Searching Nalissi

Western Weyr - West Bowl
The western end of the great bowl of the Weyr. You can see the steep walls of the crater to the south and south, with small openings and ledges in the cliffside. These are the individual weyrs of dragons and their riders. To the west you can see the great natural arch, and the lagoon, to the east, the center of the bowl. To the south you see a large natural cave opening that has been made into a tunnel. It is the main entrance to the Weyr from the road to Half Moon Bay Hold.
Electric lights light the entrances as those on night duty come out to take over, moving quietly in the night so as not to disturb those sleeping about the Weyr.Winter has descended once again upon the Western island, though those from the north would never be able to tell it, but the short days and the cooler nights are painfully obvious to those born here.

It's a bit of a rainy day about Western Weyr, the dirt in the bowl having given way to mud as the hard rain from a few days ago lightens up to a small sprinkle. Despite the weather, riders and residents a like are still about their duties, the bowl streaming with activity as per usual, at this time of day. Even then, despite Bennueth on the sands, it seems to stall Rea none in completing her tasks, standing next to a greenrider as they look over a clipboard. "Well yes, S'ron, I know there are a few fire risks from the lightning storm, but," and the goldrider lifts a mud sogged boot to prove her point, "This much water is hardly going to risk the timber, much less cause a fire. Keep an eye on it, of course, but you and Vanth keep to your regular wing sweeps. We're mainly looking for mudslides in the vacinity…" The greenrider nods a bit, following Rea's finger as she draws some invisible line across a ma pthat they both are looking at. The green, Vanth, sits close by to the duo, lifting a foot from the mud from time to time, making a soft squelching sound as she does so.

The rain hasn't so much dampened her spirits but it has dampened the hem of Nalissi's dress and her feet. She picks her way through the bowl, tippy toes, avoiding puddles and splashes as she twists and turns, weaving a path amongst the other soggy residents. Her satchel bounces against her hip and she keeps a good hold on it, though not good enough as a passerby passes too close, dragging the bag off her shoulder. Pulled off balance she takes a few stumbly steps then rights herself, just in time to step fully into a mudpuddle. Her mouth drops open then she snaps it shut and stands there a moment, one ankle submerged, then starts to laugh, looking down at herself.

Rea's attention is drawn from her discussion with the greenrider, the Jr. weyrwoman looking up from her clipboard to the laughter as soon at the rainbow eye of Vanth does, as well. There's a slight grin on Rea's lips, though her face looks diligently sympathetic. "You alright? Escaping the sop around here is a miracle in itself." The goldrider abandon's S'ron for a moment as she walks over to the lass, Nalissi, grinning a bit more as her own boots squelch. "Need help, or are you okay? I know a few kids have gotten themselves stuck… the mud sucking on their shoes 'n such." she inquires, S'ron and Vanth both watching the duo quietly from their position at the side of the bowl. The green, Vanth, steps a bit forward, turning her head so that her other whirling eye may inspect the situation, S'ron turning to look at his beast as she does so. Alas, Rea fails to take notice of any of this, while her back is turned to them. "Your… Nalissi, right? N'kor's— cousin?"

Nalissi ahems and then tugs on her own leg, a thankful glance to the sandals in her hand then she smiles up at Rea. "Oh..aye, fine.." she says as she tug-tug-tugs. "And aye, Nalissi…though to hear him tell it, "lil Nalissi"," she says with a grin. Her foot slurps free and other than being decidedly wet and gooey between the toes, she is unharmed and finally steps down onto firmer ground. She looks around with a bemused expression and nods, "I can imagine..walkin along with a lil one's hand in yours then *slurp*, stuck." Her hand extends and bangle braclets slide down the narrow limb, "Nice to meet you Miss…" and she smiles. Her head turns and she looks to the green, tilting her head slightly, "Amazing with the size footprint they make they don't become encumbered as well."

Rea grins a bit broader at the reference made of Nalissi's nickname, "I think I do recall N'kor's reference to the nickname… was a while ago, though." The goldrider stands there for a moment, wrinkling her nose as Nalissi's bare foot squelches free of the mud puddle. "Well, they say mud is good for the skin… don't remember where I read that bit of insight, but…" As she looks up again, the jingle of the lass' bangles makes Rea notice the extended hand, and with little hesitance, Rea returns it. "Mmm, Rea, Bennueth's rider. I've met you before, obviously… though probably didn't properly introduce myself. Always a pleasure to know a relative of the Weyrlingmaster's." As Nalissi's attention is diverted, Rea turns as well to look at green Vanth, before at S'ron… and back. Vanth lifts a foot carefully, bending her head and neck to look under her foot to the imprint she's made. « We're lighter then you think… » Comes a rippling, dark voice in reply, that only Nalissi and S'ron can hear. Causing the greenrider's head to snap up and blink at Nalissi. Again, with Bennueth on the sands, Rea is in the dark. "I'm not sure how the escape it. Maybe it's just the sheer mass, altogether… prevents them from so easily getting stuck."

A blush sweeps her cheeks and then Nalissi grins, "Aye, I'd say I mind it but in truth I don't mind so much, I am kinda lil.." and she nods, rocking on her heels. The handshake is gently confident and then the jingling girl blinks and her head snaps up and around. The dark green orbs flick to someone nearby in an accusatory manner then she noticies the dragon lifting a foot and setting it back down. For a second time her mouth drops open and she stares at the green, "Thas it likely.." she says almost absently, brows quirking.

Rea tries to cover her grin by biting her lip a little, looking away to the greenrider again as she attempts to give the blush an ease without her witness to it. "Well, it's a form of endearment, so why not enjoy the nickname? Must…" And the goldrider mumbles off as S'ron gives her a look, Rea turning to Nalissi for a moment, noting her distraction. "Hold on a moment…" The goldrider mumbles, stepping over to the greenrider as she does so, leaving Nalissi no company save for the bulk of Vanth. « You have an open mind… potential… » The green mumbles, stalking herself a bit closer to Nalissi as the whirling eye picks up speed and the green seems to take much more interest in her. « S'ron… her. She will do. » And Rea is tugging at the greenrider, to bring him within hearing distance of Nalissi. "Well shards, man, if it's true, then ask her. I'm not going to cover for your behind, all the time…"

Nalissi grins one of those I'm-suppose-to-grin-while-I-am-hearing-voices-in-my-head grins. A giggle escapes her lips and she looks to Vanth. "Aye looks like…" she answers, helpless to do anything but address the voice she hears. When the green steps closer Nalissi perks and smiles, "Aren't you a pretty girl, I have pretty glass and gems just that color.. ya'd make a pretty mosaic…" she notes. The next comment makes her head tilt and she blinks up at Rea and her friend, "Aye?"
Vanth tilts her head a bit more, almost like a confused puppy on the comments of mosaics and gems. But if the green intended to say anything, she doesn't voice it, for as Rea tugs S'ron closer to Nalissi, the green takes a step or two back, rumbling as she does so. "A-are you sure you want me to, Rea?" The greenrider mumbles, before Rea playfully smacks his shoulder. "Well, what else use are you to me, then?" The goldrider grins, before stepping back a little and pushing the greenrider forward, just a step or two from the mud puddle Nalissi fell in. "Well, as you know ma'am, Rea's Bennueth has a clutch on the sands…" S'ron checks with Rea quickly, who makes encouraging motions, "And Vanth see's potential in you… a receptive mind to dragonkin. Would you be interested in standing for that clutch on the sands?" The man is a bit formal as he addresses Nalissi, but both rider, green and goldrider wait quietly, looknig to Nalissi after S'ron asks.

Nalissi watches the glances between dragon and riders curiously then she smiles up at S'ron, amused at the exchange between him and Rea. "Aye..a clutch.." She is a little familiar from just traveling around the weyrs and being around riders but in truth his next comment takes her by surprise. "She..does?" she asks with a brightening of her already sparkly eyes. "I never thought…I mean.. I've been up before.. such grand creatures.. beautiful..I see how the riders love them.." She tends to ramble a bit when her heart races and then finally bounces on her heels and giggles, "Aye, count me in, I'll stand.." she chirps to the gathering.

S'ron blinks at Nalissi's rambling, before laughing outright, shaking his head. "Yes, a clutch. And yes, they are wonderful creatures…" He looks at Vanth for a moment before shaking himself and looking back, causing /Rea/ to laugh, now. "Well done, S'ron." Rea chimes in, slapping him on the back and the slightly taller man grinning at Rea. "Well, then. Guess that adds another candidate to our ranks… When your ready to do so, Nalissi, gather your things and report to the candidate barracks in the lower caverns. It's where you'll be staying for a while, until Bennueth's clutch hatches." The goldrider straightens up a bit, going into a mode of business. "There isn't too much hurry, of course, since you are here and not somewhere else. But, better to get there when you can, and trade in for a candidate knot. Duties and the like will be assigned to you, once you report in." A large drop of rain msacks on Rea's shoulder, then, and the goldrider frowns, looking up to the sky at the culminating clouds before back to S'ron. "Will you see her in? I shoulde go check on Bennueth, and go talk with the Seamount Wingleader… I don't think the rain will go away, entirely soon." Turning back to Nalissi, Rea grins, "Candidate. I'll see you soon enough, I imagine. Better get inside before it gets too bad." And a glaze of her eyes suggests her dragon bespeaking her, so she turns and dashes back to the center of the bowl, where the hatching sands are…

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