Green advises Gold on Proddiness...

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Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.
Electric lights light the entrances as those on night duty come out to take over, moving quietly in the night so as not to disturb those sleeping about the Weyr.Winter has descended once again upon the Western island, though those from the north would never be able to tell it, but the short days and the cooler nights are painfully obvious to those born here.

The weather around Western is on the cool side, clouds building in the distance to herald some showers in the near future, but for now they haven't detered some from the banks of the Lagoon. Among them is Rea, sleeves and leggings rolled up and a bit damp, standing up to her knees in the water while the none-so-subtle glowing form of Bennueth nearby, ducking into the water and out of it as she washes off the soap sand on her hide. "Looks well enough, love… come back and dry in the sun for a while, before the air cools too much…" The rider herself is looking a bit disheavled, with her hair sticking out of her braid incrementally. One could note that even though the bronzeriders nearby are looking in the gold's direction, they're definately keeping their distance… some seclusion Rea is forcing upon herself, perhaps? But in spite of it, she doesn't take note of the attention at all, turning back to her things on the beach as she walks barefoot in the sand.

It is then that a small, but muscular green lands near the lagoon, conviently inbetween the bronzers and the gold. She gives the men a wuff of annoyance and flicks her tail in the coolish water, splashing it towards the nearby men. "Vultures." K'as offers, sliding off the back of her dragon and brushing herself off. She unbuckles her flight jacket and tucks it into Hel's saddlebags before she approaches the junior. "Enjoying the day, Junior weyrwoman?"

Bennueth snorts her approval at Helheakth, extending her muzzle in greeting to the small green by touch, before she brings herself closer to shore and resettles into the shallower waters. As Rea make atleast far enough from the wave lull of the water, she turns just in time see the landing of the greenrider, K'as' first words making the goldrider snicker. "Well enough, atleast while the good weather lasts. How of you, greenrider?" She asks, an adherant blush permanently placed upon her cheeks, as if the hormone level in her dragon is effect her own, constantly. A flicker of worry crosses her face as she notes the bronzeriders again, and can't help but laugh as a few yell at being watered down. "Well, that'll teach them, the sex addle-minded creatures."

"One could say that of us Greenies." Helheakth noses against Bennueth softly, giving the gold a contented wuff as if to say that she'll protect her. At hearing the complaint of the Bronzers, Hel's tail snaps upwards in the air again, hovering there as if to strike. "Good Weather?" She asks, giving a small laugh as she rubs her arms up and down as she looks at the taller, younger woman. "Me, I'm freezing." She admits. "I love the places where you can lay out and bake all the day long."

Rea shrugs her shoulders a bit, grinning at K'as, "Well, even if it is true of greenriders, since greens rise more often… I atleast have no worries of you, now do I? It's the males I must worry about, who find flights more of a sport then anything else." The last is spat out rather harshly, the goldrider glaring towards that group again before she sighs and looks back at K'as, "I imagine you suffer the same problems, though possibly from both men and women." She winces sympathetically, before adjusting her towel and pointing down. "Come, sit with me… unless proddy goldriders scare you?" She grins wickedly, snapping her teeth together in a tease. "Your… K'as, right? And Bennueth tells me that is Helheakth… have you been many places? Western is usually pretty tropical, but your right, it's the onset of monsoon season, so it is getting rather chill. Not as bad as High Reaches, though, I imagine."

"I've been a few places, Junior Weyrwoman." K'as nods her head in inclination. "It's proddy Goldies that should be scared of me." She winks, teasing Rea as she walks with her towards the towel. "I'm as fierce or fiercer than any baby bronzie." She nods. "That is right," She nods to the naming of her dragon. "Yes, I get it from both sides. Not that it's not wanted of course. But at least women tend to be much less grabby than men." She motions to her chest. She's rather well endowed for being as short as she is. "It's a curse, not to mention a nightmare on my back."

Rea arches her brow once again at the greenrider, looking questionable at best that she has anything to fear from the greenrider. When she finally notes the wink, though, some inner tension falls away from Rea and the lass looks back out to the lagoon. "I doubt there is too much to worry from a greenrider, being a goldrider, unless said rider is looking for pointers." She sticks her tongue out between her teeth, the sides of her eyes wrinkling in that tale-tell smile of amusement. Looking again to the bronzeriders, she sniffs, "I dunno, atleast your not populating holds with your unwanted children, like some bronzriders are? I have met L'ton before, after all…" Turning to her reference of grabby, she winces a little as K'as points out her 'curse'. "Never a disapproving man of your features, though, mm? Better looking womanly, then childishly twiggy." And she points to herself, indicating willowy arms and legs, with not much to say of her curves.

"Your young, first." K'as tells Rea as she moves over to stand near the goldrider. "Secondly, have a kid and you'll plop out in perfect curves." Her eyes scan up and down Rea's form slowly. "You'll be fine. Eat a little more and get pregant and you'll have the best body at Western." She rolls her eyes at mention of some Bronzers. "That's just how they are. They think with the wrong head." She pauses, grinning impishly at Rea. "Why, need pointers? I'm a good one to ask."

Rea listens to K'as solemnly, eyeing the greenrider herself, until there is mention of children, and then she laughs. "Still feel like a kid, myself! I think I'll keep all my spinlyness in favor of curves, if it allows me a little more freedom of self, for the time being." Ebbing herself down into a snicker, she shrugs a shoulder a little, "It's not like I don't eat… I just don't retain any use of it, apparently. Ah well, I'll leave the sexual seduction to those that wear it well, and the procreation to my big bulk over there." She flicks a finger to Bennueth again, who's curled herself up in the waves and looks right as rain just sitting in it, curling her neck just a little to "purr" at the boys. At the mention of wrong heads, a burst of color forms over Rea's face, and she turns sharply to K'as, "W-well, that's probably right enough! I guess bronzeriders can be considered the rider equivalent of proddy greens, sometimes!" Sexual connotation seems to have the rider tense, and despite her efforts, she seems unable to shake her blush. "N-no, no, that's okay. I'd rather most keep to themselves… except, well, maybe one or two." And she's not getting into *that* seperate mess.

"Maybe one or two what?" K'as wonders, looking to Rea as she grins at that and she shakes her head back and forth as she clicks her tongue. "Ahh, poor baby, I know food that'll help you fill out." She tells her, her eyes flicking to the gold and she rolls her eyes. "Boys are over-rated from time to time." She offers before she grins at Rea's reaction. "You do need a good green girl schoolin' if your blushing just talking about a man's third leg."

Rea eyes K'as for a moment, as if debating her choices in answering that question, before she decides to continue, "A few riders who're willing to be had, that have an attraction that I enjoy about them." She says, her body tensing up once again as she trusts the greenrider with this information. She snorts a little the the 'baby' line, and looks as if she could suddenly snap at the greenrider for those words, but with a patient breath, Rea brings herself back to order. "Aye, I imagine they are… too many caught up in themselves." Wincing a little at K'as, Rea shakes her head fiercely enough that her braid bobs about a bit. "It's not that, certainly… It's not like this is Bennueth's maiden flight. Mearly that anything of the nature… tips me when Bennueth is in this state, and well… helps none that I'm holdbred. Takes a while to get used to these new ways of thinking that the Weyr hold… I haven't fully adjusted." She excuses, blushing just a little as she sighs, messing wit hthe tips of her braid. "Casual 'hook ups', as it were, still doesn't sit well with me, despite I know I must, with Bennueth's cycles."

K'as offers a small laugh as she moves to give the goldie a hug. "Don't worry about it. You are far too tense, first off. Just relax and here." She moves up and reaches out to bat at Rea's ponytail. "Want me to rety this?" The greenrider asks. "And good. I'm glad you at least find some lads attractive. Holder girls tend to keep those emotions pinned up inside. You have to let them out, or you'll be as tense as you are."

Rea returns the hug quickly enough, having no peturbed feelings towards intimacy with the greenrider as she might anyone else, during Bennueth's cycle. Taking a bit of a breath, slow and deep, the goldrider nods as she looks back up to K'as. "Sure, it's always coming undone in some fashion or another. frizzy mess can never stay perfect in a braid." Folding her arms a bit, she seems to gauge the distant clouds with some thought. "A few more weeks or so before the rains start, I imagine. Atleast we don't have that, and Bennueth to fuss with, all at the same time." Tilting her head to take in the greenrider, again, she shrugs nonchalantly. "Just because I'm holdbred doesn't mean I lack a sexual appetite, just means I don't go flinging it around to whatever guy potentially looks ridable." And that tongue of her flicks out again in her tease, though the blush always leaks through… maybe it's not embaressment, but just a hormonal reaction, after all. "I think Bennueth's maiden flight went rather well, considering… even if I was a bit shocked after the fact. No amount of teaching prepares you for the literal thing."

K'as gives a soft laugh at that before she tsks at Rea. "Naughty Naughty, Holdbred Goldie." The woman's hands move up to undo Rea's hair before she begins to tug on her hair, pulling it very tightly. "And you don't have to go around and bonk everything that moves, my dear." Her fingers slide through Rea's hair comfortingly at the moment, before pulling it tightly again. "Look at me? I don't go ride every man or sleep with every woman I find attractive." She tells her, her voice soft and light. "It's just that if you have a connection, talk to him or her. If you like him and vise versa… see where it goes. That doesn't mean reach down into his pants and whip it out." She giggles.

Rea laughs at K'as' straight forward talk, finding the mood of it rather amusing. "You talk of it as if talking about the weather… were you holdbred at one point and acclimated to it, or Weyrbred?" Sniffing a little in disgust, Rea nearly nods her head, but forces herself to stay still as K'as starts to undo her hair and re-braid it. "Certainly not, especially with *some* of the male riders out there. I'm certainly in no hurry to be another notch on their bed post." Listening again, the goldrider can't help but laugh out loud at some of it, "N'kor was certainly willing to! For just a quarter mark, too!" This reminder sends the goldrider into a fit of giggles, covering her mouth as not to be too loud and draw attention to herself. "Though, in a teasing manner, of course. It's his fault claiming to be similar to other riders— and then wanting to prove it! I couldn't help my self, had to taunt him a bit more by throwing down the mark…" She eyerolls at herself, though she can't turn to K'as to show her grin.

"No man is worth a mark." K'as offers, grinning. "That's why you should always talk to a greenie, you gold prudies…and that was a long time ago." K'as goes distant for a moment, even as her fingers continue their work. "I'm sure your a perfect tease, but you need to talk to a woman about what feels truly good. That way when you finally decide on a man you can teach him how to make sure your happy." She leans around and winks. "It doesn't matter if they are. They'll get their jollies one way or another. Most men could give two flaps if we do." She shrugs. "Just how I am, love. Just how I am."

"And why, do tell, is a man not worth a mark? Atleast, a good man is worth a mark… or do yo ubelieve they mearly don't exist?" Rea's tone of voice suggests amusement, slight dimples showing in her cheeks from perhaps a bit too much grinning. "Are you saying all goldriders are prudish? Well, given the rising habits of a gold, your probably right! This is what… Bennueth's third time being proddy, and she's nearly into her fourth Turn? Greens have had many a flight, by now…" She shrugs a little, her face flushing again to a pinkish color. "I suppose when I find the right person to talk to about it, to be my Weyrmate, then I'll consider that… inside of a flight, it hardly matters, as I'm more in the sky, then I am in my room." Her eyes glaze over a bit suddenly as Bennueth turns a facetted eye to the duo, the goldrider huffing a bit. "Looking like Jolie is in need of my assistance. I better go get into some better clothes, for who knows where I'll end up…" She turns her head slightly, to see how much of K'as' handy work is done, before smiling to the greenrider herself. "Been a pleasure talking with you, Greenrider K'as. Always nice to know another riders view on such things…" She waits for K'as' reply 'fore she makes any move to leave. She refuses to be rude, after all, in spite of being called back to her duties.

"Do have fun with all of that paperwork." K'as offers, snickering a bit before her eyes flick from Rea to the Gold. "That's another reason I'm glad I'm a greenrider." She pauses before nodding. "Yes, all Goldriders are prudes." She admits, giving a soft laugh to Rea's reactions before she bows. "Take care."

"That's only because you enjoy your green so much, and let's admit it… greenriders have more free time then goldriders do." Rea huffs a bit, but shrugs her shoulders, "Wouldn't have Bennueth any other way, though." Turning to Bennueth again, the rider pats her beast's muzzle, before turning to K'as again and giving the older woman a quick hug. "Alas, as alway, duty calls…" She gives a teasing salute, before running up the lagoon beach and to the Weyr proper, to answer whatever summons is being called of her…

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