Tiki Boys and a Proddy Weyrwoman

Western Weyr - Tiki Lounge Patio

As one walks onto the wood panelled flooring, they are greeted with the scent of burning oil, the likely source the various torches burning along the perimeter of the flooring. The flooring is littered with tables shaded with umbrellas, matching chairs tucked beneath when not in use. People of all sorts gather in clusters to talk or people watch. One can easily see into the tavern, its large windows usually open to the outside. Music flows in from inside, carried by the sea breeze, encouraging some people to dance, or even sing along.

Electric lights light the entrances as those on night duty come out to take over, moving quietly in the night so as not to disturb those sleeping about the Weyr.Winter has descended once again upon the Western island, though those from the north would never be able to tell it, but the short days and the cooler nights are painfully obvious to those born here. This is the desc of the full moon.

That's right. It's winter at Western. Which means that it rains sometimes. And isn't swelteringly hot. Though winter is wrapping up and it's moving towards spring about now. Which means they could expect more rain and maybe a few sweltering days thrown in. Tonight though it's overcast and warm but not hot. There's a cool breeze coming from across the lagoon. Zi'on has claimed his usual spot when he visits, out on the patio. He even sits in the same seat everytime. He's got a Tiki Torpedo burger in front of him and some sort of fruity cocktail thingy that he's sipping on. The green firelizard curled about his shoulders looks mighty grumpy and bites at his ear from time to time when he jostles her the wrong way.

Out into the warm night, amidst a small gaggle of bemused and occasionally giggling women — most, if not all of them greenriders — Enka makes her departure from the actual lounge itself with little fanfare, the goldrider's hand wrapped around a frosty glass of some fruit-and-booze concoction, seemingly at ease. "Well, Dalima, dearie," the weyrwoman is saying, tossing a wry little smile at one of the greenriders, "that's a delightful little suggestion you have." What exactly the suggestion is, well, that's not elaborated on, as Enak catches sight of Zi'on in his seat. "You gals go find a place." she waves them off, "I'll catch up." And slipping past a few tables, she's headed right for the bronzer. "She's nippy, I see," those are her words of greeting for him, a slight tilt of her chin towards the firelizard.

Nothing wrong with a little over cast night, it's still good and cool enough for wandering to take place when all is settled and quiet. S'rorn makes his way across the floor, the small bells at the end of his long belt chime with each step and sway. The brownrider picks a seat tucked in a corner and settles down with a sigh, peering at a stray flit eyeballing his belt. As long as it doesn't try to eat the bells, he should be good. Why must all things be nippy? At least there isn't snow to contend with in this weyr. A server leaves the lounge and makes his way over to the brownrider where he takes an order and is gone as quickly as he came.

Zi'on is mid-burger eating when Enka makes her way up to the patio. There's a brow raised at Enka's current company and he peers at her as she makes her way over to him. "I take it Ezio is at the nanny's then?" There's a grunt and a nod about the firelizard curled around him. "She's proddy." He peers at Enka then. "Like you, apparently. Hopefully you're not as nippy, though." He pushes a seat out for Enka with his foot and offers her some of his tuber straws. Zi'on spots that blonde guy from the wing and waves to him. If he has to suffer a proddy Enka… well then other people must also suffer her. Other men. Women were of no use to him.

"Mmmhmm," Enka nods slightly, her head tilting a bit at the chime of bells, and as she settles into the offered chair with a graceful little slide, her gaze flickers over the patio in investigative curiosity, in search of the source of the sound. "Left the kids with the nannies tonight, and came down with some of the girls." Face it, all greenriders here, she's collecting a little flock of fellow ladies to attend her. "Proddy," Enka does smile wryly at Zi'on when he says that, and then gives him a demure (uh, uh, yeah right) little look. "I don't know if I'd be less nippy," comes her remark, "it depends, would you want to be nipped?" She'll settle for nipping at the offered tuber straws for the time being, watching the bronzer as he waves at that blonde guy, and wiggles her own fingers in return to S'rorn.

The blond brownrider happens to glance over to Zi'on and he offers a wave in return along with a friendly smile. Not more than a moment later, his order is brought out and placed on the table along with a frosted mug of ale. Yes, he jingles and he chimes, cause he's a trader and allowed to go wandering Pern decked out in bright colors and shinies. As he raises a piece of fried fish to his mouth, he catches the goldriders wave and he returns it, slowly coming to a pause before blushing furiously and glancing down at his plate. "Nyz, not helping." The rumble in the distance signals the brown's amusement at his rider and his lack of getting it on with the ladies.

Zi'on nods to Enka. "Sounds good. I might pick Ezio up later, if I'm not too drunk." That many greenriders all around was enough to make anyone nervous. Especially at a place like this. It was their hunting grounds more or less. And stick a proddy goldrider in the center of them? That was just trouble. Lots of trouble. Zi'on raises a brow when Enka says she's just as nippy. "Depends on where you're nipping." He pokes Enka's nose, then picks up his burger to continue eating. Zi'on will have to remember to prank Rorn later. By covering all his clothes in thousands of bells. He liked them, right? "Yo." Is Zi'on's greeting to the brownrider. They sort of know each other, right? They work together, and all.

Enka simply smiles. "That would be nice," she comments, "Ezio will like that." A crowd of greenriders was Trouble with a capital T. There's certainly a look of total innocence on Enka's face when Zi'on raises a brow at her comment. "So it does depend, I suppose I could … find out." She does giggle a bit when he pokes at her nose before scooping up a few more tuber straws, setting her drink aside on the table for a moment or two. "Hello," the goldrider's greeting is given to S'rorn, her gray eyes surveying him a moment before she leans back a little in her chair. "Warm night tonight."

Careful if you prank the brownrider. When all is said and done, he has more resources to make your weyr look like a pleasure barge without the women folk in it. Pink satins, flowers and laces will look good on the ledge! Suldith would love it. So would proddy-inflamed greenriders. As soon as S'rorn is done shoving the current piece of fried fish into his mouth, he nods his head in greeting to the bronzerider and clears his throat as soon as his mouth is free. "Evenin'." It would be a good evening if Qiana was here, but duty calls for them both at odd hours. Maybe she could've served as a meat shield for the poor wary brownrider being surveyed! "Y-yes, yes it is a little warm." S'rorn offers a nervous chuckle and begins to tug on the strings tying the collar of his tunic shut to let some of the cool breeze in.

Zi'on is eying Enka suspiciously. He doesn't like this, not one bit! And soon enough the girls would come back out, looking for Enka. And that meant further trouble. "You mean -I- could find out." As Zi'on eats his burger, a glob of torpedo sauce flops out the back and onto his shirt. Which he fails to notice, too busy stuffing his face. When he finishes his goatee has got spicy red sauce in it, though he has the good sense to clean all that up. Too bad for Rorn. No meat shield for him, either! Zi'on usually uses -Enka- as his meat shield. When she was around and all. Now she was the public enemy number one. "Ain't that warm." Zi'on says. "Besides, I'll take this over Fort any day. They're still freezing up there. Or worse, at Telgar or High Reaches." Zi'on licks his fingers. What manners! He looks to Rorn. "Your the guy who was dating Iris' little sister, weren't you?"

Enka is an object of suspicion! How scandalous! There's just a sweetly wry smile plastered across her face when she catches sight of Zi'on giving her that look, a dimpled little smirk in his direction. That was true, there'd be the girls soon, just flocking out like a chattery little fair of firelizards. Rightly something to fear. "Yes," comes the goldrider's reply, sweetly saccharine, "you could find out. What would it take, do you think?" Maybe if she got him drunk. … really drunk. Worth a shot. "You've got…" she gestures towars his shirt, reaching forward with a napkin. Danger, danger, public enemy approaching! "Brr, Fort." Enka gives a little shiver at the very thought. "And you just /had/ to mention Telgar." Even colder! "Well, maybe it'll cool off some," she suggests to the brownrider, glancing over at S'rorn. "Or, you could always go for a swim, a nice little refreshing dip."

S'rorn's mug is empty, he can't hide behind it now! The brownrider offers a nervous chuckle, reaching up to brush the shoulder length hair away from his face. It wasn't doing any good hiding him, either. "I, I, uh… The breeze is doing well enough for now. I have Nyz a bath earlier so I'm not too hot." Just a tad below boiling… Oh look, there's food still on his plate and as soon as the server stepped back out to the patio, the brownrider holds up his empty mug. "Two more, please!" One for each hand, it's one of those nights. Zi'on is offered a quick, sympathetic glance and then the food gains his attention once more. Reaches sounds good right now.

Scandalous, indeed! Zi'on gives Enka a sort of droll look. Psh. Proddy weyrwomen. It was true, if she got Zi'on drunk enough she'd like to be able to convince him to do whatever she wanted. Or he'll pass out and then she can really do whatever she wanted! "The sound of you biting me scares me a little, Enka. Me and my junk. Eh?" He blinks at her as she approaches with a napkin. Well, that wasn't claws, and she wasn't baring fangs. He looks to Rorn and raises a brow. "Are you, or aren't you?" Then he turns back towards Enka. "See, he's buying you a drink. How nice of him." Nevermind it wasn't for her. Zi'on was more apt to let Enka order her own things and then just pick up the tab later. Enka wasn't the sort to have people telling her what to drink or when. She'd figure that all out on her own. Plus she didn't need any booze. Proddy was bad enough.

Face it, when isn't the Weyrwoman scandalous? Wasn't it bad enough that she practically brained a runner breeder with a klah mug and chased him out of the Weyr — although he could thank his lucky stars that she hadn't been /proddy/ at the time. "You know I'd never /bite/ you /there/, darlin'." Enka does flutter her lashes a bit at Zi'on. "Everything's still perfectly intact." Now, anywhere else, maybe she'd … nibble at him? See, no claws, no fangs. Not out for blood. Dabbing at the bronzer's shirt to get at that spicy sauce, Enka just might leave her hand there a bit longer than would be appropriate. "Oh, why isn't that sweet," Enka does give S'rorn a fluttery little smile. "I'd better finish up what I've got first." And she does lean away from Zi'on at that point, reaching for her drink. She might not need any booze, being proddy, but she had booze all the same.

For her? They're both for him! Anything to drown out the horde of greenriders flocking to Enka and Zi'on's show of… well, Zi'on. S'rorn is far from being a ladies man, he's still relatively clueless how to behave around women he isn't related to. His time with Qiana has helped some but he's still lacking in social situations. "Aren't… I?" The brownrider doesn't remember that part of the conversation, nope. He's busy drowning himself on that first mug as soon as it touches his table top, the second left unattended. Nevermind that his hair is back in his face and likely in his frosty mug but a little extra fiber never hurt anyone. As soon as the half full mug touches the table top, he turns his back to the pair for a moment and takes his napkin to dry off. Hopefully she won't notice the drops of ale on his tunic. It'll blend in with the cream hue, right!? If she takes the other mug, he's not going to stop her. It'll keep her hands full! He'll just order another pair. Or three.

Zi'on was sorry he'd missed that. He knew it wasn't going to be pretty for the breeder. He should have known better than to promise something like that to him in the first place. Hopefully Enka paid him at least. Even if Zi'on had spent every last mark he had on the horse. "True." He says to her about everything being intact. "Maybe you don't have sue for my junk being intact anymore, though." But he's not shoving her away or anything. Best to just… let her do what she's going to do. Better her this way than flying into a rage and murdering a bronzer. He peers at Rorn. "Aren't you the one who was dating Iris' sister? Or whatever. Maybe not dating. I dunno. I thought you took her out or something though." Zi'on finishes up his own drink. He can wait for the waiter or waitress to come back when Rorn is begging for another mug before he orders again. "I'm sure Enka could hook you up with one of her friends if you were wanting."

It was epic! It really was too bad the bronzer missed it. That's a good idea, Zi'on, just let Enka do … what she's going to do. Which might have just been as innocent as dabbing the spicy sauce off his shirt. Maybe. At least the goldrider's reclining at her ease back in her own chair again, mug in hand. So there'll be no murdered bronzeriders by a goldrider in a fit of pique. "It's a nice thought, dearie," she gives S'rorn another look, "but I'm content with what I've got." Unless of course, the guys really were going to buy drinks for her. And so far, that gaggle of greenriders hasn't returned. Yet. "Oh," Enka does brighten a bit when Zi'on mentions it. "I could. Most definitely. I don't know if you remember Dalima. Impressed same clutch you did. Or Illyri. On second thought, maybe not Illyri." the goldrider nibbles her lower lip, looking thoughtful. "Depends what exactly you're … looking for."

"Er, uh, no. I-I am seeing Qiana right now. Yes, for a while. Eh, I don't have interest else where. She and I are happy for now." S'rorn chuckles to the pair and takes his half full mug, half hiding behind it between sips. Silently, S'rorn -wishes- Qiana was here with him, so he could hide in their own conversations or within her smile. He sighs, shoulders slumping a bit while he glances down to the little amber pull at the bottom of his mug. His thumb slowly glides across the glass, moving the moisture off to the side while little glistening beads fo condensation roll down to vanish onto the table top below. One of these days he'll have her with him again, for now, her craft must take priority. The mug is emptied and since the other was still there, he takes it and proceeds to slurp through the foam, miserably.

"Qiana! That's her name! I remember her now. From when you guys graduated. I haven't seen her around though. You guys aren't weyrmated, are you?" Zi'on asks. He's nosey. "You could still go off with one of Enka's greenriders. Say it was a flight." He laughs a bit. Zi'on gives Enka's leg a pat. "What's wrong with Illyri? Maybe I'll take her." He's teasing now. He waves over a waiter, since S'rorn is busy on his second mug. "What are you drinking, Enka?" Maybe he'll have one of those. "I don't really remember Dalima, sorry. The only greenriders I really know are Raev and Lia. And Lissi, I guess. Greenriders are trouble." Suldith chased and caught greens. Golds… not so much.

Enka sips at her drink with a relaxed air. "Oh yes, flights, you know." she flips her hand around loftily for a moment or two before she gives Zi'on a long avaricious look, eyeing him closely like … well, maybe she's got something naughty on the mind. "Well, I would think it'd be fair to warn you, dearlin'," the goldrider can tease as well as the bronzer, "that Illyri bites." she gives a pointed look in the direction of the place that particular greenrider likely would bite. "Just thought it'd be fair warnin' first." Another sip of her drink. "Coconut, redfruit and mango, with some rum." Mmm, fruity booze. "Dali Impressed with his group," a nod over at S'rorn, her brows quirking up a bit. "Why not take Qiana to that island where you all camped. And uh … camp out for a while. Settle yourself down." That sort of thing. Which might just be something Enka might be planning herself. Sort of. "Mmm, greenriders are trouble." she'll agree with Zi'on. But then, so are goldriders, but that goes unsaid.

S'rorn clears his throat, though it's a bad idea to do so when he's mid drink. "Flight or no, I'd rather not-not-not… Not without Qiana. Not with anyone but Qiana." The brownrider finishes his mug proper, ignoring the drops rolling down his throat and soaking the front of his tunic before he adds, "Yes, yes we ARE weyrmated. Yer aren't askin cause yer interested in her are ya? Cause that'll be a problem. She's mine." With a little slur… The empty mug is put down with a heavy thud on the table, getting the attention of the server before he vanishes with his current orders inside. "Two more!" Right, the night is young and it's cool in the tunic region so what's wrong with another little drink? He turns to Enka and ponders… "The island? I should do th-hic-that. Thank you, Weyrwoman Enka." See? Total winner with the ladies.

Like it was any surprise that Enka had something naughty on her mind. It was a surprise she wasn't trying to put her hand down Zi'on's pants or something. The bronzer looks smugly at Enka. "Maybe I'd like Illyri biting me." He follows her eyes and blinks. "Why would she bite me there? It'd make her own fun real short, if I have to get to the healers during it." Zi'on sticks with his own fruity cocktail it would seem. Coconut wasn't high up his list apparently, since he wrinkles his nose when Enka mentions it. "Not… without her?" Zi'on blinks, then laughs. "Oh, I see." Zi'on grins and then shrugs. "Relax. I wasn't particularly, no. I got my hands full already. Her sister is more my type anyways." Zi'on leans back in his chair a bit.

Enka's brow quirk upwards at the comment from S'rorn. "Oh bother," she remarks, "not like she's going to gut you with a fishing knife, right? It's just a /flight/." Or just a 'flight' as the case might be. There's a slight look over at Zi'on when the brownrider makes his comments about weyrmating and Qiana, and all that stuff, but she does chuckles a bit when said brownrider thanks her for the idea of the island. "You can help yourself to anythin' you need in stores if it makes it any easier," she offers magnanimously. "Tell the Headwoman I said it was all right, and maybe she won't swat you with the broom." Her attention swings back to Zi'on. "Well, it's just fair warnin', you know." Another quirk of her brow at his comment about said sister, but really, is she likely to make a very embarrassing scene her in protest? If the goldrider was .. well, here comes that gaggle of greenies, sweeping her up with the lot of them. "Oh, I really must dash," Enka gives S'rorn a wry little smile, and then a different look entirely to Zi'on, leanning forward to give him a kiss … just because she can. "You'll bring Ezio by later?" those words, meant just for the bronzer, naturally. And then off she goes, with all those greenrider girls. Scary!

S'rorn has his mugs now, he's happy. Behind his fortress of mugs. There's what… 5 of them? Nevermind, they need emptying. There can't be any full ones otherwise he'll have a hard time stacking them up and building a wall between he and the other greenriders that may or may not be around still. The brownrider isn't of the mind to know in any case. He turns to Zi'on with a brow raised. "Anything in stores? I wouldn't know what to bring. I'll have to fly back to Reaches to see what we have in our stores. Our caravan spreads everything out in case of robbers. I know we have… stuff." Hic.

"Some women are a little crazy…" Zi'on mumbles under his breath. Not that Enka generally was in that category. But proddy… perhaps. She certainly wasn't herself. The bronzer looks a little smug at the reaction from Enka. Really he was just teasing her a little. And it seems to work out in Rorn's favor, as the weyrwoman is offering him free access to the stores, sans-broom. Even if Zi'on went down there to get something for Enka, he got the broom from the headwoman. She claimed she owes him for all the times she caught him getting into trouble but couldn't catch up to him to broom him, and all the time she didn't catch him but should have. Zi'on almost looks relieved when Enka is swept up by the greenies. He looks a bit surprised when she leans down to kiss him, now he's the one stammering and blushing. "I… well, alright." There's a sigh once Enka's gone. With that one little question, now Zi'on couldn't drink himself into a stupor, and he had to go see Enka later. He clears his throat and looks to Rorn. "You just need a tent. Couple of bedrolls… or maybe just one bedroll. Maybe a cooler for drinks and snacks." He shrugs a bit. "You should surprise Qiana, if you can. Girls usually like that."

Ila'den isn't one for drinking, but every now and again there comes a time in a man's life when booze are absolutely necessary. For Ila, /now/ is one of those (very rare) times. The bronzerider is coming onto the scene with some kind of alcoholic beverage in-hand, and blinking after his brother-in-law of sorts, and… Zi'on. Oh, the fellow bronzerider is given a longer look than what is probably necessary as Ila'den weighs the pros and the cons of interrupting whatever male-bonding may be occuring, but the man is chooses the course of civility and smiles. There is no invitation as he moves into Rorn and Zi's general vicinity, and settles onto a chair alongside the brownrider. "What is this about camping supplies and surprising women? Are you taking Qi somewhere?"

The brownrider halts his little wall of mugs for now, peering down into the foam of his current one in hand. He glances over to the bronzerider, taking a sip for a moment while he thinks to some capacity. The mug is slowly placed down on the table and he pushes it back with fingertips across the surface so it's not so close to the edge. The napkin in his lap is brought to his mouth to dry it off before being tossed on top of the emptied mugs. "That should be easy to manage," S'rorn says, cracking his knuckles and then brushing his hair out of his face once more with his fingertips. "I actually think I already have some of that in my weyr. Drinks and snacks, I'll have to make a special trip for. Something we don't normally get here in Western… We don't get to spend too much time together but when we can, I want it to be special." The mug is eyed and he takes it in hand once more, taking a small sip. Reached his limit, maybe?

Zi'on doesn't really share in Ila's sentiment. Nor does he notice the other bronzer staring him up. Zi'on drinks regularly, and wenches sometimes. Not as often as he might try to give off the impression of. Of course his son tends to cut into both activities. There's a blink as the other bronzer sits down, but Zi'on doesn't really pay much mind. He knew Ila about as well as he knew Rorn. Which is to say… maybe a little from work. "He's going to take Qiana out to that island they stranded you guys on while you were candidates." Zi'on didn't receive such treatment while he was a candidate. "There's things we can't get here in Western? You should go to the market. You can get double fried meatrolls and cream puffs as big as your fist. Mmmm." Zi'on grins and nods about him wanting the time to be 'special'. "Also they have some of this massage oil down there. Smells like redfruit and spices, though it's supposed to be a sort of aphrodisiac. That stuff is terrific."

"Oh? Well that's romantic." There's something teasing about the way that Ila'den says these words, complimented by a curl of lips that's more roguish than friendly. He brings the rim of his glass up, taking a sip that leaves him looking as if he may have just bitten into something sour. Bleh. Alcohol. /So/ not his thing. The glass is even pushed slightly away from himself to emphasize the point of his dislike, as grey eyes jump from Rorn's wall of emptied booze, to Zi's drink. "I'm sure if you gave Iris a heads up, she'd be more than happy to help you plan, and probably even help you bake a couple of things to woo your 'mate into some more romantic inclinations." And behind all of that amusement, Ila'den ducks to take another swig. Yech.

A server comes out with a push cart, pausing at the brownriders table as he collects the empties and the dishes from around the brownrider, leaving him with the one mug he has left. S'rorn quickly drains it and adds it to the cart rather unsteadily before leaning back in his chair. "I was thinking more along the lines of Southern Boll and the river holds. There's some small cotholds that can't trade this far out so my caravan usually does business with them when they can. Nothin' like the hard to get rare stuff to make memorable. If no one else can get it and only you, then you know you didn't do what someone else did hun'red times 'fore." Hic. The brownrider peers over to Ila'den, offering a mock salute but lowering his hand too soon. The ale told him to do it! "A gentleman never speaks of such things. Mum says so."

Zi'on laughs a bit at Ila. "Sometimes if you sweep a girl off her feet she open her… well. Nevermind." Zi'on has his own brightly colored cocktail. He apparently wasn't going to be drinking that heavily, so he wouldn't be switching off of it anytime soon. Normally he sticks with the girly stuff until he can't taste it. Then it was just on to hard liquor. "Eh. I wouldn't get her sister involved. I'm sure you can manage on your own." Of course if some bloke came up and asked Zi'on what he ought to do for his sister on a getaway trip to a private island he'd probably level him with a punch and tell him to stay away from his sister. Zi'on peers at Rorn. "Pretty sure most dragons can make it to Southern Boll. What's there worth going for?" Zi'on laughs then. "If my ma heard half the things I said she'd be after me with a belt buckle."

Apparently, it's drinking time. Whatever the case, it's V'ric's turn to appear in the lounge, looking mildly annoyed by the fact that..well. People frequent the place. Still, the brownrider at least looks somewhat refreshed. Maybe it's the fact that he looks clean. Or that he must have shaved today. A quiet glance is given toward the table o' mens though, gaze settling on Ila'den with a bit of a sigh. No, with the bronzerider there, he isn't likely to get away with just slinking quietly by. It's with resignation that he heads over that way, grabbing a chair to pull up…and simply sits without a word. He's that quiet guy, yeah.

Ila'den gives S'rorn a sidelong glance to accompany his smirk, and then shakes his head as, again, that glass is pushed away from his person. Calloused fingers stay along the rim to tap-tap-tap-tap in thought, before Ila'den says, "Nobody's telling you to /speak/ of such things. All you have to do is tell Iris you're taking her sister out, and you want to make it special. Who better to know what might make her happy than her sister?" But then Zi'on is making comments that have Ila'den bubbling up with laughter about the unmentionable things girls will do when you sweep them off of their feet, and he's closing his hand around his glass to raise a small toast to the bronzerider. "Aye, I'll drink to that." He's mid-swig when that infuriatingly quiet best friend of his is joining them, and all of that liquid nearly comes right back out when he spots the brownrider's state. Ila stares for only a moment, and then starts laughing all over again once he's managed to swallow down that mouthful of stinging booze. "/Speaking/ of what ladies will do when you sweep them off of your feet, did /you/ find a lady, V'ric?"

S'rorn belches rather loudly but in his current drunken state, simply pats on his chest for a moment to make sure there's no gas left in there. "Dragons can get there but do dragons know where my caravan is and who to find for something? Everything we got, we make ourselves. All unique and family recipes. From oils to garments to animals and everythin'. Anyone can by something but not everyone can make something for their loved ones themselves." The brownrider pauses for a moment, rubbing the back of his neck while he repeats what he just said to himself silently to make sure he got the words right then he shrugs, glancing at the table and the lack of a drink. When the server comes back out, he's signaled once more but this time only bread and water is ordered for S'rorn. Nyzieroth's comments aren't helping the situation, either. 'Tapping that' isn't an option right now. "Suppose yer right, I could ask Iris."

Oh the things men are like to do in their cups. Zi'on gives V'ric's back a friendly pat as he sits down. Zi'on might be a little tipsy, but he's not drunk. At least not yet. And not like to be tonight. "You can speak of things here. None of us are gentlemen. We won't mind." He laughs. "I would hole Qiana's weyrmate might know how to make her happy better than her sister. Am I right? Am I right?" He nudges Rorn with his elbow. He looks towards the quiet brownrider when Ila asks him about a girl. "If you want Enka just left with her gaggle of greenriders. We could probably go snag you at least one of them. Maybe two if you like." Then he looks to Ila. "You might could grab one, too." Since his weyrmate has likely fled to other places, given Enka's current condition. There's a nod to Rorn about his caravan. "Ah. I thought it was more like a trader thing."

V'ric turns his head just a bit to look at Zi'on, just a bit..startled. Backpat? At least he doesn't look as uncomfortable about it as he may have once. Still, he's at least grateful-looking when a drink is brought to him - yes, he ordered one…very quietly! "I don't need the details of what any of you do in the dark.." Though Ila'den himself is leveled with a scathing look, eyes narrowing. "What exactly would make you ask something like that?" Oh alcohol…so merciful. He takes a gulp of it with a slight wince for the burn, but shakes his head. "I haven't found anything."

"Rorn, /trust/ me. Iris is brilliant, and will know just the thing. Might be you can give her all the happy-makings that a sister can't /in/ the sack, but I would go running to Qi if it was for something other than rolling around." And then Ila'den is giving Zi a look that speaks of utter amusement as that head shakes, and the former renegade takes another sip. "Run off with a greenrider, and leave my weyrmate to fall right into your arms?" There's easy laughter, good-natured, and good-humored. "Well played, bronzerider, but given the fact that I don't think there's another woman in existance good enough to warm my bed, you're welcome to all the greenrider girls. Except the one in reserve for V'ric, of course." Which leaves the bronzer grinning at his best friend, as he sets his half-empty glass back on the table and leaaaans forward to reach out one hand and pat his cheeks. "You're looking considerably less scruffy than usual. My first thought is that there must be a /girl/. So if it's not a girl, what is it then? Another man?" Brow-waggle, drink.

"You haven't been hanging around the stables, have yah?" S'rorn slouches in his seat, the little bells at the end of his long belt clinking when they hit the floor. His bread and water arrive and he doesn't bother to straighten up, paying the man a little more than necessary for five mugs of ale and then this but it's paid and he'll worry about the difference in the morning. If he's sober enough to remember at least that much. The brownrider takes a piece of his bread and begins to wag it at Zi'on, "Dragonriders got nothing on traders, traders may not get around as fast but they get through a lot more people. Ask me pa, I've got er… thirteen sisters last I counted and no, you can't have one of 'em, either, Ila'den."

Look out V'ric, Zi'on is friendly. "One can't just be -told- about what I do in the dark. You have to experience it. And none of you really fit the bill, sorry." He laughs a bit. "Yeah right. As if I even had time for Iris. Do you know what Enka is like when she's proddy? No? Probably not since last time she was proddy was before you all impressed. She's giggly and greenrider-ish. And she collects clothes. Lots of them. Last time she had a pile as tall as I was on her bed. Also she collects greenriders. Anyways. That means I have to babysit her because she will have my son." Zi'on watches Rorn's piece of bread wag at him and raises a brow. "I didn't say anything against traders. And don't talk to me about siblings. You can ask -my- pa. I've got over fifty brothers and sisters. So it ain't just traders who can 'get through a lot of people'. I gotta ask before I start dating a girl, to make sure we ain't related."

"Thankful for small favors, then." V'ric offers softly at Zi'on…or rather, into his glass. He'd rather not be accosted in the dark, anyway! Though he does shift rather uncomfortably for a moment, giving another outright glare to his best friend. Really, Ila'den does have a habit of finding just the right ways to make the poor brownrider uncomfortable. "I do shave, you know. It's not unheard of." He growls that answer…at least at first, before eyeing his drink again. Helpful, that is. Even if it does burn. "I've had my fill of greenriders for one day. Loxiath caught one."

For a moment, Ila'den doesn't exactly look like he's entirely sure how to react to being told that he can't have one of S'rorn's sisters, but the stupor does eventually give way to laughter, and the bronzerider is giving his clutchmate a rather devilish grin. "If I don't have your permission for one, then I will just have to take all of them. I'll divide them up between me, Vel, and Zi here, and you can just sit back and watch us enjoy." Pause, and the bronzer is leaning closer to Rorn to whisper (in a whisper that's not really a whisper), "Do you have any sisters that are drawn to quiet, broody men who ride on the wings of brown?" In which a not-so-subtle finger waggles in Vel's direction before the bronzerider is all eyes and ears for Zi'on. There's more laughter on his part, and words of, "I have done a very good job of avoiding proddy riders down the line. I worry for the day when Shadhavarth starts to glow, because I get the feeling it will be a /disaster/, but if you're only babysitting, then you are more than welcome to steal away Iris at any time." And then V'ric is admitting his 'woes', and Ila'den is absolutely beaming as he tap, tap, taps knuckles on the table top. "Well done, friend. This calls for another round, I think. On me, this time, for all of us."

S'rorn pauses for a moment mid nibble and thinks as well as he could, then the man merely shrugs and turns to Ila'den. "Well, so long as yer keeping it fair and sharing, then they're all happy. If they're all happy, they leave me alone. So yay! More peace for me." He turns to V'ric and leans in, elbows resting at his knees while he stares at the brownrider. "Well, there's one. Not a sister though, nope. They all got high standards and the like. Me mum would've fancied the quiet types, but alas. He'd have to find which tree she's under if the worms haven't found her already. S'what me dad says. Then there's ol' Aggie. She's only got two teeth but hey, least you know that's less in the way." The water is taken up and before Rorn gets a drink out of it, he's belching into the glass. He sniffs, shrugs and takes a big gulp before putting it back down on the table. "Well, Zi. If you got that many siblings, and yer dad is the bronzerider I've been hearin' stories of, /we/ might be related." Ha!

Zi'on laughs a bit to V'ric. "Congrats then. Er… man or woman, I guess I should ask. Do you care? I know some brownriders swing both ways." He flaps his hand back and forth to demonstrate his point. There's a grin to Ila, then. "I like trader girls. They hear all these stories as they travel, but a lot of them are too quiet to make good on them." Zi'on wrinkles his nose. "Yeah well. Suldith likes to chase, but he has bad luck with golds. Greens though…" That's a whole other story. "I ain't like to be babysitting your weyrmate. And babysitting ain't -just- babysitting. Can't get something for nothing!" He laughs. "Iris ain't been proddy yet? That'll be… fun." Zi'on look to Rorn as he talks about his sisters, taking a sip of his drink here or there. "Two teeth! Ha! That's two more than some of my relatives have back at the cothold, if my da tells it right." The bronzer raises a brow at Rorn then. "We might? Your name don't start with 'Z' last I checked. So you ain't no Shipton by rights, I guess. Unless you're sporting through my ma's line. Ma's pa was a harper, I think. He might have had the ladies." Zi'on shrugs a bit.

"Don't /congratulate/ me! He had to have been at least twice my age, /and/ a man." V'ric's outburst causes a slight look of embarrassment though from the brownrider, before he just groans and slides down to simply bury his head in his arms. There's a growl, muffled though it is from where he's hidden himself. "I wouldn't know, that was the first time for something like../that/." He does at least come up for air however, reaching for his glass again with a sigh. "Ila'den…don't. Just don't say anything at all." Oh yes, there's a warning look for his friend…one that slowly passes around the entire table. Glare.

Oh, V'ric. You know Ila'den too well. The bronzerider's mouth is open mid-beginning of a sentence when the brownrider tells him /not to say anything/, and so it is with great effort that Ila'den swallows down poorly concealed, choking laughter, and tries to down the rest of his drink. He's on his feet once the glass is down, and bringing on hand down on Vel's head. "No, really friend. /Well done/." All sarcasm (in good humor, or course), which lands his attention on Zi as he claps his fellow bronzer on the back on his way out. "Oh, Iris has been proddy plenty, my friend. It's just Shadhavarth who's been on the low and low." And for S'rorn, there is a salute for the drunken brownie as he says, solemn as can be, "I will conquer and divide every last one of your sisters among us, and we will make sure their attention is well diverted." I SOLEMNLY SWEAR I AM UP TO NO GOOD. MISCHIEF MANAGED. Messer. Ila is bidding adieu to his fellow 'Mauraders', and making his way out of the lounge with a wave of his hand and more of that laughter trailing him out. Ahh, good times, good times.

"There was a famous Harper along the lines from what I've been told. Never know." S'rorn leans back in his chair, tilting it against the small walls of the patio behind him with his boots upon the table. The bread is placed on his stomach and he picks at it while listening to the music escaping the lounge. The man yawns with food in his mouth, rubbing at sleepy eyes before holding his hands up in the air, like a composure with his fingers but surely a person of music would see everything is completely wrong. The brownrider manages to waggle his figures to the bronzerider as he makes his departure, completely missing the last comment but caring none the less. His sisters are rather manly and scary creatures. More power to him!

Zi'on blinks at V'ric. Then he laughs. "Well. You know what they say. Flights happen. We'll forget about it I'm sure, but it might be harder for you." Zi'on too, has been down the dark road of male greenies. It was a scary place. "You need a woman. To set you… straight." Hardy har har. Zi'on tilts his head at Ila. "Eh? You telling me Iris is a horny goldrider?" Zi'on likes to lay all his cards on the table. "Maybe I will go chasing after her…" He laughs a bit and waves Ila off. He grins to Rorn then. "Well, I'll make sure we don't sleep together, then. Does that even us out a bit?" Zi'on leans back in his chair a bit more, and almost flops over backwards. He grabs the edge of the table to catch himself.

V'ric just shakes his head a little bit, but does sit up again fully…if only to drain his glass. He doesn't go after another, however. No, the brownrider slides out of his chair and onto his feet. "I don't need either." V'ric is an island of one! A lone wolf! A…right. There's a quick look fired at S'rorn and Zi'on though, brows lifting just…a bit. "Enjoy yourselves." But with that, he moves on to follow Ila'den right out. After all, the bronzerider needs a punch in his hyena mouth.

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