F'mar and Cassara at the Tiki Lounge

Half Moon Bay Weyr-Tiki Lounge

As one walks onto the wood panelled flooring of the patio, they are greeted with the scent of burning oil, the likely source the various torches burning along the perimeter of the flooring. The flooring is littered with tables shaded with umbrellas, matching chairs tucked beneath when not in use.
The inside of the Tiki Lounge seems far bigger inside than outside, even when full of relaxing weyrfolk and travelers. Towards the front, in the western corner, is a small stage, generally occupied by harpers. Several tables with chairs decorate the floor and a small area is open for dancing. The bar is rather long and well stocked, glasses of different shapes and sizes hanging suspended from a rack above the bar. Behind the bar is another open window that gives one a view of the forest behind the tavern. Turning around, one is greeted by a lovely view of the lagoon. A decent breeze helps to cool the room. Up above, rafters provide a perch for fire lizards and local avians. The thatch roof, made of straw, rarely lets in any rain.

It's a bit later in the after noon on a cool day. Cassara sits at the bar, again with paperwork. This time she's writing actually writing some stuff instead of just reading. There are already two empty bottles next to her as she reads and scribbles away. The large woman lets out a sigh and rests her skin on her palms, drifting into deep thought.

F'mar has come in and heads towards the little stage, he places a guitar case and his music stachel next to the stool. He sits himself down and removes what appears at first glance to be a child's flute, but upon closer examination shows itself to be a little more complex than what a child could handle. He settles himself down then starts to play a simple tune that most children would recognize from their time with a harper. The music slowly starts to increase in complexity with melodies and choruses slowly intermingling.

Cassara turns a bit to listen in to F'mar's song, She doesn't respond too much, but she cracks a bit of a smile and relaxes a bit as she listens to F'mar play his tune.

F'mar continues playing for a while, choosing songs that were easily recognizable to most in the weyr or from any of the major holds. F'mar pulls out the case for the flute and puts it away, making room for another harper to have their turn on the stage. He moves to the bar and orders a small drink, taking a sip when it arrives. He spots Cassara and gives her a salute and a smile, "Hello ma'am, how are you this fine day?"
Cassara snorts at 'ma'am'. "Hey F'mar… Good show." She says casually as she sips her beer. "… Doin' alright, you? seems like you're not drinkin' your self silly anymore."

F'mar smiles at Cassara's reaction to being called Ma'am, "No I decided that the only thing I'd get from continuing in that direction was a lot of nothing…well cept some major hangovers that is. I decided that I'm going to concentrate on Search and Rescue as well as sharing my music with any who'd like to hear it. So far I've not had anything pelted at me so I suppose that my music is passable." He takes another sip of his drink listening to the new harper's music.

"… Probably a good call. I've been down that road enough and it's never turned out great." She chuckles, hunched lazily in her seat. "… False modesty, you know you don't have to worry about that." She grins a bit.

F'mar snorts, "Well I have been known on occasion to tell some good tales, am thinking of holding story times for the littles here at the weyr in my spare time…umm we do get some spare time don't we?" This last was said with some interest as F'mar imagines that search and rescue requires a lot of time spent training and drilling. "I did that at Ista and Monaco Bay with the littles seeming to enjoy my stories…though they seemed to have the same problem that most have with my stories thinking I made them up out of whole cloth…I don't understand why though seeing as they're all true."

Cassara laughs a bit. "Yeah we get free time. I think the hours are worse than the days off." She chuckles. "… I was just able to manage a camping trip with my daughter. I think you'll be fine. Mm…? Not believing you? Not telling them about your family's rock farm, are you?"

"I'll have you know that everyone who lives in and around our cothold will confirm that our rocks are the best they've seen in many a turn. It takes a great amount of talent to raise rocks of a high enough quality that they'd be in demand all over." F'mar smiles as he takes another sip of his drink, finishing it off he then orders a non alcoholic fruit punch. "I just don't understand why people have such a hard time believing me when I tell them of my parent's rock farm, the best in Pern!"

"… Easy to be the best when you're the only." Cassara chuckles to herself before ordering another beer. "… How have you found drills and the training, anyways? Haven't caught you screwin' up too bad yet, but you enjoying the work?"
F'mar slowly nods his head, "They've been hard but then again I didn't expect anything else seeing as what we're expected to do at any moment's notice. Both myself and Yukenth are enjoying it, we're finding it easier the more we do and our timing is getting better at each try." He takes a drink if his juice then winces slightly as the sour of the lime juice hits his tongue, "You mean to tell me that you've not heard of the Rock Grower's Association of Pern? They are the largest organization of rock growers and are quite active in promoting rocks and their myriad of uses."

Cassara nods a bit and gives a grim grin. "… Feel worse for you all here. Search and Rescue was easier in Igen. Time wasn't a factor in the same way it can be around here… The water is a scary place and the sad part is, for as much as we train you, we can't train you to actually deal with real situations. We just gotta hope you're able to manage when the time comes." As for the rocks, well.. Cassara just gives F'mar a deadpan stare.

F'mar makes note of the stare and grins, "At least with the training it will give us a base to work from and it won't be as if we just had to make a wild guess on what to do. Everyone I've met in this wing are more than dedicated to the job and I'm pretty sure everyone will do just great when the time arrives to actually put into practice what we're learning."

"… Oh, yeah. I mean, we're not sending you in blind, but even for me, who.. I might have been doing Search and Rescue for longer than you've been alive, well… that was the biggest adjustment. Spotting was similar to Igen, but the recoveries were far harder." She shrugs a bit. "… I mean I'm sure you'll all do fine. Everyone seems to have a good head on their shoulders. But just keep that in mind… It'll be waaay different the first time you have to do a water recovery."

F'mar nods his head, "True I have no illusions on what it will be like on an actual mission, I've talked to enough riders and some sea crafters to understand what the waters are like…«We will do well for we are a team that can tackle anything» Don't get over confident Yuk, as Cassara says it will not be easy at all." He finishes off his drink and turns to face Cass, "You do look a lot older than most, though I must say your wrinkles are well preserved.."

Cassara gives an approving nod. F'mar doesn't seem to be taking the situation lightly which can so easily be the case sometimes. She laughs as he comments on her age. "… Talkin' to a badass grandma here." She says with a grin. "… Pushing forty. Don't feel like my age has caught up with me yet though."

F'mar doesn't say anything for a moment or three, "40 turns, I can't imagine what it would be like to be THAT old! So when are you having your retirement party Cassara, they going to put you to pasture teaching weyrlings?" F'mar makes sure he's not within striking range of Cassara just in case, "I think I learned early not to become over confident or to take things for granted…I mean just look what happened to my wife and child, I took them for granted and now they're gone. I'm kind of looking forward to our first mission and yet hoping that it doesn't happen too soon!"

Cassara just raises an eyebrow at F'mar. "Hah, I wish. My parents are still managing a small farm by themselves and they're up in their sixties. I should be able to do better than that as a rider." She chuckles, though she was still starting to finally feel a bit 'old' and was frustrated by it. "… Don't think weyrling master will be in my future even when I do. Kinda might get away from the Weyrs, but I dunno." Cassara frowns at F'mar when he mentions his wife and kid again. ".. Y-Yeah, I guess you can't… IT'll be fine though. If you're luck you'll be on site with more experienced people, but… doesn't always work out that way. If you're lucky though, life will… ease you into things nicely."

F'mar smiles "Oh don't worry not getting maudlin on you again, but you're right being with an experienced team would make things a lot easier, though I suppose even for them there are situations that they've not encountered before. That's why training is so important it gives you a base on which to rely on when you're out on rescues. I hope that I don't do anything really stupid on my first few outings!" He stands and gives a slight bow, "If you'll excuse me a moment I'll see if the other harper is up for a duet." With that he moves towards the stage and the other harper before joining them on stage.

"… Yeah, you got the right idea." Well, Fmar wasn't going to be much trouble it seems. "… Well, we'll see how you do when the time comes." She grins and turns a bit, leaning against the bar to watch.

F'mar opens up the case on stage and pulls out his guitar, the other harper pulls out a violin. He gives another bow to Cassara and they start to play, the violin strikes a haunting melody its voice deep and somber. A few seconds later F'mar starts to play, his notes in counter point to the violin melding to form a whole, then in a soft voice he starts to sing "The skies are filled with dragons, flames bright against the sky..as the deadly threat of thread is fought once again to protect all that lay below…the bellows of the wounded, the cries of those below all strike a somber tone as thread is turned to dust…the golden queen is spotted as cheers fill the air, the ground crew salutes the fighting wings of old…" The music and song continue till the violin is again the only instrument left playing its voice the voice of our ancestors who fought to keep the skies clear.
Cassara rolls her eyes at the bow directed toward her but sits back and watches the performance. The song elicates a smirk from the older woman. She seems like she enjoyed it, but it's hard to tell for sure! She calmly claps if anyone else does but for the most part just sits back and watches.

F'mar puts the guitar back into the case and shakes hands with the other harper then climbs down from the stage to resume his seat at the bar leaving the entertainment to the other, "Bartender another of those fruit juice drinks if you please?"

"… Good performance. Bit more my speed." Cassara chuckles. "… Klah." She asks the bartender, having had enough beer. She starts looking over her papers again. "… Harper seems like a good craft for a rider."

"It seems a good fit, and having access to the information at Harper Hall should be a great help as well. Thank you Cassara am glad you liked it, but I'm a bit rusty; there were a few spots where the note wasn't quite right." F'mar takes a sip of his new drink sighing softly as its coolness coursed down his throat, "Singing after so long an absence from it is a little hard on the vocal chords and throat…this juice is a nice relief. If you don't mind me asking what were you doing before you were searched and impressed?"

"… Well, I'm no music critic so I didn't really notice." she shrugs. "But I guess thats the nature of being a harper, eh…?" Cassara shrugs. "No craft or anything. Trading. I was a trader — or, more accurately, my parents were. So kinda spent my childhood travelin' around and stuff."

"I've always admired the life of a Trader traveling around Pern, seeing places that few have seen but I have to admit that though it was hard I did enjoy working as a gardener at Ista Weyr. There are some fine gardens and orchards there, and I had a little part in making them that way." F'mar recalls his time at Ista with a smile, "Was the first place I ever got falling down drunk at, the first place I really learned anything about women. I'll always have a place in my heart for Ista Weyr."

Cassara grins. "… I dunno, a whole lot of it ends up looking the same. I mean… it was nice, but when everything is new and exciting, nothing is new and exciting… if that makes any sense? Not a great enviroment to raise a kid either… Though I think my parents did as well as they could." Cassara laughs. "Heh, where you holdbred and raised until you became a gardner? They're… always so boring."

"I was raised on my parents cothold, we were beholden to Ista Hold so I got to see the hold each turn when we brought in our tithe. I had no brothers or sisters so was just me, dad, and mom on the cothold. Sometimes uncle N'hil would come visit but mostly we were on our own…oh and of course the Harper would come and give me lessons when he reached us on his tours." F'mar stopped and recalled his childhood and the life he lived till he left home, "It was hard work the soil wasn't the best and it took a lot of work to grow anything at all…well cept our famous rocks of course."

"… Even worse." Cassara chuckles. "… Movin' the weyr must have been a shock. I know when I got in my teens, when we'd go into weyrs, well…" She grins and laughs a bit. "… Well, weyr girls were quite something, I'll leave it at that. If I was in your situation I woulda just had a heart attack and died I think."

F'mar laughs "I nearly did, from protected cothold to a weyr was quite the change let me tell you; and the stories we used to hear when we went to the hold made it seem like there were orgies all over the place, naked bodies running wild and innocence lost from the moment you entered the weyr. The old aunties loved to regale anyone who'd listen with tales of the debauchery at the weyrs and how much better holds were with the stuffed shirt rules and behavior's."

"Exaggerations, but not by much." Cassara chuckles. "… More in the… frequency of those events." She shrugs. "… Never really totally got along with either. Much rather here than a hold, but… Weyr culture is still weird to me sometimes. Part of me wants to retire down to Ierne when the time comes."

"That's where my uncle N'hil is, he's been retired for quite a few turns now. I don't know I found the weyr refreshing compared to the life I had been living till I first arrived at Ista." F'mar finishes off his drink content to be able to relax, "There are times when I have to take a step back from what is happening as it becomes a little overwhelming…even though I've lived at a Weyr for awhile now I can hear my mom's voice echoing in my ears telling me to be a good boy or else." The last is accompanied by a smile.

"We were stuck there when my weyrmates dragon was healing for about a turn… Grew… pretty fond of the place. Not as… open as a weyr but… more relaxed at the same time. I dunno, as someone who lived on the road between holds and weyrs, its sensibilities made sense to me." She turns and grins at F'mar. "… I think my parents were glad I actually mellowed out once I got to a Weyr… Though, it was because I was a candidate so… I kinda had to. Kinda."

"Mellowed out? What were you like as a child then if this is mellowed out???" F'mar tries to hide his grin behind his hand, "Mom was worried that I'd be corrupted at the weyr so she made any excuse she could to come visit to make sure her child hadn't turned into one of those weyr people that she'd heard so much about. Looking back it was funny that she was so worried about me, and that her fears were ill founded…I love her but she can be quite over powering when she had something to say!"

Cassara laughs. "… I've only been in one fight since moving here! Well, and with D'nyl but that was… sporting. And I have a weyrmate so I'm not… being wild with girls or anything." She laughs and shakes her head. "… Ugh if I was single now it'd be so undignified. Way too old to be doing that…" though she would be! "… Even when I first arrived, I was probably… the worst candidate to ever impress?" She laughs. Clearly that couldn't be true, but she as probably pretty bad. "… Your mom sounds like a character. Not everyone is quite like that. Even those who are weyrbred."

"Oh she's a character alright, but I'd not trade her in for anyone else. As much as she can be aggravating at times I know that she will always be there if I ever am in need of her or my dads help." F'mar smiles thinking of his parents.

"… Good to have family. An… aspect of weyrlife I am not terribly fond of." She shrugs a bit. "… I understand why we do things the way we do usually but.. ugh, it just makes me a little ill just thinking about it."
F'mar shrugs his shoulders, "I understand why its done this way and it makes sense but not raising your own child…that is hard." He gives himself a shake moving on to another subject, "How often is the wing called on to do a rescue or is that not kept track of?"

"… Gave Hotaru to my parents rather than have her foster. Now the poor girl is managing twins…" Okay, not TECHNICALLY twins. "… because I begged her not to foster. I… don't even get the point if you're just going to foster them." She shrugs. "Not sure. and it's weird. I'd say… once or twice a sevenday we'll get a big alert… which may or may not be a big deal. Sometimes someone is just missing and they're alright, sometimes they're sunk and dead and somtimes we can make a difference. A lotta times you can see stuff during sweeps. It varies a lot."

F'mar nods his head, "I like the idea of fostering to a relative at least then they'll have family raising them, fostering is common in the holds as well though their reason for it escapes me as they're not faced with the same things we are here at the weyr. Well I sort of can't wait till the first call and yet I am in no hurry to have my first call either if that doesn't sound strange to you?"

"… My thought too, especially since… Well, I wasn't the one who gave birth to her." That last bit ocmes out a bit uneasily. "… So I thought if we fostered her, well… How am I in any way a parent? … So, we gave them to my parents and I … visted as often as I could manage and tried to make the best out of it." Cassara nods. "Makes sense, but it's not the calls you have to worry about. Hope for the calls first. You'll be ther with other riders, they'll direct you and you'll assist in safer ways. You just need to worry about being the first responder, or the person who notices something is up first. Thats… when things may get uncomfortable."

"I hadn't thought of that to be truthful, I had always thought that I'd be with a group when ever a call came in and as for being the one that comes across a situation well that definitely never crossed my mind!" F'mar ponders this last bit of information adding it to all the information he had on his wing's duties, "I don't know if I'll ever have another child, as for giving birth welll that is not very likely is it my being the wrong sex for that and all…I think the best we can do is to do what we think is right and what is the best we can do, all the rest when you come down to it doesn't really matter.."

"… Well most sweeps are at least in pairs so you'll probably be okay but… things happen with that, people split up to cover ground and well… I guess we'll see." Cassara nods slowly. "… I guess you'll figure that out when the time comes. I never thought I'd ever have one my self." It was so much easier to have someone do it for her.

F'mar smiles at Cassara's words, "Well we'll just have to wait and see what happens when the first call happens. I suppose no matter what happens the training we receive will be great help no matter what I might face."
"Mm, hopefully the others are as positive as you… But they seem a good lot. No one really worries me that much. Used to have to kick the occasional kids out over in Igen but… doubt that'll happen here."
"I know my clutchmates are all going to be a huge asset to the wing, I've never been associated with such a fine group before and I'd trust any of them with my life." F'mar sits up a little straighter proud to belong to such a group as his clutchmates. "Am glad you feel that we're going to be able to handle the duties Cassara, will do our utmost to not disappoint you."

"Yeah, they're a good lot. Never liked a bunch of weyrlings quite that much." Cassara laughs a bit and slides up, putting some marks on the counter. "Good. Anyways, I really should be getting to my weyr before Hika worries."

F'mar gives a short nod, "Take care Cassara, been a pleasure having your company while I try to scratch out a tune." He stands and gives you a deep bow followed by a salute.

"No problem, F'mar. Hit me up if you need anything." She says, giving an informal, lazy wave as she heads out to Golth.

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