Girls and Boys

Western Weyr - Candidate Dorm
Carved from a natural bubble in the volcanic stone, this small dorm room has room enough to hold around two dozen occupants comfortably. Along the walls are stationed sets of cots and clothes presses, each made up to the standards of the weyrwoman. Above, the soft white light from electric lamps cast down during waking hours.

Candidate chores are not so different from lower caverns worker chores; Rhysanna's spent the day peeling tubers, and now, in the time between chores-end and dinner, she's made her way back to the dorm to change. Even as she walks in the door, slender fingers are reaching up to pull free the braid her long hair has been constrained into; as soon as that's done, she's peeling off her apron, and shucking off her shoes. She gets to her cot long before it becomes an actual strip tease, but it's equally true that the dark-haired girl is not paying much attention to her surrounds.

Candidate life has upsides and downsides. The downside for Naeda is yet another day spent minding the youngest, loudest, and smelliest of the weyr's denizens. The upside is that when she comes back to laze on her cot, she has pretty girls coming in and shucking off clothes. Sure, Rhysanna remains dressed by any standard, but it gives Naeda something to watch as she slumps on her cot, tired.

Rhysanna's cot is on the opposite wall to Naeda's, and there is an empty one on either side of it - the benefits to a barracks that is not, at present, fully occupied. A change of clothes is certainly still on her agenda, but now she crawls atop her cot and flops there, arms spread out to either side, toes pointed. "I am so tired," she announces, clearly to the dorm at large rather than to anyone in particular, "of peeling tubers. I don't even like tubers."

"You should've come to talk to me." Naeda calls out across the divide between their cots as she lazily crawls to the edge facing Rhysanna. "I'dve traded with you. I'd take tubers over nanny duty any day. You would not believe the messes those kids can make. Urgh."

An actual answer has Rhysanna rolling over onto her belly, and then crawling forward so that she can face Naeda— she brings a pillow with her to lounge on, quite comfortable. "Next time," she promises. "I'll take the kids, and you can take the knives. I'd rather wash dishes, frankly, and that does terrible things to my hands, even when I moisturize. Why did you say yes? You had a proper career already."

"Because I grew up here." Is Naeda's answer. "The dragonriders are why this place exists. If you get asked to stand, you stand. It's as simple as that." In her own way, the dolphineer does seem to have a soft spot for tradition. Certain traditions, anyways. "We'll see how happy you are with the trade once we actually pull that off." Her lips curl into an amused smile. "So. You and the Weyrleader."

Rhysanna, who also grew up here, looks for a moment as though she intends to argue that point, tradition or no. But Naeda's thrown in that past comment before she gets the chance, and that has her blushing and looking pleased, all at once. "Mmm," she agrees. "Apparently. I mean… yes." Abruptly, that smile fades. "You're not… mad, are you? Or disappointed? I know you and he…"

Naeda shrugs one shoulder lazily, a little smile still on her face. "Disappointed? Sure. A little. Not mad, though. It's not as if he and I were ever exclusive." She rolls lazily onto her back. "Besides, I normally prefer women. The whole thing was something of an abberation." She raises a hand in the hair, index finger pointed at the ceiling. "Were I you, I'd be more concerned about Naris."

Rhysanna's expression is cautious, as though despite logic, and despite what Naeda is actually saying, she's waiting for the other shoe to drop. Even so, she gives the other woman a cautious, confirming nod. Naris, however… "She can't stand me already. I mean, the feeling is mutual, but… does she really care about him that much? I didn't know." She sounds bothered, and also smug, as though her feelings are torn between the two. "Well, it's not my fault he likes me better," is, however, defiantly catty.

"It's just a shame you're so selfish." Naeda's words have a distinctly light, mischievious tone that robs them of any sting they might've otherwise had. A wicked grin is sent to her fellow candidate. "Haven't you heard that sharing is caring? If you, me, Naris and the Weyrleader had all come to an arrangement, well… then we could've had some /real/ fun." She winks, then feigns an overly dramatic sigh. "But alas, tis not to be. Not all of us are as liberated as I. As to Naris, I think you see the problem. You two weren't on the best terms to start. And the Weyrleader, well… I don't know how serious it really was between them. But I suspect he was her first. That can make anyone get possessive."

In immediate answer, Rhysanna sticks out her tongue, though she holds back on anything verbal until after the other candidate has finished her explanation. Propping herself up on her elbows, she sighs. "I'll have you know that he decided we should be exclusive, not me, not that I'm objecting. What can I say, I'm selfish and possessive. I wasn't even chasing him, come to that. Naris…" She wrinkles her nose. "I wasn't possessive about my first. But he was awful. Anyway, I haven't even slept with Zi'on. Yet, I mean. This whole thing got in the way." She gestures about the dorm.

Naeda arches an eyebrow slightly. "Realllly now?" She seems amused. "He made it seem the opposite. Probably an attempt at dodging a little guilt… or he just realized you'd make the demand sooner or later, and decided to head off the issue. That seems possible." She props herself up on her elbows, kicking her legs idly in the air. "Anyways, like I said. I'm not mad at you. Naris will be. I'm pretty sure of that. The question is, what to do about that?"

"He just said he wanted to try and do it right. Or something like that. The words…" The sweet and soppy expression on Rhysa's face probably explains why she doesn't really remember the words. "Anyway. I'm glad. He's right: I would. Sorry, Nae." But not that sorry. "What should I do? It's not my fault. I'm not going to lie to her, and I don't think she'll take anything I do or say in a positive way. You could seduce her for me. Maybe she'd go for that."

Naeda feigns concern, pressing a finger to her lips for a moment. "Don't be sorry. I feel sorry for you. I mean, you have /no/ idea what wonderful pleasures you're missing out on…" Another overly dramatic sigh. "It's really a tragedy… anyways, I didn't say you should lie to her. She'd figure it out if you did." She smirks a little. "As much as I love that seduction idea, I tried that already. It didn't take. Sorry."

Rhysanna's laugh is warm and bright and utterly genuine. "I'll keep it in mind," she tells Naeda. "Just in case I decide to change my mind one day. You never know - it could happen. They do say Impression changes you." A thought that is perhaps best set aside, because it leaves her looking worried for a moment, before she quickly moves on to add, "Pity. It's probably not surprising she didn't go for it. Well… okay, no lies. I'll just take it as it comes, and try and be the bigger person. She'll get over it. We can just… avoid each other. I mean, we've managed not to talk since our fight, so far, despite both living in here."

"I do seem to be striking out a lot lately." Naeda laments, looking up at the ceiling again. She flicks her hand disdainfully at Rhysanna's mature suggestion for dealing with the situation. "That's no fun. C'mon, what's it going to be. Oil wrestling? Or just a good old fashioned clothes-tearing catfight?"

"Maybe someone will bring in some really cute candidates," suggests Rhysanna. "And you can indulge yourself wildly with them. It's— I'm not going to start a fight with her. Why would I?" She tosses her hair, sounding amused. "I have what I want. She's the one who is going to be upset with me." But then she laughs - a giggle, really. "I could take her, though. Encourage her, and we'll see what happens. I'll totally defend myself."

"I can hope." Naeda says with a wicked grin. "Therynn is pretty cute. A little wild." The grin fades. "… But I think she only likes boys. I seem to keep finding those around here." Another extra dramatic sigh as she tosses back her hair. "… Mmm. It would be entertaining to see, but… I kind of like both of you. Maybe peace could be made? Somehow?"

Rhysanna suggests, after a moment's thought, "Just start putting in your order to every rider you meet: pretty, sexy girls required, preferably interested in other girls. As long as you assure them you only want to look, you should be fine." That's a far easier answer, however non-serious, than that which the other thread of the conversation requires. Her sigh is quieter, more rueful. "If she hadn't decided to draw all kinds of stupid, wrongheaded conclusions about me, it would be fine," she insists. "But no, she had to decide that I was unhappy and empty and I don't know what. It's not like I was trying to antagonize her."

"Just look? Making out isn't prohibited by the rules. I checked." Of course she did. Naeda grins a little more. "I'll start putting in orders. Though we also need some boys in here. How else are we going to have people to do our bidding?" Of course. "You and Naris are opposites in some ways, but all too similar in others. It's a recipe for disaster."

Rhysanna turns pink. It's quite possible she checked, too. "It seems like the only thing that is definitely off the menu is the actual act," she muses. "Which is… convenient." Of course it is. "Boys, yes. Cute ones. But that's a given, really, isn't it? No one wants un-cute boys. We're…" The dark-haired candidate doesn't seem especially pleased with this idea of being similar to Naris in any way, and makes a face. "I don't see it. She's just awful with people. Maybe she'll Impress a dragon who can teach her."

"There are some very fun things you can do without the… actual act, as you call it." Naeda agrees with more terrible mischief. She's laying on her cot on her stomach, kicking her legs in the air as she chats with Rhysanna. "Yes. Cute boys. Who will trade chores with us." She grins a bit more at the face Rhysanna makes. "Well, your approach to people is very different. But you're both headstrong, and you both seem to want the same things. It's a recipe for conflict."

Rhysanna is flat on her belly, pillow at the foot of her cot so that she can face Naeda. "There's such a fine line," she decides, "between what is allowed and what is not. Not that I'm complaining about the… relative freedom of that." She giggles. "She's… oh, I don't know. And I don't especially care, either. It's too bad for her, and she's just going to have to learn to live with it." She glances at the door. "And at least she hasn't walked in, because the last thing I want to do is ruin my evening dealing with that."

"It could be entertaining. I could take bets." Naeda says with a little grin. "I'd just have to figure out the odds. Let's see now… you've got a little more muscle on you. But Naris, well… the quiet ones are the ones you've got to watch out for, right? All that pent up energy… I just don't know who'd have the edge!"

"She's scrawny," says Rhysa, dismissively. "Even if she is taller than me. And, like I said, I would only be defending myself. She's not worth my time to be mad at. What would I be mad about? She called me some stupid, untrue things, but since I know that they're not true, I don't care." Much. Probably. She's perhaps a little too strident about it for it to be the whole truth. "Anyway. Do you actually really want to Impress, or is it just duty that had you saying yes?"

Sorel makes his way in, having somehow managed to convince whoever it was that searched him to give him most of the afternoon off to wrap up affairs. And oh ho, did he wrap up affairs. He looks.. quite tousled when he comes in, his shoulder length hair is in disarray and he obviously had nary a care to fix it. The expression he wears looks as if someone definitely isn't very enthusiastic at being here. Any bit of convo that was going on before he arrived however is either not heard or it's not acknowledged if it is. He makes his way to an empty-ish looking cot and lifts a hand, pointing at it, "Either of you know if this one's taken?" If it is, someone must be a neat freak.

"Of course I want to impress." Naeda replies quickly. "Dragonriders are the heart of the weyr. If I can contribute like that, I'd love to. Now, do I expect to impress? That's a very different question. What about you?" She's immediately distracted by the arrival of the unenthusiastic boy. She sits up, an almost predatory sort of smile crossing her face. "Mmm, I don't know if that one's taken…" She leans to one side, patting the cot beside the one she's laying on. "… This one definitely isn't." Mischief!

The arrival of Sorel prevents Rhysanna from answering, though her cheeks have gone pink again, and her expression uncertain. Naeda gets in before she can: Rhysa's mouth opens and then closes again, before she shoots the other girl a glance. Liar. "Not that I know of," she says, truthfully. "There's still plenty free. Although the one next to Naeda is a nice one." It's rather an after-thought, and an obvious attempt at being conciliatory.

Gray eyes lift, peering between the strands of unkempt hair. It's then a solitary bushy brow arches as Sorel takes her words and then processes them. There's a moment that passes as he ponders just what the right action would be here, but considering his lady love is currently FLIRTING with the weyrleader (even if he's unaware) Sorel rolls his shoulders into a shrug and hikes his bag o' things higher up on his shoulder before striding past the cot he had originally chosen and over to the one that's been pointed out. "I will hold you both responsible if it's infested with crawlies or something." He states, rather seriously no less, before dropping his things on the end and plopping down to get comfortable. He doesn't offer a name or anything that'd be considered, you know, polite.

Naeda doesn't quite get distracted enough to forget her conversation with Rhysanna, trying to prompt an answer. "You didn't answer my question." It's a blunt reminder, given while she continues to study the new arrival. "… No more infested than the rest of the cots, I'd wager." There's a brief pause. "… So… who are you, and where're you from?"

"The answer is that I don't know," says Rhysanna, finally sitting up, cross-legged, upon her couch. "And if there are crawlies in that cot, I'm moving out of this dorm, I'm telling you both that right now." Sorel's seriousness has her considering him thoughtfully, one finger tugging at one of her loose curls, the other pulling the skirt of her dress over one knee. "I'm Rhysanna," she puts in. "And this is Naeda."

Sorel kicks his feet up, crossing them at the ankle and throws his arms behind his head to prop it up and keep an eye on the young ladies that have taken a sudden interest in him. New candidates are fascinating things perhaps. Ahh, but then those questions start, and there's a faint wrinkle of his nose. "Sorel." And then those pales eyes of his slide closed for a few moments. "For all intents and purposes my family is all here, so I'm from here." He's been living in Western for turns now anyway so that's better an answer than any. "Rhysanna and Naeda." He repeats their names before his eyes slip back open and he stares at Rhys, almost boredly. "Guess you didn't hear about the spider-claw infestation they had a few turns back? Guess it made for good eating for a while but they sure were sharding annoying."

Naeda purses her lips a little, eyeing the blunt, bored-seeming boy. Perhaps she's rethinking the wisdom of inviting him to the cot by hers. Nevertheless, she quickly returns to smiling in that sort of friendly way of hers. "Haven't seen any of those, at least. It's really been sort of boring here. Or it will be until Naris gets back." She glances to Rhysanna again. "You must have some interest. You said yes, after all."

Rhysanna, sounding pleased, says, "I thought you looked at least a little familiar. Well, congratulations, anyway, right?" She's so bright with those words that it's highly likely she's overdoing it just to ignore the very idea of a spider-claw infestation. If she ignores it, maybe it never happened! She may also be ignoring the mention of Naris, though that's more difficult to tell. "Well, I suppose so. I mean, I'm not disinterested in Impressing. It's never been a lifelong ambition or anything, though, and at least it would… decide things."

At least Sorel isn't being a complete jerk. He's good at doing that too. He's just rather put off and you know, being in the barracks around.. people. "Boring is good. Better than the alternative at least." He could do with a bit of boring in his life at the moment. He does listen to Naeda's prodding of Rhysanna and puts together what the question was to begin with by her answer. "Not everyone accepts because they necessarily have a lot of interest in riding a dragon." He adds, even though he wasn't asked in particular. "Some just have a point to prove." Oh look a crumb of information! "And some people do need a bit of help in deciding the direction they want to go." He nods at Rhysanna, "Nothing wrong with that."

"Well, impression is certainly a good option for those whose careers have had a sort of aimless drifting quality." Naeda says with a grin at Rhysanna. "Anyways, the odds on you will probably be a good bit higher than the ones on me. You'll be fine." She rolls onto her side to peer at Sorel, raising an eyebrow. "Making a possibly life-altering choice in order to prove a point seems a little… stubborn."

"Why?" Rhysanna leans forward to consider Naeda. "You don't think you're dragonrider material, despite being searched? Or you don't think people think you are? I can totally see you with a dragon. Whereas I…" Her shrug is an easy one. It's after she's said this that she turns her dark-eyed gaze back upon Sorel. "I'm not sure it's much worse than doing it because you're not sure what else to do," she decides, firmly. "Unless, of course, you really, really don't want to Impress, in which case it could cause problems."

Sorel laughs, a deep, sound that rocks his entire body. "Yes indeed, it is more than a little stubborn. But nonetheless. There you have it. Plus, Kit laughed at me and wouldn't let me return the knot to begin with or I would have tried." Is admitted with a quirky, dumb smile on his face. Even though she laughed at him, the thought of her still makes him just.. stupid. "No one knows who's dragonrider material or not. I stood before. Nearly all of them said they weren't gunna impress or never would impress and most of 'em did." Besides him obviously. The last bit bout not really wanting to impress however he doesn't comment on.

Naeda shrugs her shoulders and grins at Rhysanna. "I dunno. Dragonriders are supposed to be these… y'know. Heroic types. I'm more of a mischief maker. An agitator. It's more fun that way." She flips her hair back. "Anyways, if it works out… well, I'd be following in the family tradition, and I could still pursue my craft. I'd have to give up my ambition of becoming a Master, but I'd get to do all I love. It sounds pretty awesome to me." She grins back at Sorel. "Kit, huh? Got a girlfriend?" She tries not to sound disappointed, but this could clearly impede her plan to flirt her way out of chores.

Rhysanna, romantic that she is, seems charmed by Sorel's expression after that mention of 'Kit,' smile brilliant. "I think it's sweet," she declares, though her glance at Naeda is clearly, visibly, amused. "I don't know that heroic is necessarily a prerequisite. It's not as though… I mean, I think dragons just choose the right person. It's not like they're necessarily after good people. Lots are, probably. But I don't think it's required. We've all been searched, so we all have a chance." She draws her pillow into her lap, now, pressing palms flat into it. "So we'll just have to wait and see."

Sorel's eyelids flutter as he stares at Naeda as if she's insane. She clearly must be if that's her opinion on what riders are supposed to be. "Have you.. met any of the riders here lately? I'd like you to name one who's 'heroic'." Clearly not the bronzeriders in the weyr because /they're/ out. As for the more intimate question, there's a smirk. "The mother of my children and love of my life, yes." And boy the little bundles sure are cute. Even if they still lack.. you know, names. Cough cough. And if Naeda thought that flirting with Sorel would get chores done, she would have been quickly disappointed girlfriend or no girlfriend. He doesn't comment to Rhysanna about the sweet comment, but does toss her a wink. "Some dragons just choose sharding idiots, but hey, maybe they have something in common and that's what caused them to choose that specific retard rather than another." Oh man, whoever could Sorel be talking about.

Naeda shrugs her shoulders. "Some of the bronzeriders are pretty good in bed." How this equates to 'heroic' is a mystery. It probably requires what would be an unhealthy level of insight into the twisted workings of Naeda's mind. "Though I think that there's a fairly vanishing chance of me ending up a bronzerider." She says with a little lopsided smile. "You have kids?" She's a little surprised. "Aw. Hope you'll still get to see them during candidacy. That's gotta be tough."

"I don't think I'd want to Impress an idiotic dragon," decides Rhysanna, with a grin. "So we'd better hope I'm not actually an idiot. Just in case." She's perhaps deliberately ignoring Naeda's remark on the bedroom prowess of bronzeriders, and instead examines her fingernails and says, "Oh, I'm sure you'd make an excellent bronzerider, Naeda. Chasing girls, drinking, all of that."

"I'll keep my fingers crossed for you." Naeda grins at Rhysanna, winking. She pretends to ponder the benefits of bronzeriding as Rhysanna describes it. "Hmmm… well, you know, you've got some points there. It would fit my lifestyle rather nicely."

Yup, Naeda is officially insane in Sorel's book. Because that logic just goes.. so over his head he doesn't even want to try to make sense of it. So instead he just kinda of stares at her, blinks a few times and then moves on. "Two, born just a sevenday or so ago. And still lacking names. Because I think I might stab my eyeballs out if she was serious about Ila'dena for a name. And they live here, so I'll see them as often as I want." Because who's going to stop him from seeing his kids? No one. That's right. "Well maybe it will only be slightly idiotic." He offers a lopsided smirk at Rhysanna before he gives a long stretch and lets his eyes slip closed. Perhaps for a short nap or something.

Rhysanna's head shakes, several times, her expression suggesting bemusement— though it softens to a smile soon after. Sorel's explanation, however, attracts rather more of her attention. He may be trying to nap, but this is important. "Oh!" she exclaims. "So tiny, then! Congratulations twice over. Would… Ila'dena?" Her brow furrows; she shakes her head. And idiotic dragons? Completely 'forgotten,' so there.

"Twins?" Naeda grins broader at Sorel. "Yes, congratulations indeed! But… Ila'dena? You'll outrage half the weyr if you elide the name of a non-rider. You could name her Naeda. It's a name that brings success and glamour." Sure, Naeda. Sure.

Sorel cracks an eyelid, "Yes twins and very tiny. I'm actually rather afraid to hold them, truth be told. I just let Kit deal with them for now. She at least knows what she's doing and doesn't feel like she's going to break one. A boy and a girl though." Not that they asked, but he figured they'd enjoy the little bit of extra detail. "My daughter will be named Ila'dena over my dead body." He states with a near growl as his eyes go from lazy to pissed off and open rather instantaneously. "Rest assured, the weyr won't be witnessing the eliding of a baby's name." He does give her a queer look at the mention of naming his daughter after her however though, "I'm sure we'll come up with something. There's lots of letters we could play with between her and my name."

"You should let us help with suggestions," decides Rhysanna, wiggling her bare toes. "That's always fun. What's her full name, your girl?" It may be that she's decided discretion is the better part of valor, because she doesn't press for any further explanation on the subject of 'Ila'dena.' "Boy and a girl makes it extra fun, really, because you can come up with names of both varieties. What will you do if you Impress, though? Everyone says that's such hard work, and takes you away from everything else in your life."

"Yes!" Naeda enthusiastically agrees with Rhysanna's suggestion of helping come up with other name ideas. "Naeda. Naeda two. Naeda the younger… all good options." One can hope she's kidding. She glances to Rhysanna again. "Oh, balance is possible. Not all dragonrider parents are like mine. Many spend a lot of time with their families."

"You're more than welcome to help with suggestions, but I don't promise to use them. Even if I like them, I don't have the final say." Sorel at least knows his place. "Kiltara. That's her name, if it helps." He offers to Rhysanna, because hey, who couldn't use extra help! "I never really thought about that. I mean, I didn't expect two. She said she felt like there was two, and she was.. well, to put it bluntly, huge, but I figured it was just a big baby. You know?" He reaches up to stroke the goatee he's been trying to grow out. It's not very long quite yet though. "I'm not naming her Naeda." He states bluntly and sticks his tongue out, almost playfully at the other candidate. "I won't impress." This is said with such a finality, it's obvious the young man believes that, heart and soul. "So I'm not really worried, but my family will always be one of the most important things in my life, a dragon could never change that. At most it would mean learning how to balance them and the dragon would have to understand that about me to even consider impressing me. That's not going to change for anyone or anything."

Rhysanna's expression turns faintly wistful as Sorel talks of his family and his determination to keep them in the center of his life. "That's lovely," she decides. "I'm going to have babies, one day. Lovely ones with dark hair. But not for a while yet, I hope." It's almost deliberate, the way she turns away from Sorel after that, fixing her attention more directly upon Naeda. "I guess he'll see. We'll see. Anyway. Sorara? Sorala? Kiorel? Karel? Kiarel? I like that one. What do you think, Nae?"

"Having them too soon might throw a wrench in this whole candidacy plan you have going on." Naeda notes with a mirthful quality. "Hm. I like Sorala. Or Sorara. Those are nice and feminine. Good choices. Maybe not as good as Naeda, but good!"

Grinning - no, giggling, even - Rhysa adds, "And I'm not sure I'll have any opportunity, anyway. Not until afterwards. It would be bad form for the Weyrleader to break the rules. And anyway, I want to wait a few turns regardless. I'm only eighteen. Do you have siblings?"

"Oh, pffft. The Weyrleader is as much a slave to his temptations as any of us." Naeda says with a little grin and wink. "Use your charms right, and you could have him wrapped right around your little finger. If you need any tips, I can always help you." The question about siblings earns a raised eyebrow. "I have a half sister, but no full siblings. I was a flight baby."

"It's bad timing," says Rhysanna, with a sigh. "This whole thing starting, and my being searched, all at once. I almost feel bad. But no, I don't want your tips." On that front she is absolutely firm; her chin lifts, very near defiant. "Ah. Well, so was I. I suppose it's possible I have other siblings, on my father's side, but we've never sought each other out, and it would be far too strange to do so now, as adults." Which, again, makes her sigh, visibly wistful. "Anyway. I'm going to get changed and then go to dinner. Do you want to come with?"

"Your loss." Naeda replies on the rejection of her tips. "You know where to find me when you change your mind." She grins a little bit at the offer of dinner. "Food. Yes. That sounds lovely. Now that I've got the stink of the children off me, I could go for a bite."

"When. As if!" But Rhysanna's laughing, at least, as she clambers off her bed to get changed, and then scoops up Naeda to drag her with her into the living caverns. Dinner awaits!

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