A Ribald Shopping Trip

Western Weyr - Open Market
The sweeping canopy of the lush, green tropics gives way in this place to a massive clearing, spanning what must be a great many acres in a bustling, hubbub of noise, color, and activity. Rich golden-red terra cotta bricks line the marketplace grounds, providing a clean, bright place to walk and a level ground to set up shop on. The central part of the marketplace is an open bazaar, where people come to set up temporary shops in tents, out of carts and wagons, and some right on the ground with their wares laid out for anyone to see. The centralmost point of the open market is a massive, marble fountain rising up into a spire from who's top runs a cascade of water down the sides, gurgling over the intricate, mounted sculptures of all manners of Pernese creatures from dragons to whers to runners and all large and small, down into a large pool where silvery-white dolphins of stone leap and play.The smells of rich foods and sweet pastries and exotic tropical fruits competes with the less tantilizing scents of fresh caught fish and livestock for sale and those waiting patiently beside their owners carts or pastured in the temporary pens while their owners do some shopping. The colors of goods and the vivid swaths of tents and canvas wagons makes the place alive with brilliance, and at most all hours of the day there is a flurry of activity to behold.

Weather reports suggest there'll be a storm, later, but now, early in the afternoon, the skies are only gently overcast. Of course, it's still hot, and humidity is rising: the crowd of people in the market makes for a not especially pleasant experience. That has yet to deter Rhysanna, who is presently browsing the wares of a trader who specializes in fine fabrics. She's lifted up the trailing end of a bolt dyed a deep crimson, fingering the weft and wave of the fabric as she compares the color to her darkly tanned skin. It's apparently very serious business.

Storm warnings are bad news for dolphincrafters. Even the slightest possibility of lightning means no going in the water, which means no work today. And so, Naeda ends up at the market instead, browsing the stalls with a slightly bored expression. She ends up passing the fabric stall, pausing only when she spots the familiar girl with the tan. "Rhysanna?"

Zi'on sometimes visits the market in the afternoon. And with the storm coming later it's now or never. What he needs at the market who can say. Probably just something to eat, knowing the bronzer. He originally had on his weyrleaderly clothes, but he's unbuttoned his shirt and is walking around in mostly his undershirt. Since it's hot. He keeps wiping his forehead as well. The bronzer is sort of window shopping. Or stall shopping. As people try to shove things in his face for him to buy them, and a weyrbrat follows close behind him, trying to talk to him while Zi'on mostly ignores him. He nearly bumps into Naeda as she pauses, passing her by without even noticing who it is. "Eh. Excuse me, miss"

"Naeda!" Rhysanna is plainly pleased to see the other girl, and waves her closer with her free hand. "What do you think? The color, mostly. Is it too much? I usually stick to white, because Mother thinks it suits my complexion, but I feel like something more… dram— oh!" She drops the edge of the fabric as Zi'on passes, brows knitting in distaste that fades into something more hesitant as she recognises the Weyrleader.

Naeda eyes the fabric for a moment. "I think it'd suit you nicely. Very eye-catching. Of course, it all depends on…" SHe trails off when she realizes just who just brushed past while calling her 'miss'. Her brows furrow. "It's just 'miss' now? When did this happen?" She calls out to Zi'on, mildly reproachful, planting a hand on her hip.

Zi'on blinks as the woman he bumped gets mouthy with him. Rude! He turns around to say something in return when he realizes who it is. "Nae?" Blink. "Rhysa! Hello, ladies. I didn't know you two knew each other. It's terribly hot. I'm sweaty and gross right now. What are you two up to?" He smiles to Nae. "No you're not just 'miss' now." Zi'on leans down to pick up the fabric for Rhysa. "Sorry. Here. I wear this color sometimes. My skin is dark, like yours. And it looks alright on me. It will look better on you."

Rhysanna reclaims the fabric, looking pleased, and says, "Well, that seems to be consensus, then. Excellent. Thank you. I'm afraid I've been driving the poor trader half mad, trying to decide. We've only known each other a little while," the way she's talking suggests she's no longer talking about the trader, "but I'd say we're friends. Aren't we, Naeda?" She tosses sweat-damp hair over her shoulders, attempting (rather unsuccessfully) to look entirely unbothered by the heat. Still, "I'm looking forward to that storm they're talking about."

Naeda gives Zi'on sort of a smirk, stepping towards him and reaching out to loop an arm around his waist. "Well… I suppose I can forgive you for that. You can make it up to me by buying me lovely things." She may or may not be joking there. She grins and winks at Zi'on, then looks back to Rhysanna and nods decisively in agreement. "Friends." She repeats. "And as your friend, I heartily approve of your fabric choice. Just what do you plan to do with it?" She raises her eyebrow. "Looking forward to the storm? Whyever for? Are you one of those types that gets… excited by lightning?" Her brows waggle.

Zi'on nods. "If you need a good weaver, I know a few. If you make it worth my while I might even point you toward my own." Though given the way Zi'on looks currently… his weaver would faint probably. You can lead a horse to water and all. Zi'on looks up at the sky with a more pensive look. "Hopefully it's just some rain, and nothing too terrible." The bronzer smiles down at Nae and wraps an arm around her in return. "Well… I suppose. What lovely things will I be buying for you today?"

Rhysanna's gaze flicks between Naeda and Zi'on, especially as the dolphineer loops her arm around him, her smile undiminished. "A dress, I think," is her musing answer, made as she pays the trader, apparently unbothered by the relatively steep price, though it rather does seem like she's handing over most of the marks she has. "Oh, storms are lovely," she insists. "So dramatic. Can I trust you to know the difference between a good weaver and a bad one, Zi'on?"

"Something fun." Is Naeda's enigmatic reply to Zi'on, giving him a teasing little sort of grin before looking back to her friend. "We could find one of the weaver's stalls, try things on. Get him to pay for them." At least she's fairly open about her exploitation of the weyrleader. "And don't worry. In spite of how he's currently dressed, he has good taste." Naeda winks at Zi'on following that remark.

Zi'on, not to leave anyone out, loops an arm around Rhysa, pulling her in against his other side. "Ah. A dress. Sounds nice." Zi'on cuts her off at paying the trader. Instead, he pays. And takes the fabric as well. Which means he needs to let go of the ladies. "Trust me, I know a good weaver. He can make me even look good. He'll make you a dress that will be jaw dropping. What about you, Nae? Want to pick out some fabric, too?" He grins. "Or a dress, we could just do that. I will send this off, though. You'll have to tell me what you're looking for. Dress-wise." Because he is not well versed in dress.

Rhysanna is not quite so mercenary as to be unsurprised or complacent, when Zi'on bypasses her attempt to pay, nor to be wholly comfortable with Naeda's ideas of exploitation, but she's certainly pleased and surprised by the former. Flashing the bronzerider a genuinely warm, brilliant smile she says, "I'll believe you. I'm not wholly sure what I want out of it… I expect it needs to show off some skin, with a color like that against my skin-tone. Something drape-y, probably. It's not… necessary, though. I'm sure I can find someone. To make it."

Naeda gives Zi'on a downright devious grin when she asks about what sort of dress she has in mind. "Something as scandalous as possible while still something I could get away with wearing at a gather." That's as specific as her instruction is going to get, apparently. At least without more prompting. As her eyes scan over the fabrics, she offers more unsolicited advice to Rhysanna. "You're in Western, dear. Showing skin is the name of the game." Her gaze fixes on a shimmery blue stretch of fabric. Probably no surprise. "This, perhaps?"

Zi'on smiles back to Rhysa, locking eyes with her for a moment. Clearly the bronzer doesn't mind being exploited. At least not a little. As long as no one makes a habit of it. Unless they're his weyrmate. Or a child. "Mm. Some skin. I like that." Or at least the idea of it. A cocktail dress maybe. Do they have that on Pern? Probably something similar. He laughs at Nae. "Shards and shells. Not everyone has your sense of… indecency, Nae. Oh, you meant for you. Well, fair enough. Just make sure you can still dance in it." Zi'on picks up the fabric she suggests, holding it up and stretching it to see how see-thru it might be. "What do you think, Rhysa?"

Rhysanna's brows raise a little as Zi'on locks eyes with her, but the gesture does seem to put her at ease, because as she turns her head to break the glance, she's cheerfully relaxed all over again. "You have to maintain some level of cover," she points out to Naeda, "otherwise there's no… allure, I guess. Hints, rather than broadcasting it. That blue's nice," she adds, consideringly, "though… how many blue dresses do you already have, Naeda? Do you have anything else?" How many blue dresses does a girl need?

Naeda grins to Zi'on again. "A fair point. Make sure this weaver of yours understands that it must be suitable for dancing." She's looking far too amused right now. Her attention snaps back to Rhysanna. "Mmm, I don't know. I've been told I can be fairly alluring without any clothing at all. Right?" She winks at Zi'on, clearly expecting him to back her up on this. Now, back to ogling fabric. "Hrm. Well, blue matches my eyes… but I suppose I am open to a little variety. Either of you have any suggestions?"

Zi'on chuckles. "She's right you know, Nae. Though, there's no really hinting around me. But some allure, that's nice. For the others around. They get to be allured. I just get to imagine." Zi'on looks to Nae and chuckles. "Maybe green? Yes, you are alluring without clothing on, too. Though you don't get to tease by that point." Zi'on picks up the green version of the same fabric. It's close to blue, right? He at least knows that. Though he's learned a fair bit. A weyrleader is expected to dress nicely.

"I have no doubt of this," puts in Rhysanna, reassuringly. Most likely, Naeda can be alluring in a sack. Still. She considers the fabric Zi'on has suggested, leaning forward so that she can run her fingertips over it. "I know some people say green is unlucky, but I think that's silly, and it would definitely work with your eyes, skin and hair." She has a certain amount of authoritative confidence in her tone; in this, at least, she's willing to display definite competence.

"Oh, I can still tease like that. I just have to tease in different ways." Naeda remarks, probably doing a fair bit of teasing just with that statement. More winking ensures. But then comes the serious business of eyeing the green fabric. She considers it for a moment, then nods. "Yes. That will do. Same instructions. I'm not superstitious, I can handle a little 'bad luck'."

Zi'on blinks. "Unlucky? I'll have to remember not to wear anything green to my poker games." The bronzer will defer to Rhysanna's authority. Zi'on peers at Naeda. "Oh? You'll have to show me this kind of teasing." The bronzer waves over the trader to purchase the fabric for Naeda. "Alright ladies. Are we off to try on dresses now? Well, are we off for you two to try on dresses. I would not look good in a dress. Much too much hair for that." The bronzer moves back into the crowd, offering an arm to each of the girls.

Rhysanna's opinion, then, is that, "I think we have to make our own luck, really. Why blame a color?" It's plainly ridiculous. She accepts Zi'on's arm, inserting her own through it, and turns her head to consider the stalls and wagons ahead. "Are you sure? A dress, some fancy high heels… you could look like something else, I'm sure of it. Don't you think, Naeda?"

Naeda links her arm with the one offered, giving Zi'on a little teasing grin as she nods in agreement with Rhysanna. "Oh, yes. Don't forget makeup. Now that would be a sight to see." She's quite amenable to the whole trying on dresses plan.

Zi'on laughs. "I suppose we do. It's easier to blame a color." The bronzer eyes the two of them. "No dresses. I don't have the shape for it. Also, look at all my facial hair. No amount of make up will cover that." He grunts. "Clearly you ladies plan to pay for your own everything else. While I run away to get a double-fried meat roll and leave you both here." He lead them over towards a dress stall. Though it's a bit begrudgingly now.

Rhysanna gives Zi'on's arm a squeeze. "We're only teasing," she promises. "Not that you need to buy us anything else, anyway." Or not Rhysanna, at least. "Come to think of it, that double-fried meat roll sounds delicious. And lemonade. Preferably with actual ice in it." They may be heading towards the dress stall, but her head is turning, glancing across towards the distant food stands.

"Dresses first, then meatroll." Naeda quickly insists. "That way, it'll be much easier to fit into the dresses." She giggles a bit and joins in with Rhysanna in the arm-squeezing, perhaps to placate the Weyrleader and assure him that no one is actually going to force him into a dress. For now.

Zi'on grumbles. "Sure sure. It's all fun and games until Zi'on is stuffing his junk into women's panties. And I will buy you ladies whatever I feel like. Jewelry, dresses, clothes, coats, food. Deal with it. But yes, we need to get food and lemonade. And soon." But he can wait as the ladies try on dresses. The shirt comes off completely as soon as his arms are free. Leaving him in just a wifebeater. "Alright ladies… uh. Have at it? I'll be here. Sweating." Actually he might run for lemonade while they try on dresses.

Do they need a second invitation? Rhysanna doesn't - except that she pauses, turning upon her heel so that she can giggle, give the bronzerider an up-and-down glance (he's stripping again!) and then say, "You're spoiling us. We'll try and look especially pretty to make up for it. And I promise we won't take too long." There's a pink flush beneath her tan, though her expression is pleased. Still, she promptly turns to give Naeda a bright, girlish smile, and then, yes, there is no keeping this girl from from all the pretty things.

Naeda certainly does her fair share of eyeing the stripped down weyrleader, grinning mischieviously as she steps away from him. "What, not going to come along and watch us try them on? Your loss." She teases, giggling and breaking away with Rhysanna. She whispers something conspiratorial to the other girl as she eyes the dresses available. So many choices!

Naeda whispers "He's cute, huh?"

Zi'on blinks at Rhysa. Did she just get… playful? The bronzer was not expecting that! He settles into a funny grin that makes him look at least ten turns younger. "Well, alright, I guess. I might get some lemonade for us while you're in changing." He's not stripped all the way! Just his shirt come off. And he's got another shirt under it, though you do get a touch more muscles than before. "What? Is that an option?" For some reason he doubts the traders would much care for that. There's a brow raised as they conspire.

Blame Naeda. She must be a terrible influence. Certainly, whatever it is she's whispered has made Rhysanna flush darker than before, though the abrupt presence of her grin suggests she's not arguing. "You'll make him think we're talking about him," she says, archly, reaching for a dress off of one of the racks so that she can hold it up to herself and consider. Over her shoulder, though she's no longer able to meet the bronzerider's gaze, she adds, "That would be lovely."

Naeda often gets blamed for such things. It's usually deserved. Not that she seems to mind. Her own playful grin stays in full force. "You missed your chance." She teases Zi'on, even though he likely had no chance in the first place. "But I'd love a lemonade." She, of course, gravitates towards eyeing the most skin-baring dresses available. This will lead to no good.

Zi'on does blame Naeda. For sure she is a bad influence. Zi'on would be the first to admit that. "Because you probably are talking about me." The bronzer nods to the two ladies, and heads to the lemonade stand. He can only comfortably carry two, but he gets two big ones, and leaves the ladies to whatever it is they're doing. Trying on skimpy dresses and teasing him, probably. Once he's completed his task of aquiring lemonade, he finds a place to sit near the dress stall. This is the fate of a man forced to go shopping.

Rhysanna's dress preference seems more inclined towards the simple, albeit in bright colors, and it's obvious that she could entertain herself like this for some time. But— she's got half an eye out for Zi'on's return, and after that, her interest palls. Maybe she feels bad for him. Maybe she just really wants that lemonade. "Come on," she says to Naeda. "It's too hot, anyway."

Naeda slinks behind whatever suffices for a privacy screen, trying the most indecent thing she can find. Plunging neckline, slits up the sides, the whole nine yards. She twirls happily and makes assurances that the Weyrleader will cover the tab before offering Rhysanna her arm. "Agreed. Let's ambush him." She says, full of mischief.

Zi'on right now is enjoying both lemonades. He's trying to have some while keeping the two equal. Which seems to be occupying his attention currently. Back and forth, back and forth. He finally looks up when the girls are right in front of him. He looks up at them, blinking. "Shards Nae, I've seen bathing suits that cover more than that. You look nice, too, Rhysa. Here's the lemonade. I could only hold two, so we'll have to share. Are these the dresses you girls want?"

As ambushes go, it may be less… dramatic. Still, Rhysanna seems pleased with the compliment, even if her abrupt blush makes her skin somewhat clash with the already-bright shade of vermillion in the dress. Despite arriving with the other girl, she gives Naeda a somewhat dubious glance, pretty clear in her opinion that the dress is… too much. Still; "Thank you," she says, to Zi'on. "It suits her, doesn't it? Even if…" Well.

Too much is never enough! That's the Naeda philosophy. Despite wearing a much more scandalous dress than Rhysanna, she's the one who isn't blushing at all. She grins and gives a little twirl. "Thank you!" She seems to take these remarks as compliments. "Yes. I do think it suits me." A hand is held out to claim her lemonade.

Zi'on gives Rhysanna an easy smile. It's meant to be reassuring, not lecherous. Even if he is very visibly checking out both girls. Are his pants getting tighter? Surely it's the humidity. "Even if it doesn't leave much to the imagination?" He chuckles. That was Nae. Zi'on is more overt about checking Naeda out. Since she's asking for it and all. In fact, he traces a line up the slit in one of the sides with his finger. Riske! Then he hands over the lemonades. "I feel like maybe I should try on a speedo or something for you girls."

Rhysanna is clearly just one of those girls who is prone to blushing, and especially so when next to someone like Naeda. Zi'on's smile does seem to help, and so does the lemonade… though she does turn her gaze away as the bronzerider inspects the other girl's dress. Lalalala. "Clearly you should," she confirms. "It's only fair. Before the rain starts."

Naeda is no stranger to making a spectacle of herself. She sticks out her leg to make things easier on Zi'on, grinning wickedly all the while. "You don't seem to mind. And /I/ certainly wouldn't mind that suggestion!" She waggles her eyebrows and giggles before gulping down the lemonade.

Zi'on isn't as forward with Rhysa. She might blush herself to death. Or slap him. Though he certainly does think about it. The bronzer gets to his feet then. "Alright, let's go pay for dresses." Assuming they want them. Zi'on leads the girls towards the trader. Rhysa gets a hand placed gently on her lower back. Naeda's hand is.. quite a bit lower and a little more grabby. If the girls don't steer him clear, he'll pay for their new clothes. Either way, he's leading them off to a booth a few away selling bathing suits. He blinks and looks up. "I think I felt a drop…" Is he trying to get out of it? Maybe.

There's some obvious discomfort in Rhysanna, accepting more from Zi'on with regards to the dress. She doesn't argue it, though: perhaps she's decided it simply isn't worth it, or that she'd lose, or perhaps it's just too embarrassing. Still. She's also a nice person: "You don't have to. If you don't want to. Honestly. Naeda and I are teasing— well, I'm just teasing you. I can't speak for Naeda." The other girl gets a grin, even so. "And you've been pretty— none of this is necessary, honestly." Awkward.

Naeda is, of course, more inclined to push the mischief further. "You sure? I was thinking I might try on swimsuits myself after you're done…" And make him pay for it, probably. But, she relents. "… But, I suppose I'd hate to get caught in a downpour wearing /this/. Perhaps we ought to seek shelter."

Zi'on frowns a bit at Rhysa. "Sorry. I don't mean to pressure you into a dress if you don't want one. But don't worry about the cost. I have more marks than I know what to do with, honestly. My kids are already spoiled and I don't spend much money. You girls get new dresses, and you can give one of your older dresses to the weyr. How's that?" He gives Rhysa's shoulders a squeeze to try and reassure her. Then he blinks at Naeda. "Oh… well." He looks up. "We probably have a little bit of time before the storm hits…" My doesn't he change his mind quick? "Besides, Suldith can get us back in a flash, so no need to worry, there."

Rhysanna goes pink again, dropping her gaze awkwardly, though. Still, it's obvious she appreciates Zi'on's efforts, squeeze included. "I'll— do that. Thank you. I really do appreciate it." New dresses! It's equally obvious that she's very pleased with what she's ended up with, so. It also helps that Naeda's remarks have her giggling behind one hand, eyes abruptly lit again. "You know how to make a man do what you want," she marvels, biting back outright laughter. "I should take lessons. All right. Let's see this."

Naeda gives Rhysanna a positively devilish grin. "Stick with me, friend. I'll teach you all my tricks." She winks, looking extremely pleased with herself. She crosses her arms over her chest, raising an eyebrow at Zi'on. "Well, you have first dibs. We can't start trying things on until you have, right?"

Zi'on is trying to impress Rhysa, can't she tell? Or at least show her that he's generous. And express interest in general. Though it's a sort of awkward way about it. Especially with Naeda around. "Yes yes, she certainly does." He waves a hand dismissively about Naeda getting men to do what she wants. "What color should I try on?" He picks up a green speedo. And it's not just green. It's neon bright could-direct-dragon-traffic-at-night green. "How about these? That way everyone's eyes will be drawn directly to my junk." He sets the bags down and heads into one of the changing stalls, not waiting for a response. After a while, he emerges with the speedo on. And nothing else except his shoes, obviously.

Yes, Rhysa can tell. That's probably half the problem, vis-a-vis blushing. "I just bet you will," she says in answer to Naeda, giggling, though her giggles are cut short as Zi'on disappears into the changing room, if only for a second: then it's more giggles, but at least no blushing. She's not precisely the kind of girl who'll cat-call, even to a man wearing that little, but in this, at least, she's not shy: she's definitely checking him out. "Not bad!"

Naeda, on the other hand, /is/ the kind of girl to cat-call. Or at least whistle suggestively. Which is what she opts to do in this circumstance. "Nice." No points for guessing where her eyes are drawn. She can't help but giggle along with Rhysa. "Not bad at /all/. The shoes are a nice touch, too."

Zi'on turns around for the girls, grinning. "How's my behind look?" He asks, pulling at one of the sides of the speedo and snapping it back into place so it covers slightly more. At least the bronzer is toned. He still does drills and such with the wings, and practices with the guard. It's not just a desk job! Zi'on is generally hairy, though his front is shaved, and he's not got any back hair. Maybe he gets that waxed? "Thank you, ladies. Well, I'm not going to walk around barefoot around here. I'm libel to step on something horrid." He chuckles and heads back into the changing stall. He's not going to walk around the market in a speedo, either.

"Not bad at all," concludes Rhysanna, though rather more sedately than Naeda. She does give the other girl a bright grin, though, as Zi'on heads back in to get changed. "Your turn? Though, really, it's not like you wear the things for long, is it?"

"Not if I can help it." Naeda says with a wicked wink to Rhysanna. "But I /did/ make a promise, so I'd best follow through on it. You going to join me? I wager we could give the poor fellow a heart attack together. I recall you like that." There's a wink. Regardless of the answer, she picks out a terribly skimpy red string bikini, ducking behind a screen to change. When she emerges, she practically struts, full of cocky confidence. "Tadah!"

"Ow. Ow." Snap snap. "This this is cutting off my circulation." Zi'on complains from within the stall. He finally comes out a while later. Only to be greeted with Naeda in a string bikini. No, Naeda doesn't wear the things long. Part of her allure to Zi'on is knowing that he can take her home afterward. For some reason he'll probably have to try a little harder with Rhysanna. He blinks at Naeda a few times. "I.. hello…." He's not even trying not to stare. Thankfully he's not wearing the speedo anymore.

There are probably a couple of reasons why Rhysanna does not join Naeda in the bikini trying on; in any case, she doesn't seem to regret that decision as the other girl comes back out. She positively smirks at Zi'on's reaction, while giving Naeda two sets of thumbs up: "That looks great! Seems like a winner. For however long you wear it."

Naeda just beams at Zi'on with ridiculous pride and mischief. "I take it you approve?" She bats her eyelashes unnecessarially. "Then I'll have to add this to my collection." She spins and sends a smirk Rhysanna's direction. "Thank you so. Though I suppose I should change back rather than continue shopping like this?"

Zi'on finally looks over at Rhysa and grins. "So… where's your bikini? You should put a purple one on." Yes, he's not letting her off that easy! Zi'on nods enthusiastically to Naeda. "Yes. That looks great on you. Though I might be worried about sunburn…In some awkward spots." Zi'on peers at her. "Yes, please change back. Otherwise you may find some handsy men amongst the crowd." One of them being right in front of her. The bronzer retreats over near Rhysanna, just to avoid such things.

Rhysanna will protect Naeda's 'virtue' with her presence; she's useful like that! "Yes, change. And then we should eat, because I'm hungry. I'm going to sit this round out. I have a perfectly good bikini - several of them, in fact - and I don't think I can follow up either of those performances." She's not blushing as she says this, and nor is there any hint in her voice, stance or expression that she's being self-deprecating. "I should get home soon, too."

Naeda can't hide a little disappointment in her grin when Rhysanna fails to fall for Zi'on's transparent ploy. But she doesn'r press the topic. "Alas. You'll have to content yourself with just me, Zi'on. What a trial for you." She winks and disappears again to change back into her slightly less scandalous outfit.

Zi'on nods to Rhysa. "Alright alright. Time for food, then we can head back, since I think that the sky is about to open up. Nae you change while I pay, and we'll get some double fried meatrolls." He grins to Rhysa. "Have you had one yet? They're delicious." One of Zi'on's several guilty pleasures. Including all his pastry eating. And Naeda, technically. Once Nae is changed and they've paid for her bikini, Zi'on herds them over to the food stall with the meatrolls. At least the market is clearing out, and it's gotten cooler as the breeze from the storm is blowing in. The double fried meatrolls are procured by the bronzer. They are a corn-dog looking thing on a stick. Basically it's a meatroll that's been breaded and fried, then covered in cheese and breaded and fried a second time. So it's gooey meaty goodness. "Here we are ladies, enjoy." He chuckles. Okay, so part of the other reason is that he likes watching girls put long food into their mouths?

"I haven't," admits Rhysanna, and evidently she's still young enough to find childish glee in such new experiences: she's bright eyed and cheerful all the way to the food stall, and all the way through her eating of aforementioned meaty treat, too. No doubt her attempts to get it into her mouth will be utterly delightful for Zi'on. And anyone else who might happen to be watching.

Naeda smirks. She's seen Zi'on pull this particular trick before. Not that it stops her from participating. She's predictably shameless about chowing down on the ridiculously phallic snack. Hey, a free meal is a free meal, right? She can't help but look fairly amused by Rhysanna's efforts, a brief giggle escaping her.

Well, Zi'on is also partaking in the phallic snack. So clearly its deliciousness outweighs the awkward manner in which it must be consumed. Anyone watching would probably laugh at Zi'on. And any men might run in the other direction, considering Zi'on is eating off most of the sides and making a horrible mess of things. "Careful there, Rhysa. Don't choke. I don't want to have to clear your airway by force. It usually cracks ribs." Zi'on tries not even to watch Naeda. He doesn't need anymore ammunition. It's already going to be an uncomfortable ride home for the bronzer. "It's been fun today, ladies." He says, wiping his mouth off… on the shirt he's not wearing.

Rhysanna valiantly attempts to keep her dignity despite the obvious spectacle she's making of herself: she has to wipe her mouth with the back of her hand, and that's even more difficult to do politely. She's also carefully not looking at Naeda, either. "I'd rather you didn't crack my ribs," she agrees. "And I'd rather not choke on… meat." Or probably anything. But! "Thank you. It has been fun. We'll have to show off our new finery for you at some point." But now… now it is time to go home.

"You know I don't have any gag reflex left." Naeda replies to Zi'on with that terrible mischief-filled grin of hers. Keepin' it classy. Down goes the rest of the snack. Om nom nom. "It has been fun!" She agrees chipperly. She looks just a touch disappointed at Rhysanna's imminent departure, but smiles to her anyways. "Yes. Maybe next time we'll do a private fashion show." Wink.

Hey, it's not like Rhysa is in polite company. As far as Zi'on is concerned, he's rather see her enjoy the meal and get it all over than not enjoy it and be prim and proper about it. "Yes. I'd rather no one choke. On this… meat. Or any meat." He grins and nods to her. "You ladies are welcome to come over at any time and give me a fashion show." At Naeda's comment, Zi'on nearly chokes. He goes into a coughing fit and pounds on his chest with his fit. Then he stares at Naeda. Is that a blush from -Zi'on-? There's some clearing of his throat. "Ahem. I uh… should probably also head home before it rains. I can give you ladies a lift, if you'd like."

He chokes! He blushes! Now Rhysa is definitely heartily amused. "That would be lovely," she says, quite as if she's not distinctly enjoying the rather less polite company of the afternoon. Perfect.

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