nose with two fingers before he continues, ignoring T'eo's questions, "I will not tolerate this any longer. First, provoking my staff to hit you back, second, telling outrageous falsehoods, and third of all, abusing your fellow weyrlings. You're at the end of your rope. I will expect you to meet with the Weyrleaders tomorrow morning. They will decide if they want you in their Weyr, for you've taken this quickly out of my realm of authority." S'cha looks smug even though this is said, smiling toward N'kor and then nodding to T'eo, "Good. I can't wait to talk to them about your maltreatment." With shoulders high, he looks between all three riders and walks away as if he's just won a battle, roster tail held high. N'kor mutters to N'bis, "Could you see to it that he doesn't violate any further rules of our barracks? Make sure to call the Weyrwoman's dragon if he tries to fight with anyone else." Gaze narrows on the back of the weyrling as the young bronzer retreats, at which point N'kor shoots a glance toward T'eo, "Is there something I can help you with, Weyrsecond?"

Ciragath watches the weyrling walk away, and the dragon extends a wing deliberately in the boy's path so that he'd have to stop. He lowers his head down on the other side, his eyes swirling a dark orange as he bares his teeth slightly. A low rumble rumbling forth from him as he bespeaks to the younger boy. « You've think you've won, don't you. » A low dark laugh echoes in the boy's mind. « If I find out that you've lied to the leaders of his weyr, I'll make sure that your own dragon makes you regret it. » With that he pushes his muzzle towards the weyrling, a low growl coming from Ciragath as he raises his wing back up.

S'cha leaps back a few steps as soon as that bronze wing comes forward. Though since the lad doesn't recognize Ciragath as the Weyrlingmaster's bronze, he merely scowls at the dragon instead of trying to do something stupid. Of course, a little shriek can't help but be tossed out from the weyrling as the dragon bares his teeth and pushes at him with a muzzle. S'cha promptly makes a run for it as soon as he can, cursing something under his breath as there comes a quieter roar from the barracks - likely S'cha's lifemate.

T'eo watches with a raised brow, dark dwelling over his eyes as he watches the exchange. N'bis looks back and forth between the two, for once not looking so smug, but he nods to N'kor. "Indeed." The greenrider goes to follow the weyrling as T'eo's eyes flash. "Excuse me, Weyrlingmaster, for ensuring that peace is kept." He growls through a tight expression. "Is there a particular reason you have allowed this to go this far as to endanger the rest of the weyrlings?" Oh yes, he believes N'bis, if not N'kor. "Bitten off more than you can chew? Perhaps you'll have a little more respect now for those that have your job-" But even as he ends his pointed words, he looks around to the movements of the bronze. N'bis has come to a halt, eyeing the bronze in that grumpy fashion he normally keeps, but perhaps there's a bith of mirth at the corners of his mouth. "Move along, boy!" He snaps when the dragon raises his wing, but it's not needed as he takes off at a run.

N'kor lets his eyes drift away from T'eo, comprehension showing in face at the Weyrsecond's words. It wasn't often that N'kor was as irritable and angry as he was just seconds ago. It had taken a lot to get him to that point. Now that he stood before T'eo he seemed to look a little defeated, with his brows furrowing as T'eo continues to discredit the work he's already done by this one incident. For all the jibes that T'eo makes, N'kor doesn't seem to have a come back or a nasty word to say back to him. Weyrlings were more complicated to deal with than someone a vintner hires to do a job. Arms hang loosely at his sides as his head tilts down, his eyes closing only for the moment when a hand runs down his face, fingers rubbing his eyes, as if to wipe away his trials and tribulations. Keeping his head at a slant, his eyes finally work themselves back up to consider T'eo's face, "I'll make a full report detailing why it has gotten so out of hand and make sure it's in to you before dawn tomorrow." Excuses wouldn't help the situation nor make him fair any better against T'eo at the moment, so none has been offered. Instead, he continues, "Should you or the Weyrleaders decide from the report that my judgement was incompetent in these matters, I will resign. Until then, I can only hope you can keep your personal dislike of me quieter in public."

Ciragath lets back a roar over his back towards the barracks, basically telling the younger bronze to shut it. He looks back at the riders before giving a snort to them and heading back to his resting spot.

T'eo is visibly surprised but this reaction. He hadn't really been looking for a fight so much as expecting one. "Personal dislike be blown, N'kor." He says evenly, trying to hide how wrongfooted he has found himself. "It was about how this was -handled- in public." He is speaking far more quietly, but not closing the distance. "Do what you think you ought, all I know is Western doesn't need any more gossip." As if this were his sole reason. But even T'eo couldn't decide what was. Maybe he -was- looking for a fight… For Lorena… For his sister who wouldn't dare. Certainly not in public. This thought reddens his face in shame and he turns away. Wordlessly, he heads back inside.

N'kor straightens his shoulders and responds, "I decidedly prevented him from causing a scene in the living caverns. If you had an idea of what he was going to do, you would've done the same." He says though as if it were moot, since he after all created a scene despite himself. Frowning as he turns a look toward the side, his lips purse together at the Weyrsecond's remark about gossip, knowing the truth all too well that Western was in a great deal of gossip for the flightless brown in their midist. Yet, as T'eo started to head back in, he glares at the man's back, trying to hold himself back for all the strength that it takes not to blow up on T'eo. T'eo wasn't the cause of the problem after all, just a catalyst. "I need a drink…" he abruptly mutters, patting his hands down on his flight jacket to find his personal stalk unavailable, to which leaves only one option, following behind T'eo.

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