Borage Gone Wild

Western Weyr - Roof Garden
This roof garden is being planted with medicinal herbs. Even in its current, unfinished state, patients are often brought up here to get some fresh air and sun.

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Early winter at Western Weyr is warm and breezy, with puffy high clouds softening the clear sunlight. While winter might mean sleeping gardens elsewhere, here the gardens are still well active, fresh herbs in various stages of development all over the place. Kayse is prowling the gardens, a notebook cradled over her left arm and a pencil in her right hand, clearly in search of something specific and just as clearly not having much luck finding it, from the frustrated expression on her face.

Someone is visiting Western Weyr. The sounds of the lift coming up and the doors open to deposit Datsun into the rooftop garden carries through the air, a strange sound of machinery against the soft rustling of flowers and the like. The Journeyman's wearing heavy boots that thud softly against the stone floor with each step as the Woodcrafter pauses at the start of the pathway. His eyes take in the scene, noting that Kayse is there as well. His hands come out and touches the nearest flower as he begins walking along the pathway.

"Fuzzy leaves. Fuzzy leaves. Fuzzy leaves." The words are repeated over and over as Kayse searches through a patch of plants, using her pencil to tilt blossoms out of the way and peer through to lower tiers of leaves in search of the elusive fuzzy leaves. "I could have sworn she said they were in this patch," she added, frowning at a plant with sharp, spiny leaves, clearly not whatever she is looking for. The sound of the lift doesn't immediately penetrate her concetration, just part of the background sounds that are a common part of her world these days. Approaching footsteps, however, get her attention and she looks up from the plants, still frowning, to glance around. As she catches sight of the approaching crafter her expression clears, recognizing the knot instantly, and she nods in greeting.

Datsun returns her nod with a pensive smile as his hands continue to touch the flora as he walks along the pathway. It takes a moment for him to register that she is, too, wearing a Woodcraft knot, stopping again after he passes by her to turn and give her another look. Her clipboard and pencil is noted, glancing from her to the blossoms. "I'm… looking for borage. I can't remember where it is. Do you know where it is here?"

Kayse watches as Datsun passes by and shrugs, starting to turn back to her search. Of course that's when the other crafter addresses her, and she looks back up in surprise. "Borage?" she repeats, glancing at her notepad and back at him. "Actually, no. That's what I'm looking for right now. The crop isn't budding yet, so they are a lot harder to find," she adds ruefully.

Datsun comes closer to Kayse as she answers his question, stopping once he's by her side to look closer at the plant she was examining earlier. "A certain special someone told me they used to grow wild here. It used to be a popular herb for the Healers. It's the one flower I took the time to learn about." An eyebrow raises as she states the flower isn't budding yet, nodding slowly. "Then I came at the wrong time of the year. I'll help you look for it."

"They might grow wild elsewhere in the garden," Kayse accepts readily, looking back to the detailed description in her notebook. "Or somewhere else on the island. There's plenty of area where they could be. Though I doubt the wild ones would be blooming, either. Unless my notes are wrong, anyway. I have them listed as an annual, so the wild ones would probably be dead right now," she says with a shrug. "I was sure we'd planted a late crop of them this year to get a winter yield, but I'm having a hard time finding them. Maybe I wrote the wrong plant down."

Datsun nods at her answer about the dead wild borage, "That's what I was thinking as well. I should have come earlier, but I had obligations to fulfill first." There's a sigh from the Journeyman as he glances around the Garden, moving off and looking at each plant that he passes by, "No, I think you're right. When I came and stayed at Western for several months, it was during summer…" He drifts off as he notices one plant that appears to be what they're looking for several plots down. "I think this is it."

Kayse listens as she keeps hunting, skimming through the leaves of plant after plant in search of the distinctive fuzzy stems and leaves. "You might be able to find it in bloom in the south," she offers before he spots a potential match. Hurrying over, she crouches to examine the plant, holding her pencil in her mouth while carefully examining the leaves, glancing over her notes then the plant. "I think you're right. Stiff white fuzz on the leaves and stems, and the leaf shape matches what I have described. Good eye. Uh, did you need some harvested, then?" she asks after putting her pencil behind an ear.

Datsun smiles as she hurries over, stepping back to allow her space to examine the plant to her heart's desire. "I just came from the South. I'm assigned to Xanadu Weyr. But Borage here at Western holds more meaning to me." As she studies the plant, she herself is being studied by Datsun, shaking his head at her question. "No, I'm afraid I would only kill it and I have no use for it as a herb." There's another look at her shoulder knot, "Your knot tells me you're Woodcraft, but you're practicing gardening. Doing two Crafts at once?"

As soon as Datsun declines the harvest Kayse starts sketching in her book, carefully drawing the shape of the fuzzy leaves and stems alongside her notes. "Are you from here, then?" she asks without lifting her gaze from the plant, hand moving fluidly over the paper. The she pauses, glancing up at him in confusion. "What did you want to find it for if you don't want to harvest it?" she asks, before nodding at the question. "I'm forestry, and it seemed silly to ignore the rest of the plants in the forest while planning for healthy trees. So I'm learning about herbs."

Datsun leans slightly over Kayse's shoulder to watch her drawing the Borage, "No, I came from a small Hold named Far Cry Hold, beholden to Lemos Hold. The day I got my Journeyman knot, I left the Woodcraft Hall to travel to visit and learn about different woods. I also gave the small cotholds on the way any work they needed done, but that's me, not the Hall. Came here aboard a ship, stayed here for the summer, then left on another ship to go South." A chuckle at her question about the Borage, "Memories." is his simple answer. Her response wasn't what he had been expecting, nodding in approval. "That's the smartest thing I've heard from a Woodcrafter yet." Indeed, it makes complete sense to Datsun.

"Oh," came Kayse's response to his explanation, just a word with little in the way of tone or inflection. She doesn't seem all that interested in his background, though she does glance at him again when he answers her question with such a brief statement. His approval of her choice of work has her shrugging uncomfortably, noting, "Not all the other woodcrafters would agree with that view. Or healers, for that matter." She wrinkled her nose at the memory of some particularly caustic commentators before shaking her head and smiling. "It makes me happy, even if it has delayed my advancement in the woodcraft a bit. I'd rather get it all done right, even if it takes longer, than rush through and do a messy job."

"I'm afraid I'm a romantic at heart." Datsun adds to his earlier brief answer as he gets the impression she doesn't quite understand why he would search out Borage and not use it. "So? Clearly you're not letting others stop you from doing it with their disapproval, which is what I think is the right thing to do." He steps away from looking over her shoulder at her drawing, "The Healer who taught me about Borage would appreciate what you're doing. So do I, as someone who grew up around forests." He's back to looking at the plant, reaching out and touching it.

Kayse finishes her sketch with a few final strokes, capturing the general shape and character of the leaves and stems - enough to aid identification, but certainly no great work of art. "There's no harm in that," she answers, though her tone suggests that might not be how she actually feels about the subject. She never has been much of one for romance, and has yet to see anyone else really benefit from it. "And such supportive healers are how I've managed to get training so far," she agrees readily, moving out of his way as he reaches for the plant and taking a moment to study her drawing. "It seemed like such a waste to not at least try to maintain balance, and if I happen to come across something useful while I'm out checking succession I might as well harvest a bit. Brings in a couple marks now and then, and it pays for the extra lessons."

That tone is not lost on Datsun, causing him to smile in contrary to how Kayse may feel about that subject. "Sometimes there is harm. But I digress." The Journeyman fingers the Borage for a couple of moments before releasing it. Done being nostalgic, his attention is turned back to her, "It'll require more work for you, but it has benefits. Especially for patients who may need those plants you find. And it's not wasteful." Then a hand is held out to her, "Datsun, Journeyman." Finally this late in the conversation, he introduces himself.

"Mmmm," is Kayse's noncomittal response to his smile and comment, not sure if she is being humored or spoken to seriously. "I enjoy it. I like the forest. Keeping it healthy seems only right, since it provides so many resources. The better care we take of it the more we will get out of it, after all." As the hand enters her field of vision she flips her notebook closed, tucking the pencil into a narrow pouch in the cover just for that purpose. "Kayse, senior apprentice." She glances at her knot and scowls as she shakes his hand. "Whenever they get around to sending me the right knots, anyway."

"The forests here are wonderful. Full of life and unlike anything from the North. Though I could do without the mosquitoes." Datsun wrinkles his nose at the irritating insect, finding himself again nodding in agreement, "Taking care of something does pay off." Once his hand is shaken, he lets go of her, glancing at her knot with a chuckle at her words. "Well met, Kayse, Senior Apprentice. They do have that problem with the knots sometimes. Are you from Western?"

"Well, I like most of the forest," Kayse amends as he mentions the bugs. "There are felines out there, and I can't really say I care for them. My firelizard takes care of most of the bugs that come calling, but she isn't much use against a feline. Or a determined wherry, for that matter." She grimaces at the thought, shaking her head before reflexively rubbing her knot. "I'm pretty sure one of the masters who doesn't want me cross-training is responsible for the delay," she says sourly. "Half Moon Bay Hold. Though don't ask me about the runnerbeasts. I have little interest in the things, and even less knowledge. I've been told I have the worst seat my riding instructor has ever seen."

"They're also in the South. None in the North." Datsun mentions about the felines, "Your firelizard can take care of mosquitoes too? That must be nice. Oh, a wherry is good hunting." He nods, placing one hand on a hilt of a knife among several others of different sizes and lengths arrayed on his belt. Clearly he also enjoys hunting as well as Woodcrafting as those knives attest to. Shrugging for the Master delaying her advancement, "Just keep doing what you're doing and you'll make Journey." He's quite young to be one himself, "Oh, Half Moon. That's one of the places I want to visit."

Kayse 'huh's softly. "Really? It must be nice to not have to worry about felines. Nasty beasts. We have hunters through here regularly to keep them in check. I know that animals have to have balance just like the plants do, but that's one creature I wouldn't mind being without." She shudders, wrapping her arms around her notebook and holding it tight against her chest. "Oh, you hunt wherry? By snare or with a bow?" she asks with genuine curiosity. As for the masters, she simply shrugs, letting that subject drop. "It's not far from here, so if you are travelling on foot or by runner it should be a fairly quick journey."

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