Nighttime Musings

Western Weyr - Center of the Bowl
This is the center of the huge oval crater of the Weyr. Standing here you can see how immense it is. The cliff sides rise up all around you, dotted with the caves of the dragon rider's weyrs. To the west you can see the arch open to the sea. North is the hatching grounds, south you see the cave entrance to the living caverns, and to the south east the entrance to the infirmary, raised a little from the weyr wall.

It is a beautiful clear night/foredawn in the bowl, and the greenie Kyldar lounges on the ground, with leaning back against Sinasapelth, plunking idly at the strings of a guitar and gazing up at the stars.

It is a beautiful clear night, and Kyldar is not the only person out enjoying it: out to the west, far beyond, a group of young people have been celebrating something upon the shores of the lagoon. Now, though, a shadowed figure makes its way back towards the weyr, shoulders drooped in contented exhaustion. The sound of the guitar catches Rhysanna's attention, and so she alters her path, weaving her way towards green and rider despite the hour and her presumed tiredness.

Kyldar hears footsteps, and sits up, leaning the guitar agains the dragon's side. Gazing through the darkness she recognizes Rysanna and gives a friendly wave. "Greetings and salutations. I hope you're faring well this fine night?"

"Oh!" says Rhysanna, in recognition. Her smile may not be visible through the pre-dawn gloom, but it's audible enough in the sound of her voice. "And the same to you. I… am. It's been a lovely night. We had a midnight picnic," she's clearly unashamed of how teenage that must sound, "and… it's just lovely, really. How are you? And your green?"

Kyldar fidgets into a more comfortable sitting position and stretches a little, getting the kinks out from having lounged on her back for a while. "Mm, the midnight hour is the best time for a good gathering of friends is it not? Life begins at sundown." Then: "Sinasapelth and I are both doing fine and well, thank you. I'm just getting in some stargazing, myself. I likely would've gone into Starcraft had I not decided to become a harper."

Rhysanna turns her gaze up, considering the skies above them with interest that is more cursory than intensely interested. "Harperdom would give you the words to describe them," she supposes. "In the more romantic sense, anyway. I suppose starcrafters have to be more precise. It's funny. When we were children, all we wanted was to be allowed to stay up all night, and now that we're not… it isn't that it's no longer appealing, but it's hard, knowing we have duties to attend to tomorrow."

Kyldar's amber eyes roll up to gaze at the sky in turn. "Indeed, and yes, in the romantic sense. Or at least I could wax prosaic. But I learned the constellations and such and some facts of astronomy from early on." Then: "Yeah, well, the night sky /is/ one of the better parts of staying up late. Still, yes, we do have duties and such. I could arrange to be put on a night shift, I suppose. But then I'd be /working/." That last word is enunciated with some exaggerated distaste. "I do enjoy the night, though. It's peaceful."

"Because the starcraft also runs in your family," remembers Rhysanna, sounding pleased with her ability to recall that particular factoid. "Right - working nights isn't anything like being simply able to stay up and enjoy them. Even if you're outside, under the stars." Or on the shores of a lagoon. She wraps her arms about herself, though it's likely not due to cold. "It is peaceful. It's freeing, somehow, I think. There are things I would do at night that I would never due out in the sun, somehow."

Kyldar says, "The shores of a lagoon can be the best place. And yeah, I wouldn't like to be working at night, really. The daytime is for working. The night is for thinking and pondering. Or just enjoying with friends, as you were doing. Or just enjoying the moment."

Rhysanna turns her head, glancing back in the direction of the distant lagoon, and is silent for some long seconds. "Mm," she agrees. "Exactly. I'd rather not interrupt the… balance of it. Is that what I mean? I'm not sure. Just that I know that nights are my time, even if I spend it sleeping." Mention of 'sleeping' has her yawning, one hand lifting to cover her mouth apologetically.

Kyldar grins. "Yeah, well, sleeping is a good thing too. Especially sleeping, maybe. But then again, I work hard, even if it's usually only drills and such, so getting rest is something to value." She stands up and gazes toward the lagoon curiously. After a pause she says: "You're regretting leaving the party, it seems?"

"And you have children." Rhysanna turns her attention back towards Kyldar, this time squaring her shoulders and shaking her head. "Not… well, a little, maybe? But one of the boys made some comments that I didn't like, and I'm not sure I want to stay up until dawn anyway. It was for the best." It rather sounds like she's attempting to convince herself of that. "I'm still hoping they'll grow up."

Kyldar smiles bigly at mention of her children. "Yeah, I have the best children in the world—but then again most parents have the best children in the world, right? But mine really are that." Then: "Ah, well, that happens, if you need to talk more, so be it. Likewise if it's not my biz, then so be it. Stay in your comfort zone."

Rhysanna can't help herself: she grins at Kyldar's remarks on her children, and certainly makes no protest. "Oh, it's nothing so terrible," she explains, of the incident out on the beach. "They just like to tease me about my Mother, and about her expectations for me. As if it's my fault that she has all those crazy ideas?" She manages not to sound completely bitter about it. "I just want to live my life."

Kyldar listens, and nods. "Yeah, it's kinda hard to live up to standard then. I know how it is. Really I do. /My/ mother, as you probably know, is Masterharper Moyrel. Her footsteps are not easy ones in which to follow. Of course, she may have been expecting me to, erm, do just that and maybe become her successor, or at least maybe her successor's successor— but, y'know" she jerks her thumb over her shoulder at the lounging green "having one of these precludes becomeing a Master of any craft." Then: "On the other hand, I've never had do deal with, erm, maverick parents, so there's that. I guess I'm luckier in that area."

Rhysanna exhales and allows, after a moment, "I suppose that's a different kind of pressure altogether: having a parent who has succeeded like that, and needing to live up to it." There's an almost smile in her voice, as though she finds relief in knowing that she's not alone. "Your mother is still proud of you, though? Even if you haven't… yes?"

Kyldar nods and smiles. "Yeah, she is. I'm satisfied with my lot in life. I have a fine lifemate" again she gestures at the dragon "and a fine, fine family, and a still-rising career in Weyr and Craft. All's well with my life so far."

Again, Rhysanna lets all the breath escape from her, and again, she sounds relieved. "Good," she says, firmly. "Good. I'm glad everything has worked out for you, truly I am. I hope that Mother… I'm sure she and I will work things out. Eventually, she'll just have to accept that I am who I am, and not the person she wants me to be, sometimes. Perhaps I should Impress a green dragon, too." But she's laughing as she says it.

Kyldar smiles. "Hey, you never know. I never expected to be searched, let alone to Impress. Still, you have your life to live, and as long as you're making something of it then it's all well and good, right? That's what your mother needs to learn."

"Yes," agrees Rhysanna, abruptly rather more firm than she has been, as if she's using this to demarcate something in her thoughts. "Exactly so. I… just have to work out how to remind her of it. And then convince people to move on from remembering. I'll manage eventually, I'm sure." She pauses, gaze lifting up towards the sky, and then back towards the greenrider and her green. "Thank you."

Kyldar nods, and picks up the guitar. "Anyway, as much as I do love the night, I do need to call it a night. It was good to be of help, though. Hang in there and have a good night, erm" she glances toward the east "or morning or whatever."

"I should go, too," admits Rhysanna, though she sounds reluctant (even if she's having to cover another yawn). "Thank you. Sleep well." A moment later, she's off on her way: trudging wearily back towards the caverns.

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