Two From The Tiki

Western Weyr - Tiki Lounge
The room seems far bigger inside than outside, even when full of relaxing weyrfolk and travelers. Towards the front, in the western corner, is a small stage, providing the intoxicated or just plain brave a chance to display their talents. Several tables with chairs decorate the floor and a small area is open for dancing. The bar is rather long and well stocked, glasses of different shapes and sizes hanging suspended from a rack above the bar. Behind the bar is another open window that gives one a view of the forest behind the tavern. Turning around, one is greeted by a lovely view of the lagoon. A decent breeze helps to cool the room. Up above, rafters provide a perch for fire lizards and local avians. The thatch roof, made of straw, rarely lets in any rain.

The bartender brings Hadi her new drink, she sunks it down and smiles happily. His drink is eyeballed, she purses her lips and proceeds cautiously, asking slowly "Do, you.. I mean would you actually drink that?" Running a hand through her badly cut hair, she twirls a strand around her finger and chews on her fingernails. "It looks like something that comes out of a runner." Tilting away, as if the liquid might jump out and bite her. At his manly display she nods appreciatively, "Whatever you say, men act so silly." With the jaw jutting she looks concerened, "Is there something wrong with your neck?" Eyes getting all big, she says "You kill wherry's? But, but they're so beautiful and they have feelings to! Did you ever consider that!"

Aengus stands square in front of the bar near Hadria, a glass of some indeterminate murky brown liquid in his right hand. With some trepidation, he lifts the shot glass partially to his mouth, looking for all the world like he may actually take a sip of the stuff but seems to decide to answer the girl's questions first before devulging. Or mayhaps he's just chickening out. "Feelings? Dear, the only feelings a wherry has is that he wants to kick you in the head if'n you cross his path wrong. Beyond that, I don't think a thought enters their head other than eating and concentrating on what comes out the other end." The drink in his hand is examined again and he twirls it experimentally, as though weighing the possible outcomes of actually drinking whatever is in there, "I think it looks good to me. Bartender says it was the strongest he has. I bet someone in the Weyr that I could drink a few shots without throwin' it back up, so I decided to practice a bit before the actual match … and …" He lifts his free hand to rub at his neck with a scrunched up brow, his eyebrows knotting together, "My neck is fine. I think it's quite a good neck, too. Holds my head on rather firmly n' all. It's you girls that seem to act weird and all. Asking about necks and runnerbeast droppings and all."

"That's quite the interesting conversation you two are carrying on about—girls, beast droppings, and booze.." Comments a rugged voice belonging to the Weyrlingmaster as he approaches the bar, settling in a spot next to Aengus with a speculative eye drawn toward the shot. "Helps to chase that down with something," he notes, almost casually as he nods to the bartender, waiting for his turn to snatch a drink up as he leans an elbow on the bartop, scratching his head briefly with the other to tossel up his red mop even more. "And yeah, that stuff is good to drink though it'll hit you like a ton of bricks if you aren't careful." Once the bartender has come back from serving other customers, he looks to N'kor and the two reach over and clasp hands with one another, grinning like impish fools as N'kor smirks, "Didn't think it'd take me this long to get those products for you. Seems like up in Nabol they're having issues with this Turns batch. Nasrinth is out back watching over it if you want to send your guys out.." The bartender nods and talks for a moment to N'kor, to which after a dark ale is poured into a mug and handed off to the vintner gone Weyrlingmaster. This is when the bartender thusly goes to get some workers to drag in the haul from outside and the point when N'kor glances at both Hadria and Aengus.

Hadria jumps into a seat, putting her elbows on the bar and swinging her legs. Twirling the little fake umbrella in her drink, staring off into space as Aengus speaks and shaking her head. "You say that because you're a man, if you weren't so busy trying to kill the Wherry maybe you could see how beautiful and special they are." Speaking with great passion, her squeaking soprano doing it's best to be persuasive. Mid-slurp she places her hand on her head, groaning and saying quickly "Ow, ow.. to fast ow." Sticking two fingers in her mouth she presses up on the roof of her mouth, "Well, drink it then." She says, watching with a small bounce in her chair. "Girls are weird aren't they?" Agreeing and glancing back at the Weyrlingmaster, she gets out of her seat quickly. "Hello sir, would you like to sit down?" Twiddling her thumbs and studying N'kor closely.

Aengus brings that shot glass to his lips once more, very nearly letting the liquid touch his lips before he drops his hand again in favor of addressing the arriving Weyrlingmaster. All those distractions aren't doing much for his drinking, considering he's been just holding onto the same drink for such a long time now. It doesn't seem to phase him as he offers N'kor an extremely wide grin over his glass of drink, which looks rather amusing having been placed into a rather gaudily patterned glass, "I'm always ready for it. I've probably had something similar before, y'know. I try to sample some of the stronger things they have. Gotta keep up on the newest and the best to use for bets." And here and there he adds a slight nod, trying his best to sound official and informed on the subject at hand. The mention of new stock being added to the bar seems to perk his interest though, as his eyes seem to follow the bartender then dart quickly to the door outside for a moment, "Something new? Strong, perhaps? Stronger than this?" And he lifts the small glass in his hand, swirling the murky liquid around once more. It's almost as though he's more interested in holding it than drinking it. "I'll drink it when I get around to it, y'know," he adds to Hadria with confidence, "Can't rush these things. Gotta let them air out a bit to help improve the flavor." He wrinkles his overlage nose at the wherry comment, "You ever seen a real wherry up close? They're actually kind of ugly n' smelly. And dirty." No wonder he's covered in dirt at the moment.

Two reddish brown brows lift on his forehead when Hadria systematically leaps out of her seat and thusly offers it over, to which N'kor waves a hand in a polite dismissal, muttering, "I'm fixed on my traditions," he says as if to explain, "So thank you, but no thank you." He watches her for a moment longer before taking a pull of his dark ale, letting the flavour refresh him, though the dampness suggests he was out in the weather already for that - if briefly. Afterward, he comments, "Wherries are beautiful and special when they're roasted and put on my plate—" he half grins in Hadria's direction, though his eyes follow down toward Aengus, correcting him almost absently, "Airing it out won't improve the flavour, it may actually weaken it. However, that takes days. Don't have to worry about that now," an amused crinkle shows at the sides of his eyes as he turns back to his ale, taking another mouth-full before he shrugs at the other questions directed at the shipment. "It's a malt scotch," his eyes vaguely watch the men sent into the back behind closed doors to deal with the new stock, as N'kor murmurs, "It's fairly good. Not the best quality persay, but the best bang for your buck. That's the only thing new in the shipment." He eyes Aengus once again, "So, going to drink that anytime soon? It's better when it's not heated up by your hand. Trust me."

Hadria jumps back up on the stool, pouting, glancing between N'kor and Aengus and back again. "Men! You all act so much a like, it's silliness." Tapping on the table, she zones out and places her head on the bar, fingers tracing the wood grain on the bar. Commenting quietly, "You all need lessons in compassion." With the glass of strong liquor in aengus's hands she says "If you won't drink it, well I will." Grinning and reaching out her hand to take the glass a big ,sweet, smile on her face. Waiting for his reply she asks N'kor, "You know a lot about alcohol, you must drink a lot."

Aengus hesitates for a long moment with the glass suspended halfway between his mouth and the bartop. From the look on his face, there must be some internal conflict going on inside him - to drink the horrible looking liquid and look extremely manly in the process or to somehow opt out of it for the sake of his tastebuds? When Hadria begins to reach for it seems to be the cue that the man needs, as he protectively pulls the shot glass away from the questing hand with a mischievous grin alighting his face all of a sudden, "Not fit for young women of your character. Wouldn't like to see you caterwauling on that stage over there after a single shot of this stuff." And it starts to inch closer and closer to his lips. Almost there. And with a last resigned look, he tips the contents of the glass into his mouth and swallows as fast as he can. Rather than voice his displeasure with an oath or a curse, his thoughts on the taste of the liquor show clearly on his face. Aengus purses his lips tightly together and furrows his thick eyebrows in a look of squinty-eyed agony at whatever just entered his mouth. Is that a slight tear in the corner of one eye as well? If it was, he doesn't let it show as he qipes it quickly away with his other hand and chokes out to N'kor, "Got a kick to it, y'know." And that's all he manages to get out for now, even though he does watch the delivery of the new stock out of curiousity.

N'kor actually laughs at Hadria's last comment and when his amusement petters out enough to allow him to speak, he turns his blue eyes on her, "What's your name?" Clearly the mirth still behind his eyes, he continues, "I'm a vintner if you must know. Knowledge of alcohol secures us business and like most professionals, I do not drink what I sell, since that would be bad business. Of course, taste testing is never out of the question." A beat as he makes his own drink swish in the mug, "These days however, I'm more a Weyrlingmaster than a vintner. I do the odd jobs here and there for good clients of mine, but it's not like it was prior to impressing." Of course, all of the attention then goes to Aengus, and the man himself watches with an obvious smirk filtering across his mouth. He knows what it is and what it does to the best and hardest of men. So when the guy actually goes through with it after some pressuring from the young woman next to him, N'kor cannot contain a laugh, which bubbles up at the reaction Aengus has to it, even the bartender is seen chuckling from a distance. N'kor on the other hand claps Aengus on the back, fingers squeezing him a little behind the neck, "I respect a guy for doing that," his eyes darting toward Hadria, then back down to Aengus, "Hrm. I'd definitely figure someone who can stand up to that stuff can manage the sands without tripping over his own feet." He debates as he regards Hadria, "Want to try a shot of what he just had?"

Hadria smirks just a bit, as Aengus protects his liquor the bright eyed smirk make it look like this was her plan all along. Reaching out a hand, to stop him as Aengus drinks she watches his face and giggles, though she quietly mutters "Oh, poor thing. Need water? Don't puke near me, please?" With N'kors offer she tilts her head from one side to the other, contemplating "I guess I could try, I mean.. it can't be that bad." Doubt tinges her voice and she exhales. Pushing the badly cut hair out of her face she says, "What is it called?" Glacing around for the bar tender she asks, "Can i have some of whatever he had? Just a little though. And, umm a glass of water."

Aengus gives his throat a noisy clearing, perhaps trying to get rid of whatever horrid aftertaste must be left behind after that little drink. Keeping his hand as steady as possible, he replaces the now empty shot glass back onto the bartop. Funny how it looks so innocent with its islandy patterns without that murky liquid inside it. "That I wouldn't know, y'know. I've never tried walking on any sands of any sort after drinking anything like that." Wrinkling his nose, he swallows again and gives an almost imperceptible sway, placing a hand on the bar in front of him to stop himself from moving so much that it can be seen easily. Atleast he has the dignity not to ask for any water to drink after that, but he does manage to recover himself enough to eye Hadria with a lopsided, yet still somewhat pained-looking grin, "I say give her a big glass. She wanted to take mine afterall. Must mean she's ready for a giant double shot of the stuff. Might put some har on her chest, eh?"

N'kor seems to be enjoying the moment, taking his hand away from Aengus as the bartender hesitates to give Hadria the shot, with a cautious look thrown to N'kor. The weyrlingmaster just shrugs his shoulders, sighing as if vexed, "Alright alright. Don't give it to her. I don't have to clean up if she does vomit…" He regards Hadria, "No offense, but any slender young woman whose had that shot doesn't last long and shows it again… always. So it's best that I just invite you both to be candidates before that happens. Of course, feel free to stay and drink all you want, just, pace yourself. You won't get to drink … much …" the last said with a quieter voice, "when and if you do accept candidacy. My boy outside thinks he ought to get the first pick and he wants two since he didn't believe he found any for his first clutch… Telgar's search riders got most of the candidates. He was very disappointed." N'kor rambles a bit before he shrugs his shoulders, "It's a life changing decision. I mean look at me, I went from a journeyman to a weyrlingmaster in a matter of four turns… Think about it and get back to me later with your answer. No need to put you on the spot." His shifts a little, suddenly finishing with his drink, pushing the half full mug away from himself. "The offer is there. Nasrinth and Bennueth's eggs are clutched. We need young folk to stand in front of them. Sounds easy, doesn't it?" A beat, "And yeah, that's as official as it can be-" his eyes glazing over at this, "-you wanted two. I picked 'em. You get no more. That's it. It's done. If they don't want it, they don't have to…" Clearing his throat at this, he realizes he spoke outloud and smirks at the two, eyes clearing up, "Sorry. Nasrinth is quite interested in you two, but we've got weyrlings to attend to. You can meet him later on if you like." Busy busy.

Hadria wrinkles her nose at Aengus, "I could so drink it! I just, have things to do." A nice excuse, she looks over at N'kor. "I.. I stood once, it was." Grimacing and finishing her frilly fruity drink, "I could try though, or at least think about trying." A very serious look comes over her face, innocent and sweet she says "I won't stand at a hatching without lights though, igens was scary and horrible and I will never ever do anything like that /ever/ again." Laying that down and sighing.

The look on Aengus' face goes frm surprised with his thick bushy eyebrows nearly meeting his hairline to an expression similar to the one he wore when he took that horrible shot, his brows nearly knitted together in thought. "I … well …" he begins, clearing his throat again as he gives thought to the matter or as much thought as one of his stature could possibly give it. "I think it might be nice to try, I s'pose. Can't hurt anything. My brothers are always ribbing me that the dragons'd never want to pick me for Search for some reason or another." Here he pauses and brushes a hand absently over his hair, smoothing any loose strands down with practiced ease, "Not that I know why they'd say such a thing, eh?" But he soon grins wide at N'kor and adds with a faint nod of his head, "Yeah, then. I s'pose I'll try. I can live without alcohol for a bit, I'm guessing." Or atleast the alcohol he just drank, anyways.

"I heard about that Igen hatching," he was down in Eastern at the time, his eyes glancing back toward the door and then another mutter to Hadria, "Take your time and think it through. I don't want anyone on the sands that hasn't thought of going through weyrlinghood after it. Impressing is the first step, just remember that." He looks anxious for another moment, "Never a moment of peace with them is it…." he sighs, another cross look taking a hold of his features as he turns a glance to Aengus, who accepts easy enough, "Greet." N'kor looks pleased for a split second, "Just come find me later on when you can, after you've had all the drinks and women and… everything else you want to have before hand. Seriously lad, it's a hard two turn span without them, so get enough of everything while you have your chance. Then I'll go over all the official stuff, cause I'm not organized right now." He stands up, "Shards. I'm off. Conflicts and such. Find me later."

End from N'kor POV due to RL

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