Candidates in the kitchens...

It's evening, and Kimmila is in the kitchens with her arms crossed, watching the people work. She is actually without her clipboard, but she has a piece of paper that she's using a countertop to write on.

Hadria skips in, big smile on her face. Not paying any attention to where she is going, she knocks someone carrying an arm load of dishes. Almost causing a disaster, she squeaks "Sorry, oops. Really!" Trying to help a poor woman, the look on the kitchen staffers face clearly says that Hadria should just back away quickly. Hadi then looks around, touching the walls tapping her hand on the counters. The young weaver turned candidate is acting more unusual today, opening up cupboards and pressing on the walls. Almost as if it might move, looking disappointed and pouting.

Aengus edges his way into the kitchens, trying to look as nonchalant as possible. That seems to be a difficult thing to pull off for his man, considering his very noticeable hair and stature, both which stand out quite a bit from the bustling cooks and assistants runing through the room. Even so, he begins to slide slowly along one of the bare walls, one of his hands gently tapping on its surface as he seems to be searching for something. While he's trying to be very discreet about it, he just ends up looking extremely out of place, especially when he bends forward to peer underneath one of the nearby countertops and behind a stack of packaging crates full of fresh produce for cooking. Oddly enough he nearly runs into Hadria, who seems to bee doing the same thing as he is, however he manages to skid to halt before careening right into the other candidate. Only then does he actually notice Kimmila, who he gives a winning grin, "Kimmila. Giving your clipboard a break?"

Kimmila turns to observe Hadria and Aengus with a detached look before offering them both a thin smile, "Evening. How are you both? I lost it, Aengus. I put it somewhere and someone or something moved it, and now I can't find it." She sighs and then leans over to listen to one of the cooks before making a final note on the paper, folding it and tucking it into her pocket. "How are you both?"

Hadria looks up at Kimmila, answering quickly with way to much perk. "I'm just fine, and you ma'am?" Moving around and looking over to aengus, in a very bad attempt to whisper she says "Found anything?" The poor kitchen staff, Hadria is not really minding who's way she is in. Going so far as to ask one of the cooks, "Could you, maybe scoot a little? Just for a moment." The cook complies, simply staring at Hadi. As she is almost run into she ducks to go examine another wall, going to far is to stare at the ceiling.

Aengus leans forward conspiratorily towards Kimmila, lowering his voice to a rough whisper in his deep voice, "There's apparently a secret room of wonderfulness somewhere in these Kitchens. Not that there's much indication as to where it might be. But imagine what must be inside it." He widens his eyes to make his point and holds his arms out to explain, "Heaps of food, treasure … or maybe a stack of new clipboards for you?" And to add to that, he waggles his thick bushy eyebrows in Kimmila's direction and gives her a bright grin. "You sure someone moved it? You didn't just misplace it yourself?" Of course he tries to look innocent of moving the clipboard, considering the woman's attachment to the thing. He shuffles a bit closer to the wall nearby and gives it an experimental tap, glancing over his shoulder at Hadria, "Nothing yet. All these blasted cooks are in the way, of course. One of them is probably standing on it." Anh that thought, he begins to tap the floor stone with his feet with relish. "Got Searched today, actually. Surprise to me. The dragons never seemed interested in me before. Maybe it's my natural good looks, eh, Kimmila?" He indicates his Candidate knot, still brand new against his fairly worn shirt.

Kimmila blinks at the two of them before she looks around at the kitchens, her brows narrowed. "A secret room? Huh." Then she turns to gape at Aengus, her face flashing through a mix of emotions. First surprise, then guilt, then pure jealousy. "Congratulations," she says in a choked voice, staring fixated at that knot. She shakes her head firmly. "Congratulations," she says again. "G-good luck with that. Who said there was a secret room?" Change of subject, anyone?

Hadria watches Kimmila, "Thank you, I'm not that excited.. it's kind of scary." Sticking her head in a cabinet, "Maybe we should get a ladder, or you could put me on your shoulders?" Suggesting and skipping to near the cold storage, she opens the door and goes inside. If anyone ever wanted to get rid of Hadria, now would be the time. "Nothing in here, it's kind of cold." Well no duh. Coming out just in time to hear Aengus say something about his looks she says, "You look alright, for a boy." Obviously showing some of her preference.
From afar, Hadria snugs

A clipboard wedged up under the bronzer's arm as T'lin heads into the kitchen surely tells of the business that deals with vintner and wing. THe mention of the room, and the voice of Kimmi makes the rider turn his head towards the three. "What's this about a secret room?" His voice curious, but not too curious as it seems. He looks at the two candidates and chuckles a bit softly. "I see you two got snatched up. Congratulations to the both of you."

Aengus takes a few more steps to the middle of the kitchen, nearly colliding with a meandering cook as he stomps across the floor searching for hollow areas or secret compartments. All his work is to no avail, though, as all he seems to gather is the wrath of the cook he nearly ran into. Clearing his throat in some manner of apology, he sidesteps back towards Kimmila and Hadria, offering the former a reassuring grin, "Thanks. I'm not sure if I'll regret the choice or not. We'll see how the chores are. I s'pose the only drawback is no female relationships until the hatching is over, or perhaps longer." He makes somewhat of a face at that, scrunching his face up in displeasure. He must be fairly thick in the head, as he seems to fail to notice Kimmila's discomfort at the subject and merely continues to respond to Hadria, "That would be a man, not a boy. But I appreciate the comment. I am fairly handsome, I know." He strikes a fairly stoic pose, perhaps trying to show that fact off as he brushes a hand over his hair to be sure all the strands are in place. T'lin is given a small grin, breaking his pose for the moment, "Not too long ago, actually. I think the chores don't start til tomorrow, so I've been tryin' to find this secret room."

Kimmila stares at Hadria as well, "You too?" She shakes her head slowly, backing up against a wall so that she might get some support. Her hands are shoved into her pockets, "Congratulations," she mutters. She eyes the clipboard that T'lin carries, "Evening, sir," she greets quietly. She grins at Aengus, "Are all your girls going to be terribly disappointed?" she teases.

T'lin lets out a soft laugh as he looks over at Aengus and then over at Hadria. "What makes you think that there's a room in here? I mean, it's a kitchen." He glances over at Kimmi and nods back at her. "Evening, Kimmila. Doing well?" He grins warmly before he looks over at Aengus. "I do know that I might have to grab some of you guys to help out my wing. So, be ready to be snatched up in a hurry one of these days."

Hadria nods quickly, pushing her hair back and looking in a cooking pot, putting a finger in the boiling pot and taking it out quickly. Licking her finger she says, "Add something to that, it's just not ready." Turning around, leaning forward in an awkward curtsey as her skirt is to long to really allow such a movement. "Hello sir, I will be sure to be ready." Squeaking out in her high pitched voice and saying, "Umm, no reason sir. None at all." Shooting Aengus a look, her green eyes big and eyebrows raised. The posing suprises her, she shakes her head. "We should keep looking, not just stand around." Pushing both hands on the wall, trying her best to move it.

Aengus edges around the room further, shuffling and stomping on different parts of the room much to the dismay of many of the kitchen staff that he ignores profusely. As he walks, he comments on the side to T'lin, "I'll be at your beck and call tomorrow. I have one last day of freedom before chores take over, so I'm taking it to my advantage." As he passes Kimmila, he aims a bright grin at her, "Ah, don't look glum. I'm sure your clipboard will turn up. If you're curious, I swear I had nothing to do with moving it, no matter how muchI thought about doing it." He peers down atthe floor beneath his feet, murmuring on the side to Hadria, "It has to be around here somewhere. That note couldn't be there for a reason." As he clomps about with his boots, he suddenly steps on something hollow, causing him to stop short. Blinking once or twice in dumbfounded amazement, he jumps up and down on the spot, eliciting a satisfying hollow THUNK THUNK. "Hey! A trapdoor!" He kicks at the stone beneath his feet, trying his best to unearth the edges or the handle beneath whatever grime or dust might be covering it.

Kimmila frowns at Hadria, "Next time use a tasting spoon, alright?" the assistant headwoman advises in a flat tone of voice. "I'm sure the cooks know what they're doing." She turns to look at T'lin, surprised. "What do you need help with in your wing, sir?." She grins at Aengus, shaking her head, "I know it wasn't you. You would have asked for ransom already." She hastens over when Aengus finds something. "Wow. I never noticed that before."

T'lin quirks a brow at Hadria with a smirk. "No reason?" He shrugs a bit to himself before looking over at Aengus when he finds a trapdoor and he tilts his head in slight amusement, or is that confusion. Hard to tell. He looks over at Kimmila with a smile and says, "Filling sandbags and the like. Monsoon season is coming up in the future. Need to get a head start on things." He looks over at the trapdoor once more before he smiles just slightly.

Hadria watches as Aengus finds the door, quickly hopping over to him and saying "You found it, I mean.. something." Blushing guiltily and getting down on her hands and knees, "This is, interesting." Eyes scanning the door and she sighs, standing up and walking back over to the pot she was tasting earlier. This time she grabs a spoon, slurping up some of the soup and stirring the pot. Paying little attention she goes back to the door, whispering quickly as she passes Aengus "Good job, you found it!" Excited little squeak, though she looks to be hiding her excitement well.

Aengus straightens up from his work at the trapdoor, letting out his breath in a slight puff as he aims a wide toothy grin at Kimmila, "Well you have me pegged. If I do find it, I'll be sure to think of a suitable ransom for such a valuable object. I'm sure you'd be willing to find me some nice delicacies from the storage caverns for its safe return." The mention of filling sand bags doesn't do much to instill happiness or anticipation in the man's face. In fact, he wrinkles his nose in distaste but merely gives his shoulder a shrug, "Eh. Chores are chores. I suppose if I have to do em, I have to." He bends forward to brush at the dirty grime on the floor, unearthing a worn handle of some sort that provides purchase for his fingers. He digs both of his hands into the groove, steps off of the trapdoor and pulls with all his might. Despite much straining and bulging of muscles, he releases his hold with a grunt and gives the trapdoor an angry glare, "So much for finding it, eh, Hadria? It seems to be locked." He looks over his shoulder at T'lin, "You sure you don't know anything about this thing? You must have been here as a candidate before, eh?"

Kimmila nods at T'lin, "Alright, sir. I can make sure that enough shovels and bags are requisitioned to your wing." She's assuming she won't have to help with the actual task of filling sand bags. "We should ask the leadership about it. I'm sure they know it's here."
T'lin shakes his head with a smile, "Guys. You're going to be in here so many times throughout your candidacy. Why not try and figure things out a bit at a time?" He looks over at Aengus, "Yea, I was a candidate here. And as for the trapdoor. Don't know anything about it." He shrugs a bit before he looks over at Kimmi. "Thanks for that. I'm sure the candidates will have a good bit of fun with filling sand."

Hadria nods to Aengus, looking back at the door and grabbing a bowl. Filling the bowl with the soup she was previously tasting, she leaves. Saying to Kimmila, "Thank you."

Aengus kicks absently at the door once more before trodding on it again and jumping on it a few more times. THUNK THUNK THUNK. Seems like no amount of jumping and pulling will get the door to budge, which seems to frustrate the man quite a bit. After the excitement of finding the thing, there's the let down of not being able to open it. "Yeah, I s'pose. But most likely we'll be peeling tubers or gutting fish or whatever it is Candidates are forced to do in here. I suppose I could try levering it open with a tuber next time I come in." He quirks a lopsided grin at that, glancing back at T'lin and Kimmila. "Well. I need to get going. Got to talk to the other Hunters and make sure my spot is covered before I move fully into the dorms." He scratches idly at the stubble on his face before glancing once more at the trapdoor that he uncovered, "I'll get that open somehow. There has to be somethin' good in there. Perhaps some nasty creature that has been living there in the dark for turns upon turns." With a final wave to the others, he heads out of the kitchens and into the living cavers after Hadria, humming somewhat tunelessly to himself. It seems he can't sing very well either, alas.

Kimmila shrugs after the Candidates, staring at the trap door. "I know that if I had something to hide I wouldn't hide it in the middle of the kitchens," she says to the rider with a chuckle. "This place is hardly ever empty, how would you get your stuff out?"

T'lin looks over at Aengus and gives a wave to the candidate. Then he looks back at Kimmi with a smirk. "It's not really a place to hide stuff." He walks over towards the trap door, covering it back up with a knowing fashion. "It's a place to hide, really." He looks back up at her and smiles. "Don't worry about it."

Kimmila shakes her head with a laugh, "I'm not worried about it." She looks at the door and laughs again, "To hide? That's a terrible place to hide. How would you know when it's safe to come out again?"

T'lin chuckles a bit. "You can hear the ambient noises in here quite well from down in there. There's a small little hole that lets the sound come through easily." He looks down at where the door is covered and hms a bit. "Wonder how long it'll take 'em."

Kimmila laughs, "How do you know so much about it? Did you ever have to hide from someone? Do you have the key? Maybe we should put something down there for them to find. I /know/ they won't rest until it's open."

T'lin grins a bit. "Because it was me who clued them in to where it was. I found a page from my journal in my bags when I was cleaning through my weyr. I gave it to my firelizard, Rioja, and he dropped it off in the dorms."

Kimmila laughs, "You're sneaky. You do know that this means that they'll be less focused on chores, though, right?"

T'lin gives Kimmi a smile. "Come now, Kimmi. If I see them not doing their chores. I'm preetty sure I can grab the Candidate Coordinators and show 'em the room." He chuckles darkly. "And I wouldn't be afraid to do it."

Kimmila chuckles, "Sounds like you've got a plan then. I should get back to my duties, T'lin. Clear skies."

T'lin gives a wave to Kimmi with a smile. "A plan for a good bunch of things really. Have a good night, Kimmila."

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