Winter - Month 12 of Turn 2715
Half Moon Bay Weyr - Living Cavern
Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

It is morning time at the tropical weyr and Kelani slips out of the rec cavern humming the tune she had been playing the other day. Clearly squeezing in the practice before breakfast which she now heads to with Sava at her heels. There are a couple of bruises on her arms and even one on her cheek she is mostly covering by keeping her hair down. She is already dressed for her day in the infirmary as she heads to the buffet to fill her plate with food for her and Sava. When she sits down it is with the ease of someone dealing with sore muscles or bruises in more uncomfortable places.

R'sner is here. Of course he is. Nestled out of the way, devoid of table companions, he nurses a mug of Klah and works through a simple plate of breakfast; eggs, toast and tropical fruits. It is not Kelani that catches his attention, but rather the canine at her feet; cobalt gaze drawn to the four-legged bit of fluff that falls within his line of sight because the weyrlingmaster was making it a point to look at feet, and not faces. Avoiding people, perhaps. But the flash of fur draws his gaze, pulling him alone as human and canine move for the serving tables. Drawn up, from pet to person, as recognition dawns and he actively seeks out the Healer. He doesn't immediately move, but remains where he's put himself until she's heading for her table. A moments pause, and then he is pushing away from his seat, collecting his items and moving across the space as though to join her. It is only when distance brings details into focus that his casually passive expression hardens, gaze picking out the bruises of arms and cheek; the gingerly way of settling into a chair that speaks of pain. "Are you alright?" Concern, evident in expression and tone as he abandons his plate and cup to the table and moves around to peer at her cheek more closely.

Sava is the first to notice the approach of the greenrider with a bark of greeting as she runs over to him. 'Look how cute I am? Surely you can spare a treat or some of your breakfast for me?' Really she has the look DOWN. All fluff and perpetual puppy with big eyes. The question causes Kelani to look up to the man and she offers a smile of greeting, "Yeah, why do you ask?" She starts though pauses as he leans in to inspect her cheek, "Oh that. Nothing to fret over, I weaved when I should have ducked." A bit of chagrin in her voice, but no anger or fear for whatever caused it. "I am doing some sparring lessons with S'van. It looks worse than it is truely." She assures him and motions to the seat nearby, "Join me for breakfast?"

Unconvinced, R'sner's gaze does not waver from that spot on her cheek until she's explaining how it is that she acquired it. A lean back, and he hooks his ankle around a chair to drag it out, dropping himself into a seat beside her. "Did he hit you?" Dangerous, that voice, even as he turns his gaze toward his plate and mug, retrieving them with a reach across the table; the scrape of metal and ceramic against wood as he drags them over to him. Sava is given another glance, attention returned to the canine briefly. A flicker of a smile that doesn't really meet his eyes. "No scraps for you, darling." But pets. Pets he can give, if she wants them.

The tone is caught and she swivels in her chair to look at him more directly, "It would probably be better to say I hit his hand with my face. Seriously R'sner we were just sparring and I mis-stepped. Which is why I am learning to spar to begin with so I can get better control of my body. Leave him be." She assures him and shifts the hair again to try to cover it once more. "Truely it was me who pushed the lesson and got a little over eager with it." She runs a hand over her thigh and winces, "Really who would have thought squats could be so evil." Whimper. Sava for her part is content enough with the pats and licks fingers as they come near his face. "Here you go Sava, no need to beg." Kelani passes over a meat bone to the doggo for her breakfast.

"Mm." An indiscriminate sound, neither challenging her words nor accepting them. But he backs off at her continued insistence, expression flickering briefly into something hard to read before settling into something more typically 'him'. "He should have been more careful," is his final criticism, but then he's turning into his meal, attention alternating between eggs and puppy, providing attention in the form of ear-ruffles and head scritches until she's lured away with meaty bones. "Where did this sudden desire for physical fitness come from?" he wonders curiously, risking a glance.

"He probably feels the same way. Like I said, its my fault..but I trust him implicity for this. That is why I went to him about it. He won't hurt me, not intentionally, but he also won't take it too easy on me. I won't learn a think if I am being coddled." Kelani says with a firm nod of her head at the older man. "Because …I was unfit and unbalanced. I went home with my tail between my legs because I tripped over my own feet. I don't want to be a patient again and frankly if I am to keep up with the search and rescue wing on call outs I needed some conditioning." That is clearly her plan, rider or no. She gives a little sigh and leans back in her seat, "So how are you doing?" Redirection is key!

R'sner listens, attentively despite the flicker of his gaze from Kelani to plate as he gathers up a suitable forkful of food. A pause, and a sideways look before that fork vanishes in his mouth; replacing the ability to speak with the necessity of chewing. Allowing time to digest her words and form a reply that is perhaps a bit more thoughtful than his initial one would be. "And this requires sparing?" To his credit, he does try to make his voice sound conversation rather than accusatory. "Ah," for the Search and Rescue Wing. "I see." And maybe he does. As for how he's doing? "I am well. The Weyrlings have graduated, so I am assisting with Seamount in the interim." Transporting goods.

"Well it helps with endurance and getting a feel of where your body is and frankly its sorta fun." Kelani responds with a half smile for the greenrider. "I don't want to go jumping people randomly, but there is a certain exhiliartion to it." Perhaps it is a way to let loose and be controlled at the same time. To release much of the tension she holds within herself. "Yeah…most times they bring people to us, but there may be times I have to go out in the field and I don't want to be a burden out there. Really, its nothing to worry about R'sner." The answer to her question gets a cant of her head and an amused look to her face, "Hopefully not excessive amount of supplies. Half moon bay does have an dubious history when it comes to delivary ledgers."

"The activity has merits," agrees the greenie, begrudgingly. And for what it's worth, R'sner does appear to be relenting, tune changed as explanations are forthcoming and the shock of seeing bruises on cheeks fades; anger dimming with the acceptance that it was an accident and not intentional. No bronzeriders will be hunted down and skinned. S'van is safe. "I spar with the weyrlings," he explains. "Basic self-defense is a normal part of training. But I must admit, it is not my favorite part. I was never very good at it." Revealed, not begrudgingly, but perhaps with a whisper of reservation. And then amusement, a fleeting curl to the side of his mouth as he says, "Thankfully, they seem to have sorted out that trouble. But no; I have actually been on the other side, going out, rather than coming in. Mostly messages and small packages for residents. Some transporting of people."

As he mentions the weyrlings she gives a little nod, "Yeah, I want to prepared should I ever be a candidate again. I don't like…not knowing something. Being a candidate I realized how much I didn't know. My life has been so focused on my craft…I out of place there. Its not like I haven't been around candidates before…but..I don't know." She gives a little shrug and lets those thoughts pass on. She smiles a bit at his admission of not be very good at it. "Still the healer in me can't stop apologizing if I do managed to land a strike. There was hesitation in the beginning…perhaps why we stepped up the pace so I would just stop thinking for five minutes." Overthinking as is her problem. Working slow she would still think so much. Go through the patterns, spar by numbers instead of letting the movements happen. There was a bit of a thrill at the moment she did..let go, even if she earned a few bruises for it.

"Have you thought more about what we spoke of on the beach?" About plans, and crafts, and not putting things off because life is precious and fleeting. It comes with a bite of egg and toast; thorough chewing as R'sner considers her words. A flicker of amusement for her admission of guilt for striking another. "I'm sure he can handle it," he drawls, having not a lick of sympathy for her trainer, who can clearly take care of himself if he's teaching her things. More eating, and listening, as words roll out of thinking too much. A bit of amusement that he tries to hide. "It will come in time, I'm sure," is all the advice he can really offer. "New skills take time. And you cannot learn this in a book." But he is not blind to that thrill; to the spark of light that comes when speaking of new and exciting things. Of fun, rather than studies. "As much as I dislike that bruise," and he looks pointedly at her cheek, "I'm glad you're enjoying something other than your studies."

"Of course. Just a few more sevendays till I am eighteen and can apply for full journeyman. Then I can relax. I promise. I can be an independent healer then and make my own way." A life mapped out and her focus on the goal before all else. That she has taken time for the physical education is perhaps a wonder, but given she seems to be putting as much into that as anything she does, but yes, at least getting some joy out of it. "Yeah, I get that impression from his mate as well, that he was much tougher on him than S'van is with me and.." She starts before she shakes her head, skin darkening with blush, "Well I should get going on to my shift and don't ya worry about the bruise." She says with a wink and heads off to drop her food off and Sava reluctantly following her.

By his expression, that was clearly not the response R'sner was hoping for. "Ah. Well. Good luck then," for Journeyman knots and relaxation. An eyebrow lift and curiousity for darkening cheeks, but before he can think to ask about it, she's up and going, bringing an altogether different amusement to the greenie's expression. "Have a nice day, Kelani," offered as she leaves, meaning it even as she vanishes and leaves him to finish his meal in solitude.

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