Thoughtful Egg Gazing

Western Weyr - Viewing Galleries
Row after row of hard benches to sit on, with a good view of the sands below and the action that takes place there during every hatching.. Despite the times, people still come to see the new pairs formed and place bets on the outcome.

Kiltara walks into the viewing galleries, from the entrance to the hatching grounds.
Kiltara has arrived.

Sorel figured since he's a candidate he might as well you know, go do candidate things like.. look at the dragon eggs he got selected to stand for. They are kind of like his newborns, so tiny and full of boundless potential. Is he potentially have any hope at the moment? Psh, can't be. Whatever it is, Seacrafter turned candidate is sitting in some of the closer spots, elbows planted on his knees and head being propped up by his hand as he stares. Maybe he can find the meaning of life by staring at them? Maybe?

Why does the meaning of life have to be sitting out there in the sands? Kiltara could show Sorel two very profound meanings, both of which Sorel helped her to create, and neither of which are here with her now. The teenager approaches the young man slowly, quiet in each step as she comes up the stairs of the gallery and pauses right at the top to take in Sorel. She doesn't say a word, but smiles slowly, and then turns to lean against the railing and lean just slightly over for a right-proper gander. Finally, she speaks, saying, "What are you thinking about?" She's moving then, pushing away from the railing to make her way over to the candidate. She settles herself into a sit beside him, though her grey eyes are moving back out towards the sands again. "One of those might be for you, you know? A whole new life, sitting inside one shell, waiting to break out and change /everything/." She's seen it happen once; she's prepared for it to happen again.

Sorel doesn't really notice Kit arrive, even though he should. He's normally much more observant and what not but it's just, he's being introspective and all so it's taking all his attention. His gaze definitely shifts when she finally speaks and he blinks a few times at her, blinking away the thoughts. "Mmm. Nothing really. I guess just questioning why dragons do what they do. Even though they obviously aren't going to answer." Laughter catches in his eyes though, even if it takes a bit longer to reach his mouth. "One for me? You, my dear, are crazy." He opens his arm so that Kit can nestle in against him if she so wishes. Oh how like his older brother he is in some ways! "It won't be too much longer before I'm too old to go through these hoops again, but for now, I'll just jump through them, smiling and nodding while I do." Or bitching and complaining while he does.

Kiltara ducks under his arm and snuggles in tight against his side, head resting on his shoulder while her hand finds homage on his chest. There's a soft noise in her throat - agreement, disagreement? Who knows, but it ends with her leaning up to press a kiss against his cheek. "Crazy about you, maybe," she says softly, and then she's shifting away from him so that she can sit upright again. What? Her tiny body is sore! And for the record, she really does /not/ look like she's got much sleep. As a matter of fact, a lot of her baby-fat is already gone, and she's looking several types of unhealthy again. Ahhh. The joys of being a single mother. "Maybe it's not as complicated as you're trying to make it. You know, you're always so busy making up reasons as to why you're not good enough, or not worth it… and you've been asked to stand twice now." Fact. She rubs her palms on her knees and then leans away from him to grace him with a smile. "And you never know. These hoops might be worth jumping through. You should try to be nicer to people, Sorel. They aren't renegades here, and this isn't your ship." In other words? Not everybody here is liable to turn on you.

Sorel can feel those bones poking into him, for the brief amount of time she's nestled against him. And as always, he's got a case of the frownies because of that. "Do you need help with the kids, love? You.. feel skinnier." He says it with such a tone of incredulity, that it's obvious he finds it impossible for her to be /smaller/. Dear Faranth! She's gunna waste away! "I can hire a nanny to live in with you and make sure you have extra hands at all times." Or pretty much all times at least. He lets her slip away though, glancing back out onto the sands to consider her next words. "I don't know if I'd say I'm not good enough, I mean.. lots of less than worthy people impress if you were looking at it like that. I just don't really think dragons would work well with me. That's all. My personality I think just isn't suited for riderness." He does roll his shoulder into a shrug at the fact he keeps getting asked though. Because really, absolutely no one knows why dragons search who they do. There's no one thing. It's that last comment that has him reaching out to cup her face and plant a soft kiss upon her lips. "I need no one else, but you and our children. I don't care if they're renegades or not. They don't matter."

Kiltara makes a bit of a face at Sorel when he tells her that she feels /skinnier/, and it's accompanied by a sigh. "Sorel, leave my weight out of this. One conversation. Just one, okay? I'm aware and I'm doing my best." Does she sound slightly agitated? Yes, but there's affection cushioning every word, as if she really just wants him to understand that maybe those words aren't so encouraging. "I'm fine, Sorel. I have Ila'den, and V'ric, and Iris. Ila'den has them right now - of course, he took them with the understanding that I would be taking a nap." Ooooh, look at that devious smile she gives Sorel as she rolls her head on her shoulders to look at him and kicks her feet. "Oops?" Tiny hands reach out, and Kit's fingers find their way into Sorel's hair as she leans her tiny body back in against his, and then her palm finds his back to rub and work out any knots that may have arisen since candidacy. "You know, Sorel, I know somebody else who said the same thing and is now a Weyrsecond." A pause, and then another devious look from under her lashes. "I know it /sounds/ like Ila'den, but it's not. I know your pride would hurt if I drew that parallel." Then suddenly her face is in his hands, and she's getting kissed. Her eyes flutter closed, she leans into the contact, and there's a flush to her cheeks when he draws back. "Ah…" Give her a moment. She's trying to remember. "That's…" She shifts back, because she needs some space. "I mean… No, Sorel. No, no… There's a reason we need other people. I just… I can't remember it right now. Kiss me again?"

"I can't help it. I.. am worried about you. Worried about how you don't gain weight. I don't know what I'd do if I lost you, you know that?" Sorel is rubbing his thumbs across her cheeks, searching her eyes as his own brows furrow and he looks quite serious. The idea of something bad happening to her, or more bad things happening to her, crushes him. Just the thought! Although he doesn't really believe even with all those people that she's got everything. "I'll see if someone can help though, even a little. To keep the hut clean or something." SOMETHING. Come on, gotta let the big strong man feel useful while he's away. He enjoys the backrub though, leaning into her touch as his eyes slip closed. The weyrsecond thing isn't commented upon however. Just the mere mention of Ila'den's name has him tensing up. A deep chuckle bubbles up at her demanding more, and he obliges, kissing a trail from one side of her face, across her lips, to the other side. "Mmm. This is why I didn't want to accept a knot. This. Right here." Because he knows he'll have to stop soon.

Kiltara appreciates the concern, though she isn't entirely sure how to handle it. Veski returned her at a healthy weight, but her depression at losing her sons sent her into a spiral, and it's been a rather hard struggle to overcome. She says nothing, aside from, "You worry too much." It's a whisper, low, as her attention is more focused on ways she can get his mouth back on /hers/. It's amazing that all she has to do for a reward is ask, and there's a little huff of breath that she emits against the corner of his mouth when he speaks. "Mmm… Something about a knot… I stopped listening." Kiltara gives him one last kiss, and this one lingers, demanding, before she pulls away and gets to her feet. "/Clearly/, sir, you are going to accost me in the galleries, and /then where would we be/?" It's all faux offense, said breathy as she smoothes out her skirt and fixes her hair. "Those baby dragons haven't even hatched yet, and you're being a bad influence." Is she backing towards the exit? Yes, though she pauses long enough to give him a smile. "You'll do great, Sorel. I'm here, and the babies too. We're all cheering you on, even if they're too young to do any cheering. I should get back, before Ila'den names the babies something crazy that sticks." Like Iladari and Naeda Junior… ZOOM! GOODBYE, SIR!

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