Turnday Party For V'ine

Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.
The vast majority of residents bustle back and forth on their many errands, keeping Western Weyr running smoothly. Children released from lessons scamper across the bowl while weyrlings bathe by the lagoon and practice. Delivery wings can be seen coming and going all day long overhead.The days grow slightly shorter as the turn winds its way into fall, and the air becomes gradually a bit cooler, carrying with it smells of moist earth and changing leaves.

The sun is bright and warm. With a gentle breeze moving through the branches. V'ine is here finishing putting up banners with his name saying "Happy Turnday to me." He grins as he moves back to lean on Rauxith. "I think it looks good Rauxith." The brown gives a huff before geting comfortable in the sand.

Kyldar comes out to the lagoon beach and waves to V'ine. "Hey, neighbor," she greets cheerily. "How do?" she adds as she approaches, and give V'ine a big ol' hug.

T'eo has been… well… busy? Yeah sure. Busy. But one might wonder if he hasn't tried more to -keep- himself busy. It's been a while since the rescue and N'kor leaving and somehow it seems that since then the older bronzer has not been seen unless for business purposes. But here he is now, wandering down the shore towards the brown and green riders with Raenth in tow. "Congrats, rider." He remarks a bit gruffly, but there's the hint of a smile on his face. "How many turns?" Raenth rumbles to the younger brown before also finding a nice warm spot of sand.

V'ine smiles at Kyldar before moving to hug her. "Hey there. I'm good been really busy working. Trying to get wingsecond. It's going to take hard work though." He laughs. "How have you been though?" He grins at T'eo and Raenth. "I'm eighteen. How are you and Raenth? I remember when Raenth searched me at this very spot." Rauxith gives a rumble of a greeting back.

Kyldar says to V'ine, "Well, I wish you the best, y'know, in all of your endeavours. Myself, I've been alright. Busy with wing drills and such, busy with catching up in my Craft, busy with everything. But I'm alright." To T'eo she gives a friendly wave. "Hey there."

T'eo nods to Kyldar as Raenth's head raises. Searched him? But of course he did! With a smug huff he rests his head back down. T'eo gives a roll of his eyes. "He'll be on about that for a while. He has me keep tally. Eighteen huh? Well, good age. I didn't impress until I was 20 myself." Raenth rumbles fondly from behind him as T'eo inclines his head a bit in thought. It doesn't last too long however. "We've been… well alright… probably about as busy as you state, rider." He nods to Kyldar. "But that's to be expect I suppose."

V'ine nods his head. "We've all been quite busy of late. Though I guess we need to take time out to enjoy company and such." He smiles at the bronze. "Yeah Rauxith can be kind of like that as well. I can't believe I impressed Rauxith two turns ago already. It's been a while."

Kyldar smiles a bit. "Rauxith is a fine dragon, though, as I'm sure you'd agree. Though you'd be a bit biased of course," she says. "So, you were right here when you were Searched? I was halfway around the world, doing relief work at Ista." The smile brightens a bit. "I guess it makes sense then that I'm now in a Search and Rescue wing." To both: "But any opportunity should be taken to relax and enjoy life for a while."

T'eo gives an small incline of his head. "This is as good as any and opportunity." But on the subject of dragons. "If I remember right, the first turns tend to drag until, well, they're gone. Though I found once betweening, the rest sort of sped up. Maybe a bit too much." He smirks, looking to Kyldar. "That was my wing. Not sure how I ended up there. I think that was Raenth's doing. He liked the daring appeal of Search and Rescue and, well, I was good with boats. Ultimately was a good fit. Never got into anything else, even in my craft. Unless you count these turns of Weyrseconding. But even as Weyrleader, that was when those blasted pirates started showing up."

V'ine nods his head. "I've enjoyed my whole time here since I was searched. These turns have been fun and treated me well. I've got a good job. A great home." He gives Kyldar another hug. "And a wonderful girlfriend. Western has been very good to me."

Kyldar smiles and blushes a shade or two, and gives V'ine a smooch on the cheek. "I expected to fit in here from the get-go, myself, considering that I have family here in the wings. Still, there's no arguing that it's a good life. A strenuous life, yes, but a good life all the same." To T'eo: "Well, I did figure that Search and Rescue would be a good fit for Sinasapelth's ambitious streak. It seems to work so far, though only the test of a real crisis will tell for sure."

T'eo's gruff expression softens for a moment as V'ine expresses his gratitude to the weyr. It is Raenth's contented warble from behind him that shakes him back into his original demeanor. "Well, always need to be ready for it. Too many times I find riders slipping into complacency and that's when the real struggles begin. Indeed our run in with that scum those turns ago was the fault of complacency." He gives a rueful shake of his head. "I hope that Bronzer is keeping you all on the alert." And there's a slight frown showing that he still isn't too chuffed with this particular Istan Bronzer running their rescue operations.

V'ine grins and nods. "I take my work on the transport wing very seriously. Not to mention I've had rauxith push the limits of his abilities. Him and I even found out how to move objects with his mind. It's really rewarding my hardwork."

Kyldar nods to both. "Anyway, I've got some things that I need to get done. As always it was good to see you, V'ine." She turns back toward the Weyr proper, saying, "You have a good day, both of you."

T'eo nods to Kyldar as she leaves before turning his attention to V'ine once more. "Well Seamount is good to be just as aware as Archipelago. Always good to have extra sets of eyes." He gives another nod at the news of Rauxith's abilities. "Good. Always a good skill to have. Gets tougher when the tension is up though." Raenth rumbles, projecting a feeling of eye-rolling boredom at Rauxith in regards to his rider's winding.

V'ine smiles and waves good bye to kyldar. "Yes being aware is always important. Though I've got Rauxith able to lift things under the most extreme situation." He nods his head at Rauxith. "Well I've got to get going. The cargo isn't going to move it's self. It was a pleasure to see you again T'eo. Take care." Rauxith projects to Raenth to take care as well.

"Good good. Well, not going to stand in the way of duty." T'eo gives a nod and a half smile. "Happy turnday, V'ine." Raenth warbles he returns and the pair continue along the lagoon.

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