Weyrling Graduation!

Emerald Isle - Sunset Beach
Soft pink sand lays along this stretch of seaside like a comfortable blanket. Its hue is a soft one and comforting to look upon, as is the smooth aquamarine of the ocean. Although the beach is beautiful at all times or day and night, it is the most profound at sunset when the sky is painted with the soft pastel colours of a setting sun. Dramatic reds, pinks and peaches stretch into one another, the seperate colours' boundaries left undefined, but as it gets darker you can notice a light purple continuely creeping into the others. Even the pink sand's shade changes, ranging from containing an almost fiery element to being a smooth pinkish purple.

The day is finally here! How long as his been? Seems forever to certain people for certain. The date was set, the time was set and the place was set. Here across the beach is a nice, no a lovely place for such a thing as the Graduation for the recently Weyrings. The sun looks to be just starting to set, the lovely colors stretch out across the fluffy cloud filled sky, the waves softly lap the sandy shore. It was a small affair, the Weyrlings check, friends and family check, Weyrleaders, check and of course the Weyrling Master and the AWLM's and let's not forget the Wing Leaders for the different wings, they are important as well! There is a small stage set up for the important talktalks which will be held very soon as people are still showing up. Sundari is there talking to the Weyrling Master while holding a dozen so papers within her arms. Of course everyone is dressed nice, and the bluerider is even wearing a dress, yes everyone can pass out, faint, catcall, point or what have you. It is a dark blue dress that is short sleeved, the neck and shoulder part is a made up of tasteful black fabric, a slender black belt around her waist and a pair of slip on sandals Her hair is left down, curly and a few blue flowers are tucked into the hair near her right ear, and yes she might be wearing a bit of makeup. Irk is around, lingering in the back, he is ever watching.

It seems that dresses are the theme for this evening, because there's another young woman that's wearing one (for more than just trying on) for the first time. Thanks to Cass and Hika's presents, not only is Aerza well dressed but she isn't a walking fashion faux paux. The weyrling's long hair falls in loose curls around her shoulders, something she had no doubt gotten someone else to help with. The dress in question she wears is a deep blue that seems to match quite well with Azminath's freshly oiled hide. Sheer across the shoulders and falling just above her knees, it remains quite modest. On her feet are a nice pair of sandals (no training boots, thankfully).

Czaiath must have dressed D'nyl, because he's spruced. As per Kyra's advice, he's trimmed his hair a bit, up to his ears. He's wearing a tailored tunic in a burnished brown with a maroon vest buttoned over it, long grey trous, and matching boots, his Weyrling's knot proudly displayed on his shoulder for all it clashes with the ensemble. He pauses when he sees Ez and blinks, "Who are ya 'n' what've ya done with my sister?"

A thick brown wings down near by and Cassara hops off, long coat wrapped around her body. She gets off and reaches under it to straigten her self out before she takes off the coat. She too is, very improbably, in a dress! She was lucky to even find one that fit! A black, sleek cocktail dress to match her long body. She fidgets a bit and starts heading over. She still had some big ol' black stompin' boots on. Can't just totally not look like her self. She shoots a smile to Aerza, then a D'nyl, before giving a surprised one to Sunny. She laughs a bit. At least she's not alone in this. She finds a place to sit and struggles to find a way to sit comfortably when she realizes all the usual ways she sits would leave her exposed.

"No. No, I'm not going back to get changed -AGAIN-." This protest is all Aggie, with a strap-clad Valigath strutting behind her. The gold is decked out in copper-hued straps - the finest of finery, if one were to ask her - while her other half is- well. It's probably best to assume someone else requested the dress and forced it on her; it's far from her practical norm. Predominantly white, the dress has gold accents here and there, with heavy gold and copper embroidery toward the bottom. It's a modified A-line that leaves her neck and shoulders bare, hugs her body through to her hips and flares into a meddlesome skirt. Gold flats complete the ensemble - right along with the gold hair sticks that keep her hair in a severe bun. "You -asked- me to wear this, or are you going to conveniently 'forget' again?" She blows out a breath, looks to the others - and pauses. "Oh. Hey, everyone."

K'an is there alright, mixed in with the rest of those who've already arrived. There's a faint grin though when Aglaia makes her way closer to the rest, canting toward her. "Hey, at least it's just for a little while, right? Doesn't look /bad/ at least. I've seen some people whose dragons picked clothes and it wasn't pretty. At all. Like..horrible, even." Unlike quite many of the people arriving, the blueling is quite thankfully /not/ in a dress. Instead he wears a finely tailored short-sleeved white dress shirt edged in blue: the cuffs, collar, even a quarter inch of the breast pocket are a deep, attractive cobalt. It is tucked neatly into dark blue-grey slacks cut narrow through the leg, a faint grid pattern visible on the fabric, and paired with some highly polished black ankle boots that just barely cover the hem of his slacks. The boots are loose around the ankle, enough to allow for freedom, and have neat red stitching down the outside seams. It all matches his weyrling knot rather nicely.

It's a good thing Kyra didn't get the memo about wearing dresses tonight or she'd be bordering on indecent - her nice party outfit stops at about mid-thigh. She's wearing a pair of nicely cut high-waisted shorts made of a soft mulberry-colored fabric, with black buttons going down the front. The shorts come up to just under her ribs, more or less, and to go along with it she has on a gauzy shirt that seems to bloom straight from the waistband, the color somewhere between white and rose pink. A waterfall of pale, rustling fabric curls from her chest and around her neck, the collar accentuating it with light lace work that resembles a spray of seafoam, contrasting nicely with her dark skin. The shirt is a halter top, with the back perfectly smooth before it tucks into her shorts and her upper back largely bare. Off-setting the warmer tones of her outfit, her slim legs are adorned in a pair of dark blue nearly opaque tights, maintaining some semblance of order considering the brevity of the shorts. Perhaps to make up for her unsupposing height, she's got on a pair of slingback black wedge heels - regular heels would probably be five inches in the sand otherwise. It's nice to be taller. She comes in along after K'an, trotting up and throwing her arm lightly over his shoulders with an easy grin, "At least you didn't have to worry about that, huh?" As for Loyth, he's looking pretty smart in a set of finely made, deep black straps, with a couple silver touches for /style./

Sundari nods a few times during the conversation that is going on between her and the Weyrling Master, though she is soon 'saved' when someone calls him away. A soft breath escapes her and she moves off to set the stack of papers down before she is off to make sure all the Weyrlings have showed up.. Oh they better have or else! She catches sight of Cassara and can't help but grins while moving on over to where she is. "Hey… Looky there, a dress." This said with a joking tone of course.

"Say anything else and I swear I will punch you in the face." Aerza huffs at D'nyl, using gruffness to compensate for still feeling embarrassed. "You looked all dressed up too," and here it seems like Ez just can't keep it up and breaks into a friendly smirk, "I bet Sunny will like it." It's then that she notices Cass' arrival and soon the weyrling is lifting a hand to wave at the arriving brown rider. She may just be moving in her and Sunny's direction. "Are Irk and Golth enjoying our clothes as much as Min is?" Because that gleaming blue certainly is!

F'mar wanders around the gathering exchanging greetings with those that have arrived for the ceremony, a wine skin is in one hand while the other gestures hither and yon pausing only to tug up on his leather pants which seem to slide lower everytime he checks with them, "Sharding thing needs a better belt or something…" He notes that Yuk is curled up on the sand totally oblivious to all that is going on around him.

"I didn't say I didn' like it, Ez, jus didn' expect it. Ya look good, Sis." He moves with her towards Sunny and Cass, "Yer both lookin' nice t'nigh'." When the motion of K'an and Kyra catches his attention, his gaze goes there, too, and he whistles softly, "Everyone went all out t'night, huh? Czaiath picked my outfit."

A tilted smile is angled to K'an and Aggie laughs. "True. It's just- ah, pretty inconvenient, I guess. This thing, I mean." She fusses with the fussy skirt and rolls her shoulders in a sheepish shrug. "You look pretty good," is pointed out with a lift of her chin. "Especially those boots." Kyra's arrival earns her a grin as well as an intrigued, "And -those- shoes! Who made them?" It takes her a moment to realize just what she's said and she, almost immediately, mutters an apology and clears her throat. And, oh, look! Conveniently, Sundari looks like she's doing something semi-official over there, so she turns her attention that way. Never mind Valigath, who is busy preening for once, rather than prancing in place.

Cassara points back to Sunny. "One to talk." She grins and looks toward D'nyl. "Ya better like your sisters dress." She chuckles. She's a bit surprised that D'nyl doesn't crack a joke her way. "Yeah, you're lookin' alright your self." A little lesss scuzzy. She shakes her head at Ez with a chuckle. "Nah, Golth could care less. He doesn't get what the big deal is."

"You wanna know about footwear, just ask…well yeah, there you go." At Aggie's exclamation over Kyra's shoes, K'an just gestures toward his sister..while also slouching somewhat under her flopped arm. "Hey, hey. Are you sure you're not going to like..fall on your face or something wearing those things?" Oh yes, there is a bit of /eyeing/ for his sister's somewhat..tall shoes, before eyeing her.

Nae has been here! Really. She's even dressed up for once. As dressed up as she gets, anyways. She's in something resembling proper formal attire, and has Hotaru in tow. "Hard to believe the day's here already, isn't it?" She muses, smiling as she glances to the graduates. "Seems like the hatching was just yesterday."

Kyra blinks at the question, looking down at her shoes contemplatively before she admits, "I'm not sure. I got them from a trader… who DOES make shoes? Is that a special part of Weavercraft or something?" This mystery will keep her mind busy for a while. She shakes her head before that becomes all she can think about and instead smiles easily enough at Aglaia, folding her arms loosely under the fluff of her shirt, "You look good! If you have to be dressed by a dragon, better one with taste, yeah?" K'an's comment earns a droll look and she flicks her fingers at him lightly, "You're gonna fall on yours in a minute. Don't be jealous just because we're the same height now." Actually, she's probably a LITTLE bit taller and she seems fully aware of that as she props her elbow on K'an's shoulder and smiles all too cheerily. Muahaha. Done teasing her brother, she declares, "I'm going to find something to either eat or drink, whichever one I find first." She'll likely also greet people on her way, but sustenance is key.

Hotaru is also dressed up! In a nice sleeveless dark red dress with a diagonally cut skirt. She's even curled her hair a bit for the occasion! She clings to Nae's hand as they make their way over. "Mm. I'm glad you'll get a bit of a break though. Plus it's good to see them graduate." She peers. "Is that my mother? What is she -wearing-?"

F'mar stops to talk to various people and shares sips from the wine skin (a fine Benden white) as he moves along glad that weyrlinghood is done though left to wonder what life will be like once they're in their respective wings. He pauses again to tug his pants up again making a note to himself to talk to the tailors to see if they can make adjustments when he's got time to see them. Yukenth seems to have fallen asleep, soaking up the warmth from the sands unimpressed with anything that is going on at the moment.

Sundari chuckles as she hears Cass and nods a bit while smoothing a hand across her dress a bit. "Not bad huh?" This questioned to the brownrider before she looks over to D'nyl and Aerza, both getting a smile. "Hey.. You look handsome D'nyl." Yep that was just said along with a wink to the bronzer. "I love the dress Aerza. You two ready to graduate I take it?" She questions while sending a glance around, she smiles and waves to K'an and Kyra. "Everyone looks great." Who says that Half Moon never gets dressed up, or acts serious. She looks amused at the comments about Kyra and the heels. "So why I don't wear heels… I would so fall on my face."

"Azminath could take a few tips from Golth." Aerza shakes her head at Cass before turning a grin on Sundari. "Very ready to graduate. Even Min's excited to be finally joining a wing, the amount of exercise we have to do on a daily basis just to keep him from expending that energy in a more troublesome direction is ridiculous." Her gaze shifts towards the other weyrlings then and a wave is directed towards Kyra and K'an. "I don't think I'd be able to walk two steps in heels, wearing those seems to be a bit of a talent really."

D'nyl inclines a nod, "Very happy to graduate. I'm hopin' we might get a little time to ourselves now an' again now." He loops his thumbs into his belt and glances to where Czaiath is sunning, "He thinks I'm bein' ridiculous." D'nyl extends his leg enough to look at his foot, then shrugs, "I'll avoid heels, I think."

Rest assured, Valigath is NOT preening for Zaqalekhth; the elder bronze is looming somewhere on the fringes, with M'gaal and Malaakh in his shadow for the time being. With them is a slight woman with dark hair, who merely looks on impassively. Aglaia glances over at them and raises a hand in a wave, but that wave is little more than a weak wiggling of fingers before her attention cuts back to Kyra and K'an. "I… think so? I'm pretty sure they do. I mean, unless there's a secret Shoe Craft that no one's mentioned for fear of reprisals." Or something. She sucks her teeth thoughtfully, shakes her head, and offers a lopsided grin instead. "Ah- thank you. I don't know if she has taste, but- considering she's spent the better part of the last day trying to dig my clothes out and throw them off the ledge, you might be onto something." Cue a bit of fidgeting with her skirt, which is probably going to be a frequent thing at this rate.

Yes! Hotaru gets to see her mom in a black cocktail dress! "Not bad at all, Sunny…" She grins at Ez. "Still sad you didn't try em. Woulda be fun to at least see you stumble." She gets up when she notices Nae and Hotaru. She smirks at them, clearly feeling a bit ridiculous even though she looked alright. "… Try not to laugh too hard, Hotaru." She says with a chuckle of her own.

Nae follows Hotaru's gaze, unable to hide a somewhat surprised reaction. "… I think that is your mother. Wow. I wouldn't have even realized it if you hadn't pointed it out. That's… quite a transformation." She shakes her head and laughs a little before grinning back to Hotaru.

F'mar restrains a laugh at the thought of D'nyl in high heels, though he might wear a dress well? He notes that Sundari is doing something official looking and wonders what the ceremony will be like, either official like or relaxed and easy. Hard to tell really, "I wonder if Kyra will fall off her heels, or maybe D'nyl can try on a pair?" He's had a few sips of the wine already, maybe one or two too many?

Hotaru blinks as Cass addresses them. She pulls Nae over to her. "Oh Faranth, it -is- you! A dress, mom!? I didn't even think that they made dresses that would fit you!" She laughs. Rude. So rude. She laughs at Nae and wraps her arm around the greenrider's middle. "I suppose this is mom's doing?" She asks Cass. "What are you doing her anyways? Here to make sure you convince everyone into the search and rescue wing?" Hotaru gives a wave to D'nyl idly.

Kyra folds her arms as her shoes get so much attention, huffing a touch indignantly as she declares, "They're just shoes. It's not like I grew a second head. Besides, I'm used to running bare foot and I use my toes a lot, so this is pretty similar. Just a lot of rocking motions." She hears F'mar's comment and makes a flippant gesture with one of her hands, annoyed, "All of you stop talking about me falling on my face! Sands and stars. I made it here intact, didn't I?" She pokes her tongue out a bit, then exhales gustily and issues the appropriate compliments, albeit sounding lamer to her now, "You guys all look nice. I knew it'd be fun for everyone to dress up." D'nyl gets eyed for a moment before she lets him know, "I'm going to steal your vest. Beware." That's sort of a compliment, sure. Almost as a last thought, she blinks and looks at Aglaia, grinning brilliantly, "A shady Shoecraft? That would be… /the best./"

Sundari smiles and nods to D'nyl and Aerza while holding up a finger. "You all will get a sevenday off before really having to start sweeps, and lessons. No worries you all will still get restdays. Won't they Cassara?" She catches sight of Nae and Hotaru and sends a wave towards the two before there is a Weyrling Master clearing his throat and eyeballing Sundari. The bluerider ohs and smiles to the few near her. "Alright all, time for the show." With that she is off to the little stage and whistles out (rather sharply) to get the attention of everyone around. "Thank you all for coming!" Is heard while she gives a half clap. "Though… Before we get to silly or to durnk. " Pause as the WM is eyeballing Sunny once more. Once a seacrafter always one? "Everyone needs a new knot!" There is a pause there so everyone can look over and the like. "Now, the Wingleaders will go through the list and when your name is called come on up and get the knot for your new wing. No hiding now or Irk will find you." The list is started, each Wing is represented by the Wingleader, names are called out, knots are then pinned upon the new riders shoulders (once the weyrling knot is taken off). Someone could possibly get stuck with a pin as it seems one of the Wingleaders is already a bit tipsy.

Nae isn't tipsy yet! She is waiting to drink heavily once the ceremony is over. Though she might feel the need to drink when in Cassara's intimidating presence. She manages to smile and laugh at Hotaru's joke, though not /too/ much. "You look very nice." She assures Cassara quickly.

Aerza is thankfully not stabbed with a pin, but when her weyrling knot is replaced with one for Search and Rescue the redhead can't help but smile. Of course, it doesn't happen quietly either. As soon as the knots are being exchanged, Azminath starts up a loud bugling that doesn't stop until Aerza's left the stage…cheeks maybe just a tad pink with embarrassment. There might have been a chorus of 'Shut up Min! Shut up shut up!' Going on in her head but deep down she's happy about how enthusiastic he is.

Casara laughs a bit at her daughter's reaction. "… You're the worst." She rolls her eyes a bit. "… I decided to my self." She looks up at Aerza and smiles as she gets pinned. "… Me and your mom went shopping for dresses for one of the weyrlings and… figured I should wear the one your mom made me buy. Won't be a regular thing I promise." She grins at Nae. "-Thank you-, Nae." That was much nicer.

Hotaru, too, is waiting for the heavy drinking. Mom's got the kids tonight, so they were off the hook! Also she might try to get Cass drunk, even if Hika might be aggravated about it the next day. "You actually kind of have nice legs mom. No wonder Hika keeps you around." She teases, laughing at Cass. "I know. Ah. I figured mom was somehow involved. I didn't realize you were taking weyrlings on shopping trips now though. Do they all get that special treatment?"

"It would be, wouldn't it?" But that's the last to be said of the Shoe Craft. For now, at least. This part? The knot exchange? That's easy enough for Aglaia. Valigath titters once the swap is made and the gold starts to prance as soon as the deed is done. The once-weyrling eyes her new knot and toys with it briefly, her forehead furrowed and mouth pulled to one side. She gives it a final flick and moves away to get something to drink - water, from the looks of things - while her attention turns to the rest of the weyrlings, both those who are newly knotted and those yet to be. She lapses into silence - though she does wince a bit at Azminath's bugling - and sips her water.

F'mar replaces his weyrling knot with the new Search and Rescue knot, its not exactly straight but then again he is having enough trouble walking in a straight line. He smiles as he notes how many of his classmates have decided to join search and rescue as well, "Looks like Search and Rescue is the lucky wing with those of us who will be joining them!" He smiles as Yukenth bugles his acceptance of the wing and their new life as Search and Rescue wing members.

D'nyl grins at Kyra's 'compliment', "I'm sure the Weyr weaver coul' make ya one jus' like it!" He grins at Sunny once more, then things get all… formal 'n' such. Czaiath adds his voice to Azminath's. It's… almost like they're singing. Mostly on-key. D'nyl ignores them, though, in contrast to his sister's embarrassment. And there's actual pride when he steps down from having his wing knot applied, but moves quickly back to the safety of those he knows. SAFETY BUBBLE!

Kyra takes a little bit getting her knot actually pinned on, largely because her shirt doesn't leave a lot of places to not awkwardly, uh, touch things in the process of attaching something to it. In the end, she just takes the knot from the Search and Rescue wingleader and does her level best to creep off stage. In heels. Shh. Loyth doesn't bugle at all, in fact remaining quite quiet, but his posture indicates a certain prideful lack of surprise. Since she doesn't currently have shoulders on her shirt, she loops her brand new knot around a belt-loop on her shorts and just wears it like that for now. She doesn't linger on stage any longer than she has to, either, escaping the momentary spotlight to re-locate some manner of drink.

Nae knows better than to make any comment on Cassara's legs. That can only get her into trouble. That whole 'waiting to drink' idea is sounding less and less sensible. "Hey, we give weyrlings a full education. How could we manage that without shopping? Right, Cass?"

Sundari claps when each Weyrling comes up and gets the new knot, she dos indeed look happy with each that goes into Search and Rescue. "Looks like there's be more group lessons." This said with the WingLeader of S&R, and the bluerider is given another look. "You get to do all the lesson plans Sundari so I am glad you enjoy it." Sunny just blinks and oys a touch to herself. Irk lets out a few bugles, he is happy for HIS hatchlings, yes they are his he taught them and now look they are all grown up! If dragons could cry Irk would be the one sobbing and using a huge hankie to blow his nose into. "Great job for all of you!" Sundari offers while smiling to the /once/ Weylings. "Now! I expect you all to have fun, enjoy the night and enjoy the time you have off. In one sevendays the ones with Search and Rescue at least will be starting new lessons!" That /she/ gets to work on, don't they all feel lucky? "There is food and drink for all." A finger is lifted and he points over to one lone table that has small boxes and an envelope on it. "There is a gift for each Weyrlng… Or well new Riders. A graduation present from the Weyrling Staff. Don't spend it all in one place kids!" Sunny says with a smile before she steps off the little stage.

Aerza manages to snag a drink from somewhere and when Sundari finishes speaking the redhead raises said glass with a smile. She'll take a long sip afterwards, a silent toast of sorts to their Weyrlingmasters. "I don't think I'll mind more lessons really." There's a grin in her voice before she's glancing over to Cassara, Nae, and Hotaru. "I think Cass and Hika both took pity on me. I can't be trusted with fashion choices."

D'nyl sips his drink and shrugs, "Czaiath picked mine, so I can' talk." He raises his glass to Kyra as she steps down from the knotting, then he looks over to… "Presents?" Those still make him feel awkward. Still, he starts that way to explore the offerings. And, maybe, avoid his sister's insecurities.

"Are they? … I feel like they seem.. weird in this dress." Cass was just not used to seeing her self like this. "They don't all get it. Aerza just seemed like she needed it." She smiles a bit. "Also she definitely couldn't be trusted. Your mom had to slap her hand at one point to protect her from her own taste." Cassara grabs her self a drink. "… Mmm, gonna be a lot of training to do in S&R for awhile.

"Thank you," Aglaia offers with a warm smile to Sundari and the Weyrlingmaster - and, really, everyone that's present, even if that's where she's looking most directly. She diverts from her fringe-loitering to get the gifts in question, but they're not opened; not here, not now. They're just held in hand with a slightly tight grip for the moment. A sidelong look is spared for the shadow of her father's beast just over there - with father, brother, and strangeling woman - before her gaze settles on the faces she's spent so much time with. All the same, she stays at the edges of it all, leaving Valigath to proudly broadcast in a blast of fire and smoke, « We are FREE! Yeees. YES! » The prancing - oh, the prancing - continues with renewed vigor to match the subtle brightening of her hide.

Hotaru grins. "They're not as nice as Nae's legs. Look at hers. Swimmer's legs. But they're pretty nice." She grins. "Oh, I see. So if I whine that we need new clothes will you two take us out shopping?" Hotaru follows over to the drink table with Nae in tow. She hands the greenrider a drink, then gets one of her own.

Kyra lets out a sudden whoop of excitement at the news of presents, flashing D'nyl an easy grin before she skips past him, acting very much as if she intends to get to the presents ahead of anyone else. Dive, dive! She's momentarily taken off-guard when Valigath sends that message out, glancing in Aglaia's direction with definite amusement. She whirls away from the table with her present in hand, humming lightly. That's going to get tucked away, well, somewhere. In the meantime, Loyth sends his own message from a dark bastion of shadows and the sweet scent of old books, « We were always free. We're dragons. » He spreads his wings as if to illustrate. Killjoy. At least he bows his head slightly afterwards and softens his sentiment, agreeing quietly, « It is a time to celebrate, nonetheless. » Eh. Kyra mostly just ignores this back and forth personally, letting Loyth do what he does without judgment. She catches what Aerza is saying only to make a face and assure her, found drink clasped in both hands and hazel eyes sparkling, "You're always fashionable, Aerza. Just different. You're usually more 'cool' and this is 'pretty.' That's all." She has spoken! She notes Aglaia after that, wrinkling her nose a bit and wagging a hand to try and get her over with the rest of the weyrlings, "What're you doing? We need to discuss how to crack the elusive Shoecraft." A slight, sly grin follows those words.

Nae beams at Hotaru's praise. It never ceases to bring a smile to her face. "Mmm. Well. Now that I've lost the baby weight, I suppose they're not that bad…" Her modesty sounds as false as ever. She grins and claps her hands at Hotaru's suggestion. "Yes! Shopping trip!" The glass provided is taken, raised in the direction of the weyrlings. "Congratulations!"

Sundari smiles to Aerza and nods. "Good to know. I'll try to not make them /that/ boring." Or go crashing into something again. Hearing D'nyl she grins a bit. "Yeah, presents.. Don't fret over it none now. Just a little parting gift really." She glances to Aglaia and smiles to her. "No worries Aglaia, you may not be with Search and Rescue but I'm sure I will still find a way to annoy you to some degree." Irk lets out a deep happy bugle once the party is finally on its way! Music is starting to play, everyone is of having a few drinks, taking a bite to eat and just having a good time.

Azminath bugles in reply, the fires of his mind blazing and crackling like an out of control bonfire. « We ARE! And we should be hitting the booze too, BWAHAHAHAHA! They shouldn't be the only ones celebrating. » Aerza has to glance back at that, eyebrows raising, but she's in too good of a mood to go and inflict some common sense into the blue. She really doesn't mind not having a fashion sense, but Kyra's words certainly earn a grin as well as another raised glass. The bluerider too will wander over to the table of presents and once she's found hers and opened it, there's a warm smile. That little egg, oh how tiny it was. "Thank you, Sunny!" Because what better way to thank someone than yelling it out over the heads of people!

"She does have pretty nice legs." Cassara agrees. She sadly knew oh too well. "… We could? Not sure why you'd want to go with me though, I feel like I'd be boring. Aerza just needed someone so I was… better than nothing. I mean, I had to get your mom involved to make sure it even worked out." The tall rider smiles a bit, shifting umcomfortably in her dress. "… But if you want me to go, I'd absolutely love to go out with you two."

"No, it's not- it's fine," is mostly for Sundari, coupled with another tilted smile. Aglaia folds her arms around the bundle, giving it a gentle hug to keep it close. "Besides, Atoll is basically what I was raised to do, so it's not so bad." There's a slight wrinkle of her nose - mirroring Kyra's - at that wagging hand and she, with the reluctance borne of one who is clearly not the social butterfly-type, finally approaches. "Well," she begins, drawing the word out. "I don't think one can just… join the Shoecraft, if you know what I mean." And Valigath? She's not to be dampened by Loyth's observations. Rather, she settles on her haunches and cackles aloud as best as a dragon can. « No. No, alcohol is a poor offering for this moment. BRING THE BEASTS! We shall drink their BLOOD. » "… oh, drat. No." An idle threat, surely. Surely.

« Agreed! » Czaiath bugles his agreement and D'nyl ducks his head slightly, avoiding staring at Kyra's butt as she zips ahead of him, then, finally, reaches his present. He hesitates over it before opening it. He stares at the little chunk of shell, blinking once, "Is this…" He turns, looking at Sundari over the other revelers, "Is it Czaiath's?" On the ridge, Czaiath bugles, but it's not in response to his name, no, it's answering challenge to Valigath.

Hotaru claps for the graduating weyrlings. She laughs to Nae. "They're nice. I know they are." She says to the greenrider, grinning. "Shopping trip! Mom is paying, I assume." Which should answer Cassara's question about why she wants her along. "Oh? So is Ez my new adopted sister, then?" She grins and raises a brow at Cass. "Maybe we'll let you off the hook for that and all go to the spa or something instead. I could use a spa day."

Nae thought she and Cassara had come to an unspoken agreement never again to discuss or think about that incident. It certainly seems to be working for her. Still, she looks quite happy about the shopping plans, prevented from clapping again only by the drink in her hand. "Oooh. Shopping day or spa day? How can I choose?"

Cassara might not be able to talk about incident, but it was sometimes hard not to think about it for a moment. "Oh, you just wanna spend my money, I see." She grins but then blushes a bit about the 'adopted sister comment'. "I… I'm just a mentor. She probably finds it annoying anyways.." She dismisses it. "Anyways, a trip to the spas might be nice."

Sundari nods to Aglaia and smiles to her still while letting her hands clasp lightly before her. "True.. But I'll still miss being your teacher I must admit." Sniffsnifffle. She looks over to Aerza and chuckles softly. "Your welcome Aerza!" She glances to D'nyl and nods to him. "Yep.. I went out after you all wa asleep and gathered bits of the shells after they hatched." Because why not?

« Meat and booze! Let the blood and alcohol flow!» Azminath bugles enthusiastically, giving his wings a strong beat and craning his neck. Perhaps he shouldn't be quite so loud about his plans. The blue does remain on the ground however, not quite willing to leave the music and party yet. Aerza doesn't find Cass' mentoring annoying, but she isn't in earshot to make that known! There's a another grin over towards Sundari before the former weyrling is hearing something about the secret shoe craft. "What…I'm confused." Because what? Just what?

Nae and Cass could agree not to mention the incident, but surely they both thought about it every time they saw each other! Which is hilarious and gross. Hotaru laughs. "Well let me decide for you. I could use a day at the spa." She laughs a bit at Cass. "Anyways. I should go relieve mom of the babies." She leans in to kiss Nae. "Don't stay up too late. See ya, mom."

Hilarious and gross certainly summed up Nae's thoughts on the subject. Also, deeply awkward. All the more reason to not think about it. She downs the rest of her drink, then reaches for Hotaru's hand. "Mmm. I'm coming too. I can't party late like I used to." She gives a parting grin to Cass. "It was nice seeing you. Shopping or spa day soon?" She asks before departing.

As Hotaru and Nae leave, Cass heads over toward the weyrlings. Well, former weyrlings. She heads over to Sunny and grins. "… You got em all gifts, Sunny? Cute…" She grins a bit a bit. "… S&R training is going to be fun. I can't believe how many wanted to join."

It takes a while for Aglaia to determine that, yes, Valigath was just making an threat-slash-demand and that's a fine point of relief for her. After a brief chat with Kyra, her attention strays - once again - to the lot waiting on the fringes. "I'll be right back," is for no one in particular and she steps away from the throng to speak in hushed tones to the bronzerider, her brother, and the not-so-mystery woman once one gets a decent look at her. She'll be back, of course - but some duties must be tended to.

Sundari gets a drink, looks like cider so no one freak out now. She grins as she hears Cassara and shrugs. "I grab the egg bits, the giftcards was from all the staff. They can go have a shopping day in Irene." Makes sense to her!

"S&R is going to be lively at least, that's for sure. I'm not sure if we're fun per say." Aerza grins to Cass and Sunny before looking at the little box again. "A shopping day means that I'll likely need someone along for advice again." That or she can go buy herself and buy all sorts of monstrosities!

D'nyl has disconnected.

"Thoughtful of you, Sunny." Cassara looks at Aerza again with a little surprise. "You'd go through all that again?" Cassara laughs. "If you wanna, I'm up for it. Someone has to protect you from your taste." She grins a bit before sipping at her drink.

Sundari smiles and nods while shesips at her drink. "Well, if you wait a while more I could go along." Going between right now is not an option for her after all. "I bet she has great taste."

"We don't have to go shopping for /dresses/ again, but the food stalls were interesting and some other shops too." Aerza grins a bit, before glancing over to Sunny. "We will most definitely wait until you're able to go again. You missed the fun the first time so you can't be allowed to miss it the second."

"… Mmm, maybe get you into a suit? Or maybe that's not your thing." Cassara chuckles. Kyra would like that! "… A woman in men's clothes can look surprisingly good if you do it right." Cassara nods to Sunny. "Was sad you couldn't make it. Hika seemed to fill in well enough though. If it wasn't for her I probably wouldn't be wearing this right now."

Sundari smils to Aerza at this and nods. "Well.. A few weeks then I should be able to tag along." Should be is the key, depends on if she gets as sick this time as she did with Sarina. A soft chuckle is heard. "I'm sure Hika did well. You two got lovely dresses after all." She points out before there is a Wingleader suddenly hovering over her. "Oh.. Ah.. hi..?" There is a pause and a bit of talk before a nod is sent elsewhere and he moves off. Sunny smirks a bit and she glances to the two. "I'll see you both in a bit, welcome to the wing again Aerza." She says with a warm smile before she is off to deal with something it seems.

"I hadn't ever thought about a suit really…" Aerza begins to muse before Sundari is departing and the former guard waves after her. "I wouldn't mind trying really. I'd probably be more comfortable in it than I do a dress." Not that she really minds the one she's wearing, she likes it!

"A lot more comfortable. I wasn't even sure how to sit down in this thing." She laughs a bit and waves bye to Sunny. "… Real proud of you and your brother by the way." She scratches the back of her head a bit. "So… Congratulations. It'll be nice to have you two officially on sweeps."

"I had to remember not to walk too fast, I was afraid any wind would kick this skirt up." Aerza grins and shakes her head. Though soon it's her turn to look a bit sheepish. The former guard's cheeks turn a little red too, "Thanks. I'm glad that we're both going to be able to join you guys as well."

Cassara laughs. "I know, right? Such a pain… And ugh, Hotaru laughed her ass off when she saw me. This will probably be a one time thing for me…" She grins a bit as Aerza goes red. "It's… Nicer having people like you two or Sunny around. Too many weyr bred folk in Igen almost drove me crazy."

"It looks good on you, even if Hotaru laughed it up." Aerza grins a bit before nodding. "You can say that again. I can't quite understand them. And well, considering you guys are the few friends I've gathered here, I'm glad I'm in this wing instead of one of the others."

"Thanks, Ez…" Cassara smiles a bit. "… Was surprised Hotaru was the only one who laughed. Can't blame her I guess. It's a little different wth me being her mom…" Cassara nods and grabs her self more wine. "Yeah, S&R seems to collect all the misfits I guess… So what are you gonna do with your week off? Going to rub your graduation in your not-boyfriend's face?" Cassara gives a bit of an evil grin.

"Daran might be an idiot, but I don't think he would have rubbed it in your face. At least….not tonight. It might be valid fuel for the fire in the near future." Aerza smirks a bit before coughing a little and looking skywards. "Well I was thinking about it, but he's busy with weyrling lessons too so I don't know." Maybeeeee.

"… Mm, didn't even shoot me a look though. But if he does well… Good excuse to give him a stiff punch I guess." She takes a nice big swig of wine. "Mmm… Maybe, but some company never hurts, even its brief."

"Any excuse to punch Daran in the face is a good one." Aerza grins before rubbing the back of her neck a little. "He's kind of…he's an intense person, in general. I am too, but just dealing with it on a day basis is kind of hard sometimes."

Cassara looks at her curiously. "Intense…? Mmm… How so?" She sips her wine and thinks a bit. "… Hard to think of a lotta young guys who would be more intense than you…"

"He's…well I made this bet with him that he couldn't find a song I'd like. And then he did. and I thought he was singing about parental love but then Min fixed my line of thinking. He's just….corny, cheesy…a lot more into it?" The best way to make a girl like Aerza have second thoughts is to of course be super emotional!

Cassara seems visibily relieved. 'Intense' made her think of many of her own, worse qualities. She snickers a bit. "… So it was actually about you, mmm? I bet you were annoyed and touched at the same time." Even Cassara would see her self being touched, even if she wanted to punch whoever sang it.

"I was touched when I thought it was about my parents…." Aerza purses her lips a little bit, "Ok I was a little touched when he tried to teach the damn flit to sing to me. But I just want to punch him in the face and tell him to calm down sometimes." Which is a perfectly normal thing! Right?

Cassara frowns a bit. "Mm, something personal… when really it was about something corny. Still, that sounds kinda… sweet. Even if he probably does need a nice punch to keep him in line." Cassara was no rolemodel for perfectly normal behavior! "… I couldn't take someone like that, but it at least sounds kinda ute."

"He was professing his love to me. I mean…we're not even technically dating!" Aerza glares down at her drink for a moment before downing it in one big gulp. "I mean…I guess it was kind of nice." The former weyrling lets out a little groan then. "And now I'm talking about strange things. We should shove this topic under a large rock."

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