R'hyn Did It!

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Tiki Lounge
As one walks onto the wood panelled flooring of the patio, they are greeted with the scent of burning oil, the likely source the various torches burning along the perimeter of the flooring. The flooring is littered with tables shaded with umbrellas, matching chairs tucked beneath when not in use.
The inside of the Tiki Lounge seems far bigger inside than outside, even when full of relaxing weyrfolk and travelers. Towards the front, in the western corner, is a small stage, generally occupied by harpers. Several tables with chairs decorate the floor and a small area is open for dancing. The bar is rather long and well stocked, glasses of different shapes and sizes hanging suspended from a rack above the bar. Behind the bar is another open window that gives one a view of the forest behind the tavern. Turning around, one is greeted by a lovely view of the lagoon. A decent breeze helps to cool the room. Up above, rafters provide a perch for fire lizards and local avians. The thatch roof, made of straw, rarely lets in any rain.

It is eveningish around the Weyr and Sundari has just settled down at a table, flight jacket hanging on the chair back while she is half pushing some hair frm her eyes while eyeing the menu of things to order. OH what to get, some of that or this and let's face it boze and fried things are going to be ordered so she orders them. A few scraps of paper are getting pulled from her jacket while waiting for her order while a bronze firelizard appears before her and sits on the table holding something within his frontpaws looking rather grumpy as normal but his here. Sunny faintly eyes the lizard but makes no move for it while looking through the items she's pulled free from pockets before finding a paper she was looking for. "Take it to the Weyr, I'm not in the mood right now." The firelizard just flops down and starts to chew on the letter his brought from somewhere.

And there's Ila'den, in all of his Ila'den glory, dressed down in his riding leathers because it will be a very cold day in Half Moon Bay Weyr indeed (or an unreasonably sweltering one) before he gives up his usual attire. It's the shift of fabric that gives him away, the whisper of leather as it protests the shift and bulk of muscles that work beneath it in an effort to move forward. And Ila'den is moving forward, albeit at a sedate pace; he's got one arm wrapped around his chest, palm pressed to his ribs, breathing in shallow gasps because the ability to swallow down a deep breath seems to temporarily elude him. It does not stop the unruly man with wild hair from putting one hand down on the table, arm brushing against Sundari as he leans in to press lips against her temple and drag stubble across her crown (effectively getting hair stuck in I-couldn't-be-bothered-to-shave-yesterday-and-probably-not-the-day-before-either whiskers that he has to smooth down by running his other hand over it) before breathing out, "Alright, little bird?" He sounds like he's in pain, and that's because he is in pain. He should probably be RESTING SOMEWHERE, but what is Ila'den if not stubborn? WHAT IS ILADEN, IF NOT FULL OF TERRIBLE IDEAS? That grey eye shifts to the message-bearing-flit, brows rising up in silent question that he doesn't speak because he's Ila'den and he's all about letting people do their thing for any reason that they see fit. In lieu of questions, he will settle into the seat beside Sundari with a soft sound of pain emitted as a rumbling growl. It's silenced as quickly as it's come about, and Ila'den is shifting to ease the burden of weight from his injured (BROKEN, ILA. THEY ARE BROKEN) ribs.

Sundari is lost in her own thought while looking at the scrap of paper she pulled from her pocket and sighs a moment before tucking a small charm into it and folds it over and offers it to the little bronze which makes him stop chewing on the letter. "Take it to Sarina, don't lose it." She offers softly while picking up the letter eyeing it and lets it set to the side. The movement is caught ut she doesn't glance to the owner before she is kissed. She blinks and glances up slightly ands mirks a moment before her eyes widen as she watchs Ila'den looking all hurt and the like. "What the heck happened to you?" How does she miss all the fun? As for the letter ther isa slight pause. "It's fine." Which could mean anything from the bluerider anymore. "Who did you piss off? Can I go smack 'em around?" Cause she can't get into trouble on her own or anything.

"R'hyn did it," Ila'den says on solemn tones, a somber contradiction to the humor setting a stark contrast in grey hues, that flirts at the corners of his mouth and the edges of his eyes and risks to reveal how positively untrue his very alarming accusation is. "I told him that I thought you were better looking, and he didn't take it very well at all. I never pegged him for a jealous man, but here we are - one absolutely terrifying push from our ledge and three broken ribs that make a rather convincing argument to the contrary." A beat, as he leans forward with some effort, to continue with, "He said he was sorry, do you reckon I should forgive him? What if he does it again? I just don't know that I'll be able to defend myself." AND YES, he is pulling Sundari into another hug, nuzzling the top of her head as he rasps out, "Hold me, Sundari. I'm scared." Riiiiight before he starts laughing. He eases back with obvious discomfort, settling one elbow on the table while the other crosses back to his ribs and that grey eye goes to the firelizard again, to that letter she's setting to the side. "I didn't ask, little bird, but if it's not I do have a certain expectation that you would tell me." And there's something firm there, a hint of a protective nature that is so surface ready in Ila'den, but perhaps conveyed with a little more conviction for Sundari's wellbeing. "Not that I don't think you can handle it." He amends, because HE KNOWS HIS SUNNY IS TUFF. Still, he lets it go in order to actually answer her question. "I won a flight. I don't remember much, but we both woke up with broken ribs, so I think I've 'smacked them around' enough. She was very nice to me. She even let me see her naked the next morning, Sundari." THAT'S ILA'DEN FOR YOU. Lacing humor through truths that he somehow manages to make seem so much more risque than their reality. "So do I need to go remind anybody that messing with you is a gamble on their life?"

Sundari just stares at Ila'den as if he might have gotten another head suddenly. "Right… I don't see that happening in my lifetime." This said with an amused tone as the letter is tucked away before grabby-mc'grabby hands tries to well grab it. A faint squeak is heard as he is hugging her again and she snorts a bit. "Please, I think the only thing that scares you is where someone puts a lime, unlessyou tuck it away fromplace." She grins a bit and then hums only while the bronze firelizard slips between clutching the note and charm in his forepaw. "I wouldn't hold your breath too long." This offered to him expecting anything to come from her unless she wishes it to be so. A half laugh escapes her at the answer to Ila's current state and she eyes him a moment before glancing back to him. "What flight did you win?" She is curious now it seems. "What did they hit you with a bat?" Well it is possible. "Or maybe just kick you from the bed? I know your nomally on top but I think this went south for you dear." A faint hum escapes her at the question and she smirks a bit. "Not hardly." Is murmured out softly. Her drink comes and she picks it up taking a long sip from it.

There's more of that low rumbling, husky laughter that escapes Ila'den, brief in its duration as the bronzerider forgoes any further libel and defamation in an attempt to assassinate R'hyn's otherwise immaculate credibility. RUDE, SUNNY. YOU COULD HAVE AT LEAST FEIGNED SURPRISE FOR A MOMENT, OKAY. "The placement of the limes don't scare me, little bird. It's who's coming after the limes that gives me pause." Because some people have teeth, and some people aren't afraid to use them. "Of course, if you have any particularly clever places to hide limes, I'd love to see it." And Ila'den is leaning in too close, all wolfish smiles that speak to a man who just might actually mean it were he anybody except for Ila'den. That smile eases into something else as brows raise for her comment about not holding his breath, Ila'den curling his hand on the table into a fist and propping his chin up against it so that he can regard her in a playfully expectant way. But they're back to the flight, and more laughter comes from somewhere deep, srunching up eye and the corners of lips before he answers her. "It's possible. I don't actually remember very much, Sunny. It was a flight, and those are always exceptionally hazy for me. I'm sure that I deserved it, whatever did transpire." A beat, and, "Her name is Ebeny. I've never met her before, but she's a greenrider in Ierne. She thinks I'm sweet." That smile on his lips says he finds this particular assessment of his character humorous.

Sundari has to ponder the placement of limes for a moment and leans upon the table letting fingers lightly tap upon her mug while she just eyes him, her eyes even half close as if pondering such placement. "Honestly… With the shape your in right now I don't think that would be really fair. I'd have R'hyn after me for breaking you more I'm certain." She uses her other hand to lightly poke at his arm with a faint grin caught. "I'm rather certain we could figure out a few interesting places to place limes, and I promise to kep teeth away." She'll call him out on the possible meaning it and even waggles eyebrows at him. There is no more talk on her end from whatever letter is very recently burning a hole in her pocket. "Irkevalath dosn't chase much anymore. I hardly recall the last time, not that he won." As if she cares. "It was always a strange conversation to have with flights to the Weyrlings when my dragon is more interested in teasing then doing the catching." He actually did chase after a gold once and has the scars to prove his stupid move still. Mug is lifted and she takes a sip from it before peeking over at him and even offers to share said mug of some strong boozey drink that has more booze then whatever else it was suppose to be mixed with. "You are sweet, when you want to be."

There's a roguishness about the smile that comes, something deviantly mischievous in the expression that comes unbidden in the wake of Sundari's perceived challenge. "I'm more sturdy than you think, little bird." And yes, the tone of voice he uses is the kind meant to conjure dark sheets and the press of bodies between them. IS HE TEASING? (Yes.) It doesn't matter. Ila'den is bringing his hand from his ribs to his heart when Sundari makes promises about limes and no teeth and drawls, "Ooch, lass. If you're going to show me all those interesting places, you'd better include some teeth in the deal, or you'll take the fun right out of it." WHATEVER THAT MEANS. GROSS, ILA. GEEZ. There's husky laughter to denote that he is JOKING, SUNNY. IT'S A JOKE, and then he's reaching out his hands to take the proffered drink without prying into metaphorically hole-burning letters simply because inquisitive is not one of Ila'den's natures. "Well, you're not missing much little bird. It's still sex with strangers that you can't remember, even if your body bears the echoes of it for the next sevenday. I can't say I blame him, though; what green - or gold - could he chase that would be as satisfying as spending time with his lifemate?" A grin that comes seconds before he takes a swig of strong, boozy drinks, and then he's setting it back down on the table, using just his fingers to push it back. "Good stuff," comes on a raspy growl, and then that brow is going up. "You only think that I'm sweet because I flirt with you, Sunny. Also, I was probably really good in bed that one time we slept together." HE IS JOKING. LOOK AT THAT SMILE. "But if you ever tell anybody about how sweet you think I am, I'm not going to be the only one getting pushed from ledges and suffering broken ribs." Not that that's what happened, but IT MAKES A FUNNY THREAT, OKAY. "Do you have plans for the evening?"

Sundari hums a touch while just peering at Ila'den, pondering the sturdy bit before she chuckles osftly. "I am rather aware how sturdy you are." A grin is seen as the conversation goes on, which should prove interesting for any that gets too close. "I know how to use my teeth, just certain areas one must be careful after all. Wouldn't want anything to lasting right?" She questions with a innocent like tone, she is anything but innocent. The mug is picked back up and she chckles softly. "Well I didn't think it changed much. Sorta hard after all these turns right?" Unless the dragons start doing something super strange to shake things up! She hums softly, a faint smile seen at some part of what Ila'den says. "He can be thoughtful at times, I suppose he is rather smitten with me. Rather nice someone still is." A soft breath escapes her and she peers over at him grinning. "I thought you was sweet before the flirting started. I hardly think you was /always/ flirting with me." There is a moment as she ponders that night, it's been a while sorry! "It had some good moments, I was sore for a few days." This said with a teasing tone and sly grin. "I think D'nyl would say other things of course." She pauses at th ename that escapes her before she can stop it and she is quiet for a few moments. "Me? No plans. I just need to go get Sunara from the nursary." As for her drink yes it is good and she'll be finishing it now as well. "Which I honestly should go get her and not attempted to get drunk." Drink finished and marks are searche for from her jacket and soon placed on the table. "I haven't forgotten about cooking for you all. Let me know when."

"Sunny, it's only fun if there's signs they can never forget." Ila'den is joking, right? Probably, but you can ask R'hyn about it if you're not sure. JUST MAKE SURE ILA'DEN KNOWS. He wants to be peeking around a corner to watch Half Moon Bay's illustrious leader fluster in the face of POSSIBLE TRUTHS. Ila'den's issuing more patent laughter when Sundari comments on their night together - and eludes to D'nyl coming out on the actual bottom of it - but he's just as aware of the lapse into silence after the man's name is said. WOOPAH! That would be a flit popping in from between with a letter, nibbling at fingers in the hopes of one of them being edible and only giving up their note once Ila'den pilfers something from SOMEONE'S PLATE to sate it with. Give him a moment of reading, and then he's tilting his head to look at Sundari. One, two, three, and, "You have plans now, little bird. Sunara can come, and the rest of your brood. Risali is pregnant, and is no longer able to go between, so D'lei and K'vir are here to get her piano and bring it back to Xanadu." BECAUSE APPARENTLY SEARCH AND RESCUE RIDERS DOING THINGS OUT OF THER SCOPE IS MORE ACCEPTABLE TO RISALI THAN GETTING PEOPLE WHO GET PAID TO DO THIS KIND OF THING - LIKE TRANSPORT RIDERS - TO DO IT. She just wants to watch the boys hard at work, is the honest truth of it. And possibly punish them for her state of existence, but that is irrelevant. "We're going to dance, and she's going to play for us, and you're not allowed to tell me no because I'm a man with broken ribs and an ugly face, and it's practically a law written somewhere that you have to be nice to people who look as unfortunate as me. Cita and R'hyn will be there too, with the kids." And the bronzerider is up, shifting with a grimace of pain before opening that grey eye to fix on her again. "And if you tell me no, little bird, I will throw you over my shoulder and then tell the entire weyr that you pushed me and that's how my ribs got even more broken." A smile, crooked and somehow boyish in a way that doesn't show very often. "And anyway, R'hyn will be really sad if you don't come and dance with him too, and he'll start making rules, and then Cita will enforce those rules, and then you won't have a choice." AND HE WAITS. If she comes? AWWYEAH. FUN NIGHT OF PARTY WITH THE PEEPS. If not? Ila'den will let her go. Eventually. He really will throw her over his shoulder though. DON'T TEMPT HIM, SUNNY. JUST GO DANCE AND LET THE KIDS PLAY TOGETHER.

Sundari won't linger on something that pulls her to a rather dark place, not when there is talks of teeth leaving good marks so to speak. "I'll make sure to ask him. Does he have any he likes to show off?" She questions with a straight face. SHE totally means that. Though soon enough she does grin at the idea, she knows how to give in take in that department thank you very much! She glances to the firelizard and eyes it a moment thankful it isn't her bronze so hopefully he has found her daughter. "She is? Aww… Ila, your gona be a grandpa!" Yep she totally went there and will take the abuse for it even because it had to be said. "I still have two left feet dancing never worked well for me. It's just Sunara, the twins are at Harper Hall for at least a sevenday." As for her other two, well she won't bring it up right now, they both hate her and for different reasons. Kids have to love them. She is soon chuckling at the threat of being tossed over his shoulder and there is a bit of worry clearly seen as he is in pain. "Can't cause you anymore pain. Let me get Sunara and we can go offer tips on how to transport a piano." Because she SO knows how to do that. WHICH she will do so well from the sidelines and take any glaring looks with amused glee.

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