Tourist Attractions

Date: Day 18 of Month 2 of Turn 2720
Half Moon Bay Weyr - Tide Pools

Up a path from the lagoon sits a plateau of tidal pools. The shallowness of the pools combined with the dark stone they're made up of means that Rukbat beating on the pools in the daytime keeps them warm. The rock has been hewn gently on most of the pools to allow for ledges to sit on while still in the water. The pools allow for a more private, relaxed atmosphere than the beach below. When they are occupied, it is not uncommon to see a waitress or waiter come up from the Tiki Lounge to serve drinks to the occupants.

It's a bright sunny day, the kind that brings lots of people out to the lovely beaches and tidal pools of Half Moon. Viora, however, sticks out like a sore thumb. Her dusty, once-fine dress looks like it might be appropriate for a gather, but certainly not for beachgoing. Last time she wore it out here it got her mistaken for a possible ghost. Nevertheless, here she is! She's got a big smile on her face as she enjoys the view, looking out at the water with wide eyes. "Wow…"

Suriya takes a rather loud sip from her cup as she slowly turns to glance over her shoulder at the source of the sound. She takes one look over at Viora for a moment and then returns her attention to the little whatever-it-is that's nibbling on her legs under the pools surface. Whatever it is, the thing is particularly stubborn as it swims about. "You must be a tourist. The 'appreciation' is a giveaway." Nevermind the clothes, there's weirdos everywhere.

Weirdo is pretty fair. Even by gawky tourist standards, Viora is doing an awful lot of amazed staring at a view which, while nice, probably doesn't warrant this level of amazement. "Yes, I am!" She declares chipperly, apparently not offended by the tourist label. By talking to her, Suriya has now made herself the focus of the girl in the odd dress. "Are you a local? Your weyr is amazing!"

Suri raises a brow at the girl, slowly turning those jade eyes across the scene laid out before her. Nothing… remotely remarkable about the place. At all. Hopefully the fish in the pool isn't poisonous, the strange ones that like austere places are the ones you gotta watch out for! "I'm not a local, I've been here for a few turns." Should she really give her honest opinion on the weyr? Naw, let folks figure it out for themselves.

"Woooow!" Evidently, just having been in the weyr for a few turns is enough to elicit that kind of reaction from Viora. Everything around her seems absolutely wonderous at the moment. "You must have seen so much! Is it really all as magical as they say?" She leans in much too closely. If anyone needed a dose of harsh reality, this is it.

"Magical?" Suriya opens her mouth to say something but then refrains, just hearing the aunties scold her for not selling the weyr for the tourist location that it is. Close much? Suri isn't really paying attention, not while she's jerking a knee as the little water critter starts to get brazen by tugging on a leg hair. What is not to thrilled with the proximity change is the little puffed up, wings unfurled bronze firelizard chittering his two sense at the stranger. "Well, I guess the magic is where you find it, you just have to do lots of exploring and don't spend so much time in one location. You know, in case you miss something… magical." That was nice, right?

Viora really is going to make it as difficult as possible to be diplomatic and vague. She seems absolutely stuffed to the brim with unjustified enthusiasm about a place she clearly knows next to nothing about. "I mean, the water, and the dragons, and the beautiful beaches and pools, and all the lovely nice people…" She sighs dreamily, hands clasped together and eyes practically twinkling. "I can see why you'd never want to leave."

Never want to leave?! Maybe it's a good thing Viora can't see the look on Suriya's face. The wide grin, the bright eyes, the twitches in corners as thoughts of death and destruction dance about her little tropical brain but the young woman schools it just enough to glance over her shoulder to the stranger. Her hand carefully leaves her drink and moves over to the puffing bronze, patting him to placate the hissing thing til he quiets. "Yup, so much to offer here that you won't get anywhere else." Does Ista have a gaseous cave to shove folks into, too? Suri is still looking for one.

At this point one might wonder if Viora would be dissuaded even if she did see the look on Suriya's face. Sadly she seems to have concluded that Suriya is a 'friendly local' who will want to hear her gush about the weyr and continue her ramblings. That last comment earns particular interest. "Oooh, really? Please, tell me! You must know all the best things to see here!" The hissing makes her finally notice the firelizard, who is also subject to amazed gawking. "Ooh, you have a firelizard? And such a big one! I love firelizards. We so rarely see them at the hold…

Damnit, Suri really needs to find someone to send all the locals to. Why doesn't this bloody weyr have any tour guides advertising?! "Um, there's one thing I could think of, but the window to go see it is pretty small so if you want to check out this rare sight, you need to go quick. There's usually large groups of people so the spot is easy to find. Down at the other end of the beach is a lava pillow and you can smell the volcano when it steams to the surface. It's pretty exciting to look at, just don't fall in." BEAM.

"REALLY?" Viora picks up on absolutely none of the sarcasm or malice in this statement. "Well, goodness, if it's a rare sight, I have to see it before it goes away! Thank you, kind stranger! I shall not forget your words of love for your beautiful home weyr!" And just like that, she's scrambling off to the other end of the beach as fast as her legs will carry her. Mission accomplished?

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