Crossing Lines

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Row after row of hard benches to sit on, with a good view of the sands below and the action that takes place there during every hatching.. Despite the times, people still come to see the new pairs formed and place bets on the outcome.

It is slowly that Naris makes her way to the gallaries. She glances around every not and then as if worried that something will jump out at her and scream that she shouldn't be there. But then again her most recent trip to the gallaries wasn't exactly pleasant. However, the assistant headwoman's eyes always seem to land in one direction. The direction that everyone will probably be looking for a while, she suspects. The hatching sands and the eggs that reside there. With a small sigh she sits down on one of the benches, slumping forward in a slightly un-Narislike fashion so her knees rest on her legs and her head in her hands. "So there they are," she murmurs to herself, "the future of the Weyr."

Rhysanna has already been here for some time: she may have missed the actual clutching, but the galleries are a not unpleasant place to sit, otherwise. She's not too far from where Naris has ended up, a basket of laundry set on the bench beside her; the glance that follows a few other girls on their way out suggests she's been in company until recently, though she's now left alone. It's Naris' words that draw her attention, dark eyes sliding away from the departing girls and towards the newest arrival. "I've been here over an hour," she says, lifting her voice to carry as far as the other girl. "And they haven't moved or anything."

Naris raises her head at the sound of Rhysanna's voice, a small frown crossing her voice. "Well, no," she eventually responds, "I don't expect that they'll be moving about much. I mean, they're only a day old, aren't they?" After she speaks her gaze returns to the sands and she falls silent again. She lifts her head up and leans forward slightly, as if those few inches will make a different. Really she knows they won't but it is still tempting. /Far/ too tempting to just ignore completely. But she doesn't let herself do it for long and soon pulls back to sit up straight. However, she does not look back at Rhysanna as she begins to speak again. Instead her eyes remain glued to the eggs as she remarks, "over an hour is an awful long time. You hoping to be searched?"

Rhysanna's, "No," comes so quickly it may even sound defensive. "No," she adds, hastily, and in an easier tone of voice, "no, I'm just here because the girls wanted to have a look, and one might as well fold clean laundry with friends around." Perhaps she's less industrious than the other girls: her basket is not yet finished, and her hands seem to have largely forgotten the unfolded shirt presently on her lap. "Some of them haven't seen a proper clutch before, which… explains their interest, I suppose. What about you? Intending to give up the assistant headwoman responsibilities and branch off into the wild unknown of potential dragon care?"

Naris can't help but raise an eyebrow at Rhysanna's sudden and immediate protests. While she does not say anything by the look on her face it's probably clear that she believes to have picked up on a bit of defensiveness. "Alright then," she murmurs. The explanation of laundry folding gets a quick nod from her before she goes still again, most likely pondering the other woman's question. Finally she begins, "there was a time when I wouldn't have been willing. No, that's not right, I wouldn't have even thought about it. But now… I know more about riders and their world, if I impressed I may be able to find a way I could help. I mean, I already stood for a clutch before, if given the chance again I think I would take it. Should I impress I don't think I'd be giving up responsibilities, Rhysanna, but finding new ones." Again she pauses and her blue eyes travel down to the pile of not yet completely folded laundry. Naris' voice is light and quiet as she offers, "would you like some help with that?"

"I never said you'd be giving up responsibilities altogether," points out Rhysanna, evenly. "Although they may be more personal responsibilities, rather than… well, there's a difference, isn't there? Weyrling, and then Wingrider, as opposed to Assistant Headwoman." Ducking a glance down at her work, she seems almost surprised to have found it there; her expression turns one part amused, one part thoughtful. "If you'd like to? No pressure. You've plenty of duties of your own, I'm sure, and it isn't as though folding this stuff is terribly difficult for me to finish." Finally, she begins folding again.

The assistant headwoman eyes her evenly for a moment at her words. "Fair point," she drawls after a moment. "Lots of people seem to think that riders don't have much in the way of responsibilities. It's nice to see that you aren't one of them." Another pause, Naris /does/ seem to be stopping quite a bit in this conversation, before she continues, "and I honestly think the kind of responsibilities you get depend on the wing you end up in. I mean, search and rescue or very different from transportation, which in turn is different from administration or crafting." This is followed by a small shrug. Without a word she gets up and approaches Rhysanna before sitting beside her and reaching for an unfolded shirt. Apparently she doesn't have anything specific to do at the moment and Faranth knows that she likes to keep herself busy.

Rhysanna tilts her head to the side, letting hair fall over her shoulders, as she considers Naris' words. "Well," she says. "It is fair to say, I think, that without thread a lot of the purpose of dragonriders went away. It doesn't mean they no longer have a role in society, or responsibilities to fill, but it does change things, don't you think?" The shirt in her lap finally gets folded, and then added to the pile of the others she's finished - a pile that is definitely far shorter than perhaps it ought to be by now. "I'm not sure I'd enjoy any of them," she adds, then. "Any of the wings. That's a good reason not to want to stand, I'd think."

A stern frown crosses Naris' face when Rhysanna says that a lot of the purpose of the riders is gone. "No," she admits in a voice that speaks of certainty, "I do not believe that their purpose has gone. It is different now that there is no thread, yes, but that does not mean that it is not there. How many people would have died if not the the help of the dragons? What do you think Pern would be like without the Weyrs? I like to think that they help maintain peace on Pern, even if only with their presense. It is not conflict-free, no, but things could be so much worse without the dragons and their riders there to be feared and respected. Do you remember the stories of the eighth interval when there was one Weyr and thread was believed to be gone for good? Fax did what he did when Benden was still around, imagine what could happen with no Weyrs? Pern could be plunged into war. You know, theoretically." The Weyrs are still very much there after all. She finishes with a shake of her head and begins to fold the shirt in her lap. "And that is a godd reason," she adds as she continues to fold. "You shouldn't do anything you don't want to do or something that will lead to a bad situation for you."

Rhysanna frowns, and then stiffens. "I didn't say that their purpose has gone. I said that a lot of their purpose is gone. My point was: it has changed things. We're never going to need them for the purpose they were designed for. Certainly, we've found other purposes, and certainly, they're still useful. But it is different." Defending herself stills her hands - and even afterwards, as her fervor trails off, she seems to forget what it was she was doing. "But yes, certainly. They still have power and influence, and responsibility, of course." It may be her irritation that stops her from further answering that other topic.

Well then, this seems to be taking a turn to the argumentative. Naris' lips purse as Rhysanna speaks, although the other woman doesn't seem too happy judging by how she tenses. Oh, no, their purpose isn't gone, just /a lot/ of it. Yes, they were /designed/ for dealing with thread but that doesn't mean that it's the only thing they ever did. What about the intervals? She doesn't say anything as Rhysanna speaks, although when she finishes Naris can't help but point out in a cool voice, "we. You said we, 'we've found other purposes', which means to count yourself as one of a group. As you say that you do not intend to stand I assume that you are not counting yourself with the riders and the Weyr, yet you say 'we've found other purposes'. As in the riders need non-riders to find a purpose for them. I have to say that I do not believe this to be true at all. Also, I have to ask, why do you live in the Weyr if you believe that so much of their purpose is gone? Surely there is something you'd like to do, perhaps a craft you'd like to get into." As she finishes she sets the shirt down and picks up a pair of pants that she begins to fold.

"No, I said 'we', as in 'people of Pern'," says Rhysanna, biting back what is obviously genuine irritation. "Why shouldn't I live in a Weyr? I was born here. This is my home. I never said dragonriders were useless. I never said they didn't have a purpose. But that their purpose has changed dramatically, without thread? That's irrefutable. Shells, even the fact that we now have clutches of nine instead of thirty or forty says something, doesn't it? Not useless, not without purpose, but with different responsibilities." She elongates the sounds of those words, as if talking to someone not very smart at all.

Oh, Rhysanna isn't the only one fighting off obvious irritation at this point. Her eyes narrow and shoulders tense slightly as she points out, "I was just pointing out the error in your words. After all, they certainly do seem to be turning in on themselves." In an effort to keep her annoyance from breaking through completely they end up sounding a little falsely sweet and condescending. Rhysanna is going to talk to her like she would talk to Liora? Well don't expect Naris to go out of her way to sound completely respectful then. "Besides," she continues, "I never said you /said/ useless, merely that it sounded as if you could have been implying it. Apparently a mix-up with your wording. As for living in the Weyr you certainly don't sound overly happy with the Weyr. You also don't look very happy hear from what I've seen of you. Just because you were born somewhere and consider it your home doesn't mean you need to stay there your whole life."

Condescension is clearly not the right way to approach Rhysanna, who just stares at Naris as though she really were as stupid as Liora (or worse). "There was no error in my words," she says, biting back the anger that is very obviously bubbling out. A brief glance towards the sands has her swallowing, as if she's just remembered where they are, and then she turns back to the other girl: "My wording was perfectly acceptable. You jumped to conclusions. And have just done so again. I love my home. I am perfectly happy here. I suggest you learn how to read people better, and listen to what they have to say, before you jump to such erroneous and frankly offensive conclusions. Excuse me." She grabs for the folding, uncompleted as it is, and rises to her feet.

The look that Rhysanna gives Naris is mirrored on the face of the assistant headwoman and cast back at her. She notices how Rhysanna looks at the sands, the hint of nervousness that she shows. Although it might not show at times Naris' mind is a trap in many ways, grabbing information and maintaining it as long as possible so she can use it later on. And sometimes, in a special situation where someone upsets her enough, she may even use is maliciously. Her voice is cold and calculating with none of the sweetness it held moments ago as she responds, "you are acting rather defensive, which suggests that you either have a temper that you cannot control, possibly accompanied by severe moodswings, or that my words have upset you somehow. By your insistance by that I am /wrong/ I can't help but suspect that I am lying… perhaps about you being 'perfectly happy here'? Furthermore you looked at the eggs just now, right in the middle of your defensive rant, and I couldn't help but notice that not many people were here despite your claim of 'the girls wanting to see them'. This makes me think that you are lying, those eggs do mean something to you." She leans forward slightly as she adds in a low voice, "I do know how to read people, Rhysanna. And someone that is happy? They do not act so cold, so controlled, so… /empty/. Not once have I seen you look truly calm or relaxed, even when everyone around you was. What is it poking at you then? Are you afraid of something? Because you certainly don't look like a happy person." Sometimes Naris could be a dedicated hard worker, she could be a know it all, she could be socially awkward, she could be a bit of a dork, at times she could be caring, and sometimes… sometimes she could be cold. Sometimes, when someone managed to upset her enough, she could be cruel.

Rhysanna adjusts the basket of laundry under her arm, already in the process of making to leave… and then stops. "Are you completely stupid?" she wants to know, and this time her voice is eerily calm. "Yes, I glanced at the sands. How could I! Perhaps it's because I don't want to be thrown out for upsetting a queen. Because I do care about my home. Because while I may not necessarily want to be a rider myself, I do care. You don't know me at all. You know absolutely nothing about me. Perhaps you should ask someone else, see if perhaps it's just you that I don't like. Perhaps you're just projecting on to me. I'm nothing like the person you seem to have decided I am." With that, she begins walking, though she's still well and truly in earshot: anything could turn her around again.

Oh /hell/ no. Rhysanna did /not/ just call her stupid. People have called Naris many things over the turns but she is fairly certain that stupid is not something that she hears often. Not something she hears often /and/ one she will not stand for. She has many flaws but through all of them she's been proud of the fact that she is not stupid. But for this… this… this /idiotic tunnelsnake/ to accuse her of being so!? The assistant headwoman is already beginning to shake with anger when she says that, but it's nothing compared to the last thing she says. That she is projecting onto her. Hurt flashes across Naris' face for a moment, although Rhysanna has already turned around by the time it breaks through. She is shaking in what could be distress or anger, probably both of them, as she calls out, "in that case only a fool decides they don't like someone at their first time meeting them!" There is so much more she wants to say. That although Rhysanna tries to speak all she hears from her are empty words, that perhaps her mother has turned her into a puppet, but it is clear that she may be starting to lose control and can't find the words.

Zi'on heads up the stairs to the galleries, whistling merrily to himself. Why is Zi'on so happy? Because there are eggs on the sands, duh. And they're not Suldith's which means he gets to voluntarily go and see them. He's not stuck up here, egg sitting in the hot galleries, or worse, down on the sands. As upset he was over losing Iris's flight at an opportune moment, he's glad he doesn't have to egg sit. And let's just say that the bronzer is not expecting (nor really wanting) to walk into what he's about to walk into. Actually, he just about nearly walks right into Rhysa! As she's storming out or something. "Oh! Hello, Rhysanna." Though he's somewhat cut off by Naris yelling at them. "Eh? What's going on?"

Rhysanna's face has turned angrily red, even if Naris hasn't actually said all the things she could, thus leaving her words relatively impotent. In any case, she's not really looking where she's going, and so it really is simply luck that keeps her from walking straight into Zi'on. There's a small but significant difference between the flush of anger and that of embarrassment; the latter now begins to show itself. Sticking her chin in the air, and adjusting the basket of clean laundry under her arm, she says, "She has just insulted me in every way possible, and completely misinterpreted everything I've said, and so I'm leaving rather than," her voice raises, clearly intended to travel back to the other girl, "upset a broody queen dragon." Hi, Zi'on!

Naris wants to scream in anger, punch a wall, go somewhere where she can just thing. A place where she can pull herself together, tell herself that what Rhysanna said was just a bunch of lies that she made up in panicked anger, and find something she can work on until what was implied fades to the back of her mind, hopefully for her never to remember or think of again. But no, she will not freak out here. She will /not/ let that empty shell of a girl get to her. Only it isn't just Rhysanna and herself there now. No, here comes Zi'on, nearly walking into Rhysanna. When the other woman talks to the Weyrleader she can't hear most of what she says, just the bit that was clearly made for her to hear. Does it upset her? Yes, yes it does. There's not telling what kind of lies she's saying… no telling what she's saying that might somehow be true. With a sniff Naris tries to pull herself together, forcing her face that showed anger, hurt, and upset moments ago to be mostly cold and emotionless. Straightening herself up she begins to approach the entrance, apparantly ready to leave the scene, and briefly remarks in a forced emotionless voice, "if your were planning or tempted to do something that would upset Shadhavarth perhaps you should see a mindhealer."

Zi'on blinks at Rhysanna. He's never seen her angry like this. Naris… well he's seen her and Sundari get into it. Naris could be tough to deal with. Zi'on seems to handle her well through a mixture of silliness and flirtation. And just plain ignoring her in other respects. The bronzer touches Rhysa's arm gently and gives it a comforting squeeze. "You shouldn't take Naris too seriously, Rhysa. She can be wound up pretty tightly about this or that." As Naris approaches, his brow furrows. "What's happened here?" He asks the assistant headwoman. "Why are you two fighting?" He'll take an explanation from either, and is likely to get one from both.

Rhysanna has to take a few deep breaths of her own, though she lifts her chin and gives Zi'on the faintest of nods in answer to his comfort. "I've noticed," she says, in a clipped voice that is probably not as calm as she'd like it to be. She doesn't turn to acknowledge Naris as the other woman approaches; instead, she addresses the Weyrleader directly. "We were talking. I commented that dragonriders have a different place in society, and different responsibilities, to the one they had in the days of thread. Naris took offense and implied that I thought dragonriders were no longer important, and then indicated that I obviously hate my home, don't belong here, and am a miserable, unhappy, empty person." Does that sum it up? "I didn't think that this was an appropriate place to yell, so I elected to leave." She's not - quite - crying, but it's a close run thing.

Despite her attempts to keep herself steady, cool, and collected her mask wavers for a moment when Zi'on asks her what happened, a frown tugging at her lips and her mouth opening only to promptly close. In the moment it takes her to collect herself, or try to collect herself again, Rhysanna begins to talk, telling her side of the story. A side that is warped and involves putting words into her mouth if you ask Naris. One might be able to notice how one of her hands balls into a fist, her nails biting into the flesh of her palm, as she corrected, "she said that they had lost their purpose when thread was eliminated, which she later turned to a lot of their purpose. I pointed out several things she had implied and could not handle it so turned to condescension. Furthermore, when I responded I was going based off of what I had seen from her in previous encounters along with her behavior in general and body langauge. I never said hate or not belong, I said /unhappy/, and she proceeded to put words into my mouth, imply that I am an idiot, and suggest that I was projecting how I feel about myself onto her. Oh, and apparently she has so little control of herself that she needs to yell." Not that Naris seems to have much control of herself either. Her face is pale, her eyes are beginning to get red rimmed, and the skin her nails are biting into is beginning to turn red. Rhysanna isn't the only one having trouble here. Plus judging by how she keeps looking at the exit she wants to get away, probably to curl up somewhere and ignore the world.

Zi'on nods to Rhysa. "Well, they do. I mean, look at the clutch down there. Only nine eggs. If it were a pass there would be fifty. Being a rider would be akin to a death sentence for a good number of us. I'd be leading us into battle most days, and if I did a poor job people would die. Dragons, too. Now I basically have a desk job. Not that it's not important to make sure the weyr is running smoothly. It's just not the same. It doesn't have the sort of… epic romanticism about it." He looks to Naris. "Do you think I hate Western, too? Am I miserable and unhappy? Er… don't answer that." Zi'on wraps an arm around Rhysanna's shoulders and gives her a half-hug. Zi'on then puts a hand on Naris' shoulder. Then he looks to Rhysa. "Well, I hope we haven't lost all our purpose. That would make this place pretty useless. You girls need to learn to agree to disagree. Rather than calling each other names. And making assumptions based on passing encounters." He wrinkles his nose. "Anyways, perhaps it's best we cool down a bit before anything else gets said. Naris, you might want to go get that hand looked at. We've all said things we didn't mean in the heat of things. Let's just move on from it."

Rhysanna's shoulders are shaking with barely suppressed frustration and anger by the time Naris finishes her (fictionalized, fantastic, completely and utterly misrepresentative) explanation, though they seem to be able to settle under the weight of Zi'on's half hug. Certainly, the glance she aims up at him is grateful, and though perhaps she could turn to Naris, now, and look triumphantly vindicated (sort of), she does not. Instead, "I don't think you've lost your purpose. It's just changed, that's all. I— yes. Thank you. I'm going to go, now. Take a walk and, and, and cool down. If you'll both excuse me?" Her laundry basket gets adjusted again. Presumably she won't lose it, wherever she walks.

Naris does not say anything as Zi'on speaks, agreeing with Rhysanna for the most part and, at one point, asking if she thinks he hates Western or is miserable and unhappy. She doesn't say anything to the agreeing to disagree, to the cooling down. she does not respond to the hand on her shoulder, although when he mentions the hand she unclenches it and, upon feeling a tiny droplet of blood begin to well up from a cut, presses it against her leg. Why did he notice the hand? Shards, why didn't he say anything regarding almost anything she said except to take Rhysanna's side? Instead of saying anything to either of them she just stares looks at the wall for a moment. She's thinking about something, it's clear she's thinking about something, yet she doesn't say anything. When Rhysanna leaves she simply nods and, when she thinks thathe isn't going to look back or say anything more, just stares at Zi'on for a moment, not sure of what to say.

Zi'on is trying to prevent a cry. Which seems to have worked. At least Rhysanna seems alright, even if she is leaving. "Alright, Rhysa. See you later." He can discuss things with her later. When emotions weren't running so high. Zi'on instead looks at Naris, waiting for her to say something. Why didn't he take Naris' side? Because he knows how she is, that's why. "Not too good at making friends, are we?" Actually, he's expecting a lecture. Maybe Naris blowing off some steam in his direction will help her to see a little more clearly. The bronzer moves over to take a seat on one of the benches so he can look down at the sands. That is why he's here after all.

Before she gives, Rhysa gives Zi'on a smile that is both genuinely grateful and somehow heartfelt and earnest all at the same time. And then she flees. It's much safer that way. Much. Naris? No, the other woman does not get so much as a backwards glance.

Okay, knowing how Naris can be sometimes /is/ a valid excuse for not taking her side. But still, emotions /are/ running high and she has so many things running through her head at the moment that she feels like someone might as well have unleashed a group of angry herdbeasts. She isn't about to debate valid and non-valid reasons even if she spends much time thinking about it. If Zi'on is expecting a lecture he isn't going to get one, not right now anyway. Instead she just says in a dull, slightly tired voice, "never really was." She doesn't move to sit down or look out over the eggs again. Instead she crosses her arms against her chest for a moment. Not as part of making a point or because she's annoyed like she usually would, just as a sort of impulse she felt. Eventually she finds herself looking down at her feet for a moment and asking, "have you ever had something you wanted, or needed, to say but didn't know how?" The question is quiet as if she doesn't really expect an answer. Which she might not, to be honest. There's a chance that she's just talking to herself or felt that the question at least needed to be asked.

Zi'on is mulling over what could have happened. A simple conversation, Rhysanna says something that Naris misunderstands. Rhysa backtracks and Naris continues to harp on her about the first thing. Tensions flare, emotions run high and within a few short minutes the name calling starts. He looks at Naris. "Sometimes people talk before they think, you know. When meeting new people, it's best not to assume to know how they are." He sighs a bit, and nods to her. "All the time. Though most of the time it's the opposite for me. I say something and then wish I could take it back. But if I need to say something and don't know how I end up talking around it a whole bunch. It doesn't usually work well."

That is essentially what happened, only with more condescension in Rhysanna's backtracking and lines being crossed with the insults. Certain people ave things that they just can't handle others calling them out on or accusing them of. Perhaps Naris managed to find a few of Rhysanna's. If that is the case it might not have been too good to point them out because it just so happens that several of her lines mirror the things she said to Rhysanna, things she fears about herself. And while she honestly thinks that that was how the other woman works it doesn't change that her remark on projecting hit her where it hurt. "I don't understand talking without thinking," she admits. "It can get you in dangerous situations. But then again maybe I think too much… sometimes it's better to say something you might regret than to say nothing or act like a machine and think it'll be okay. Because it won't, and even if you push it back sometimes someone will say something that makes you wonder if you have thought so much, said so little, and been such a creature of habit that inside you're just… empty." She trails off for a moment, the the frown tugging at her face again as she looks down at her feet before looking back up. "I've tried talking around things before but it doesn't work well for me either. Yet sometimes for all the pointless things I say I just can't find the words when something is really important, so I don't say anything at all. I'll defend something I care about yet I can't come out and say I care about it sometimes. It…" she trails off again, failing to find a word before finally settling for, "sucks."

Zi'on blinks a bit at Naris. "You can overthink things, too. I dunno. I'm pretty impulsive, Naris. You're not like me. You take calculated risks. Maybe your calculations are just a skewed on the non-risky side. I don't even bother with the calculations. Plus I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve. And if I feel something, I just muster up all the courage I have and put it out there." He grins to her. "When I was… I guess about twelve or so. Maybe thirteen. I had a big crush on Enka, you know? I used to work as her assistant. Well one day I just decided I was going to go ahead and try to kiss her. So I did. Well, obviously she wasn't really going to go for that." He laughs. "So she instead gave me a knot to stand that clutch. That was the clutch I impressed Suldith. So… I guess what I'm saying is things have a strange way of working themselves out."

Naris nods as Zi'on speaks, mulling over his words. "I noticed that," she comments, "the impulsiveness, I mean. I… I like it. It's refreshing, actually, and brave. Maybe not always the best thing to do but still." Just like it isn't always good to calculate almost everything you do and very rarely take risks. The talk of the Enka crush makes her smile back at him, still a bit shakey but better than how she looked moments ago. "I've seen quite a few strange things," she can't help but muse, "I guess it makes sense that things would work out through strangeness as well." She hesitates then, glancing from Zi'on to her feet, her hand, and finally the exit. "I should go," she murmurs. "Things to see to and all that, plus it's getting late." Than a pause and another hesitation as she looks back at him and says, "I do care about things even if I can't, or don't always say it. And I do care about you, you know. Quite a bit, actually."

Zi'on chuckles. "I guess in some ways it might be refreshing. You just like me acting silly, I think. I try not to be impulsive when it comes to my job. But the rest of my life is lived off the cuff, I think." He shrugs a bit. "Life goes on, as they say. Who could have known that I'd show up a few turns later and Enka would have changed her mind." Zi'on looks at Naris, then back out at the eggs. "Mm. I'm going to stay here for a while and see what Suldith thinks." Then he sighs a bit and looks back at her. "I care about you, too, Naris. And I know things are funny now, because we've slept together and all. You're a friend of mine, and I'd like to keep it that way. I don't think an agreement with you like I have with Naeda would work out. I would just end up hurting you." He frowns a bit. "I'm sorry. I know that's probably not what you want to hear."

A half smile crosses her face at his words, one corner of her mouth quirking up. "I didn't think you meant anything by the sleeping with if that's what you mean," she says. "And I kinda figured. But sometimes I think that people don't know if I like them or not so I just wanted to let you know." With that Naris gives him a brief salute that is rather sloppily executed and flick-like before adding, "see ya around." With that she turns around and heads off, the expression on her face melting to one that spoke of pure tiredness as she did so. Was she telling the truth just then? Who knows. Naris doesn't. Either way it's definitely not something that she'll be thinking about tonight.

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