Searching Kimmila

Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore

Sexy babes line the shore of the most exotic selection of—- oops. Wrong commentary. Rewind, click! It's a warm day at Western, but that really isn't a surprise, is it? But, warmth is no sign of the weather, which has obviously been bad as of late, but one small, small window seems to have opened in the ravenous downpour on the lagoon's colorful shores, giving a brief window for those annoyed at being forced to stay indoors to jump outside, and naturally, the more drunk of which falling out from the Tiki Lounge and straight into the lagoon. It's an entertaining sight, a spectacle that seems to have been predicted — at least anticipated — by none other than the most frequent of lagoon-watchers, famous for setting up him and his umbrella and a stand of sweet alcoholic drinks near the shore, eager to lure any unsuspecting prey of women to his feet. Today hasn't seen much luck, though, even though, shirtless, in a beach chair, and under a giant umbrella, Xe'res keeps his eyes towards the water… and towards the sky. It'll probably start again any minute, but hopefully, by then, he'll have someone to keep him warm (cough cough) once he gets hauled back inside. "Dum dum budum dum," he hums idly, obviously bored. Sigh.

A'ven strolls in, readying Glyith for a rare bath. The dragon looks not at all pleased with his rider but resigned to his fate. The Weyrleader begins taking off Glyith's straps, "It'll be fine, you'll see… I know you still don't like the water as much as the others but you are getting better.", he reassures. "Waiting for someone?", the Weyrleader asks, chuckling a little to himself.

Kimmila is here making sure no one has been drowned. If they have, it's her job to install them in the Infirmary and then clear out their room as a guest quarters. She doesn't have her clipboard, still. But she's getting along without it for the most part. Except for that embarrassing mix up with the numbweed and the herbs. But we won't talk about that. And neither will the bakers whose mouths are now too numb to talk. Ahem. Kimmila stops at the edge of the water, turning to frown at Xe'res, "You know I don't like you very much," she says bluntly. "Hi, A'ven." Bland.

"Me?" Xe'res, having his eyes intent on some passerby in a flashy bikini, barely picks up A'ven's words his way, but after a few quick blinks, his famous smile creeps up onto his dimpled cheeks. "You could say so. Dunno who she is, though. But she'll find me. Someday." One of his nearby drinks is wisked up from the table, and slugged back in as clever a fashion as possible. And then, the bikini-girl walks by, and unveils… Kimmila. "Well lookit you! I didn't realize you'd snuck all the way to Western!" His eyes flick to her shoulder for a moment, assessing her knot. "And you didn't think to visit me! Shame, shame. I'm disappointed in you, cutie pie." Winkawink. "Of course you don't like me. But why so blunt? Bad day? Come, have a drink. I'll make it all go away." Flashing his grin, he extends one of the iced glasses her way. Temptation number one, engage!

A'ven smiles, "Hi Kimmila.", he offers not quite as blandly in return He blinks a little bit surprised but hides it away quickly enough. "I found something you lost…", he mentions to Kimmila and then turns to Xe'res to add, "… and I can't find that for you but if you have that attitude that she'll come along someday, then I'm sure you'll find her. Patience wins."

Kimmila accepts the drink and then sloshes the liquid out into the lagoon before offering it back to the rider. "Whoops. Is today your day off, sir?" She turns to look at A'ven, "What did you find? Not my clipboard?" Instant mood lift! She tosses the glass in Xe'res' vague direction before walking to A'ven with quick steps.

"Cheers to that, Weyrleader!" Xe'res says exuberantly, lifting his own glass in exclamation before knocking back another sip. Seeing her take the drink, the brownrider's mood seems to instantly lift… But it fades almost immediately when the gift is doused into the water, and the glass tossed back without even a further word. "Heeeey hey hey hey, not even gonna say anything to me?" The boy jumps up from his chair, abandoning the umbrella and drink table behind to chase the girl, almost slipping in the muddy ground texture on his way. "It's not like I did anything to you on /purpose/, ya know," he smats rather frustratedly, furrowing his brows as he stares at the fellow Westerner. "All I'm trying to do is offer some hospitality to er.. make amends. Wouldn't that only be fair… Weyrleader?" He needs help! Whimper.

A'ven smiles, "I found your clipboard.", he announces without much preamble but there is a wide smile he offers in return. Are you two going for a swim?", he says casually.

Kimmila beams at A'ven before rounding on Xe'res, her hands clenching, "It's /your/ fault that Wiyaneth almost died," she hisses. "And you have the nerve to just sit here and bask in the sun when you should be at Fort begging her forgiveness!" Even though it's been, what. Over a turn, right?"

Xe'res's face falls. "What in Faranth's name do you want me to do?" the brownrider exclaims, his shoulders falling in failure. "Try to make your mother sweet on me? Rub a magic lotion into Wiyaneth's wings and make them all better? It's not like Kurouth came out if it much better, if I could've avoided it, I would've. But I didn't do anything wrong. I was given the wrong between points, and it's not /my/ fault your mother flew in that bloody snow storm to come rescue me. It wasn't her job. But.. if you want me to between to Fort and kiss her feet, I will. Under one condition." His eyes flicker to A'ven for a moment, and then he shakes his head, looking away. "No. Not today. It'll rain again any moment."

A'ven puts up his hand, "What does Elara say about it Kimmila? Don't you think if your mother has gotten past it that you should too? I think that's what I would do…", he says casually. Then, he adds, "So, do you want your clipboard back?", with a bit of a sidelong glance to Xe'res, hoping that his comment helped the cause a little, at least.

Hadria is taking a little break, the poor little weaver looks like she deserves one too. Down her front her clothes are covered in mud, it's caked in her hair. Looking a right mess she waves to A'ven, taking off the shirt and blushing brightly before putting her hands in the water and scrubbing the mud out from under her nails. "Hello Weyrleader sir, it's nice to see you!" Waving to kimmila and giving a perky little, "It's nice to see you too! Whatever your name is!"

Kimmila glances back at A'ven and nods, reaching out a hand for it, "What condition is that?" she demands. "I think you should have shown a little more remorse at the time, Xe'res. Instead of camping out in our Infirmary and hitting on everyone who walked by your cot."

The lazy noise of Kurouth's wings approaches as the brown circles down into the lagoon, landing a length into the water from Xe'res's position. The rider himself, though, barely even seems to notice, his icy eyes briefly glimpsing his lifemate's direction before turning back towards Kimmila, his expression still fierce. "Er," he looks to A'ven. "Well, Kimmila's got a right to think for herself, but you're right. Elara never really seemed angry. Least not to me." Hadria's appearance is insanely distracting, especially when the girl's shirt seems to be stripped, and her perky smile is seen. Must. Not. Nnnngh. "Oh, so I'm supposed to remorse myself to death when my own dragon could've died? You think I wasn't trying to keep /myself/ from going insane? /You/ try having half your dragon's bones broken and not even being at your own Weyr." His gaze flickers to A'ven again, but he grits and turns back to Kimmila. "Your condition?" He struggles for a moment, trying to keep his composure exactly as he wants it — but he just seems to flail a little with the others standing around, especially his dragon, whose possessiveness can be incredibly annoying. "Kiss me." Temptation number two, engage!

A'ven blinks, "I'm not kissing anybody.", he says playfully. Well, almost nobody, he says cryptically with a little glance down. "Were you really hitting on everyone that walked by? I thought you had more control than that." His opinion of the rider goes down a half peg. "Hmm…" He returns Kimmila's clipboard — there you go…" Hadria gets a smile, and a look, but he's still thinking about what to say when he just decides it's best to let that lie for now.

Hadria looks up at the group, sitting down and letting water soak her skirt while she washes her shoes and feet. Spotting the clipboard she smiles, "You found it! How great!" She's almost to happy, standing and bouncing over to see them in her wet skirt and under shirt, she skips in an annoyingly perky manner. Not missing anything she giggles, "You should try kissing him, just once. Mother always said you should always try something once. If you don't like it then don't do it again." Watching intently and motioning for Kimmila to kiss Xe'res. "Well, go on."

Kimmila frowns at A'ven, grabbing her clipboard. That wasn't the reaction she was expecting. She rounds to face Xe'res and wishes she still had a drink in her hand - so she could throw it in his face. "You are the most outrageous, sexist ovine I've ever met," she hisses. She lifts her clipboard and for a moment honestly ponders hitting the brownrider over the head with it. She turns to glare at Hadria, "Oh shut up and mind your own business," she snaps.

"Not everyone. Just the cute ones." Whether Xe'res is serious or not is hard to tell, as he quickly responds to A'ven, but tries not to throw off his groove, trying to prepare himself for any punch or throw that Kimmila might suddenly decide is worthy of Xe'res's face. "Not now, Kurouth," he mutters to himself as he looks towards the water-bound brown, his head suddenly beginning to be filled with the garble that the brown usually throws his way. "Sexist ovine, eh? Well, that's fine, then — but I'm not going to kiss anybody's feet without a little compensation, and one kiss from a beautiful girl that's been treating me /entirely/ too unfairly isn't too much to ask. But…" His eyes flicker towards Kurouth for a moment, finally listening to the brown's voice. "I /could/ sweeten the deal for you a little bit." He waggles his eyebrows at her for a moment, giving Hadria a wink at her giggling. "That sounds exactly like something an old friend of mine used to say." His eyes turn back to Kimm. "So? What do you say? I'll give you what's in my pocket, AND go swoon your mother to her heart's content… for ooonne insy binsy kiss."

A'ven frowns, seeing that the rider is serious, thinking at first he was only teasing. "Not… the best plan.", he says through carefully clenched teeth. "No, not a very good plan at all. Glyith, who was pleased to have delayed his bath for this long, becomes more alert, eyes whirling. He moves a little closer to Kimmila, almost unconsciously.

Hadria watches for a moment, sticking her tongue out at Kimmila and going back to the water. Xe'res is looked at, and she sighs. Taking off the skirt, though she is wearing a pair of shorts, and submerging herself. That's one way to get the mud off.

Kimmila glares at Xe'res, shaking her head firmly, "Go jump in the lake, brownrider. I kiss no one but A'ven." Ah. The truth is out, it seems.

Oh ho hooo! While this may not do anything for Xe'res's ultimatum, it certainly brings a gigantic smile onto his face. "Well, where you should be going, that probably isn't something you'll get much of, either." He playfully sighs, tugging a long, white knot from his pocket and staring at it dreamily. "Your mother would've been /so/ proud. And I say, you would've made a really smokin' hot greenrider. Ah well." He starts to spin it lazily on one finger, as if intending to toss it into the water. "And Kurouth thought you had /such/ potential, too. And he doesn't usually care about anyone older than 12 much." He shrugs. "And your mum.. I bet her feet /really/ need massaged." Sparkle. "A'ven, what do you think?"

A'ven says "What do I think about Elara? I think if you tried to message her feet, she'd kick you twice and then send you away to Igen, and put Wiyaneth there to guard you so you'd dry out nicely…", he nods. "Elara is not someone to cross." He had no real doubts that Kimmila could take care of herself when it comes to Xe'res — but it was still good to see. Hadria gets a bit of a smile for her gesture, "Don't stick it out unless you're going to use it.", he says with a chuckle."

Kimmila just glares at Xe'res, "What are you saying?" she demands.

"Oh." A'ven is no help! Shame. Xe'res is on his own now completely, then, it seems. "What am I saying?" He looks at Kimmila with bright eyes. "It's fairly simple, Kimmila. Simply plant your lips on.. Left.. No, right cheek, right here," he taps his face, back towards his eye. "And not only will I give your mother the courtesies you'd like for her, and make sure that she understands how badly I feel for Wiyaneth's predicament, but I'll also give you one of these pretty little knots.." He eyes the white thing in his hand. "And make sure you have a chance at getting yourself one of the dragons out on the Sands." He looks down at the knot, and then shrugs. "N'kor only gave me a couple to use, and they won't Search half of Pern… So I'd consider yourself lucky, and this a /very/ good deal."

A'ven just shrugs, "Kimmila knows a good deal when she sees it." "I don't think you have a chance." His trust is in Kimmila now. Hadria is asked, "What do you think of all this then?" He's taking notes.

Kimmila frowns at Xe'res. And then a light dawns in her eyes. Her expression goes slack as she simply stares at the knot in Xe'res' hand. She spins on her heel and marches over to the Weyrleader. She puts her hands on his shoulders and looks up into his eyes. "I have to try this," she whispers. She then gives him a sound, deep kiss on the lips. Her expression is a mixture of pain and excitement as she walks back over to Xe'res and throws her arms around his neck. She gives him a coy smile, one hand sliding down his chest to pluck at the knot. Hopefully he's distracted enough as she leans in to his cheek, whispering in his ear, "You're still an ovine," before she's grabbing the knot and spinning away, staring down at it as if it were a bar of solid gold.

Xe'res watches Kimmila kiss A'ven with… not really envy. But his expression isn't normal, something soft and uncanny on the brownrider's face. So, when she approaches him, not even reeling back to throw him a punch, his eyes grow wide, and he doesn't even look down at Kim, just stares in A'ven's direction with a clear 'W T F?' riddling his face. "I.. uh… Yeah. Probably. But even ovine's deserve a /little/ respect." He gives up the knot without a fight, and gives her a slight push as she turns away. "Better give your sweetums a last night of lovin's, you won't be getting any more for… a while." His expression still in a daze, he turns away, his eyes misted over and glued towards the water, searching for anyone — Hadria, perhaps. Because suddenly, this just got Way Too Awkward for poor wittle Xe'wes.

A'ven is almost as surprised as Xe'res but not /quite/ as much. He smiles. "Well, she's worth waiting for." He says, savoring the moment in spite of himself. He looks now to Hadria, wondering what she has to say about all of this, and to Kimmila, who has a question to answer, of sorts.

Kimmila twirls the knot in her fingers, just staring at it. Tears come to her eyes and she lets them fall unchecked to her cheeks. Dazed, she reaches up and pulls off her Assistant Headwoman's knot, fastening the simple white Candidate knot on. Then she turns to look at Xe'res. Damnit. She owes him now. But she can worry about that later. She turns to walk up to A'ven, her eyes shining, "Thank you," she whispers, as if he was the one who Searched her.

Xe'res sulks. Ah, well. Time to go suck up to her mother… Or something. He looks up for a moment, trying to assess whether the rain will come again soon, but disregards that notion and begins to walk towards Kurouth. "Good luck," he hisses, maybe a bit angrily, behind him to Kimmila as he walks away, swiftly mounting Kurouth and taking to the sky before anything else can slow him. One blink, and the brown form of Kurouth disappears from the sky into between, but to where… Well. Kimmila can guess. Perhaps.

A'ven is a bit surprised but again, what else is there to do but cover the hasty exit. "Would you like me to show you to your quarters then?", he asks with a smile.

Kimmila throws her arms around him to give him another passionate kiss. "Are you okay with this?"

A'ven nods. "Of course I'm okay with it… I'm more than okay." He says, "As long as it's what you want too…", stupid comment, since he knows what she wants but still…

Kimmila nods several times, pressing her face against his chest, "Yes," she breathes, gasping for air for a moment, "Oh yes. This is what…I've always wanted this chance, A'ven. Just this chance."

A'ven says "Then welcome to your little piece of dream come true."

A'ven says "Follow me please, Candidate."

Kimmila gives his cheek one last kiss before she steps away, a flicker of pain on her features before she straightens her shoulders, "Yes, sir," she says, following after him.
A'ven comments, "I suspect you owe Xe'res more than you realize… think on that."

A'ven heads towards the bowl to the east.
Kimmila heads towards the bowl to the east.

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