Don't Blame The Guy Named S'u

Western Weyr - Tiki Lounge

Note: This takes place directly before 'Shirts and Shoes'.

It's noon and while some people are milling about the Tiki Lounge it's nowhere near as many as one might see in the evening or when what Naris likes to call the 'drinking hours' occur. Perhaps that is why the Assistant Headwoman can be found there today, for she isn't very fond of going there during the more crowded hours after the last encounter she had here. But her presence there might not be the first thing noticed by those that know her. No, the fact that she's there and /isn't working/ would probably draw many more eyes. It is no secret amongst the people of Western Weyr that Naris is quite the workaholic and seeing her sitting at a table in casual clothes may be odd. But to those that don't know the woman she could easily be seen as any lounge-goer, nothing out of her ordinary. Although a glass of pink liquid sits in front of her she does not drink, instead silently poking at it with her straw. It appears that she may be lost in thought. Well, that or just plain bored.

S'u is around to collect… something.. perhaps it was a sock, perhaps it was something else, but either way, the bronzerider could have been seen peeking around the ground weyrs and making casual inquiries about where any found objects may have ended up. However, now that he's at Western, it seems that the larger, more stubborn half of the bronze pair is loathed to leave - Tzettenvonth eager to try and catch some attention from Shad - and so S'u has resigned himself to lunch at the Weyr. Rather than facing the crowds of the caverns, he is meandering into the tiki lounge, settling himself at the bar and ordering a simple lunch and drink, tapping his fingers against the bar top as he swivles and looks over the room as he waits.

Naris looks around the room with that same bored look on her face. It is the sights of a unfamiliar man that catches her attention, an unfamiliar man wearing the knots of a bronzerider. Although she can't know for sure who this is she must either have some idea or be curious as she proceeds to stand up, abandoning her drink, and approach him. She does not sit down at the bar but instead hovers a little ways away from the bronzerider. "Excuse me," she begins in a calm, collected, business-like tone, "are you S'u of bronze Tzettenvonth by any chance?" So it seems that she does have some idea as to who this is. Not that that is very surprising. It's not every day that an outsider catches the junior weyrwoman's gold after all.

S'u is caught. Well and truly, cornered and caught. Without a plate of food, a drink, or a lunch companion to feign distraction in, S'u is left to sit there and stare at Naris, stuttering for a moment and turning a lovely shade of red, before he is quickly blurting out, "I didn't do it.. It wasn't me." And he's awkwardly turning back to the still empty spot at the bar infront of him, nervously glancing at her over his shoulder time and again, trying to figure out what she is going to say.. or if she'll just go away.

Well it looks like Naris has run into her first unexpected situation of the day. The Assistant Headwoman arches an eyebrow at the bronzer turning such an interesting shade of red and his sudden jump to the defensive. "That doesn't answer my question," she says after a moment of staring at the rather awkward acting man. So it seems like she might be initiating a conversations with someone even more socially awkward than herself. Oh, Zi'on would have a field day with this. "However," she continues, "I'm going to assume that you /are/ S'u due to your rather panicked claim of innocence. In that case no, you did not catch Shadhavarth, your dragon did." There is a pause before she asks in a suspicious voice, "unless you've recently made a mess that I do not know about." Why else would he make an unprompted claim of innocence? Although she might just /want/ a mess right about now. She needs something to do and they can't very well keep her out of the lower caverns for long under the claim that she's been 'overworking' herself if there is something she needs to deal with.

Naris is given another long look as she continues talking, and does not simply just vanish, and S'u sighs a little before he's pushing the stool next to him out towards the young woman, turning back to the bar, grateful to find that his drink is now there, and his hands are curled around the mug as he takes a long drink - anything to avoid more conversion. His face is slowly returning to a more normal shade, and he finally spares Naris another look. "You never know. People like to claim things, when you're a bronzerider. That you caught their green.. That you stole their sister.. Faranth only knows what else.. That their baby is yours." A shake of his head, and S'u eyes Naris a little longer, mouth opening and closing a few times before he's interested in the liquid in his mug again.

Naris blinks when S'u lists off the list of things that people like to accuse of bronzeriders and she can't help but assumes he has been called out on himself. With a small shake of her head she deadpans, "well I am not a rider, have no siblings, and as for babies… you know what, I am /not/ going to tell you anything regarding how that could or could not end up being a situation. But let me assure you, if it was it wouldn't be yours." Now it's Naris' turn for her face to start turning red as she crosses her arms over her chest. After a moment during which she tries to push the awkwardness away so she can speak without choking on her own tongue she continues, "I was merely inquiring since as your dragon caught Shadhavarth I assume I'll be seeing more of you." Without pause she thrusts one hand out in an offer to shake and introduces herself, "I'm Naris, Assistant Headwoman."

"Well -that- is certainly a relief. Especially because I would feel even worse if I did something and didn't remember it." And not just because of the beating he might could expect from someone else. Another long drink, and he finally turns back towards her, taking the offered hand and giving it a shake, a crooked smile finally appearing on his face. "Ista's duties, Assistant Naris." He offers formally, with a nod of his head, and then a grimace as she mentions Shad and Tzet. "Uh, yeah. I guess you will be. Well, if Zet has anything to say about it… It depends on her, I guess. And, well, how long it takes Ali to forgive me." WHich hopefully won't be long.

A brief chuckle leaves the Assistant Headwoman at the Ista Bronzerider's relief. She responds to his smile with one of her own, although it is brief. Naris has never been much of a smiler after all, and when she does grin it seems to be only around certain people for the most part. "And Western's to you, Bronzerider." As she speaks she gives her own nod, a respectful formality. Again she continues seemingly without stopping to take a breath as she adds, "I'm no Iris but I don't think Shadhavarth will object to him lurking around. As for Ali… I'm not sure who she is but assuming she's you're Weyrmate her existence might help keep things smooth with Ila'den, should he be upset." There's a moment of silence as Naris realizes that he might very well be unaware of what the Weyrsecond has to do with the conversation before she clarifies, "our Weyrsecond, Iris, Shadhavarth's rider, is his Weyrmate."

"Well, I don't know if -that's- the right word exactly but.. well… Maybe." He makes a face at the talk of Ali, not quite sure how to describe what-ever-it-is they have, and the mention of Ila'den makes S'u look uncomfortable all over again. "I know he got stabbed." And then there's a glance over his shoulder, and he's waving an apologetic hand at the barkeep as he slides a mark piece on the counter. "And, apparently Zet has something I have to see. Right now." A sigh, and he is inclining his head and taking off outside at a quick pace, to discover what his lifemate has done now - Hopefully it doesn't involve anything draconic and female.

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