What Defines Fine (Naris Is Searched)

Western Weyr - Kitchens
//Perhaps you followed your nose here.. the cooking aromas are tempting. This is the main kitchen of the Weyr. At any time of the day or night you find cooks and drudges busy making meals and preparing foodstuffs for storage for later use. The cavern has been shaped into a huge room with a domed ceiling. The huge ovens and cooking stoves line the outer wall, their perpetual fires fueled by natural gas from a nearby well. Vent holes pierce the cavern walls, keeping the room amazingly clear of smoke. The inner wall has long counters of smooth stone, carved from the walls. You see a large, heavy looking metal-clad door. This is the large cold storage room, much like a man-made ice cave. The walls are made of volcanic rock, known for it's insulating properties. The heat exchanger is also powered by natural gas. //

It's been a long night for Zi'on. A long night after having missed dinner. And the bronzer is in need of some refreshment. No sleep. No dinner. And Miraneith just rose up. The bronzer is running on a few cups of klah and basically nothing else. It's quite early in the morning, but it's about time for the morning staff to start up some of the baking and prep work for the day. And here Zi'on is, milling about the kitchens looking for something to eat in shorts and a t-shirt. Right now he's rummaging through the stores, looking maybe for some stashed pastries or cheeses or something. If anyone has seen him thus far, the've not said anything to him. Though they might have ratted him out.

The Weyrleader isn't the only one that had a long night. Well, maybe not long night for her, more long long couple of days. Since the initial dramasplosion with Rhysanna in the gallerias Naris has been submerging herself in her work and generally avoiding people. After all, it's not like there aren't a lot of things that need to be done. Shadhavarth has clutched and Miraneith rose not long ago at all, which means that there are future dragonets and weyrlings to worry about and work on making preparations for along with the normal Weyr chaos. Some might wonder how in the name of Faranth hatchings would be something the lower caverns needs to prepare for. The answer is simple, meal preparations. It takes /quite/ a bit of a planning to arrange a feast after all. Lots of things plotted out in advanced. However, Naris isn't working on something feast related at the moment. Instead she is walking through the kitchens holding a cardboard box, which she holds at a certain distance away from her, and has a disturbed look on her face. There is a powerful and absolutely /awful/ smell rising out of the box. Maybe it's death, maybe it's mold, maybe it's both. Either way the assistant headwoman looks like she wants to gag. Upon spotting the totally ratted out Zi'on she calls, "if you want to be fed you can help with this first." Yep. She's totally bribing him.

Zi'on is surprised to hear someone talking in his direction. So surprised in fact, he stands up, hitting his head on a shelf. The shelf comes down, as do all the other shelves under it. Mostly dried and canned goods, though a couple of bottle break. All in all a mess, but not one that can't be cleaned up in ten minutes or so. Zi'on puts down the assortment of goodies he's nabbed to rub his head. "Ow…" He says, emerging from the store too find Naris there. "UGH. What is that stench? Did someone poo in a box for ten turns? Ugh, that smells like carrots and throw up." The bronze plugs his nose. "Faranth, I think I can taste it. What do you want me to do with it? Between into space and throw it into the firey hell of Rukbat?"

Oh for the love of… Naris gives Zi'on a pointed look when he knocks a shelf down, sending goods to the ground and making others break open. /Apparently/ when the Weyrleader is surprised it comes with the gift of extreme clumsiness. More lower caverns work! Oh, he is /definitely/ going to be stuck helping her with the boxes of stench now. "As much as I would love to know that this is well and truly destroyed," she drily remarks, "just putting it outside the kitchens until a drudge can get to it will work for now. Interesting comparison though, although it is not correct. /Unfortunately/ this box contains a tunnelsnake that some firelizard abandoned and was left to fester for weeks. There's another one in the back that'll need to be taken care of as well." A scowl crosses her face as she glares down at the box for a moment before she continues, "don't open it, and for the love of Faranth /don't touch it/. There are parasitic worms in the corpse and I don't think you want to go through decontamination." With that she rituallessly hands him the box of doom.

What? He was surprised! Though Naris does save him from the horrible things he was probably about to consume, and the aftermath a few hours later after consuming them. "Faranth. Fine. Though I don't even know if I want anything to eat now. Or ever again after smelling that." He grabs the box from her. "Don't worry." He says. "You couldn't pay me enough to touch whatever is in here. It needs to be thrown into an active volcano or something." The bronzer sprints out of the kitchens and out of the caverns, finding someplace to set the box where it will hopefully be seen right away. When he runs back in he scrubs his hands for a while. And then goes to track down Naris and hopefully something yummy to eat. Though likely just an annoyed Naris that wants him to get rid of the other stinky thing.

So that's another time that Naris has saved Zi'on's butt then! Because by now she's pretty sure that she's stopped him from doing something stupid more than once by now, even if it wasn't intentional. She can't help but grin when he accepts the box filled with horrific smells, making it clear that this is not something he'd touch, and sprints away with the box. Oh, chances are it will be gone soon. How could anyone ignore /that/ stench in their living caverns for long? When he returns the Weyrleader is lucky in that she does /not/ have another smelly box for him to get rid of. Instead she is grinning as an unfortunate teenager that had been lurking around and probably getting into something hurries off with another box of stench. Naris raises an eyebrow at Zi'on before remarking, "well then, that was quick. Guess you aren't fond of the smell of death. Anyway, do you want stuff that tastes good or stuff that is on the healthier side?" Yay, he gets food! Treats for tricks… lets hope that Naris doesn't think to try and train him.

Zi'on doesn't do stupid things! Other than Naris. BA-ZING. No, but seriously. She probably has, but the bronzer goes on being oblivious. Zi'on is rather relieved to not have to deal with the second stench box. Instead he hovers near Naris. "Naris I am starving. I want something good to eat so I can go home and go to sleep. And no, I do not like that smell." Zi'on is not very trainable. But he will follow directions. He looks at Naris expectantly. "I kinda thought you might be mad at me, actually."

If Naris counts as a stupid thing that Zi'on has done then what she has done is stupider. Really, so much stupider. The kind of stupid that will knock over shelves in surprise. Okay, maybe not stupid, just… something. Oh, chances are that /everyone/ is relieved to not be dealing with the second stench box. Expect for those poor souls that actually are dealing the the box. She shrugs at the talk of starving before remarking, "fair enough." A small frown tugs at the corners of her mouth at the mention of her being mad. "Anyone that's here and isn't doing something important will probably be put to work when I'm around. That's just the way it works. And I told you, I'm fine, I don't get upset about stuff like that." She shrugs before adding, "I'll be right back." With that Naris heads deeper into the kitchen, emerging a moment later with a plate covered in pastry, meatrolls, and tubers that she proceeds to hand the Weyrleader.

What has Naris done? Sleep with Zi'on? That probably was not such a good idea, no. He warned her! Zi'on frowns, too. "You're not fine though. I can tell. It's not that I don't care about you, Naris. It's just that I can't give you want you want." He pouts. "I wish you'd at least yell at me or something. Tell me I'm a jerk…" And then she's gone. And then back! With food! Ooh! He accepts the plate. "Ooh, where did this come from?" Not that he cares much. The bronzer finds someplace to perch, and then starts eating. "You want some?" Though if she was hungry it is likely Naris would have brought some food for herself, too.

Warn her he did but no one listening to warnings all the time, not even Naris. She doesn't respond to how she's not fine and he can tell. It could easily be put to her having already been moving as he finished and not wanting to stop to speak. Or maybe she doesn't want to talk about it at that exact moment and needs some time to come up with a response. Either way she is frowning as she walks away, not that he could see it. Her normal expression is back on her face when she returns with a food, a small snort leaving her at the question of where she'd gotten it from. "It's a kitchen," she answers in a tone with a slight 'duh' tone to it, "and I spend quite a bit of time in the Lower Caverns. I know where to find things." To the offer of food she shakes her head before saying, "already ate."

Well Zi'on was serious about that warning. Well, she is free to tell Zi'on she doesn't want to discuss it. But he will continue to bring it up over and over until she seems okay with whatever goes on with them. The bronzer isn't going to push the issue though, since she brought him food and all. He is grateful. "Yeah but this is like prepared food. I was just going to have a bunch of snacks." He sits there eating, watching Naris. Waiting for something to happen. Otherwise he just sits there and eats. In silence.

It's not to say that Naris didn't believe the warning, more like she completely believed it and maybe even expected it to happen. She never said that she /wasn't/ okay with it, in fact Naris distinctly recalls saying that she was fine, Of course Zi'on picked up on her /not/ being fine and pointed it out but still, it was said. The talk of prepared food versus snacks makes her rolls her eyes before letting out a slightly bemused snort. "As I said," she points out, "kitchen. There's going to be prepared food lurking around either way, left over from breakfast and whatnot. It's really just a matter of warming it up." Is there awkwardness? Maybe, but if so she seems to be a bit oblivious to it.

Zi'on doesn't know how to be something other than Zi'on. Which is why he warned her. He can tell when something will or won't work out. And most of the things he has going on right now won't. Part of him is still hung up on his previous weyrmate, and it's making it hard for him to take relationships seriously. "Mm." Is his only response about the food being prepped. He's got his mouth full anyway. Yes it's awkward. Finally Zi'on looks at Naris. "Well. Maybe I can make it up to you?"

Just like he can't stop being himself Naris can't stop being herself, she can't magically become foot-loose and fancy-free. Some things just won't work out, Naris understands this, but understanding things doesn't make it so you don't feel anything at all. When one gets to a point when they can't feel anything sometimes it just gets worse. She gives a small smile before shaking her head and responding, "you don't owe me anything, Zi'on. Any issues I might have are mine to deal with and no fault of yours."

No, she can't. Which is why Zi'on wanted to lay it down for her before she got too attached. Zi'on still feels bad about it, though. He didn't want Naris to get hurt. Or to screw up their friendship. He just sits there and pouts at Naris. "I owe you something." He digs through his pockets. "Here." And then produces a white knot. It's a candidate knot! Yay! Or maybe Zi'on is just looking for a reason for Naris to have good memory of him?

Naris opens her mouth, probably about to protest him saying that he owes her something, only for it to close as he digs through his pockets and pulls out… a white know? Her eyes widen in surprise and for a moment she just /stares/. There it is, once again and what seems like a world later he is searching her at an early hour of the morning. The smile spreads across her face again, only larger and without the tiredness of her earlier grins. "Thank you," she whispers as she accepts the knot. A pause before, "we're still friends, you know, assuming you're okay with that." Because things don't work out, times change and change and change again, and Naris doesn't want him out of her life completely.

Zi'on sets his plate down as he hands Naris the knot. He hops off of whatever he was sitting on and heads over to wrap an arm around her shoulders. "Good. I'd like to stay friends. And sex will be off the table for a while so… maybe I'll feel differently in a turn or so. Just… right now anything real is hard for me." He squeezes her shoulders and kisses her temple gently. "You can take the rest of the day off. Gather up your stuff to move to the barracks and all. Congrats. And thanks for the chow."

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