An Afternoon At The Lagoon

Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.

Missing starting poses.

It appears that it is indeed possible to be desensitized to strange situations, for the sight of Naris glaring out a pair of boys picking trash out of the water seeens to have no effect on Zi'on. She glances at the Weyrleader but does not say anything quite let, busy being a raincloud over the lives of the two delinquents as she is at the moment. At Sunny's arrival the assistant eyes her for a few moments before asking, "you're a seacrafter, right? So you can tell these two /exactly/ what kind of harm they are doing the environment by filling the lagoon with /trash/?" The words she puts emphasis on are not to the bluerider but rather the boys, the assistant headwoman looking back to hiss them at them. As she speaks a pair of groans rise from the two almost simultaniously. The second boy, a long, lanky thing, actually grumbles, "again? What are you, a broken record?" So it seems like they've heard that lecture before. Probably many lectures as a matter of fact. It's not like Naris is going to stand there glaring at them and say nothing. At the insult she turns her gaze directly to the boy and her glaring intensifies. That's right, cower, young loud-mouth. /She's/ the one that can see that you are assigned extra chores for this /outrageous/ behavior.

As far as Zi'on can tell there's nothing that strange going on. Some idiot weyrbrats dumped a bunch of trash into the water, and Naris was making them clean it. Zi'on didn't see the big deal. He's just annoyed he can't go swimming. So instead he lays down on the towel on his back with his hands behind his head. He looks about ready to take a nap. Suldith meanwhile wings in from overhead. He stalks the two boys, watching them clean up the trash in the water. After he takes a second to sniff at Naris and at Sunny.

Irkevalath warbles out at the sight of the trash in the water, not looking at all pleased over this, the pack is set down next to his rider and he trots on down to the edge of the beach and waves. "Well Yes it can be very bad for the water, fish can eat stuff that could kill them, and like now no getting to go swimming." There is a slight pause while glancing to Irk. "There is also certain dragons that take offense to this as well." Like hers! Irk warbles out madly at the boys and promptly sits there eyeing them thinly to make them work faster. Once there is a few other dragons around his attention turns towards them though, even more so once catching sight of Sinasapelth. Well helllllo here! Sunny grins at Suldith and waves after him while picking up her pack and moves on towards where Zi'on happens to be.

Rhysanna ambles across the sand from the bowl, with a towel slung over one arm and a floppy, wide-brimmed hat set rakishly atop her head. As she reaches the water's edge, her gaze registers those others present; she lifts one hand to hold her hat in place, and stares, unabashedly, in the direction of Naris and her troublesome pair (and, of course, the trash in the water). If her brows raise into hiding above the brim of that hat, it's only for a moment; if the scene prevents her from actually stepping into the water, well, she can hardly be blamed for that. "Ugh," she says. "What a mess." And so disappointing.

Kyldar dismounts and helps the children to do likewise. Spotting Zi'on she raises a hand in salute. "Greetnigs, Weyrleader. Hello, Sundari." Then: "Um, did I hear that rightly? This mess" she gestures out at the trash "is someone's idea of a /prank/?" She gives Sinasapelth a pat on the nose. "Sorry, girly. I know how much you love to swim."

It appears that the Weyrleader is pretty good at coming up with accurate and realistic assumptions, for Naris has had to deal with no small amount of stupid questions in the past. Wait, is he going to fall asleep on a towel on a beach filled with trash, people, and whining trash-cleaners? Naris takes a moment to just /stare/. "Faranth," she murmurs, "must be pretty good at blocking out bad smells. The arrival of Suldith and the nervous looks he causes the boys to make causes a smirk to cross her face. "I wouldn't suggest eating them," she attempts to joke, "they probably wouldn't taste very good with their prolongued exposure to this mess." Okay, maybe Naris is no comedian, but at least she's trying? And in the face of stress at that. To Sundari she gives a glance followed by a quick nod of what is possibly thanks. The mad warbling of Irkevalath makes the second boy tense up and glare slightly, although the other one jumps at the sudden noise and lets out a shrill, high-pitched scream. A scream that gets no sympathy from Naris. In fact she seems to be gaining a certain amount of joy from their discomfort. Rhysanna's comment prompts her to respond, "yeah, no kidding." And then there is Kyldar. The greenrider's words seem to help boost the flame of fury she is directing toward the boys for she glares at them and growls, "no, they did it out of /laziness/. They thought that just /dumping it here/ counted as disposing of it." The first boy doesn't say anything, possibly due to the dragons. But it seems that the other one isn't as easily cowed. /He/ snorts before remarking, "anyone with a brain would do the same thing, it's just a waste of time doing it the 'proper' way." The boy makes air-quotes around the word proper. /Apparently/ emptying the tiki lounge garbage is just too much for him to handle.

There's only a grunt from Zi'on at Kyldar's greeting. Apparently the lack of water time has put Zi'on into a sour mood. Unless Ila'den is lurking around someplace, and that's what's causing his mood. Suldith is busy overseeing the clean up efforts. Whenever they get to complaining, Suldith bares his teeth and growls at them. Whenever they slow, growling. If they drop something, there's a growl. Zi'on does sit up though at Sundari's approach. Zi'on is fairly good at assessing situations, yes. It is part of what makes him and effective weyrleader. The boy that makes the comment about doing things proper is greeted with a deafening roar from the bronze, right near his head. Zi'on seems to be ignoring his dragon, leaving the bronze free to go on a tirade about the mess. "My back itches." He complains, turning it toward… everyone else and thumbing at it. Someone help him out?

Sundari isn't about to tell Irkevalath to stop bothering the boys, it makes the moody blue happy at the moment so it is ok with her! She drops her towel and pack before sitting down next to Zi'on, a yawn escaping her. "So when did all this happen anywho?" She questions while sending a curious look towards Suldith at the roar, which gets Irkevalath to roar as well. The blue rather likes this, throwing his weight around a bit! At the comment from Zi'on a faint glance is sent towards him and Sunny smirks. "How itchy is itchy?" She questions while peering at his back seeing if there is some reason for the itchyness it seems. She looks over to Kyldar and offers her a wave. "Hello Kyldar." Is called out, Irk even pausing in his grumbling at the boys to croon out to Sinasapelth.

Kyldar unloads a blanket and a picnic basket from Sinasapelth's cargo basket, andfor what it's worthunfurls the blanket on the ground, dumping the basket uncermemoniosly on the blanket. "Yeah," she volunteers as Zi'on complains of the itch, and provides the scratch for the Weyrleader's back. She rolls her eyes at the charge of laziness and gives the boys a /look/. The children settle on the blanket and help themselves to sandwiches and fruit from the basket. Sinasapelth, for her part, just slumps down on the ground and snorts, and glares testily at the boys.

"Ugh," says Rhysanna again, now turning back towards the beach so that she can spread out her own towel, not so far away from the group of riders and dragons. Certainly, she's recognised some faces, but the slender lower caverns girl does not push her way into the conversation… though something ''does'' twitch in her express, restrained laughter, for Zi'on's complaint, and the reactions it draws. It's the boys that her attention returns to, and Naris' handling of the situation.

The presense of hulking, growling dragons is enough to push the first boy, who is trying to pick up the garbage remenants as fast as he can, the other one is considerably braver. However, the deafening roar from Suldith makes him flinch, stumble, and eventually fall into the water with a string of cursing. When he emerges a look of anger is on his face but the weight-throwing of Suldith, Irkevalath, and the now-glowering Sinsapelth are enough to make him work, albeit slowly, in silence for the moment. Content that they'll work on what they're meant to for now Naris grins and throws a quick thumbs-up to the dragons before approaching the group. It seems the problem of the moment is Zi'on's itchy back, which causes her to raise an eyebrow before giving a small shake of her head. For a moment she pauses to pick up a decent sized stick on the ground, possibly leftover wood intended for a bonfire of some sorts. With that she comes to sit down on the ground near Zi'on, the non-back half, and lets out a small groan. "Sometimes," she murmurs mostly to herself, "I really wish stupidity was painful. She then hands the Weyrleader the stick and remarks, "for your back, so Kyldar cah regain the use of her hands."

Zi'on doesn't have the herp! Give him a break, Sunny! He's just got an itch. One that's easier for someone else to scratch. "Ahh…" Is his reaction as Kyldar obliges him. He stretches out a bit after the scratches, and then peers over at Rhysa. "You again? You seem to have a habit of turning up when I'm getting half naked. You're what's-her-face's daughter, right?" He peers at her, trying to recall her name, or at least her mother's name. "If she's your mother, who is your father?" Suldith seems satisfied, and instead moves over to investigate the only person he doesn't find familiar. And that would be Rhysa. He approaches her cautiously, sniffing around her. The weyrleader frowns to Naris, and at that stick. "What, are you afraid to touch me? If I've got the cooties, by now you've got them, too."

Kyldar steps back as Naris offer Zi'on the stick. She grabs a tankard from the basket and fills a couple tumblers with juice for the culdren. "Stupidity of this degree should be a capital offense. Good sharding grief, these brats have ruined what /could/ have been a relaxing day of leisure at the beach. Of course, they do seem just a wee bit encouraged at the moment to undo their bit of mischief, eh?" She gives a glance toward her dragon, who, in turn, just watches and /growls/.

Rhysanna must have a sixth sense as to when she's being looked at, because she's still gazing out towards the ocean when Zi'on first glances her way - but a moment later, even as he's just barely starting to talk, she's turned her attention towards him. Her smile is… amused, somehow. "You remembered," she says, sounding pleased. "Even if I didn't put a shoe on my head. I'm Rhysanna, Mother is Niarhys, and my father really doesn't matter in the slightest. And— oh, hello." Now, finally, she's noticed Suldith, and while a lifetime spent in a Weyr leaves her relatively comfortable with dragons, it doesn't mean she doesn't hesitate in glancing up at the bronze.

Sundari chuckles softly and shakes her head a bit while she picks out a bag of crispy chippy things from her bag and works on munching on a few of them while curiously watching the ones working on the water. Irk shifts and wigles settling down within the area of the beach that he is at and watches everything around him.

Naris raises an eyebrow at Zi'on's frown and his remark about the cooties. For a moment that /look/ passes across her face, the one she gets when she's about to start rambling about something. Something factual and text-book sounding. Probably how cooties are real but aren't actually called cooties and if the Weyrleader had them he would be in extreme genital discomfort quite often. But she shakes it off, shrugging and remarking, "clean as /you/ might be I was helping in the tiki lounge before this happened and haven't been able to clean off yet, plus I somehow doubt that lurking about here made me any cleaner." This makes her frown and glance down at her hands. It doesn't last long though as she continues, "but turn around if you insist, because I'm not moving right now." Nope. Naris has been on her legs since she woke up, even those few steps sounds like too much effort right now. Not that she'd admit it right now. Oh, that glorious mixture of sudden onset laziness and pride. Kyldar's words cause her to glower at the Weyrbrats again before she asks the greenrider, "mind asking your green to extend my thanks to the group, herself included? They seem to be very motivating to those guys." Rhysanna gets a glance that speaks of some internal struggle she's having. An internal struggle that she ends up losing for her finds herself blurting out, "well, it's good to know who he is so you don't accidentally end up in an incestual situation if you turn out to have half-siblings." Ah, information. Making awkward situations near constantly.

Zi'on looks hurt. "Of course I remembered. I remember everyone at Western. It's part of my job." He chuckles. "Ah yes, the shoe. It's also part of my job to annoy the headwomen. Like Naris, here. And putting a shoe on my head seems to get a rise out of her." He pouts. "Fathers matter. I know all of my kids. At least, the ones that I know of." Suldith noses at Rhysa a bit, warbling and somehow looking cute. "Just push him away. He's just being overly friendly." Zi'on peers at Naris' long explanation of why she doesn't want to touch him. Seems awfully elaborate. The bronzer doesn't make a move to turn around, no, with all her complaining Zi'on thinks maybe -Naris- is the one that needs something. So instead he leans over, with the intent of grabbing hold of her and sticking her in his lap. Why? For massage-time! That's why. He'll even pull some tanning oil out of his pack, if she's got enough skin showing for it. "It's a concern more for me than for her. The incestual part. Though her name doesn't start with a 'P' a 'Z' or an 'E', so I think I am safe."

Kyldar picks out a redfruit from the basket for herself and bits into it. "Hey," she says to Rhysanna. "I believe we met a few days ago. Sorry if I've been a bit standoffish today, but the situation at hand is a bit, well, not conducive to a chipper mood." To Sundari: "You're even quieter. But then this has pretty much ruined everyone's mood at the moment, eh?" She haves a nod then toward Naris and makes a quick glance toward Sinasapelth, whereupon the green raises her head and seems to give Naris acknowledgment, then gives a poke in the back to one of the weyrbrats trying to sneak out around her. Finally to Zi'on: "Nobody's letting you live down the shoe incident, it seems. I thought it was just another moment of Western's, erm, Westernness."

Rhysanna goes bug-eyed, horrified and boggling, in answer to Naris' blurted comment. It takes her a good several seconds to come up with much of anything, but when she does, it certainly has the power of conviction: "I know who he is. That isn't going to happen." She's firm, quickly glancing from one person to the other, as if by the force of her gaze she can reiterate this point and make it stand. "You're definitely not my father," she confirms, for Zi'on. Kyldar's apology gets a shake of the head as, seemingly, the lower caverns girl relaxes again; her smile is warmer as she says, "We did, and no, it's fine. I understand."

Sundari lets her gaze drifts between on and then anothe rbefore she looks amused and shakes her head. "So not getting in on this conversation…" Not like she has to worry about any of her siblings being around here after all. "I swear Naris you know how to make the conversation always interesting that is for certain."

Naris rolls her eyes when Zi'on explains that getting a rise out of the headwoman is apparently part of his job. "Hats are meant for your head," she can't help but comment, "they exist for a purpose. Shoes are /not/ meant to fit that purpose." The assistant headwoman certainly likes things nice and orderly… and head-shoes are not orderly. But it seems that she's gotten more and more used to it over time. However, the kind of disorder that those Weyrbrats caused is /not/ one that she will accept. Then the bronzer is peering at her and instead of moving himself ends up pulling her onto his lap. Naris lets out a surprised squeak and squrims a bit but doesn't make any real efforts to get away because 1.) it's really a waste of energy, and 2.) it's a tad late to be concerned about physical contact with Zi'on. As he said, cooties really aren't a worry anymore. Naris doesn't look too surprised at Rhysanna's horrified boggling. She's gotten that look /plenty/ of times with some of the things she's said over the turns. Yet she does have the decency to look a bit awkward as she shrugs and says, "well that's good." Sundari gets an amused look before she admits, "it's not that hard, it seems like just tossing out a few facts can get rather… interesting reactions as times."

Kyldar stands up and beckons to the children. "Come on, let's get to where there's less of this ugly mess." She picks up the basket and bundles up the blanket when the kiddies get up, and they head off to a remoter part of the beach. "Sinasapelth, keep seeing to it that these brats don't slack off." With that she heads off.

Zi'on chuckles. "The shoe? Come on, it was just a shoe. I've done worse." At first Zi'on thinks Rhysa is rejecting him before he's even made a pass at her. Then he realizes she's talking about incest not happening. Which is good. He laughs. "Shards and shells. I'm not -that- old. Sheesh. I was more concerned you might be a sibling. For all I know my dad is still making babies." He shudders. At least Naris is getting a massage out of it? Zi'on rubs her shoulders and her back while she's perched in his lap. Number 3 is that Naris LIKES IT. Don't lie. "I'll wear my shoes wherever I want!" Don't give him further ideas. Once he feels satisfied with the massage, he leans over to rest his head on Naris' shoulder. "We should play a game."

Rhysanna goes pink beneath her tan, and has to bite back a peal of laughter that threatens desperately to escape. "No," she confirms, contrite. "You're nowhere near old enough to be my father. That was part of the point, I think, though it clearly didn't come across… as far as I know, my father has no other children, so I'm quite safe." Her gaze grazes over Zi'on and Naris, consideringly, and then she offers a more genuine smile. "Though it's a valid concern, in a Weyr, I should think. Along with where we wear our shoes, apparently. Or if we wear them at all. Or…" It seems to have reminded her of her own shoes: leaning forward, she attempts to unbuckle them, one hand holding tight to that floppy hat.

Sundari glances up at the talk of shoes.. Who wears shoes to the beach? TO the point she wiggles her toes about which are very shoeless at the moment. She brushes her hands off upon her towel and tucks the bag of chips back into her pack. "Knowing your father Zi'on that is rather possible." This said with a teasing tone aand a grin to the weyrleader that is near her.

Naris waves at Kyldar as she departs with her children. Less of this ugly mess indeed. The beach isn't exactly a peasant sight right now, in fact the boys will probably be working well into the evening to fix it. Alright, maybe there is a third reason, but it doesn't need to be spelled out for the masses. Although, the masses currently here, A.K.A. Sunny and Rhysanna, could very well have figured that out already. Naris lets out a small groan at the massage, leaning into his touch. No, she shan't give him ideas for where to put the shoe next. Besides, it /is/ her fault that he put the shoe on in the first place. Kinda. In a way. When he sets his head on Naris' shoulder and suggests a game she peers at him before asking, "what kind of game?" The sight of the shoes and lack of them makes her glance at her own shoes for a second and frown. It's good to wear shoes, honest! There's no telling what there may be in the sands. She could step on a nail and get tetnis!

Zi'on grins to Rhysanna. "Good. So when we sleep together then, we won't have to worry." He winks to Rhysa. Lots of assumptions there! Not only sleeping together, but also getting her pregnant at some point? "My father has about sixty. Children. Though my mother only had the three of us, all with him." He grins to Sundari, then lays back on his towel again. Maybe it does need to be spelled out! Though the fact that Naris is accepting friendly touching from Zi'on probably gives a lot of the story away. "I dunno. Spin the bottle? Truth or dare? Something I don't have to get up for." Zi'on's own feet are naked, since he was planning to go swimming. He is not that afraid of nails, apparently. Zi'on likes to LIVE DANGEROUSLY! That's why he let his genitalia get close to Naris.

One of Rhysanna's sandals gets set aside, and she's just beginning to work on the other when Zi'on's remark has her spluttering. She's not embarrassed, from the looks of it, but certainly to some degree surprised. "'When'," she repeats, raising her eyebrows. "My goodness. I'm so glad to know that my future encounters have been pre-planned for me." There's a laugh in her voice, one that doesn't quite blossom into anything outright, but instead lurks about the edges. "Don't both of those games require some movement? Unless you intend to only answer truth."

Naris raises an eyebrow at Zi'on's statement to Rhysanna and Rhysanna's comment about her encounters being planned for her. No, that he would say something like that doesn't surprise her, not anymore, but apparently it has surprised her. Ah, poor little Rhysanna. She'll have to get used to things like this if she plans on continuing to hang out with this crowd. Her only words on the subject are, "don't worry, his beliefs of who will sleep with who don't always work out. I mean, I never slept with Liora. Or Naeda, regardless of what any rumors might say." With that she proceeds to lay down, essentially sprawling off the Weyrleaders's lap. "Sixty," she muses, "that has to be at least /some/ sort of record. I don't have any siblings, apparently Canis thought it was too much of a risk and I don't /think/ Neral slept with anyone else." Living dangerously is something that Zi'on seems to be /very/ good at. Anyone that isn't wouldn't get anywhere near Naris! She herself is getting better at it, although she certainly isn't a wild deviant. "We could play truth and dares that don't involve much in the way of movement," she suggests. Meanwhile the forlorne boys are still picking things out of the water but are now eyeing the group like teenaged boys with teenaged boy minds do.

You asked for it! Here Ila'den comes, in all his Ila'den glory, Ila'dening it up on the beach, like an Ila'den. The bronzerider happens upon the little group in just enough time to be privy to the part of a conversation he isn't so sure he would like to partake in, and those brows are arching high at the Weyrleader. "You have absolutely no shame, do you?" he asks, and then those grey eyes jump to Rhysa. "Please tell me that you aren't going to fall victim to that line." If you can't tell, the way the Weyrsecond's eyes take in Naris make it very clear that she's clearly a lost cause He will, however, make himself a spot RIGHT NEXT TO ZI. MOVE OVER, LADIES! That head cocks to one side, brows raise again, but he doesn't say a /word/. No, he will just watch you, AND SILENTLY JUDGE YOU.

Zi'on chuckles. "Not -all- your future encounters. Just the ones with me." Zi'on hitting on girl is often like rocks being hurled at glass. He just keeps chucking them until the glass relents. "Well, I can handle -some- movement. I guess. For you, Rhysanna." See, he remembers her name now! At least for the time being. "I could help fix those things. Well, the Naeda part." He shrugs about his family. "It probably is some sort of record. Anyways, that sounds like one vote for truth or dare. Anyone else?" The bronzer raises an eyebrow when he hears Ila'den approach. "No. I don't have any shame. Also that line will work eventually. It's just the first try in a long string of wooing." So Rhysa might want to find a boyfriend, pronto. There's a grunt when Ila'den moves in, and Zi'on sits upright.

"Why would anyone ever sleep with Liora by choice?" asks Rhysanna, with a moue of distaste and an overly dramatic shudder. "I promise, I have no intention of being… wooed in quite so obvious a way," she continues, which is at least in part answer to Ila'den, and perhaps greeting as well: her smile is warm enough. Despite that, she adds, this time obviously to Zi'on, "Just for me? That's so sweet. I don't know that I actually said I was up for truth or dare, but I won't quibble." Now, finally, she's back to unbuckling that other sandal of hers, and dropping it to rest upon the sand next to the other.

Sundari has been listening to most of the conversation here and there though her mind is clearly wandering. She blinks and lifts her gaze slightly looking over towards the bit on Liora and she coughs a touch, though no comments are offered. She looks to Ila'den as he comes moving over and thus sits between her and Zi'on it seem. A smirk is seen and she chuckles a moment. "Comfy there Ila'den?"

Naris did /not/ expect Ila'den to arrive. But there he is, Ila'denning it up in all his Ila'den glory. As he arrives and sits beside Zi'on she quickly scrambled off of the Weyrleader and over onto the sands, face turning red as she blushes. Oh Faranth, she can feel his eyes, JUDGING. Judging her or judging his friend she doesn't know, but she /does/ know that there is judgement going on. She clears her throat before saying, "that'd be nice, the help fixing the Naeda thing." Shards and shells, she feels like her face must resemble a redfruit in shade right about now. Rhysanna is one thing but Ila'den she's at least partially known for a long time, is doing the stare-y judge-y thing, and /shards/ she feels awkward right now. Has he heard the rumors? This time she can't help but hope so, let him come to his own conclusions. "I doubt anyone would," she replies to Rhysanna. Heh-heh. Nope, nope, Naris isn't suddenly uncomfortable /at all/.

Ila'den returns Rhysanna's smile with a considerably warm one himself, offering a husky, "A'tta girl," in his lazy brogue. Zi'on's sitting up draws Ila'den's attention right back to the man, and the smile on his face turns suddenly mischievous. "Well, don't let me interrupt your lady-basking time, Weyrleader. I am just here to observe and - Sunny!" Yes, the Weyrsecond /does/ feign surprise at finding her there, and reaches out to gently ruffle up her hair - if she lets him! "Didn't see you there, little bird. You don't /mind/, do you? Zi'on looks rather… occupied anyway." There's another look spared for Zi'on, though Ila'den does make a little bit of space between them, just on the off chance that she /does/ want to be close to the younger bronzerider. As for Naris… /heard/ the rumors? Didn't he just see them? Her frantic-scramble-red-faced attempt at putting space between herself and Zi has one brow arching high and then… He coughs into his hand, clearly trying to disguise his laughter so as not to be rude. After a moment, however, he can't help it and is consumed by a husky, rumbling chuckle. "Oi, little Naris. Don't be so skittish, you might hurt Zi's feelings, and the poor Sunny here is going to have to fight off his advances much as this one here." He makes a motion towards Rhysa, but alas… he does not know her name. "So what's this about truth or dare, or spin the bottle?"

Zi'on laughs. "Someone would? I'd be afraid her idiocy might spread to me like some sort of disease." Unfortunately it's very possible he might end up a flight winner for her. Though last time he left the weyr with the other golds. It was safer. He chuckles at Rhysa. "Bah. I can woo properly. That's just how I gage if it's worth my time." Though he doesn't say what sort of response he's looking for, exactly. There's a grin as Naris darts away from him. Just like every other girl he's been with. There's always some grace period where they don't want to be seen with him. With him with him. Not just around him. A grin creeps over his face. "Does that mean you'll sleep with Nae, then? I'll let her know. Even offer up my weyr as a location." He looks between Rhysa and Ila'den. "Rhysanna, Ila'den. Ila, Rhysa. And it does hurt my feelings a little, Naris. To go back acting like I've got cooties. Sunny is safe from my advances. If she wants me, she just has to say when." He laughs. It seems the subject of the game has been forgotten about for now. "How's the puncture?" He asks the weyrsecond.

That sudden awkwardness in Naris visibly attracts Rhysanna's interest: she straightens, sitting up properly, and turns her head so that she can properly consider the other woman. The twist of her mouth suggests amusement, but the dark-haired woman refrains from commentary. Instead, she lets that smile expand into something broader. "Ew," is her opinion of Liora, one that's quickly followed up with a further answer to Zi'on: "I see. I look forward to witnessing your most proper technique." She gives Ila'den a nod as they're introduced; her smile is still in place.

Sundari chuckles as she hears Ila'den, a half eee escaping her at the ruffling of her hair and she swats out at him a few times if possible. "I don't mind at all. He isn't giving me any attention anyway." She says while pouting and sniffles a moment even. There is a pause and she soon grins. "It's alright; it is easy to fight him off, just need to run away. I'm quicker than he is after all. I know Naris has a mad crash for Zi'on after all. She is always watching and yelling at him. IT must be true love!" She winks at ZI'on and soon is just grinning as he comments that she merely needs to ask for such things. "Maybe someday I will."

Heard the rumors, saw the rumors, either way Naris is pretty darn sure that Ila'den knows that something is up now. At the mention of 'lady-basking' Naris shoots Ila'den a look that screams of indignation. /Basking/? Naris does not approve of your choice of terms, Ila. She does not approve. This look dissolves as he coughs in a weak attempt to cover his laughter before falling into a chuckle. She lets out a sigh and can't help but roll her eyes. "Sundari was a sailor," she responds drily, "if she can handle storms I'm sure she can handle Zi…on." Was that Naris nearly using a /nickname/ for the Weyrleader before catching herself and making a weak attempt to fix it? Surely not. Trying to continue on she adds, "and we're going to play it, that's what it's about." Zi'on gets a /look/ at the talk of sleeping with Naede in his weyr and the talk of hurting feelings. "And now," she remarks, "you're just fabricating stories and acting like a ham." As she speaks a hint of a playful smile crosses her lips. It is said in a casual, slightly joking tone rather than an insulting one. The question about the stab wound to Ila grabs her attention, although her attention is soon grabbed by Sundari. She narrows her eyes for a moment before retorting, "I'll let you know that /I/ still posess both of my shoes and a decent throwing arm." Well, a slightly sloppy throwing arm really. And sandals. No denial though, just a look that implies that she does not appreciate Sundari making loud proclaimations about things that aren't really her business on a beach. Too bad, Naris, you live in a Weyr. /Nothing is private/.

Ila'den returns the nod, though he punctuates his 'greeting' with a roll of grey eyes. "Do not encourage him, Rhysanna. Please." It's faux scolding, said soft, moments before his eyes jump back to Zi'on and one hand goes up to the wound in his side hidden beneath layers of long-sleeved tunics and riding jackets. /Certainly/ not the proper attire for the beach, but then… Ila'den always seems strangely disinclined to be in anything less around other people. "I keep popping my stitches, but the numbweed and the fellis are doing a well enough job of making me forget about all that." And then he's making a bit of a silly face at Sundari, feigning a bit of exasperation for her agreement to perhaps, someday, get caught up in Zi'on's tangled web. "Sunny, not you too. Neither of you ladies encourage the man. Naris is doin' enough of that, don't you think?" And oh, yes, look at that mischievous smile for Sunny moments before his brings his arm up and looks to the girl beside him. "I will give you attention, little bird. All you have to do is come closer." He even pats the ground beside him one, two, three times in invitation. Shocker! The Weyrsecond is actually inviting somebody into his /personal space/. CALL ALL OF THE THINGS! He must be broken, or something. Speaking of broken things, Ila'den turns another look onto Naris, arches a brow, and in a still-playful-but-slightly-less-playful tone inquires, "Did you just threaten to punch Sunny, Naris? I think your arms are a little… full, wouldn't you say?" And there's a meaningful look for her, that he settles on Zi'on.

Zi'on grins to Rhysanna. "What's your idea of a perfect date, Rhysa? Being whisked away to a remote island? Huddled together for warmth in a snow storm? A walk on the beach in the moodlight? Glow-lit dinner? Or are you more interested in something causal?" Now that's putting her on the spot! Are they sure they're not playing truth or dare? "Bah." He says to Sunny. "You are not faster than I am." He grins to her when she says someday she might come a callin' and gives her wink. "I'll be waiting." Zi'on gives Naris a shocked look. "I would never make up stories! If you're nervous about Nae I can join in. You know, to help you relax." Or something. Zi'on gives Ila'den a -look- at the notion of him popping his stitches. The sort he gives his children when they misbehave. "Well try to relax or it'll never heal." What were Naris' arms full with? As much as Zi'on wants to watch Ila'den then hit on girls, the bronzer climbs to his feet. "Alright ladies, Ila'den. I need to get back to the office. Since apparently it is empty." He goes about gathering up his things.

Rhysanna's immediate answer to Ila'den is a helpless shrug of her shoulders, as if to say that she really can't help herself, while her smile suggests she's rather enjoying it. "I don't know that I'm interested in being just another on a string of conquests," she says, tossing her hair over her shoulder as she gives Zi'on a searching glance. "You'll have to do better than that if you really want to convince me, and I'm not sure that you care that much. Have a good afternoon."

Sundari peers curiously at Ila'den at the talk of stitches and numbweed. "Are you alright Ila'den?" She questions while looking at him as if trying to catch sight of such wound it seems. A soft chuckle soon escapes her and she grins to Ila'den. "I wouldn't count on it Ila'den, he has to many other girls hanging off of him after all. No space for little 'ol me. Which I'll be ok with. I'm use to watching from the sidelines anywho." She points out with an amused tone. There is but a pause while she merely peers at Ila'den, a brow lifting at the offer for her to move closer? She is rather use to Zi'on teasing her all the time, as in every breathing moment she is near him but this from Ila is new. For a moment is ponders before inching a bit closer to Ila'den. "No tickling I hope." Is said with a faint grin seen. Well seems she went for it, now what might happen? As for Naris a brow lifts and she smirks a moment before lifting a finger and only has to point towards a certain blue dragon. "I possess a blue dragon that wouldn't take to kindly to you hitting me in the least." Irkevalath lifts his head and looks over towards Naris, a faint warble escaping him even. Sunny glances to Zi'on and she laughs softly. "Right right Keep dreaming! Have a good afternoon Zi'on."

Really, aren't there more important things to discuss than Naris, Zi'on, and what may or may not be happening? Like Ila'den! Ila'den was /stabbed/ people! Surely the bronzerider should be focusing on that. And he does in a way, talking about the numbweed and fellis, but he talks about Naris 'doing enough of that'. Yep, the rumors that may not be rumor are going to catch even more a'blaze. To the accusations of her threatening to punch Sundari she blinks before responding, "no… I was threatening to throw my shoe at her actually." Shoes: they just aren't meant to stay on people's feet in Western. It's not long before a frown crosses her face and she can't help but ask, "my arms are full…?" It's too late when she realizes that maybe she /shouldn't/ have asked that question. To Zi'on she rolls her eyes before drily remarking, "oh yes, because you're the most straight-talking, serious person in the Weyr. And no, I will not be sleeping with Naeda, period." It's not long after Zi'on stands up and begins gathering his things that Crawlie pops out of /between/, dropping a note in his bonded's lap. Saved by the firelizard! The assistant headwoman gets to her feet as she reads it before announcing, "it seems that I'm needed, one of the other assistants had an emergeny. So I need to head off I'm afraid." As she pockets the note she nods to Zi'on and says, "see you later." Then Ila'den and Sundari get a look that says 'say /nothing/'.

Does Ila'den shy away under the parenting look (awe, how doting, Zi)? No. The Weyrsecond merely gives Zi'on his best smile, says nothing, and allows the conversation to work its way right back to things that aren't his stab wound - at least, for a /short/ amount of time. He gives low, husky laughter in response to Rhysa's retort, and grumbles a soft, "He's not all that bad, Rhysa, and I can tell you that if Zi'on has /anything/, it is persistence." Then Sundari brings them back to his wound, and he makes a slight tsking sound, returning her inquisitive look with one of amusement. "Aye, little bird. Don't worry your pretty head; I'm all right." Then she scoots in closer, and Ila'den waits until she's close enough to put his arm around her shoulders. He brings the younger woman in against his side just a little firmly, and then leans his head to the side so that he can rub one cheek on the top of her head and get some of her hair all caught up in the beginnings of his stubble. It's actually… surprisingly affectionate for Ila'den, who never even /touches/ other people. When Zi'on gets to his feet, Ila'den lifts his hand in a half wave (the one around Sunny), and then he curls it to ruffle the young woman's hair before bringing his arm away from her. He doesn't /move/ away, so she can stay as close as she'd like, but there's no more physicality on his part (aside from, perhaps, the touch of shoulders). Naris asks questions, Ila'den gives her mysterious smiles, and then she is getting a convenient little flit and letter. Ila'den looks darkly amused as she rises to her feet, and he offers up, "Do tell Zi'on that I hope his emergency isn't all /that/ serious." And then yes, he will give her a wave, and be left with the other two ladies in question. Hello, ladies!

Zi'on ACCEPTS THAT CHALLENGE, Rhysanna. Part of the fun for him of course is the chase. Though lately he has had just a string of conquests. He's still looking for -that girl-. You know, the weyrmate material one. At least the future ex-weyrmate material one. Zi'on does tease Sunny a lot, but he never got any clear signals from her and so they've remained friends. Plus until recently he though she had a boyfriend. "I don't have -that- many girls hanging off of me. Just Naeda right now. And Naris as long as Ila'den isn't around, it seems." Apparently his baby-mommas don't count. Even if they, too, hang off him from time to time." There's a look given to Ila'den as Sundari takes the bait. The warning sort. The sort that says 'you better know what you're getting into'. And 'don't screw around with Sunny unless you're serious about screwing around'. Zi'on has discussed Ila'den's wound at length with him. So there isn't anything else to say, other than stop popping your stitches. "I am straight talking! And why not? It wouldn't be just with Naeda. I would be there. Sleeping." He chuckles a bit as she gets up. He grins to the other two as Naris promises to see him later. There's a brow raised when Ila'den is hugging on Sundari. Though Zi'on is thankful Ila'den isn't hugging on HIM for once. Or trying to kiss him or grope him or whatever it is he does. He does narrow his eyes a bit at Ila'den though. His pack is all packed up, but he doesn't bother putting on any more clothes than his pair of sandals. Zi'on leans down to whisper something quick into Rhysa's ear before he heads off. "He's got a weyrmate, ladies. A scary one. So don't get caught."

Rhysanna shoots Zi'on a glance as he leaves, his whispered comment surprising her, though not, at least, to the point of blushing. To all of that, and this conversation in general, she can't seem to think of much to say: "Well," she says. And then again: "Well. How is it that I can live in a place for my entire life, and in the space of a couple of sevendays…" She doesn't manage to finish that sentence, and instead gives up, and just laughs. "No, I don't suppose he's actually that bad. But it's funny, all the same."

Sundari has no boyfriend, Taka was something but never an actual boyfriend. There is an amused look sent to Naris and she huffs a bit. "Please. I bet you couldn't hit the side of a weyr with a shoe." She points out with an amused tone at the idea. As for Zi'on, she doesn't want to interfere with his lady friends, which it seems he has plenty of them, and there was that one time she thought about it and he was hooked up with some girl at another weyr. So she went back to the thought of just staying friends, so far so good! Truthfully they are mother brother and sister like to start with. As for Ila'den there is a surprise and a pause at the arm that is suddenly around her and she blinks a few times before sending him a curious look. A soft chuckle escaping her at that sudden cheek rub, which is a bit amusing seeing who it comes from! She doesn't go about trying to push him away, her shoulder just leaning against his but she doesn't make a move to go snuggling or hugging him. Closeness is sok with her. "Well I'm glad your alright Ila'den, stitches at the pits." As for her hair, it is a bit messed up at the moment which she'll smooth down after he is done with that bit of affection. As for the look Zi'on gives Ila'den she misses that as well! The bit on Ila having a weyrmate makes her smirk and she oys softly. "I suppose I'll take the chance /this/ once." Anyway he invaded her space!

/Oh/, all the looks and the little comment Zi'on departs with have Ila'den throwing his head back with laughter. After a moment, however, he winces, pushes his hand into his side, and the laughter slowly dwindles down to sporadic huffs of amusement as he shifts to lean forward just slightly. Despite his laughter skipping beats, his smile never once fades away, and those grey eyes watch the Weyrleader depart. "I will be waiting for you at home, my scary sweetheart! Don't wait up for me!" Yep, he /did/ just imply that Zi'on is his weyrmate. TAKE THAT! Enjoy your wave! Then his eyes come back to Rhysa, and he gives her another smile when she falters on a sentence, and ends with agreement. "He is a good man, albeit untamed. I am waiting to see the man settle, but aye, if you're the one who's going to keep him lock and key, you will have a life time of laughter and frustration." Ila'den knows, because he works alongside the man on a daily basis. Dealing with Zi'on antics are his calling, and also making the Weyrleader spitting mad. Just like that, his attention is back on Sunny, and he's treating her to easy laughter when she fixes her hair. He even helps her! "I've had worse, little bird, and I've done worse. It comes with the previous territory. When have you had stitches?" He /is/ curious, and he glances at Rhysa when he asks, as if making it clear that he's asking her if she's ever had any stitches as well.

"Oh," says Rhysanna, shaking her head. "I very much doubt I will be that. That's rather putting the cart before the runner. He's interesting, though." She's gone back to glancing after the departing Weyrleader, thoughtful. "Not what I expected, somehow, even though of course I've heard a lot about him, living here." She breaks off from that train of thought to shrug, and finally, turn back to the two riders. "No stitches for me, thankfully. Mother would have been horrified. I expect I would be, too: I'm much too vain."

Sundari chuckles softly as she hears Ila'den speak about Zi'on. "Ila'den has a point there when dealing with Zi'on. Can't be too serious around him, never works out." Though the Weyrleader has his moments and she's seen a few of them. Still she has stuck by Zi'on's side all the while. Friends do that after all. As for stitches well she looks to her left hand, lifting it up and points out the slightly jagged scar that rests nearly in the center of her hand. "When I was still living with my parents on the boat, I got a fish hook through my hand as my brother was thinking he could cast his line out." Instead of catching fish he caught a Sunny! "Hurt like all dickens that's for sure." A glance is sent to Rhysanna and she smiles before nodding to her. "Stitches aren't that bad honestly; have them a few other times other then my hand."

"I think that once he finds somebody he's serious about, he'll be quite the gentleman. He just hasn't found her yet." And then Ila'den laughs low, slow, husky, before shaking his head. "He is interesting, and has a serious side that sometimes even scares me. If you're going to chase him, Rhysanna, though I know you have… a lot of doubt, I wish you the best of luck." Zi'on would be, after all, quite the catch if you could keep him in one place. Thus, his brows is raising when Rhysa mentions no scars, and being vain, and there's a quirking smile that vanishes almost as quickly as it's come. "Nothing wrong with scars, are there?" And the weyrsecond does another completely-out-of-character move, hefting up his tunic just a bit. The bottoms of the bandage over his side are visible from where he's been recently stabbed, and what little bits of his skin that're showing are completely riddled with varying shades and degrees of scars. "And here I was, thinking I was sexy." He drops his shirt, tone suggesting that he is, of course, teasing, and then he makes a low whistle for Sundari's actually impressively horrifying story. "Faranth, I can't even imagine. Impressive scar, though." He's even leaning forward to get a better look at it, before grey eyes jump to Sunny's face. He /smiles/ at her, but says nothing, and then turns his attention back onto Rhysa. "Are you new, or have you been here long?"

Rhysanna covers her mouth with one hand at the sight of Ila'den's wound, not quite as though she's about to be sick, though she certainly looks a little less than enthusiastic. Her, "Thank you?" may be for any possible pursuit of Zi'an - it's certainly not for what they've just been shown, or for Sundari's story (and her scar, too), which doesn't seem to please her any more. "That's awful," she declares, with a shake of her head. "No, I've lived here all my life, actually. I'm beginning to think I must have been invisible for much of it, though - people do keep asking. Perhaps I've only just become memorable enough to make an impression."

Sundari sends a curious look to Ila'den and looks well a bit worried at the sight of the bandage, and the other scars that are seen. She lifts her bright gaze to rest upon the bronzer, wanting to ask what happened but She doesn't there is a pause at the look she gets from him, and she offers him a soft smile back. "Of course you are." This said while she winks at him and is soon grinning. As for her scar she looks at it a bit. "Yep, we was out at sea when it happened. Healers are still surprised I managed to make it without it getting infected somehow." She has luck that way. Her attention turns to Rhysanna and she chuckles. "It's not that bad, honestly." Could have been worse! She could have lost her hand or died. As for Zi'on, well. "I hope he finds someone, everyone deserves someone after all…" Maybe, though that thought is to herself. Onwards though. "Do you have a craft Rhysanna that keeps you inside hidden away then?" This questioned with a teasing tone.

"Well," Ila'den rumbles, with a half-smile for Rhysa's reaction, "now you know why the layers." Indeed, Ila'den never goes out without a long-sleeved tunic and his riding jacket on to boot. It's not the most comfortable wear for Western's balmy weather, but certainly his most frequent. Her thanks earns her quite the smile, and a roll of his shoulders. The shoulder rolling ends with him leaning sideways, to shoulder bump Sunny, and 'whispering' out a playful, "You hear that? She thinks we're /awful/." Don't take him seriously! He's all smiles and when he draws back, his arm is coming back around Sundari's shoulders as he leans towards Rhysa and puts a considerable amount of his weight on poor little Sunny. Take it! "Invisible? Lass, it's a /very/ big weyr. I don't think you have to be invisible to get lost in the sweep of life." He's the /Weyrsecond/, and he runs into people day in and out that don't know that (though admittedly that might also have to do with the fact that he never wears his knot. Naughty Ila.). And then Ila's tilting his head, leaning in to get a better look at Sunny's face which might put him uncomfortably close, but still leaves him at a distance. What on Pern is the man playing at? "You're lucky. I like that. And forgiving." Whatever that means. He gives her another smile, and then waits for Rhysa's answer.

Dryly, Rhysanna confirms, "Yes, quite right. I think you're both awful. I don't know why I'm still sitting here." She adjusts her position, but mostly, now, so that she can dig her toes into the warm sand. She's watching the pair of them, amusement lurking about the corners of her mouth, still visible despite the shade of her oversized hat. "No, no, I'm exaggerating. I don't actually expect people to know who I am. No craft - I work in the caverns. A lot of dusting, and putting things away, and whatever else Mother considers appropriate work." That's dry, too, but still in good humor. "Should I be leaving you two alone, mmm?"

Sundari grins at the whispering tone from Ila'den. "Perhaps we are awful?" She questions with a mock hurt tone. "I better not show her the scars I got from that bad sunburn I got while I was a weyrling then." Thi said with a teasing tone. Which as she is wearing a bikini top at the moment once wonders where the scars are! Across her back if one is wondering! She is also left bumping her shoulder back against Ila'den, playful like mind you. There is a pause as that arm is placed back against her shoulders, a faint pause caught from her before she sends a glance to Ila'den and she smirks a touch, and then he is leaning all nice and close. "Me? I Guess." She is a bit unsure at the moment, Ila'den has never done this. Though a playful look crosses her face and she grins a bit and leans just a bit closer to Ila'den and plants a quick kiss to his cheek as quick as she can. As far as she sees it he is asking for it. "Naw, I think Ila'den may have had too much felis honestly. That or he suddenly has a need to cuddle with a bluerider." She lifts her finger to tap her chin a moment. "I'm a bit rusty on the cuddling bit, but if you weyrmate wanders out to the beach I'm taking off." There is a pause and she looks serious for a moment. "I wonder if Irk can out fly a gold to save my hide…" Though her tone is purly one of joking.

Ila'den can appreciate a dry sense of humor! Have you met his best friend? He is king of brooding, and king of /dry/. In fact, Ila'den laughs for Rhysa's benefit, and offers, "Are you sure it just isn't the fear of being accosted by Zi'on that keeps you around?" And then he's shaking his head when she asks if they should be left alone. "Ah, at last. Little Sundari here is much too far out of my league. No need to run away, little bird; you're not interfering with anything." Which is right when he gets a… a kiss? It's on the cheek, sure, but Ila'den looks genuinely surprised by the contact and lifts his head up. Grey eyes focus on Sunny, and the smile is vanished beneath furrowed brows. It would seem the moment of discombobulating actions disperse when Sunny starts talking again, and the bronzerider leans down just close enough to brush a kiss against Sunny's temple. "Thank you," he rumbles, and then his arm is falling away from her, and they're back to the shared space of shoulders. There's even a sideways smile again, at the mention of his weyrmate, and Ila laughs. "If Iris were to show up - and she wouldn't - I doubt if she would come after you; and anyway, why outrun when you can just pop between for a breath or two and be somewhere else completely?" You just have to get to your dragon first! "You job sounds a bit on the… unfun side, Rhysa. Why nothing more exciting? I get that you want to be 'proper' and all, but there's nothing wrong with a little bit of fun in your life." Fun doesn't always end in scars!

The byplay between Sundari and Ila'den seems to amuse Rhysanna. "Well, obviously I'm absolutely terrified by the Weyrleader, and live in fear of his attentions," she confirms, with a laugh. "But I know you'll protect me. Right?" Her eyes are big and wide, though she's smiling too much for it to be serious. "Mother is the one concerned with proper," she explains. "She has big plans for me, somehow. And I have no particular ambitions; I don't know what else I'd do. In a way it's good, anyway. I do my work, and then I'm done and I'm here on the beach, or in the Tiki Lounge, or… I mean, my work doesn't follow me around. I like that."

Sundari smirks a touch. "How am I out of your league?" She questions with a curious tone at such an idea. "Figure it's more your more out of my league." Bronzer with a goldrider weyrmate and all, little bluerider here is just a speck on the map so to speak. That look from Ila'den is taken in stride, he gets a warm smile from her none the less and her bright gaze twinkles a touch perhaps with amusement. Once she is talking she feels that kiss to her temple and tilts her head to send another look towards the bronzer, whom she smiles warmly too and nods. "Your welcome." She offers softly back. At the idea to just going between is shared a soft oy escapes her and she sends a glance towards her blue that is a good distance off. "Didn't think about that one /did/you?" Irk warbles a bit at the idea. As for her shoulder well she'll keep it but there near Ila'den's it seems. "Oh come now, no reason to be terrified of Zi'on. Just toss a sweetroll at him and he'll forget what he was talking about." She might be grinning as she says this.

Instead of answering Sunny's question, Ila'den laughs at Rhysa's admission, and question. "Aye, I'll keep you safe." And, with a wince, Ila'den lifts his arm up opposite of Sunny, and /clearly/ the one housing his injured side. "Come on, little lass. I've got enough room for everybody." He only leaves his arm up a moment though, before dropping it. It clearly pulls at his stitches to keep the appendage raised for so long, because he makes a soft noise in his throat when he lowers it again and presses his hand into his side again. Still, there's another head-tilted smile, and a shake of his head. "Well, all I am saying, Rhysa, is that you should do what makes you happy. If this is it, then my proverbial hat is off to your… exciting sense of living." Teasing, of course, and then he playfully wrinkles his nose when he looks down at Sundari. "Out of my league? There's only one woman who would have me." Is he joking? Maybe, maybe not, but her acknowledgement of his thanks earns her another smile before he laughs outright. "Or you could throw your clothes at him. That will make him forget too." CLASSY, Ila'den. /Really/.

Rhysanna bites her lip as she catches Ila'den's wince, her head shaking briefly back and forth. "So… I should throw things at the Weyrleader. Duly noted." She's laughing again, and drawing herself up towards her feet, but not, it seems, with the intention of joining the pair of riders. "I'll keep it in mind. And… what you've said, too." Presumably, that's in answer to Ila'den's comments regarding her profession, though she doesn't specify. "I need to go in, before I burn to a crisp. It was nice to meet you both, though."

Sundari didn't actually think she would get a answer from Ila'den, so doesn't worry over it at the moment. She does give him a pointed look though. "Careful with your side, I'll drag you back to the healers if you pop them around me." Idle threat? Maybe. She may be little but she'll figure out a way to get him there! As for the rest well, she looks to the bronzer looking a touch curious. "I think your wrong there Ila'den." Though she doesn't go into detail on the matter and slips quiet a touch before a laugh escapes her. "Sure.. I know that would keep him away… Not. If you throw a sweetroll at him at least you can run the other way." There is a nod seen as Rhys is on the leave. "Well, nice talking to you. Try not to get too burnt!"

When Rhysa gets up to her feet, Ila'den offers her a lazy wave and breathes out, "It was a pleasure," in his lilting brogue. And then he's left with Sunny, who gets a look of feigned horror at her… 'threat'. "/Not/ the healers. Faranth, they might apply more numbweed, and then where would I be? Popping more stitches, I promise you, because then I wouldn't feel it." Facts. He's popped the damn things more times than he actually cares to admit. Still, his feigned horror turns to amusement as grey eyes shift back to Rhys, watching her disappear down along the beach. After a moment, he tilts his head, and turns a smile onto Sundari. The bronzerider leans back just slightly, arms supporting his upper body weight with another wince (clearly the good stuff is wearing off), and then he shakes his head. "I am not wrong, little bird. There is only one. Anyway, what are you doing out here? Done with your duties already?"

Rhysanna gathers her towel up into one arm, and dangles her sandals from the other; as she turns to go, she's laughing. She'll laugh her way all the way back to the bowl, even. There's something to be said for being the cheerful type!

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