Lime Wars: Return of the Tanit

Day 21 of Month 1 of Turn 2716
Half Moon Bay Weyr - Tiki Lounge
As one walks onto the wood panelled flooring of the patio, they are greeted with the scent of burning oil, the likely source the various torches burning along the perimeter of the flooring. The flooring is littered with tables shaded with umbrellas, matching chairs tucked beneath when not in use.
The inside of the Tiki Lounge seems far bigger inside than outside, even when full of relaxing weyrfolk and travelers. Towards the front, in the western corner, is a small stage, generally occupied by harpers. Several tables with chairs decorate the floor and a small area is open for dancing. The bar is rather long and well stocked, glasses of different shapes and sizes hanging suspended from a rack above the bar. Behind the bar is another open window that gives one a view of the forest behind the tavern. Turning around, one is greeted by a lovely view of the lagoon. A decent breeze helps to cool the room. Up above, rafters provide a perch for fire lizards and local avians. The thatch roof, made of straw, rarely lets in any rain.

It's dancing night at the Tiki Lounge - one of many, assuredly, with a weyr stocked with harpers - but the night is seasonably cool and the floor is bustling with activity. Though they are not at the very center of the floor (despite a certain tiny person's best attempts), R'hyn is counted amongst them, conspicuously tall form rendered short by a stoop that brings him to the level of a tiny, pale-haired toddler. "Dance, dance, dance," the weyrleader chants, thumbs clasped in the two-turn-old's hands, keeping her aloft as she bounces with abandon and shakes loose curls everywhere and generally makes with the chaos the likes of which only children can inspire. "Whee!," is cried, and R'hyn takes it for the cue that it is, hands gripping hers to hoist her into the hair for a spin that is… in no way in time with the music but shhh. It's fine. They've so got this.

It's just another night at Half Moon Weyr, and a certain lanky Dolphineer can once more be seen amoungst the ranks, the flutter of her lime green Sarong showing more well-tanned skin than usual. Sea-green eyes watch the father-daughter dance with a smile, somewhat dampened at the edges. Making her way to the bar. "Starting them on parties a bit early aren't you?"

Blue-grey eyes lift for a voice that is so familiar but has been so absent from the weyr excepting bits and pieces of little visits, vague curiosity trading out for a twitch-up grin as his gaze finally lands on Tanit. "Hey!," is bright and pleasant, reflecting how happy he is to see her before the meaning of her words sink in. Waiiit a second. "Heyyy," is said again, this time in protest because she's implying he's being a bad dad. Rude! "It's never too early to learn to party right," he argues the logic, hefting Ibsyglei up into one arm. "How 'bout you come over here and show us how it's done." FIGHTIN' WORDS, words he doesn't even mean because he's coming to her, one arm extended for a sideways hug, if she'd like it. "Nice outfit. Don't let Ila see it. He's still cursing your name over that damn piano." And, teasing dispensed, a somewhat more serious but no less pleasant, "How are you?"

"I'd have thought not having to treck a fussy kid down to the commons would have made up for the color." Tani teases warmly, "I'm fine. It's been kind of strange being back but if I stayed any longer…" Sea green eyes shift to bouncing curls with a soft shake of her head returning the hug. "How have you been?"

MISS DANCE NIGHT? UNFATHOMABLE. It's why Ila'den is there, laden down by the other two children currently unaccounted for on the scene: Ciardyn, and Heribly. Ciar is too small to participate really, but he's ready smiles around drooling fingers and big, big eyes where he's settled, strapped to Ila'den's chest by way of a carrier while Hery has the honor of being up on Ila'den's shoulders. She is the one who announces their arrival. To everybody. EVERYWHERE. She's got too many teeth showing in much too big smiles, and cries out over the musice with cheerfully loud, "HIIIIII!" and, "HIIIII BABY!"s to everybody as they move. Some people say hi back, others stare at her like they aren't quite sure what to do with a two-turn-old so eager to be friendly, but then it ceases to matter because redundant hellos become redundant, "DA-EE! DA-EE!" and a whole lot of EXCITED WIGGLES. "ISSY! ISSY!" HERY CAN SEE FROM AROUND THE FOOF OF ILA'S HAIR, HONEST, but Ila'den doesn't need the dark-haired darling on his shoulders to pick his weyrmate, or his child, or the purveyor of lime green pianos out of the crowd. That's why he's SUDDENLY THERE, leaning to the side ALL UP IN R'HYN'S SPACE in a manner clearly meant to convey that HE SHOULD TAKE HERIBLY FROM HIS SHOULDERS. If, you know, all the face hugging the young girl is doing (and them kisses she readily delivers) is not a clear indication. "Tanit," comes on husky tones, amusement in the smile that comes but briefly. "Somehow that color suits you." THAT? That's dry tones, because HE SEES YOU VILLAIN. HE'S RUDE. "If you'd stayed any longer, I'm pretty sure Heryn would have mounted a search to find you." Because there's been a distinct lack of lime-related things in their lives.

"I had to make sure everything was settled," Tanit replies glibly, with a chuckle and a slight cuff to the shoulder for the elder bronzerider. "But Mom and the twins are settled, and my brother and sister were old enough for me to at last make my escape." Except that brother and sister aren't the right words for Veylin and Vesta, but perhaps it expresses a measure of trust and friendship that the Dolphineer doesn't seem concerned about being corrected. "I feel like I've missed so much. These guys have all gotten so big." Eyeing the small herd of kids. (Children, not baby goats, though with the drooling and the sticking of things in mouths perhaps baby goats aren't too incorrect a description.

Poor Tanit. She's surrounded! How does it go? In Half Moon Bay, babies come to you? "I think it's a vast improvement. Granted, there's a sort of sentimentality attached to the original, but it has been nice since it's been tuned." Because it wasn't originally much to everyone's chagrin, surely. Blue-grey eyes flick to Ila'den for his arrival, seeking his input on the topic of WEYRPIANOS even as Heribly takes a swandive for his face. R'hyn catches her with a laugh and a low, "Hi, baby," and a return dishing of kisses from him and Ibsy both. Kisses for R'hyn, kisses for Heribly, kisses for Ila, even kisses for Tanit if she doesn't scoot out of range of the overly-friendly toddler's grasp with a quickness. Indiscriminate love, it's a thing! There's a playful look from Ila'den (and his charge) to Tanit, one that says behave even as he really says, "We just missed you. I'm glad the twins are settled in, though. I'm sure it wasn't easy." Mention of Tanit's relationship to the twins does indeed go unmentioned, accepting it as the truth to be spoken even as attention returns to their passel. "They are. They need to stop it immediately." Because the little girls are talking to each other in their own little language that's half-english, half-bleating to KEEP WITH THE GOAT THEME, but it's got the cadences of real conversation and it's almost too much. "Did you solve the great pearl crisis of 2715?"

NO INPUT ON WEYRPIANOS FROM ILA, nothing more than a look at Tanit that's half amusement, half affection, half exasperation that should say MORE THAN ENOUGH about how he feels in regards to that situation. Heribly gets in on the over-abundance of kisses with delighted squeals of laughter and a, "HEEEEE," every time she draws in a breath, pressing hands, and lips, and DEMANDS into the person of every person she can reach with Ibsy. "Kisses! Da-ee, is kisses! Kisses, kisses!" Which means that, for a moment, Ila'den is busy kissing Heribly and Ibsy (and maybe sneaking in a kiss to R'hyn's jaw too) while tiny fingers curl in his hair and pull and make a BIGGER MESS OF IT THAN WHAT IT ALREADY IS. SO MUCH GRAVITY, MUCH DEFY, WOW WOW WOW. "He missed you. I only mild concern about your wellbeing." IT'S A JOKE, TANIT. He missed you too, even if he doesn't delve into questions about twins, or their wellbeing, or the shift of them from 'children' to 'siblings' because it's not his business and he's never been one to pry. So instead, that grey eye goes back to Hery and Ibsy as they babble on about Faranth knows what, seeming to understand each other perfectly with random hiccups of words that make sense but make NO SENSE. 'Bubbles. Da bubbles,' and, 'Da wight. Da-ee go bye bye.' WELP. Ila'den is commandeering a seat, and pulling Ciardyn from his chest to also smother in a kiss or two because they all need to be included. This means that he's got one drooly hand pressed against his brow and a much too cute baby scrunching up their face with baby laughter when he looks back to Tanit. "You haven't missed much, little fish. I'm still as ugly as ever and R'hyn still tries to tell me what to do, only now he uses his title to do it." The rest of what he's thinking goes unsaid, because it's Not Nice. But it's there in a wolfish smile right before tiny fingers ruin the image by shoving themselves between lips with another baby-squeal of laughter.

TODDLER KISSES! Run for the hills! Except that Tanit just laughs lifting a corner of her sarong to wipe at the drooly face with a chuckle. Yes, there are swim shorts beneath so no she did not just flash the bar. Of easy? Tani smiles, swiping her drink from the bar at last. "It was what needed to be done. For everyone." But the words sound like something that has been repeated too frequently. "In the Lagoons of black moon bay, Several hundred oyster lines have been lain over the course of the last year, not to include a few other test mollusks. Journeyman Calysta and the pod are settled in nicely." Ila's commentary is met with a sickly sweet smile, you know, the kind someone wears before they stuff limes some place awkward. "I'd argue the ugly part, but there are children present and I'd rather not upset the new Weyrleader." Oh yes, R'hyn you are never living this one down. "I'd heard that Cita took the Senior knot." The dolphineer sipping the mojito thoughtfully.

Well, fine. If there's kisses to be had, R'hyn's in on it, nose wrinkling along with a grin for Ila's snuck-in kiss, the younger bronzer pushing back to return the favor to weyrmate, son, weyrmate again and then, "Alright, alright, enough kisses. I'm gonna chomp whoever tries it next." Teeth clack menacingly at little children and their father too, as he hefts the girls more comfortably in his arms and leans against the bar for balance. Ibsy issues girlish little giggles for Tanit's attempts to clean her face, tongue promptly coming out to blow a raspberry and smother dimpled features in slime again, but it was a good try. "Hm," R'hyn hums as Tanit fetches her glass, eyes on her face, expression parked somewhere sympathetic. "Well, if you're ever jonesing for a fix, we've got you covered." Wink. And then he lets the subject pass if it will, focusing instead of oyster and mollusk lines. "That sounds… complicated? Does it take much to get them situated?" He's curious, alright? And then there's a choked noise coming from the weyrleader, a playful glare flicked between rider and dolphincrafter. "Nevermind. I didn't miss you at all." He's joking. "And I do no such thing. Not outside our weyr anyways." WINK. As for Cita… "She did, much to her deepest regrets. Call her Milady Weyrwoman as often as you can, as a personal favor to me. Better yet, fill her inbox with requests. The more obscure and unbelievable, the better. We've been doing it for months, writing them up in different hands. It's fabulous." Rudest.

"Promises, promises," Ila'den drawls for threats of TEETH on his PERSON. THEY'RE PROBABLY THERE MORE OFTEN THAN YOU THINK. EYYYYYOOOOO. BADUM TSH. As for Cita? Ila'den adds onto R'hyn's comment with, "When we're not playing her her very own themesong every time she steps foot out of her office." How have they not been murdered yet? ONE OF THE WORLD'S GREATEST MYSTERIES. Second greatest is how Ila GOT R'HYN, and third greatest is - PLIP! - the impeccable timing of flits. Ila'den's catching at a letter, looking it over before crumpling it in his fist and tucking it away into his pocket. A beat, as he secures Ciardyn back into that carrier and - laughter. Low, rumbling, short-lived. "Careful now, little fish. I might think that you like me." But he's moving to stand, to retrieve Heribly from R'hyn even as he STEPS INTO THE WEYRLEADER'S SPACE, squishing Ciardyn just a little as fingers find R'hyn's lower back and dip a fraction of an inch below his waistband before pressing up against his back, bunching the material of his shirt with the movement. And in he leans, to steal a kiss that's chaste in that there's nothing more than lips, but there's still something heated, a challenge in that lingering contact before he pulls away. "Teeth, husband. I'm looking forward to it." And then a shift to step around him. "Welcome home, Tanit. It was good seeing you." AND THERE HE GOES, DISAPPEARING INTO THE SUNSET.

"You just want a free babysitter." Tanit teases, but there's warmth there even as her sarong is slimed by toddler drool. Hey, she tried. "Just far more time in the water than out. We have warmer waters than Tillek, so it will likely take several years of fiddling around with things like location and which species do best in our waters. Right now though all that's left to do is let them sit and cook so to speak." As for being missed, the dolphineer grins, "Lies, if not for me who would be your drinking buddy when Cita's tied up with being Madame Weyrwoman and Ila's on sea monster patrol?" Still she shakes her head, "I'll hold off on the obscure requests until she's more settled in, I actually like Cita." My Lady Weyrwoman though, that might stick. "I don't dislike you does that count?" And off he goes into the sunset, a wild Ila. "You have strange taste in Men R'hyn. Not that I disapprove." But strange taste none the less.

GURL YOU ARE NOT WRONG, but at least for now, Ila'den is safe - R'hyn reiterates that threat with another click of teeth against one another accompanied by a playful growl, but there's no words forthcoming. Instead, blue-grey eyes roll back to fix on Tanit, full of mirth as he says, "I do not! … Well, I do. But solely for your benefit, yes." Don't mind him. The horns are just there to hold the halo up. "It's true though," regarding his lack of drinking buddies, "I have been alarmingly sober in your absence. You should see to this oversight as soon as possible. That's an order." Because if he's gonna be accused of abusing his post, he might as well DO IT RIGHT. There's a wave of his hand in the air regarding cutting poor Citayla a break, lips vibrating in a sharp 'pfffffft' because did you hear Ila? They serenade her badly on flutes daily and she does just fine. Whatever followup he might have offered, though, is swallowed back with a curious glance for the flit that plips from between, buried under the weight of a grin for Ila's encroachment of his space, a look that says 'remember the teeth' as much as it welcomes his weyrmate's proximity. There's a low noise of contentment for fingers on skin, lips on his, for the challenge inherent in the gesture. His own hand comes up to splay against Ila's side, a gentle pinch to a curve of ribs followed swiftly by a promised, "Later." Blue-greys follow after the man's departure because one hates to watch him go but LOVES TO WATCH HIM LEAVE, humming agreement for Tanit's observation under his breath. "The absolute strangest." He can't even argue that. "Though to be fair, I have very strange tastes in the kind of women I keep in my life, too." TANIT. CASE IN POINT. He accuses her of as much with a look before offering her a hand, head tilting towards the dance floor. "Come and dance crazy with us for a while, at least until they come to pick Ibsyglei up. Then we can make good on that drinking thing, hm?" Off he goes, reeling her in with a really bad fishing reel dance move if she resists because she's Little Fish and he's hilarious, shut up! It was funnier in my head.

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