Different Ideals

Western Weyr - Candidate Dorms
Carved from a natural bubble in the volcanic stone, this small dorm room has room enough to hold around two dozen occupants comfortably. Along the walls are stationed sets of cots and clothes presses, each made up to the standards of the weyrwoman. Above, the soft white light from electric lamps cast down during waking hours.

Naeda is still in the process of moving in. A few odds and ends have been set up around a newly claimed cot, and now Naeda is entering the barracks, dragging two oversized trunks behind her. Between that and the new knot she's wearing, it's not hard to figure out Naeda has been searched. Some might say she seems to have overpacked for her jaunt to the barracks. She's certainly making slow progress.

It just so happens that Naris probably counts as newly searched as well, what with search having only just truly started, but she seems to have moved much faster than Naeda. Her cot is already set and the items she decided necessary to bring neatly arranged, many underneath her cot in boxes. One might just go as far as to say that Naris is absolutely meticulous with her neatless. Apparently she is also proud of it, for as she looks around on her space while sitting cross-legged on her cot with Crawlie sprawled on her lap there is a wide grin on her face. The former Assistant Headwoman has only just returned to the barracks and has missed Naeda moving in so far. At the sight of her dragging in the trunks she can't help but raise an eyebrow and ask, "you doing alright there?"

Everyone probably counts as 'newly searched' this early in the process. Naeda's just the most newly of the newly searched for this brief moment. Someone will no doubt come and claim the title quickly enough. The dolphineer-turned-candidate grins upon spotting Naris and her super neat cot as she drags her trunks to her chosen spot nearby. "Naris! I'd heard you got scooped up too. Looks like we're in this together, huh?" She laughs a little. "I'm fine, thanks. This is the last of it. Hopefully enough outfits to last… at least my old room's just down the hall. They'd better not reassign it while I'm here."

Yes, the tilte of the most recently searched can be stolen away fast enough, but /Naris/ has a title that she can't lose for this round. First searched in this group of candidates. Not that it really means anything to her. Why would the search order matter anyway? In the end that that are searched are searched and those that aren't aren't. At Naeda's words Naris flashes her a quick half-smile before responding, "indeed." She peers around the barracks for a moment before commenting, "you'll probably have enough, if now you might be able to get some new stuff or find a way to borrow something. I don't know about room reassignments but I will say that you should enjoy this space while it's here, the barracks will fill up fast enough." Her lips twist into a small form at this. All sorts of people and there's no telling who will join her.

Naeda drags the trunks to the foot of her chosen cot, then flops down on it. Proper unpacking can wait until later. "Hopefully, the rest of the group will be nice. And cute." Priorities. She rolls onto her back to look up at the ceiling of the barracks for a moment. "… I'll miss my privacy. But at least I've got at least one friend to go through all this with, mmm?" Naeda says with a little grin at Naris. There is, perhaps, a little note of worry in that. "We are… still friends, right?"

Priorities indeed. Naris looks surprised for a moment as Naeda abandons her unpacking to flop on her cot, although the surprise grows and is nearly joined by a light choking sound at the cute. "Naeda," she says in a stranged voice, "I think you're mixing up candidacy with parties." As it turns out the strangled sound is not because she's horrified, well not completely, but also because she is holding in a laugh. Her face has turned slightly red as she shakes her head. The question makes a frown tug at her face though. Why do people seem to keep thinking that she doesn't like them anymore? "Naeda," she responds in a dry voice, "if I had an issue with you you'd know."

Naeda props herself up, a mildly mischievious sort of grin on her face for a moment. "What? We have to live with whoever they searched for the next couple months. Don't tell me you wouldn't mind a nice view to help the whole thing go a little more pleasantly, right?" She winks and giggles, smile still on her face afterwards. She looks a little reassured by Naris' words. "Well… good. I mean, with the Weyrleader and all… well. We don't have to talk about that. I'm just glad we don't have an issue."

Naris may not be the best at detecting and preventing potentially awkward situations but she's pretty sure that doing what Naeda is doing is not how you go about doing that. She shakes her head and lets out a sigh before stating, "you're meant to be celibate during candidacy. You do know this, right? So I don't really think that how the other candidates look batters either way." As long as they don't look like Rhysanna. living in the barracks with her does /not/ sound very fun right now. Poor Naeda may end up thrust into the role of peacekeeper! The comment about Zi'on makes Naris frown for a moment before slowly replying, "who you havve sexual relations with… quite frankly it isn't particularly my business." The words are carefully chosen and rather… formal. Either way it's clear that it isn't something she particularly wants to have a conversation on. Quick, time for a topic change! Maybe something to to with dolphins or dragonets?

"Of course I know that. It's right there on the big board of 'things not to do'." Which is apparently what Naeda calls the rules board. "But be honest, Naris. We're gonna have to be here for months. Who would you rather be looking at that whole time? Some nice sexy eye candy, or some terrible bad-smelling slobs?" This all makes perfect sense to Naeda. While she may be lacking in some social graces there, she does at least have enough sense to pick up on the hint that the topic of Zi'on is best dropped. "Right. Nothing more to be said about that." And now, topic change. She looks around. "So is it just us so far? Have you seen them bring anyone else in?"

The continued ramblings of her fellow candidate makes Naris stare for a moment. Eventually she comes to slowly shake her head and murmur, "I… don't think we have the same mindset concerning that. And as long as they /don't/ smell it really doesn't matter to me how they look. I mean, as long as they're able to impress and there aren't any accidents it's fine, right?" The question is phrased a little less like a question to Naeda and more like she's just talking to herself. Although she is relieved that the topic of the bronzer is dropped for the time being she doesn't say anything or even really do anything to show it. Instead she shakes her head before answering her question, "I don't think anyone else has been searched yet. But there's quite a while until the eggs hatch and there are only nine so it isn't like there's much of a rush right now."

Naeda looks at Naris as if she's just grown a second head. "… So you /really/ don't care about what our fellow candidates look like? Look…" She takes a look around as if worried about eavesdroppers, then scoots to the edge of her bed. "… I haven't been searched before. But my half-sister has. So she's told me all about it. We need to be prepared. When they start searching boys, we have to be ready to be all charming so that when we get the horrible chores like stable mucking, we can talk them into trading duties with us. And that'll be so much easier to do convicingly if they're good looking. Do you follow?" This all makes perfect sense to Naeda.

They /definitely/ have different mindsets. As the younger woman speaks Naris looks at Naeda like /she/ has grown a second head. It just doesn't make sense to her! Naris slowly shakes her head before admitting, "I… don't really understand. I mean, I was searched before and I never did that. When you get chores you should do them, it shows that you're dedicated and are willing to do the hard jobs. Besides, stable mucking isn't /that/ bad." Which is probably the unpopular opinion. A frown tugs as her lips as she adds, "besides, why would you flirt with someone if you're just going to use them and really don't have any interest in them?" It really isn't a comfortable feeling, she knows.

"… You've /been/ in the stables, right?" Naeda wrinkles her nose at the mere thought. "The smell! You need at least an hour in the springs to wash off the stink of a mucking day. No thank you!" She shakes her head. "… Anyways. You're looking at it wrong. Don't think of it as 'using' them. Think of it as an exchange. We get to have less awful chores, they get the warm fuzzy ego boost from having us smiling at them." This is an even trade in Naeda's mind. "Anyways, candidacy is meant to teach us the skills we'll need to succeed as riders, right? Well, dealing with people is one of those skills. In a way, it's our duty to do this." Sure.

Naris can already tell that they are not going to come to an agressment concerning this subject. That isn't going to stop her from talking though! She shakes her head before clarifying, "I've been in the stables plenty of times. It smells, year, but you also get to spend around runners. Nice animals, runner, intelligent /and/ nice. There are worse chores… like creche duty." Naris isn't too bad with little kids but she also isn't good around lots of them for a long while. She then shakes her head again regarding the manipulation. "Agree to disagree," she simplifies. "I just don't think it's something I could do with a clear conscience. I mean, people skills and manipulation are two very different things."

Naeda shrugs her shoulders, still smiling in a slightly mischievous sort of way. "Eh, kids aren't as bad. At least they're cute. Usually. Though they do have the same problem with being smelly." She flops back onto the cot again, her gaze returning to the ceiling. "So. What shall we do until we have more company?"

And so that is how it goes, Naris and Naeda spending a good portion of their free time talking. Well… Naeda attempting to gossip and come up with new ideas while Naris tries to turn it to what she considers a 'sensible conversation'. They are an odd duo without a doubt. However, they are eventually pulled away to continue unpacking and work on chores, leaving continued conversation for another time.

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