Important Questions (Rhysanna Is Searched)

Western Weyr - Corrals
Enclosed by a high wooden fence on one side and the steep walls of the weyr on the other is a half acre of grass that holds the Weyr's herdbeasts and wherry flock. While this dragon feeding area is smaller than most of the Weyrs on Pern, there is still enough room for a large dragon to swoop down and grab his dinner with relative ease.

The carnage left behind in the wake of Miraneith's flight has finally been cleaned up. Though it hasn't rained since then, so there's still a little bit of an… off smell about the corrals. But all the blood that Suldith had consumed has for sure worn off by now, and so the bronze MUST FEED AGAIN. He circles overhead, eying each beast from above and sizing it up for possible consumption. Zi'on meanwhile, is sitting on the fence reading a book, and trying not to look too perturbed that he's got to sit around in the hot sun while Suldith gets choosey about his kill. "I think I need a hat…" He grumbles.

"Well, you can't have mine," says Rhysa, whose meandering walk through the bowl has taken her not too far from the corrals - certainly close enough to hear. She is, indeed, wearing a hat: big-brimmed and floppy, the kind that ought to be utterly unfashionable, except that she's managed to wear it just so. It's a skill. Zi'on's voice may have drawn her closer, but after one look in the direction of the corrals themselves, she averts her gaze: there's a dragon about to kill something, there, and she's not all that interested in seeing it happen.

Zi'on looks up from his book to spot Rhysa addressing him. He chuckles to her. "I don't think I could pull that off, anyway. You look like you're off to the runner races." Zi'on himself isn't looking too fashionable. Apparently he's taking a rest day, as he's in shorts and a t-shirt today. Suldith continues to circle for a while, then suddenly turns to one side and drops out of the sky like a stone. Wings flap and he skims along the herd, shaking them up and causing several of them to take off running. His beast of choice is one of them, and the bronze sweeps over to come down on top of it. A quick bite to the neck and the beast's life is ended. Then Suldith picks the animal up in his jaws, and waddles over to the section of fence Zi'on is sitting at before he starts to eat.

Rhysanna looks pleased, smiling at the Weyrleader from beneath the rim of aforementioned hat. The fact that she's caught part of Suldith's catch out of the corner of her eye is probably why she abruptly turns, though her intention seems to be more to continue the conversation while facing in a different direction, rather than simply leaving. "I should congratulate you," she says. "Assuming, of course, that you're pleased to be keeping your knot."

Zi'on seems to pick up on Rhysa's discomfort, as there's a long pause where he furrows his brow, then Suldith scoots around so his back is to them. Thankfully he's not right on top of the fence, so they won't have to listen to him crunching bones. Zi'on hops down, giving them even more space. He smiles to Rhysanna. "Ah, thank you. It's nice to be keeping my job for at least another turn or so. I am pleased. I'm not tired of the big seat yet. Maybe in five or six turns ask me again." The bronzer chuckles a bit. "I'd walk with you, but Suldith refuses to eat unless I'm here to watch him." The bronze warbles in agreement, wiggling his tail and rump a bit. "So how have you been, since the uh… whole thing with Naris?"

Given the hat, it isn't possible to see it, properly, but Rhysanna's eyebrows raise at mention of the bronze's feeding habits; the surprise is visible in the rest of her expression, too, and in the intensity of her gaze. Something changes in her expression at the mention of Naris, but whatever it is, it's too subtle to be instantly obvious. "I've been fine," she assures Zi'on, firmly. "Keeping busy."

There's a lot of warbling from Suldith, which proves to be something of a distraction for Zi'on. "Suldith! Seriously. Fine I'll take care of it. But shh. I can't hear." Some grumbling from the bronze and Zi'on turns his full attention back to Rhysa. There's a frown at that reaction about bringing up Naris. Maybe bad topic of conversation. Zi'on clears his throat. "Actually I'm glad I bumped into you. There's… well, a couple of things I'd like to talk to you about. But don't let me keep you, if you've got places to be. I can always catch up with you later…" A few firelizards have started vulturing around Suldith's kill, and the bronze hunkers down around it protectively, growling and snapping at the littler versions of himself.

The bronze's warbling has Rhysanna turning her head, too, in an idle way: she's too weyrbred to be bothered, really. Her chin lifts, just short of defensive, as Zi'on continues speaking to her. "No," she says. "There's nowhere I need to be. But…" Her gaze is searching. "You're not about to tell me off for yelling at Naris, are you? I know the two of you are friends."

Zi'on peers at Rhysa, trying to maintain a straight face, then he bursts out laughing. "Ha! No. Naris needs a good telling off now and again. She's not very good at making friends. And needs to learn sometimes you gotta have a little tact in social situations. Especially if you don't know the person too well. We talked for a while after you left. I doubt I smoothed things over too well, but… meh. What can you do?" Zi'on waves off the topic a bit. "Anyways what I wanted to talk to you about don't concern Naris." The bronzer looks down at his book and turns it over in his hands a few times. Zi'on, struggling to find words? Maybe, yes. "I uh… Well. I'm sure you've heard rumors about me and all…" There's a grunt from the bronzer as he stumbles a bit, then starts over. This time looking at Rhysanna. "Listen Rhysa… I have a seriously crush growing on you right now. I know I do this thing where I hit on everything that moves and all, but most of those girls I'm not really serious about. And I know you're probably going to think I give this line to every girl… But you're the first girl since my weyrmate left me that I've had any serious feelings for. And I guess I was wondering if you know… we could get to know each other better. Take it a bit more slowly, and all." He rubs the back of his neck sheepishly.

Rhysanna sucks in a breath as Zi'on peers at her, uneasily, though she releases it again a few beats later: evidently his laughter answers any uncertainty she had on the subject. The corners of her mouth lift, a pleased (and relieved) smile settling there. Unfortunately, the bronzerider's verbal uncertainty brings hers back again; her arms lift to wrap loosely about her front, one hand resting upon each forearm in a gesture that could almost be seen as protective. To say that she is surprised by what he eventually comes out with is, perhaps, an understatement: her mouth opens, jaw lowered if not outright dropped. She's blushing, deeply, though it does seem to be a pleased blush, given she's abruptly smiling again. "I think we can do that," she agrees, in a voice that comes out very nearly like a squeak. "Um. Give it a try, anyway."

Zi'on grins widely at her response. He also breathes his own big sigh of relief and almost laughs a bit at how nervous he'd been just a few moments before. He steps closer to her and wiggles a finger against one of her arms, trying to get her to open them up so he can give her a hug. "That… that's great. I'll break off my other… engagements then. You know, so we can give this a go properly." Sharing wasn't a good thing if Zi'on was going to get emotionally involved with Rhysanna. Even if she was okay with it, he would feel guilty about it. "I'll plan a date for us then.. I dunno what you normally like to do for that sort of thing. Or I can just pick something."

Finger wiggling releases Rhysanna's arms in time to a lengthy exhale: perhaps she's relieved, too. And smiling; beaming, really. Certainly, she's more than happy to be hugged. "I… good," she says, somewhat struggling for words of her own, which is probably not a good start. still! "Pick something. I don't mind. Whatever you like."

Once Rhysanna's arms open up, Zi'on pulls her right into a hug, picking her up and spinning her around off the ground. Yes, that is joy, and the thrill of something new and exciting! And he doesn't let go of her even when she's back on the ground, no, he keeps his hand hooked on her waist. The bronzer chuckles and nods. "Alright. I'll do that. Leave it to me." Suldith has finished eating all he's going to eat by this point, and the bronze is tired of being ignored. So in comes a big bronze head! That might be a little stinky of meat. He warbles at the two of them and nuzzles his head against Rhysanna. What? He wants to be part of the moment! Zi'on laughs a bit. "Arrgh, Suldith! Don't mind him. He's just being Suldith."

Well, that was more of a hug than Rhysanna was probably expecting, and she squeals as a result— but she's obviously pleased, too. The beaming smile rather gives it away, doesn't it? Suldith's interruption does not result in a return of the squeal, but in a wide-eyed glance. "Oh, I don't mind him… though his breath…" She stops. "Hello, Suldith." One hand, the one most easily moved, reaches up in an attempt to try and rub at his headknobs. No one gets left out.

Zi'on laughs. Well, no one can ever say that the bronzer isn't spontaneous. Though impulsive might fit the bill a little more closely. Suldith turns his head to the side and warble-purrs at the head scritches. Zi'on moves said head a little bit away from them when the head rubbing is over. To avoid the stinky breath. "He's been bothering me while we've been out here. About the other thing I need to talk to you about. Which is going to sort of contradict the last thing we talked about. But he won't leave me alone. But I really want to kiss you before we go into that." RambleRamble!

Rhysanna clearly approves of stinky breath avoidance, though she'll smile at Suldith even so, hand drawing back towards her side. Zi'on's next statement has her turning her head to look back at him, brows raising up beyond the rim of her hat again. "You'd better kiss me, then," she says, firmly. "Because now you have me all curious and anticipatory." Pause. "Although I suppose I was the latter already." Her chin tilts up, her hand lifting so that she can shift her hat well out of the way. "And anyway, I don't want him to be bothered."

Zi'on grins and chuckles a bit. "Alright then…" He says in a rather husky voice. She'll probably need to scooch the hat a bit. Zi'on is coming in from above, of course. Though no hat is going to prevent this kiss from happening, and Zi'on moves in with confidence to press his lips to hers. His eyes close and his free hand moves to support her head. Yeah okay, they're sucking face in public. What of it? When the kiss finally breaks, Zi'on is panting. Also he forgot whatever they were talking about before. He just sort of stands there grinning like an idiot.

Are they in public? Perhaps Rhysanna has forgotten. Perhaps she simply doesn't care. She's leaned in to meet him and now, as the kiss breaks, seems half reluctant to pull back any further. Instead, she simply looks him in the eyes, his grin promptly hers in turn; equally, her breathing is no less shallow. "So far so good," she teases, finally, pulling her thoughts back together. More kisses would probably be preferable to talking, but her curiosity has already been aroused: "There was something else?"

Zi'on has forgotten. Though it's unlikely that he cares. Zi'on grins to her and gives her hip a squeeze. And he rubs a scruffy cheek against hers. "Mm. I would say so." He says, once he finds his voice again. "Oh! Right. Something else…" He digs through his pockets, looking for something. Marriage proposal! No, just kidding. Zi'on is a rider after all, so no handfasting. No, what the bronzer produces is… a white knot. A candidate's knot. That is what had Suldith's panties in a bunch. Surely Rhysa recognizes what it is. "So… In spite of everything, I hope you'll accept."

As moodbreakers go, that is… kind of a big one. Rhysanna gives Zi'on a look, the kind that asks if he's kidding and crazy, all at once. She draws back, resting her teeth upon her lower lip, then sucking a breath in past them. "You do realize that you've just made my mother a very happy woman twice over?" she wonders, aiming for conversational, but really just sounding very unsure. "I guess I'd better." She pauses. "No, really. Thank you." She'll take it. "I'd better not invite you to walk me home, then."

Zi'on blinks. "Your mother? Happy twice?" He looks confused, then laughs. "I should probably head to the office anyway. But that doesn't mean I can't. There's just no sex as candidates. The rest is… more or less allowed." He winks to her. "I'll send you a note later though." He pokes her nose, then heads over to hop up bareback on his dragon.

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