Reporting For Duty

Western Weyr - Docks
Wooden boardwalks lead out to where boats are tied to the dock. Once in a while a good sized ship will be docked here, unloading or loading various items.

The tide is coming in, the wind's briskly out to sea. A good day for Seacraftery! Here at the docks, there's a fishing boat moored at the end of the dock with a few people untangling nets, a small trading vessel that looks empty, and… a Takapola, reporting for duty. Or at least he will be, as soon as he finds where (who) he's supposed to be reporting to. Or was that on? It's just a little bit ambiguous. What's clear is that Takapola's here, bouncing up on his toes a bit as he looks around. Hmm.

Sorel arrives with a bit of an entourage. You see, there's a small, upside down, boat being carried by him and a few other men. The journeyman is keeping an eye on their chosen path, avoiding passer bys with careful steps before he makes it to a part of the dock that isn't very occupied and begins to have the group lower the small craft down. It flops into the water with a splash and he stands back up, stretches, and glances over towards Takapola. There was something he was supposed to do with that one wasn't he? Part of his punishment for stabbing the Weyrsecond or something. Gray eyes blink at the other young man before he waggles a fingers at the apprentice, motioning him closer. "Takapola.. right?" He asks, a bit sheepish. He's surely seen him around the weyr but Sorel pretty much has eyes only for his own family and life, so random apprentices' names and faces don't exactly get ingrained inside that skull of his.

Takapola does see that boat! It's the first thing he sees. Sorel himself is just a bit harder to spot, what with the boat that's just about at head-level. Boats are, fortunately, good at clearing ways, and Takapola's among those who step back out of the path of that boat, only noting as it goes by that… oh wait… that face. That boat-carrier is something more! So he trails on after the boat, at a safe distance. The fact that he's watching is probably helpful for making the connection. It's that expectant look, to go with the accustomed cheerful one. Takapola lifts a hand to salute for… okay, just at the same time as his name, he's not actually saluting his own name. The acknowledgement for it is the nod that comes after. "Journeyman Sorel." There's fewer of those around, compared to the apprentices. Also it's worse for apprentices to forget the names of journeyman than the other way around. "I'm…" Oh, how to put it? But, while Takapola recognizes the journeyman, he doesn't have a good sense of the other's temper, so he sticks with a polite (boring) version. "…assigned to you." No comment about why, or to do what.

Sorel takes the rope that was slung around his shoulder off and wraps it around one of the wooden poles attached to the dock so that his precious boat doesn't start wandering off somewhere. Wouldn't that be slightly soul-crushing if he didn't even get to take her out on her maiden voyage after all that work! There is most definitely a nose wrinkle at the title being tacked onto his name. Even if it is his title, it isn't something he really enjoys hearing. He's been raised with an informal lot after all. "Sorel is fine. It isn't as if people can't see my rank by my knot." If you know.. he happens to be wearing it that day. Sadly today is not one of those days and he clears his throat with a bit of a chuckle as he realizes it's currently missing. "Yes, I heard something about that. I guess the weyr isn't the only ones I pissed off in my family squabble." He offers Takapola a shrug then before attention wavers to the boat for a moment. "So did you have anything planned out for the day, Takapola? Or are we just going to wing it?"

Losing that boat would be a tragedy of… okay, perhaps not epic proportions. More of a quiet, personal sort of tragedy. Takapola's lips quirk up at Sorel's reaction to the title, and he glances to the journeyman's shoulder… which… he's halfway to a grin as he looks back up to Sorel, conductor of family squabbles. "That'd be the part where you're a representative of the craft," he says with that smile. "Even off duty." To quote some apprentice-master or captain somewhere, "A ship's only as good as every board." The half-grin flashes to a full one for a moment, and then Takapola shrugs right back. "My plans are, of course, my assigned duties. As always." He says that with such an innocent face that he's obviously lying. "…which means, sir-" there's a flash of mischievous grin as he gives the title "-that I'm to remind you that knots should be worn at all times, and that titles are important as a sign of respect and to maintain the chain of command, which can be essential to the ship's survival in hazardous situation."

Sorel knows this isn't going to end well, but all things considered, he has ample reason to have a bone to pick with his elder brother. And hey, while he's in the pot he might as well make a jump to the frying pan right? A sigh drops away from his lips while he gives Takapola the once over, sizing him up probably. "I've spent much of my life out on the seas, you know. And I, better than most, know how important things are in hazardous situations. But let me tell you, a bloody knot isn't gunna do much when people are running 'round on deck trying to make sure things are secure." A snort is given before he adds, "I know you're just trying to do your job. Trying to do what you were told to do. But at this point, I'm not gunna just sit here and take whatever shit is thrown at me. I live to be out on the sea. But if the Masters think that putting you on me is gunna teach me a bit of respect. They've got another thing coming. I won't ever be the best behaved journeyman, but I'll always be a damn good one nonetheless."

Pots, frying pans… shells, there's an entire hearth worth of burning to be explored! Takapola seems unconcerned by the way Sorel looks at him, standing relaxed and definitely not at attention. He nods easily about Sorel's life at sea. He quirks his lips slightly at the bit about what Sorel knows better than most, and that smile lingers for the rest of it. "If you wanted shit, you should've been a farmer. Failure to respect your superiors, that's definitely a demerit," Takapola says, as he talks back, "but lecturing apprentices is definitely something they expect of journeymen. So that one balances out." The apprentice grins. "See, here's the thing. I don't care if you're proper like a teacup or wild as a tempest, but next time I'm on ship, I'd rather not be manning the bilge pump half the trip. So. Sorel. What're you so damn good at that they sent you an apprentice instead of demoting you back to one?"

"Oh no, I said I wasn't going to sit here and take the shit. That was my point. Ila has an issue with knowing when a boundary has been trampled. My actions were just that, showing someone that they need to respect the other person. I respect those who offer it to me, but let's be honest here, there's no reason to respect someone when there's nothing mutual. You should never just respect me because I happen to have a knot that says I know more or have more experience. It's all about proving you deserve it." At least that's the way Sorel sees it. But then he spent most of his life on a pirate ship for lack of a better description, something run by renegades, so perhaps that's why he's so jagged around those edges. His shoulders roll into a shrug at that last question though, "I probably am not the best person to answer that. You could ask the people who gave me my promotion. They might have a better idea." But he is a pretty talented craftsman, even if he won't admit it. While his first real 'Journeyman' project now sits floating in the water next to them, the young man has worked on many a boat and people are always happy to have him under their charge. But being a helper and being the one barking the orders is something new and different for Sorel, and one he's not entirely confidant in either.

Takapola arches an eyebrow. "So tell me. Why should I respect someone? Knowledge is out." He flicks his fingers to the side, casting away imaginary water-droplets. "So's experience." A flick to the other side. "Being the first one to offer respect just proves you're a sap and a fool. Which," he smirks, "let's be honest, isn't someone you should respect. No matter what their other qualifications may be. So really, I'm not seeing much reason to respect anyone." Takapola eyes Sorel, looking him over. "Certainly not a fellow who can't even point to an area of competence, despite having the arrogance to claim it doesn't matter how he acts because he's that damn good at… heh. Whatever it was." Takapola shrugs. He should probably be worried about what'll happen if this gets reported by one of the other seacrafters passing, but if he is, he doesn't look it, keeping his eyes on Sorel and his position casual. "Far as I can tell, he just happens to have a knot."

Sorel laughs, a loud, rumbling sound that seems to make his whole body vibrate. Oh, Takapola is amusing him, that's for sure. "I do not recall I ever told you to respect me. You've got your own head between those shoulders of yours, or well, at least it appears as if you do. Feel free to make whatever judgment you want to make. No one's gunna stop you, least of all, me." And with that he half-scales and half-jumps his way down onto the little craft he's made. The oars were secured along the side of it and he quickly unfastens them and dips them into the water. "I'm in this craft for one reason, and one reason only. Because I enjoy doing what I do. But I do tire of the hoops I've had to jump through. All because I have an idiot brother that gets his rocks off by pushing my buttons. If you want to learn something from me sometime, Takapola, I will gladly try to teach you. But you try to shove that bullshit about craft regulations down my throat again, then you can tell the masters to shove it. 'cause I got better things to do." And on that note he lifts two fingers, gives a mock solute followed by a wink before he's rowing out across the water. Poor Takapola, Sorel is such a turd.

Except if Takapola makes the judgment that he wants to do his assigned duty. If he makes that judgment, Sorel… is going to stop him. Or at least stop him from carrying that duty out… unless he wants to make a swan-dive from the docks and swim out after him. Which, apparently, he doesn't. He watches Sorel row out to sea, doesn't salute him back, then turns with a spring in his step to go write his official report. After that? Poor Takapola nothin', he's accomplished his only assigned duty for the day and will just have to amuse himself for the rest of it.

Duty Report for: The Journeyman Sorel
Log Kept By: Senior Apprentice Takapola
Sorel was out of uniform, as he was not wearing his knot.
Sorel did not demonstrate respect for his superiors in the seacraft in their absence.
Sorel did not demonstrate a desire to learn and follow the rules of the seacraft.
Sorel was unable to clearly state his areas of skill and shortcomings.
Sorel did not properly discipline an apprentice assigned to him when that apprentice spoke out of turn.
Sorel did not ensure that an apprentice assigned to him was given appropriate duties for the duration of the day.

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