Western Weyr - Tiki Lounge Patio
As one walks onto the wood panelled flooring, they are greeted with the scent of burning oil, the likely source the various torches burning along the perimeter of the flooring. The flooring is littered with tables shaded with umbrellas, matching chairs tucked beneath when not in use. People of all sorts gather in clusters to talk or people watch. One can easily see into the tavern, its large windows usually open to the outside. Music flows in from inside, carried by the sea breeze, encouraging some people to dance, or even sing along.

OOC Note: Very vague references to toplessness/nudity. Flirting.

Despite spending all her work days on and around the beach, Naeda ends up back here on her rest day as well. How can one tell it is her rest day? The fact that she's in her favorite blue bikini rather than her craft-issued wetsuit is a pretty good indication. She sits alone at a table near the patio's edge, enjoying the lovely weather and sipping a brightly colored beverage.

Carrying light, strappy sandals in one hand and using the other to try and contain her long, loose hair, which keeps getting caught up in the light breeze, Rhysanna clambers up onto the boards of the patio at a relaxed pace. Once safely on solid wood instead of sand, she drops the sandals, attempting to slide her feet into them without losing her balance, or leaning down to use her hands: it's a practice met with varying amounts of success.

Zahleizjah is… well… not well dressed for beach-going, but this is not uncommon for the Starcrafter who wanders out from the dimly lit Tiki lounge with fruity umbrella-clad drink in hand. It looks as though this is not her first of the day, eyes squinting as hand instantly moves to forehead in an attempt to shield herself from that blasted brightness that emanates from Rukbat. She is less than graceful, nearly bowling over the put together lass who is merely trying to put her sandals on, but with a stumble she arches, twirls, gets one foot caught in the other and narrowly misses her by falling in the chair right next to the bikini wearing maiden. A goofy smile as she leans in towards "Naeda.. my dear.. how are ya t'day?" Is said with a slur then a hiccup, looking back towards white dress with a "Sorry ma'am.." *hiccup*

The girl having trouble with her sandals gets a curious look from Naeda. The dolphineer is evidently in a friendly mood, as she leans forward and smiles. "Hey there." A quick scan tries to locate a knot. "Are you a visitor? Picked a lovely time for it. Are you…" And then, a certain tipsy starcrafter wanders in. Naeda blinks, initially confused, but then a downright devious grin crosses her face. "Much better now that you're here to keep me company, Zah." She says with a wink. "I'd ask how you are, but, well…" She giggles before glancing to Rhysanna again. "Sorry, what was I saying? Do join us, if you like."

"A visitor?" Rhysanna sounds surprised, though any further remark is forestalled by the arrival of Zahleizjah— she has to reach out to grab onto a nearby chair in order to avoid falling over, and certainly, all attempts to get her sandals on are postponed. Her expression shows distaste, and yet it takes only a moment more before she reaches down to reclaim her sandals and takes a step closer to Naeda's table. "You don't think you've had enough?" she wonders of Zahleizjah, dubiously.

Zahleizjah sends a perked brow and boozy eyed look towards Rhysanna, she's no Western expert, but it's clear by her expression she too questions visitor status. Expressions of distaste may be mutual, but it's probably just the rum punch and brightness adjusting that makes Zahl's face look that way. In her defense, she did avoid the girl standing just outside the doorway fuddling with sandals, but in her drunkenness she's more curt than normal "N'who are you t'go 'round telling summon clearly turns your senior when they've 'ad 'nuff.." She *slurrrpsss* her drink until it makes that annoying sound, placing it on the table with a thud before swirling her head towards Naeda with a wink and a smirk "Naeda here knows.. I can handle m'self quite well thankya.. m'doing rattttherrrrr grrreattt.." she says to the blonde haired Dolphincrafter "How're you?"

"Oooh, you're in a party mood today, aren't you?" Naeda looks terribly amused by Zahleizjah's state, leaning forward and putting a hand on the starcrafter's knee. "Don't worry. Your buddy Nae is here to help make sure you have a fun time." Uh-oh. "And I'm fine, lovely. You asked me already." She's a little amused by that. Her gaze flicks back up at Rhysanna. "She'll be okay, don't worry. Anyways… you're not a visitor?" She shakes her head and smirks. "I'm shocked. I thought I'dve noticed you before if you were a local." She winks and sips more of her drink. Even if she's only a little tipsy, it apparently makes her a little flirty.

Glacing from one woman to the other, Rhysanna appears to make a decision: a moment later she's drawing out another of the chairs at the table, and moving to sit, her sandals dropped to one side as she does so. "You sound drunk," she says, calmly, in answer to Zahleizjah's remark. "And you can't be so very many turns older than I am." It seems as though she's accepted Naeda's assurances, even so; or perhaps she's simply not inclined towards concern for rude women. "I've lived here all my life," she tells Naeda, tone bland for all that she's at least half-smiling.

Zahleizjah tosses her head back for a hearty chuckle, hand slapping down to knee at that perfect moment when Naeda's makes contact. She doesn't squirm or shy away like sober-Zahl would, oh no, she gives that little hand a good squeeze and agrees with a nod "I guess y'could say I'm on one t'day dear Naeda.. fun for all!" Did she already ask? Nah.. wait.. ya.. wait.. good ol' alcohol! There's definitely more nodding in reference to Naeda and her keen recognition skills of ladies. This time, there's a definitely glare towards the lady in white with those sandals. "You'unno me.. what if I gotta speech impediment.." that word comes out surprisingly well for how many libations deep she is. "Maybe I just sound li'e dis all the time.. n'I bet I gotta couple onnya lady. Plus, hullo! It's a Weyr plenty of people are waste-face all 'round us!" Head motions towards the guy in the corner passed out, drink in hand, who's clearly wet himself. Judgements or not, rudeness is based on perception as accusing one of 'having enough' could be considered in the same light, especially after she already apologized for the near collision and despite the fact that she is now scowling her direction.

Naeda props her elbows on the table and leans in Rhysanna's direction, grinning. "However did I miss you?" She extends one hand to offer a shake. "I'm Naeda. Dolphincrafter. And this is my good friend Zah, the party girl." She giggles a bit before looking to the starcrafter again. "Now now, Zah. Parties are more fun when they're friendly parties, not getting in people's faces parties. Let's make friends."

Rhysanna, very clearly, sees the Starcrafter's actions as significantly more rude than her own, but now, as Naeda makes introductions, she takes in a deep breath and then nods. "Who am I, of course, to tell anyone else what to do. It's your life, isn't it?" It doesn't make her expression especially warm, of course, but perhaps that's beside the point. "Rhysanna," she adds, evidently intending it as introduction. "Perhaps you simply weren't looking in the right places. Or at the right people. I work in the caverns."

Zahleizjah puts her hands up, brows raising in defense as well "Now I'm not the one making accusations or weyrnannying others about their choices.. I apologized for nearly bumping in to her, despite her poor choice of location for putting on sandals outside of a lounge door that's a straight shot to the beach.." She's definitely not the prim and proper type, certain that Rhysanna would never guess she's actually rather reserved on a normal day. Faranth forbid someone share any cross words or point any fingers when she's drunk though. The atmosphere begins to settle, and there's a bit of a hurrumph as Zahl calms with a nod, leaning towards Naeda as the quarrelers finally agree on something "Indeed, t'each their own right? N'here I thought we were living Weyr life.." She chuckles and seems to move on, this whole ordeal rather out of character for the 'wall-flower'.

"Oh. You're right. I must be spending too much time with the Weyrleader these days." Is Naeda's quick reply, smirk on her face. "Still, lovely to meet you." The continuing argument makes her purse her lips, but they return to an amused smirk shortly. "Yes, yes. Weyr life. Relax and make up. Or if you're going to keep quarreling, at least wrestle and make it interesting." Naeda keeps things classy.

Rhysanna opens her mouth, quite possibly with the intention of defending herself, but peace is peace, and she stops herself from it, pressing her lips tightly together as she gives a short, sharp nod. "I find there are many varieties of Weyr life," she proposes, finally, folding her hands neatly in her white-skirted lap. "We each find our own path. That's one of the benefits: we aren't limited to the 'holder way', or any other." Even so, a side-long glance considers Naeda, not with wariness, but perhaps, instead, faint amusement. Her brow has raised. Then: "You spend time with the Weyrleader?"

Zahleizjah is nothing but laughter now "Oh Naeda! You would!! Anyone got any oil?!" She calls out "Oil wrestling about to go down.. now taking bids!" She would, of course, bet on herself, being more of a rough and tumble kind of gal, but peace is peace, and it's clear that she's just joking at this point. "Rhysanna, you speak the truth there.." a quirked brow takes note of folded hands and perfect white attire. "Been the Hold-bred type kinda gal m'whole life. Those who know me well like Naeda here prolly think it's about time I let loose a lil." A wink is sent her friend's way and she nods, nearly answering for her "Oh yes, Naeda's prowess for friendship is unmatched.."

Naeda grins wickedly at Rhysanna. "The Weyrleader is no more immune to my charms than anyone else." She says with a little wink to follow. Zahleizjah's acceptance of her somewhat crazed and outlandish suggestion just brings a broader grin to her face. "Well, I was suggesting making friends, but… fine. Oil wrestling it is. Go ahead and get your clothes off, I'll get the oil and take the bets." She says as she stands. Surely she's joking. Right?

Rhysanna's thoughts on Naeda's remark can be surmised only through her raised eyebrows; any other reaction is forestalled by this very concept of oil-wrestling, which she's clearly rather less pleased about. "I think I would rather try and make friends," she opines, quickly. "I'd rather not ruin my dress, frankly, and besides… wrestling sounds like an awful lot of effort." The somewhat forced smile that follows is probably intended to indicate that she's taking it all as a joke, just the sort of thing a person laughs off, though her wary glance in Naeda's direction, now that the other girl is standing, shows quite clearly her discomfort.

Zahleizjah knows all too well that Naeda walks the fine line between serious and jokes, and even when she jokes, she's still pretty serious, or at least encouragingly so. Zahl's rum hued eyes sparkle as she looks up towards the Dolphincrafter "Oh you hush up silly lady! N'stop encouraging everyone t'take their clothes off. Most are not as comfortable in their skin as you are! We're not gonna oil wrestle.. I was just joking and she's clearly not up for it anyway." There, something else they agree on despite the rocky start.

Naeda feigns disappointment, though it's plain to see she didn't seriously expect any oil wrestling to take place. Well, plain to Rhysanna, at least. Who knows if Zahleizjah is sober enough to pick up on her attempts at humor. "Oh, what a disappointment. Though this saves me the trouble of figuring out who to bet on." She giggles a bit and grins at Rhysanna. "Anyways. The Weyrleader is a nice man. I could introduce you to him sometime, if you like." She gives Zahleizjah another devious grin. "Most things are more fun with less clothes. It's an almost universal principle."

"Some things are more fun with less clothes," is Rhysanna's opinion. "But not all. Clothes are fun." At least she's smiling more genuinely now, as though she's reassured herself properly that no oil wrestling will be required; she's safe. "I've met the Weyrleader. He wore a shoe on his head." Her mouth is quirking, smile holding back what may be the potential for laughter.

Zahleizjah was slurring and repeating herself earlier, though she seems quite a bit more sober now, she always wonders just how serious or joking Naeda truly is when it comes to things like this. "Why I never.." she crinkles her nose at Naeda "I'd hope you'd have more faith in me friend.." this is said lightheartedly and she chuckles "Plus it's plain to see Rhysanna isn't much for horseplay of such an unrefined nature.." There a smirk at the talk of clothing or sans and shoe headed Weyrleaders as the Starcrafter pushes back in her chair. "Welp, I've had my fair share of fun, so me n'my clothes are gonna head back to the guest dorms while I wait for m'ride. Naeda, pleasure.. as always and Rhysanna.. good luck with that.." she references white dress, sandals and over-polished demeanor with a few glances and a bit of a tizzied shake to her head. Steadily she stands and stealthily she departs.

"Clothes are fun." Naeda agrees. "But I'm a beach girl. And the beach is not a clothing-friendly place. Sometimes you just have to cut loose… thought that /is/ a lovely dress you have on." Rhysanna's remark about the weyrleader draws a little laugh. "Yes, I could see him doing that." She giggles again, about to add more when Zahleizjah prepares to leave. She gives a wave. "If you get lonely later, you know where to find me." She teases with a wink before looking back to Rhysanna.

It's hard to tell what, exactly, Rhysanna thinks of Zahleizjah, though certainly she watches the older girl depart with knitted brows and a mouth that hangs just slightly open. "It was— " she begins, as if to call after the Starcrafter, but evidently she changes her mind because there's no continuation of that thought. A moment later, she glances back at Naeda. "Thank you. It's not that I'm not a beach girl, myself, but— I do enjoy pretty things. Do you flirt with everyone, I wonder? I'm sorry, that was rude. I just… wonder."

Naeda leans back in her seat, taking a slow sip of her drink and studying Rhysanna over the rim of the glass. "She's such fun." She remarks about their departing companion. The question posed draws an even more wicked grin. "Oh, no. Not everyone. Just people who are worth it." She teases with a wink. "I guess I enjoy pretty things myself."

"She's… interesting," says Rhysanna, after a moment's pause. "Is she always like that?" Her hands are drawn out of her lap, now - one moves to rest upon the table, while the other attempts to finger-comb her tousled hair. She's clearly not bothered by Naeda's answer to her question: her nod is short and smart. She even smiles. "Life's too short not to, I should think. And you're a Dolphincrafter, you said. And from around here. I know I've seen your face before. Growing up."

"Oh, no." Naeda says with a delighted little laugh. "I've never seen her that drunk. She's usually as straightlaced as they come. Part of why that was so funny, you see." Another little sip of her drink is taken, and she smiles in an utterly unself-conscious way. "Mmmm. People rarely forget me." She doesn't lack for ego. "Come to think of it, you look familiar… do you live down in the residence halls? The open dorms? I was there until I got my own room."

Rhysanna, enlightened by this piece of information, seems somehow pleased: her smile, while more secretive than open, is nonetheless an obvious one. "She really had had too much to drink. I hope she makes it home safely." Politeness prevents her from remarking on Naeda's ego, though her carefully-plucked eyebrows do raise, just minutely. "I do. I lived with Mother until I was about fourteen, but I've been in the dorms since."

"She'll be fine." Naeda says with a little wave of her hand. "The guest rooms aren't far, after all. It's nice to see her unwinding a little." Naeda isn't drunk, but the rapdily disappearing drink in her hand is helping her get more relaxed. "That must be where I saw you. I only moved recently." The glass is set back down, and she looks up to make eye contact with Rhysanna. "So. Rhy. What do you say we have some fun?" There's mischief in her voice.

Glancing off in the direction Zahleizjah departed in, it may be that Rhysanna is less confident than Naeda, but it's also true that she makes no move to try and follow to make sure. Turning back, she gives a little nod to confirm the other girl's suggestion, meeting her gaze squarely. "What kind of fun are you thinking of?" she asks, simply.

Naeda runs her finger along the rim of her glass, mischief remaining in her smile. "Lots of fun to be had around Western." She lets that sit for a moment before deciding to elaborate a little. "We could go swimming. Or go inside and dance. Or if you're the more low key type, we could fill up a wineskin, go find a place to lay out, tan, and chat. I could even braid your hair." Is she serious? Hard to say.

"Somehow," opines Rhysanna, though she's laughing as she says so, "I find it difficult to believe that you're really suggesting hair braiding."

Naeda laughs brightly. "Hey, I /like/ hair braiding." She admits with a little bit of a lopsided grin. "What, just because I'm flirty, I can't enjoy braiding hair?" More laughter. "… Though it might just be that your skin tone makes me realize I need to work on my own tan. You're practically glowing, dear."

Rhysanna glances down at her bare arms, her expression smugly pleased. "Mother says a properly reared woman doesn't let herself tan," she says, laughing. "But I don't think a woman like that lives at Western. Besides which, I'm never going to be pale, so I may as well be properly bronzed." Dark gaze lifting again, she adds, "I'm not opposed to enjoying some more sun. Or having my hair braided. But I warm, nonetheless, that your flirting with me will only be for fun. I just don't swing that way."

Naeda smirks. "Nothing wrong with admiring a fine artwork that isn't for sale, yes?" She downs the last of her drink in one gulp before getting to her feet, gathering her towel and beachgoing basket. "Don't worry. I can flirt without being carried away. I probably have enough romantic intrigue in my life already as it is. Now then, shall we?"

"Nothing at all," promises Rhysanna, who even smiles as she says it. She stands as Naeda does, reaching down to reclaim her sandals before stepping away from the table. "It doesn't surprise me, somehow, that your life is full of romantic intrigue. If you tell me about it while you braid my hair, I'll feel like I'm thirteen again. Only, I'm afraid I'll have to giggle a lot."

Naeda offers her hand once she has her towel and basket settled, mischievious smile up again. "That's quite alright. You're rather adorable when you giggle. Now, come along. I know a nice hidden spot between the dunes. If we sunbathe out on the main stretch, we're liable to give some old men heart attacks. Then I can braid your hair and tell you about my romantic intrigue."

That does make Rhysanna giggle, though she seems apologetic about it, afterwards, quite as though it's wholly beneath her dignity. Taking Naeda's hand she says, "I met a bronzerider up in the garden the other week, old enough to be my grandfather, even, and I'm pretty sure he was trying to hint— it's silly. I'd rather give young men heart attacks." Perfectly happy to follow the other girl's lead, she adds, "but flattering, I suppose."

"Oh, no. You don't want to give the young ones heart attacks. That can seriously hinder their… energy." Naeda squeezes Rhysanna's hand gently, giggling a little bit. "Though if you're in the mood for that, we can go prowl once the braiding is complete. The two of us could make quite a duo for attracting attention." The spot she leads to isn't far off. After marching out of view of the lounge, she stops and unfurls her towel, laying it out. "Ta-dah."

That makes Rhysanna laugh all over again. "You're probably right," she allows, even if she seems half-pleased with the idea all the same. She's also pleased with the spot in question, giving it - and then Naeda - an approving tip of her head. She's got no towel with her, but doesn't seem especially concerned with it, or, now that she's here, with her dress: she drops her sandals into the sand, and then follows them, stretching out her long, bronzed legs.

"Stick with me, I'm full of helpful tips like that." Naeda jokes and grins. She sets down her basket by the towel, gesturing to it. "I /do/ have oil in there. Not the wrestling kind, alas, but the kind that stops the sun from burning you. Help yourself." She settles herself down, gaze appreciatively sweeping over those bronzed legs. After settling she starts untying the top of her swimsuit, either out of a desire to avoid tan lines or an embrace of her earlier philosophy about clothes in general.

"I just bet you are," says Rhysanna, amused. She's clearly not bothered by the other girl's intention to remove her swimsuit; her gaze slides across towards her for a moment, but doesn't especially linger. Instead, she adjusts the mechanics of her dress so that she can slide her arms free of those straps, though it's perhaps so that she can apply that oil, digging it free from the basket. Stretching, she says, "I've never seen the appeal of living somewhere else - somewhere colder, I mean."

"I haven't steered you wrong yet, have I?" Naeda retorts with a wink and equally amused smile. Off comes the swimsuit. Her lack of tan lines probably suggests this is not all that unusual for her. The garment is tucked into her basket, and she grabs a little of that oil for herself. "Now that, I agree with you completely about. I've been to Fort. It's no fun. I love the hot climates."

"No, but I'm sure I'll be more confident of that after I've known you for more than— what is it, half an hour?" Rhysanna's tone is, at least, teasing - as is the smile she aims at the other girl. "I'm sure people who grow up at Fort think it just as wonderful as I think Western is, but it seems ridiculous to me. I've seen snow, and I don't know that I'd like to repeat the experience. I suppose your work isn't likely to take you anywhere too cold, at least?"

Naeda rubs the oil into her hands, applying it carefully to anywhere she'd like to avoid burning. "No, thank goodness. Dolphins only stay in hot climates. And places by the shore, obviously. Which is great, because I /love/ the beach." As if that wasn't obvious already. Once oiled, she sprawls out and soaks up the sun, grinning. "Mmmm. Lemme know when you're ready for braiding." She murmurs, eyeing Rhysanna.

Rhysanna digs her toes into the warm sand, and laughs. "I can't imagine you would have chosen that particular craft if you didn't," she teases. "Doesn't it go without saying?" Her arms get wrapped loosely around her slightly raised knees, skirts vaguely pulled over them but without - now that they're in a relatively secluded place - too much care for propriety. "You look rather too comfortable right there to want to move."

"I love being in the water. No feeling like it." Naeda enthuses. And it must be true, for her to have even suggested swimming on her rest day after five days in a row of diving and swimming for her work. "I am very, very comfortable here." The lack of propriety is noted and appreciated with that little wicked grin of hers, eyes sweeping over Rhysanna again. "… You know, you can join me in comfort and lose the dress, if you like." An entirely selfless offer, no doubt. "I'll behave."

"Behave," says Rhysanna, laughing again. "Should I trust you? No, don't answer that." But the sun is warm, and even light summer dresses are heavier than no clothes at all. "If Mother found out, she'd be horrified, I'll have you know. Larya - she's my best friend; she works in the kitchens - is modest and ladylike, and thus, we were allowed to be friends." If Rhysanna sounds wistful, perhaps that's not unreasonable. She does, however, begin to unlace her dress.

Naeda shifts to sit upon her knees, smirking and placing her hands on her bare hips in a playfully mischievious sort of pose. "Well. Your mother can't decide what friends you have your whole life. And I think I'm just the sort of friend you need. I hope the idea sounds as good to you." She does seem rather interested in that unlacing dress.

"You say that, and yet…" but Rhysanna's long-suffering tone is infused with humor, and she's grinning all the while. "You haven't met my mother. Or. You may have, but in any case." The dress gets removed without further ceremony, tidily folded up and set off to one side before the dark-haired girl rolls onto her stomach on the sand. It's entirely possible that she's politely ignoring Naeda's interest.

'Polite' is not Naeda's strong suit. She takes the opportunity to admire the view provided, grin staying steady. "My, my, you're lovely. You must exercise quite a bit." She compliments in typically unsubtle manner. "At any rate, what your mother doesn't know, won't hurt her. Now then. Shall we braid some hair?"

Rhysanna's laugh is low, and the glance she aims over her shoulder is heartily amused. "You're as subtle as— I don't know. A bronzerider following a lost gold flight, shall we say." She's not flushing, though, and largely seems to be comfortable with her own body as she sits back up again, hair streaming over sun-darkened shoulders. "Oh, if you like."

"I find subtle to be highly overrated." Naeda continues to prove her point by letting her eyes sweep over the other girl again, smirk staying on her face. "Shards, what a body. You should be proud." She giggles a bit before slipping behind the other girl, taking hold of that unruly hair, carefully running fingers through it. "Anyways. I know you're off the menu, so to speak. So I have to enjoy myself where I can, mmm?" She teases, giggling.

"So I see," says Rhysanna, holding back laughter. "I - thank you? No, thank you. I work hard for it." And whether she's interested in women or not (and it really is not), it's obvious she's very pleased by the praise. And the glances. "I suppose you do. Now. You were going to tell me about the intricacies of your love life."

Naeda doesn't seem overly bothered by Rhysanna's lack of interest in the fairer sex. She's enjoying herself all the same. "So I see. You'll have to tell me about your exercise routine. And clearly you've been blessed by nature a little aside." First she sets about gently removing any knots or tangles in the other girl's hair. Only then can the braiding begin. She giggles. "Ah, yes. Well, there's the weyrleader, of course." Of course. "He's terribly sweet. And skilled. Then there's a greenrider from Ista. I think he's a little jealous about that, though he claims not to mind…"

There are tangles in Rhysanna's hair, though she's well able to keep her head still, and not flinch - though of course it helps that Naeda's hands are gentle. Bypassing talk of her exercise regime, she focuses, instead, on the far more interesting (to her mind, at least) topic of the other girl's love life. "I find most people mind more than they pretend to. Not that I have a great deal of experience in that, but… isn't the Weyrleader, like, a decade older than you are? That's not strange?"

Naeda doesn't seem to mind discussing her romantic exploits. She shrugs her shoulders, even if that can't be seen while she's behind the other girl. She now sets about braiding, fingers weaving hair together with practiced precision. "About a decade, yeah. But age is just a number, you know? And he's still got the energy of a young man, coupled with the skills of an older man." Mischief returns to her voice. "If you'd like to find out yourself, I could always bring you along." She says in a possibly joking tone.

Rhysanna lifts one hand to her mouth to cover it, and the laugh that threatens to escape. "You make it sound like he's positively ancient," she says, teasingly. "I bet he wouldn't much like that. And I'll pass, but thanks all the same. I don't feel I need that kind of introduction. Besides, he wears shoes on his head sometimes."

"You were the one that brought up the age difference. I was just pointing out the upside." Naeda retorts with a smirk. "He's really a very sweet man. Though I'm at a loss for how to defend the business with the shoe on the head." She completes a simple tight braid fairly speedily, clearly having done this before. "There. You're even lovelier." She says with a smirk.

"True," allows Rhysanna, and this time, she lets the laugh escape. As Naeda finishes the braid, she reaches a hand behind her to give it a feel, and nods, apparently satisfied. "Perfect. Thank you. Now— I need some more sun. Come on." It's very likely she's exaggerating the movements required in dropping back onto her stomach, braid sliding down over one shoulder and leaving her back bare to the sun.

"Couldn't agree with you more. Time for sunning. Later, finding boys." Naeda grins and lays back on her towel after an appreciative look at the exaggeratedly moving girl, stretching out and gazing up at the sky with a broad smile on her face. Bliss.

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