Let's Play 20 Questions

Western Weyr - Living Caverns
Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

It's morning time at Western. It's cool out, but as spring approaches the tropical weyr is warming up quick. Today it's a bit overcast, though it looks like the clouds are moving off. Zi'on generally isn't a morning person, but he's been mostly working at night these days. So he can sleep and keep an eye on his son during the day while Enka was busy doing things that weyrwomen do. Like being proddy, as of late. Which always meant trouble for Zi'on, whether him and Enka were officially together or not. The bronzer is looking tired as he wanders into the weyr and a little rough around the edges, but not too grumpy. He heads to the serving tables, looking over the selection of things. Eventually he settles on some bits of fruit and a couple of pastries. Also some juice. No klah, it would just keep him up. Then he wanders over to the first seat available, not even paying anyone sitting there any mind really.

Not much of a morning person herself, Kaliena is used to it regardless and despite Turns of muttered complaints on having to rise before the sun does. She's been up with the other cavern workers since the wee hours of the morning, no doubt grateful to be at least out of the cooler pre-dawn weather. Set on kitchen duty, her shift is long since over and the young girl has already raided the best of the best from kitchens and serving tables both. Tucking herself away to a side devour her prize, Kaliena is so engrossed in eating that she forgets her surroundings. So it's no surprise that Zi'on is able to approach unnoticed until he takes a seat and without even so much as raising her gaze, she mumbles through a mouthful of food. "Table is already taken." Prickly little one, isn't she?

Zi'on doesn't look up, he's too busy stuffing his face with pastry, getting gooey glaze all in his goatee. "Tell Enka and her gaggle I was here first." He says, without missing a beat. Then he looks over to Kaliena, and raises an eyebrow. "Wait… do I know you? You're not a greenrider." Too young. Or maybe not. It was always so hard to tell with girls. Kaliena could be anywhere from eight to twenty-five. "Even better, do you know who I am? Go… run and do some chores or something. You and whoever you're saving the seat for." Nope, Zi'on isn't moving. She might be prickly, but he's stubborn! So there! His chin wags at her with shiney gooey bits stuck in it. Zi'on is a slob, for sure.

Zi'on may not look up, but Kaliena does. Large blue eyes widen a little as they lock on the bronzerider as he stuffs himself full of pastry, then dart to his knot, then back to his face. Her mouth works for a moment as she fumbles to remember the proper greeting and then a frown settles, mouth closing. Wait, what? "I'm no greenrider. And I don't know you and you /shouldn't/ know me." She says in an accented voice, eyes narrowing now a little in suspicion. She's no rider and not from Western Weyr either. Guess again! At his flippant remark that she scurry off to do his bidding, Kaliena bristles and flushes a little in anger. "I ain't doing /nothing/ for you." She literally growls, forgetting to be polite and proper considering rank in her flustered state. "And I wasn't saving this table but for myself to eat /alone/. Cavern is plenty empty." She sniffs then, raising a hand to flip it towards the cavern, all to happy to be just as stubborn as Zi'on in this. At his slob-like eating habits though, Kaliena wrinkles her nose and leans forwards a bit to pull her large meal closer to her. Gross. Not that she should judge. The young girl's worn clothing is grubby from her chores and smudges mar some parts of her face, partially hidden by the wavy mess that passes as her hair.

"I shouldn't!?" Zi'on laughs at that. "Why shouldn't I? I know everyone around here. And everyone knows who -I- am." Not that he was always known for the best of reasons, but hey! "I wasn't asking you to do them for me. Go do them for.. the good of the weyr. Or whatever." He grins to her, picking up his second pastry and letting it flop back and forth as he talks. "Let's see… eat by myself… eat with a girl… by myself… with a girl. Why do you want to eat by yourself anyways, when you could eat next to a handsome bronzer?" He looks for a knot on her. "So who are you, anyways? Or should I just call you Angry-Face? You a trader or a resident or a pirate wench or what?" Zi'on peers at her more closely. "Are you sure we don't know each other? You're not from Telgar are you? Ista?" There's some small mercy as Zi'on picks up a napkin to wipe off his face.

"Well /I/ don't know who you are and I'm not sure if I want to." Kaliena replies haughtily, lifting her chin up defiantly. How delightfully (not) mature! She rolls her eyes then, before resuming her unwavering narrowed stare at the bronzerider. "Yeah." She drawls, as if considering and then smirks. "Not happening." Blue eyes follow the movement of the waved pastry for a moment and then she refocuses back on Zi'on, still hovering protective-like over her breakfast. "Cause I can. And handsome?" Kaliena scoffs then, head tilting to the side as she quirks a brow up in an incredulous manner. "Look in a mirror lately? 'Less that's how Western women like their men. All covered in food." Now she's just being mean. But with no reprimand yet, she's pushing her boundaries. When he looks for the knot on her shoulder, Kaliena fidgets. "What?" she asks, then glares at him. Maybe Angry-Face does suit her. "I'm a resident. I just got here, not long ago." She grudgingly tells him. "And my /name/… is Alie." Ally. A lie. Lies. Get it? Kaliena nods stiffly then, jutting her chin up again under his closer scrutiny. "I'm sure. I've never seen you as I've never /been/ here before." She tells him, meeting his eyes with a very suspicious look now.

Zi'on grins to her, and mock pouts. "Aw, don't you like me? I was looking for a new best friend. My old one moved to Fort." He makes a kissy-face at her. "Yep, I have. And I'm as handsome as ever. I left the food there for you. Don't you want to lick it off? Help me clean up a little?" If she's going to be mean, then Zi'on is just going to tease her relentlessly. That's how it worked. He narrows his own eyes at her then. "You are? How do I know that? You could be a stow-away pirate wench here to rob the weyr." He takes another bite of pastry and chuckles when she lies about her name. "Angry Alie. That suits you." Zi'on isn't smart enough to figure out that she's lying to him. He can't remember anyone lying to him about their name before. Their age, sure, not their name though. "Well, yes. But I don't spend -all- my time at Western. That's part of having a dragon and all. You can go where you please." Unless there's pastries on her plate, she doesn't have to worry about the bronzer swiping from her. He's more apt to put it on her seat when she got up, in hopes she'd sit in it. "So why are you at Western then, Angry Alie? One of your parents a rider here or something?"

Kaliena doesn't buy into the mock pout for a second or any of Zi'on's expressions really. The young girl really is suspicious of his motives, it seems. "Chased them off did you?" she drawls teasingly. "And it's hard to like someone who just drops in and interrupts your breakfast." She sniffs, as if offended and then flushes again at his little kissy-face. His next words almost have her gaping at him and then she recoils, nose wrinkling. "What is /wrong/ with you?" she exclaims. That would be a definite no, it seems and someone is missing the point of teasing and being teased in turn. Then she narrows her eyes again and in a near mocking manner. "Cause do I look like I'm a pirate wench? I dun even know what IS." Kaliena mutters and then groans in frustration as she leans back heavily into her seat. "Don't call me that! It doesn't suit me." Now it's her turn to pout it seems, complete with arms crossing over her chest. And Kaliena has her reasons to lie about her name. She only snorts in response to his comment about being a rider and the freedom it grants, gaze dropping to her now ignored food. "Stop—-" she begins to protest and then just gives a long exhaled sigh instead. "No. I've no family here. And why does it matter why I'm here? I wanted to come here. So I did. Nothing special." Kaliena supplies, glancing up at Zi'on sharply as if to dare him to say otherwise.

Zi'on laughs. "Yeah right. I wish. He ran off to become -weyrleader-. Bleh." Zi'on makes puppy-dog eyes at her, then. "Aw… but I like dropping in on you. It's been so -interesting- this morning!" The bronzer tosses his head back and laughs when she asks what's wrong with him. If only anyone knew. "I dunno. Maybe. You're dirty and your hair is a mess. I figure most pirate wenches look sort of like you, but I've never seen one before." He reaches over to poke at her ribs when she pouts. "That's not a reason. Why did you want to, then? People just don't up and move someplace because they feel like it one day. Otherwise people would move all the time. Every other sevenday, like." He peers at her, as if trying to read her face. "You must be a holder girl. So what is it? You didn't get to join a craft? Your family trying to make you get married and have babies? You fell in love with a rider? You got a disease where you need to be someplace tropical?"

"I thought your dragon has to catch the gold to become Weyrleader. So he can't have just /run/ off and got it." Kaliena naively points out, frown easing up enough to show a puzzled look instead. Something picks at her thoughts though and suspicion is set aside briefly in favor of a searching look. But then her angry look is back when Zi'on makes puppy-dog eyes at her. "You're insane." She grumbles under her breath, still in her pouting stage and with arms still folded tightly across her chest. "Or," Kaliena begins, accented tone dripping with sarcasm, "I /just/ got of a pre-dawn shift working on those pastries you just stuffed down your throat." When he reaches to poke at her ribs, he's rewarded by a possible slap to his hand, which then has Kaliena pushing a little farther back into the corner of her seat. It was a reflex response, but she watches Zi'on warily if she makes contact, as if expecting trouble for her rashness. Suspicion and absolutely zero trust, it seems. Kaliena's features take on a stubborn set then and she turns her head away slightly, not answering Zi'on's probing question. Her gaze does dart back to him though when he mentions her being holder bred. Score one for the bronzerider. Shaking her head to each question, her blush spreads and darkens with each before she finally blurts out. "I came cause I wanted to see what it was like outside the cothold. And to get away from my brother." She stops then, fixing Zi'on with another long, lingering glare. "Satsified?"

Zi'on taps his chin a bit. "No.. he pretty much did. It only takes one flight. And there aren't too many bronzes around who won't get in on a queen flight. So if you're in the wrong place at the wrong time…" He grins a bit to her, finishing up his pastry and licking his fingers. "Maybe. Mmm. The pastries were good. Now I -really- want you as my new best friend. Enak doesn't bake too much anymore, since the baby and all. You could be my new pastry-maker." He laughs again as his hand gets slapped. It wasn't too hard to get Zi'on going if you knew the right buttons to press. But it doesn't appear Kaliena does. So it all just sort of… rolls off him. Really it was all more of a game to him, to get her to open up to him a little bit. Plus if that blush was telling, he was getting to her. And that means he's winning. "I see." He says about her reasoning for fleeing the cothold. "Why didn't you just punch your brother in the nose and tell him to knock it off?"

Kaliena frowns again, but this time it's in thought as she absorbs the new information Zi'on just shared. "That sounds almost unfair. So a bronzerider has no say? And what, he doesn't come visit you or anything? You said yourself that with a dragon you can go anywhere." Angry or distrustful as she is, apparently she's easily distracted too, but not for long. And it just makes her all the more plainly holdbred. Rolling her eyes again, she gives an exasperated sigh. "If were going to just be friends cause I helped bake, then forget it. I just do odd jobs. Happened to draw kitchen duty. I ain't no baker." A brow quirks up now and again, she gives Zi'on a long look. "You're a father?" she asks in mild disbelief. Kaliena is completely unaware of what buttons to press or really how to handle Zi'on at all. Vaguely aware of some game being played, she's truthfully both very nervous of the bronzerider, suspicious to boot but curious enough not to bolt. Not yet, anyways. At his suggestion for handling her brother, Kaliena actually smiles faintly before dropping. "Not like I don't want to, cause he deserves it. And I didn't cause he could whollop me good and easy." She straightens her shoulders then, as if to defend her pride. "Not that I wouldn't give up a good fight."

Zi'on shrugs a bit. "Not really, no. I guess it comes as part of the job, really. Of course you could pay attention, and be… elsewhere when the queen flies. Like the rest of the juniors and all." Zi'on laughs then. "He visits once in a while, sure. Or I go to see him. But he's got all sort of weyrleader duties to do. And I have an infant son. It's not as easy as when we was both here, just normal riders." He sighs as well when she informs him she's not a baker. "Well, that's too bad then. I guess I'll just have to eat the ones here." The bronzer's chest puffs up a bit and he nods about being a father. "Yep. I got a son, Ezio. He's about six months old now." And he looks like a miniature version of his father. Really, Zi'on is mostly teasing and pretty harmless. It's only if he starts to pursue her seriously that she needs to worry, really. He pokes around at the rest of his fruit, taking a bite here or there. "So trick someone bigger than him into fighting him for you. I hear there's a rider at Fort that's seven feet tall. I bet he could wallop your brother. I heard he's kinda dumb, too. So easily tricked."

Kaliena's face scrunches up in confusion to Zi'on's reply and she relaxes enough to poke at her food as she tries to sort out the information. "Like the rest of the juniors?" she echoes with a confused look. "What's wrong with junior golds?" She then shrugs her shoulders in apparent agreement to the rest of his reply and plucking some food from her plate she pops it into her mouth. "So who's this best friend of yours that had the unfortunate luck?" she asks around the mouthful of food, still keeping a wary eye on the bronzerider. At his mention of eating the remaining pastries and undoubtedly the ones she snagged, Kaliena pushes them away. Her food. Not his. "Ahh. Congrats, then." She murmurs, thought doesn't seem to entirely mean it. But she's trying to be nice, see? And not so angry face, especially now that it does appear that Zi'on is mostly harmless. Kaliena shakes her head then, grimacing. "I used to have a brother that'd fight him." But she doesn't elaborate on that, instead turning her attention to her food as well with only a quick darting glance or two to the bronzerider to be sure he's not trying anything funny. "How," Kaliena begins to mumble around a full mouth again, before remembering to swallow this time. "How would I get a rider from Fort? It's not like I've the marks to waste." Though it seems like she'd love the idea of enlisting said rider.

Breakfast time finds the caverns mostly on the empty side, with people strolling in and out during most of the morning. Zi'on and Kaliena are sitting together at one table, though it seems Kali would rather Zi'on be sitting as far away from her as possible. Like the moon. "Hm? There's nothing wrong with the junior golds. But when one gold is proddy, the rest of them leave the weyr. For uh… safety reasons and such, I guess. A lot of golds get territorial while they're glowing and it can cause problems." Zi'on explains. Normally he'd give someone asking such fundamental questions a strange look, but since she's new and all she needed someone to show her the ropes. "Th'ero is his name. It was K-something before he impressed. Seems like most of the candidates were K-something before they impressed this last go." Her pushing her plate away only makes Zi'on eye it more. Now he must steal a pastry! Maybe if he got up and sat on the other side of the table… "What happened to that brother then? He go off and get married and have babies?" That was all holders did, right? He shrugs at the question of how should she get a rider from Fort. "What? You don't pay him. You trick him. Tell him you got a pot of treasure or something and then give him a kettle full of rocks."

Seryic makes his way slowly into the into the living cavern noding those few here as he goes, as eh makes his way slowly towards the serving table. The young man a new face around the weyr, though perhaps a bit fimiluar to those that have been here for turns.

"They fight, right?" Kaliena asks bluntly, at least knowing enough of her lessons to know that little tidbit or she was just lucky enough to overhear it at some point. And the young girl certainly is acting like she wishes Zi'on were well away. When he drops /that/ name though, Kaliena starts and tenses, blanching a little as she stares wided eyed and… shocked, at the bronzerider. "Kelthero?" she blurts out before her hands lift up and clap over her mouth. Oops. Blue eyes dart towards the cavern exit, any exit, and now it seems like the new resident is looking to bolt. Only problem being, Zi'on is in her way. So him stealing the pastry will be easy enough! And she doesn't answer his questions as to what happened to her brother. Unless Zi'on is as dim as the Fortian rider he's trying to lure her into tricking, the bronzerider should be able to put two and two together. Or enough, at least and with her focus now strictly on Zi'on as her cover is blown, she doesn't quite notice Seryic yet.

Zi'on gives a wave to the entering Seryic. It's possible that they've seen each other about. Zi'on's been here for about seven or eight turns now. The bronzer nods to Kali. "Yeah. Not too many golds get along in general. Less so when proddy. They pretty much act like they own the weyr and all the male dragons in it. Greens, too, sometimes." Points as if a light bulb has gone off in his head. "Yep, that was it!" He peers at Kali then. "Wait, how did you know that? Who are you, really? You're not from -Th'ero's- cothold, are you?" Kali better run if she was going to. And she better run really fast or have a place to hide away from Zi'on. Because he's a lot bigger than her and he can run pretty fast himself.

Kaliena balks a little under Zi'on's gaze, her rough exterior showing that that is all she has really. All bark, no bite - well, unless she has too. And the young girl does look tempted to run, but then she squares her shoulders and decides to take the bronzerider on… verbally, of course. "I /am/ from his cothold." She says, though no pride or joy is in her voice. Blue eyes narrow then and suddenly it all clicks. "You're Zi'on." Kaliena points out, completely deadpan before dissolving into a shaky laugh. "So you're Zi'on?" Clearly, she was expecting someone entirely different. Biting her lower lip, she glances past the bronzerider again, perhaps to see if her path of escape is still viable. She may still run after all and she's certainly beginning to move like she wants to edge by him. "My real name ain't Alie. That's one of my nicknames." Kaliena begins, slowly working her way free. "It's Kaliena." And with that, if she manages to evade Zi'on, she turns to bolt and hide… only to be possibly hindered by Seryic's arrival as well. It gives her pause, just a half second, but perhaps enough.

Zi'on nods to Seryic. "Mornin." The bronzer peers at Kaliena, as if maybe he can figure out who she is by boring a hole in her skull with his eyes. "Yeah. I'm Zi'on." He blinks. "Yeah, what's funny about that?" She better be able to scurry quickly! "Kaliena?" It takes a few moment for everything to click with the bronzer. Enough time for her to get up and start the escape. "Wait, you're Th'ero's sister, aren't you? Hey!" The bronzer gets up, bumping the table and knocking over his half full glass of juice. He runs after Kaliena, and attempts to grab her by the wrist to prevent her from running away. "Aren't you? What are you doing here?"

Seryic looks between the two and noting Kaliena expression he says, "Is everything ok here, looking between the young lady and the rider, slightly concerned, as if he might try to step between the pair. As the ride leaps up he does just that, 'Hey let the lady go…" Probably not the brightest moves considering there relitive sizes.

Kaliena doesn't get far before Zi'on catches up with her, probably just past the first table or so from where they sat. Caught by the wrist, she fights his grip as her hand comes up in an attempt to pry his hand loose. "Let go of me." She hisses as she whirls around to face the bronzerider, though the fight goes out of her the moment she sees a few folk staring their way. Flushing, she tries to tug herself free again, though doesn't quite squirm and fight as she did seconds ago. "Let go. I won't run." Well, not right away. Kaliena ducks her head then, averting her gaze from Zi'on as she mumbles. "Th'ero is /one/ of my brothers. Or was. How much did he tell you?" she asks, about to answer his other question but then her attention shifts to Seryic as he steps in to intervene. "We're fine. Really. Just a…misunderstanding." She lies, glancing from him and back up to Zi'on, her brows rising up. Right?

Zi'on furrows his brow a bit at Seryic. "What? I'm not going to hurt her." Though she might hurt herself if she keeps tugging like that! Finally when she says she won't run he lets go. "Relax. What do you think I'm going to do to you? Drag you back off to the cothold?" He shrugs a bit. "He don't really like the cothold, I know that much. He mentioned maybe getting you out. But I haven't seen him lately. Weyrleader. New baby. All that." He studies her for a moment, then mumbles. "Yeah… misunderstanding." Then the bronzer looks at her pointedly. "Did he drop you off here or something?"

Seryic frowns at the pair and steps back, "Just keep your hands off the lady ok.." he look at the rider seriously, "Don't mater who she is or isn't related to, that no excuse for grab a lady that don't want to be grabed." he gives a nod to Kaliena and steps back slowly though keeps an eye on the rider all the same.

Kaliena snatches her wrist back the moment Zi'on lets go, giving him an annoyed glare as she rubs it. "Maybe?" she mutters, giving the bronzerider a wary and suspicious look now, so much for relaxing around him and building trust. "Or you'll drag me off to him." But his next reply has her reconsidering bolting for it a second time and her blue eyes search Zi'on from head to toe. "Then he told you." And with that, some of Kaliena's suspicions ease and the young girl isn't quite as ready bolt or fight. Seryic is given another darting side-long look and a brisk of her head in thanks. Then she's glancing up at Zi'on again, lips pursing into a thin line. "He's a Weyrleader. You think he has time to drop of his sister?" Kaliena drawls sarcastically and ends with a snort. "No. He doesn't know I'm here. I tricked him last time I wrote him." Now she fixes the bronzerider with another narrowed glare and it's her turn to reach out and try to poke him in the ribs to emphasize her point. "And don't you go telling him either. I don't care if you're the best friends of all time and on Pern. Don't. Tell. Him." Or else!

It's still pretty early morning at Western and the caverns are just starting to take on the big breakfast crowd. Zi'on is there, standing over Kaliena. Their plates have been abandoned at a nearby table while Kaliena tried to escape earlier. Zi'on scoffs at Kali. "I'm not dragging you anywhere. Don't you like Th'ero? I thought everyone liked Th'ero." The bronzer wrinkles his brow at her in frustration. "Told me what?" Zi'on could look scary, sure, but it's hard for someone to go from having pastry goo in their beard to looking serious and threatening. So even as he crosses his arms he probably looks fairly harmless. "I dunno. I bet if you asked he would have. Anyways, why shouldn't I tell him? What are you going to do to keep me quiet?" He laughs a bit. Or else didn't cut it! "So you got a room or something down with the other residents?"
Seryic step back from the pair keeping an eyes in there dirrection as he moves to find a seat near by, setting his plate on the table though he looks disintrested in the food for now.

Kaliena turns stubborn on Zi'on again; jaw jutting out slightly as she considers answering the bronzerider and then promptly keeps her mouth shut. Could be the growing number of folk entering the caverns now too. "You ask too many questions." She grumbles and despite his earlier impressions, the young girl is wary of the bronzerider. Cause, well, he's a rider. And she knows she's suppose to give some sort of respect or something along those lines. "Cause I don't want him knowing, alright?" Kaliena snaps irritably, ignoring his jibe at payment to keep him quiet and where she's staying as she shoves past Zi'on and stomps back to the table she so hastily vacated. If they're going to talk, she's not about to do it in the middle of the living caverns. With little grace, she flops back into her chair, arms folded across her chest and a heavy scowl on her features. Some peaceful breakfast this turned out to be.

Iris slinks in from the outside, all dressed to go for the day and with an armload of binders. Her lifemate has already departed for the day, to avoid any interaction with their proddy senior gold. The junior weyrwoman pauses at the foyer, peering across the room to assess its current visitors. Aha, Zi'on! And a familiarly unfamiliar girl! And an unfamiliar boy! She heads for that table, noticing plates and that the girl sat back down. "Hallo," her greeting drawls just a bit and she drops her armload down in front of an empty spot. Thusly freed, she heads for the serving tables and collects a bowl of cereal and milk, some orange juice and some klah. Returning, she sets her food down, takes the seat, and rearranges her binders to give more room for the bowl and glasses. "So's Zi here given you any trouble this morning?" she asks the unfamiliar faces, casting a wink of greeting for the bronzerider. Obviously, she came in too late to hear the snapping.

And que a walking zombie on Pern. Either Qiana's been going at full tilt since before dawn, or the poor girl just hasn't been sleeping well. Or both. Either way, Qi has been a hard person to track down over the last few months, constantly being called back to the Hall, or working hard with the runners down in the stables. This morning her hair is damp almost to the point of dripping as she deposits herself in the first chair she registers. At the same table Seryic is at. And full on zombie mode, she groans, her arms barely draping on the table to cushion her forehead as she just … rests for a few moments.

Do you know what Ila'den has? A /hangover/. A very, very, gigantic, fat, pounding-in-the-head kind of hangover. He also is missing a weyrmate in his time of need, and it's the /sole/ reason for his appearance in the Living Caverns at all. The bronzerider looks thoroughly harassed by his own predicament, hair even more wild than usual, and everything in his path is given a /glare/ instead of his usual smiles. Zi? GLARE (though lets be honest… that's probably normal). Stranger #1? DOUBLE (slightly familiar) GLARE. Stranger #2? TRIPLE (not at all familiar) GLARE. Even innocent little, weyrmate-abandoning Iris is subject to a glare. When the goldrider sits, the bronzer slumps into the chair beside her, and then as dramatically as is humanly possible, drops his head onto her shoulder. Are those… /puppy eyes/? "You left me," he complains in a whisper, before diverting his wincing, sullen attention onto everybody else. GLAREGLAREGLARE. "Mornin'…" mumblemumblewuffle.

Zi'on is saved by the incoming crowd! Saved from Kali-wrath. Zi'on wrinkles his nose at her. "I do not. I'm supposed to know these things. So what am I supposed to say to Th'ero when I see him next and he talks about you?" There's a grunt as she shoves past him and he sighs a bit. Women. Speaking of. There's another woman that's caused the bronzer no end of heartache! "Iris? What in shells are you still doing at the weyr?" He peers as she sets all her stuff down. "What's that? Homework?" He laughs a bit, then goes to sit back down in front of his plate. What's about when he notices his spilled drink and gets up again to fetch a towel. "I ain't done nothin' to her. She thinks I'm gonna cart her off to her brother or something." He'll let Kaliena fill in the details. Or maybe just sit there and grump. He peers as he spots Qiana and Ila'den enter then. "Speaking of family, there's yours, ain't it?" He toddles off, and comes back after a few moments with a towel. Once it's soaked up the juice, he snaps it at Ila and laughs. "You look terrible. Rough night?"

Kaliena starts when the armload of books Iris had been carrying suddenly drop to the table. Already in a mood, she turns her scowl up towards the goldrider, though it quickly changes to a nervous, wary look as she's faced with yet another unfamiliar rider. Blue eyes dart to her knot, just as she did with Zi'on and then back to Iris. Now the young girl fidgets. Two riders? "Hello." She replies back hesitantly, frowning a little, as she seems to reconsider her choice in sitting back down. "Sort've. He's…" And she would have continued to answer Iris, if Zi'on hadn't done it for her. She shoots him another angry glare and if the girl could have reached probably would have kicked him in the shins. Instead she only sits far too tense in her chair and completely unmoving, save for her large eyes darting from rider to rider to… rider? Oh shards, they're multiplying! Ila'den's glare is echoed back, no sympathy (or politeness for that matter) coming from Kaliena. And Zi'on is correct; she just grumps and remains silent for now.

Iris shrugs at Zi'on unconcernedly. "/I'm/ here… Shadhavarth is /not/. She hasn't even flown once yet so she's not exactly bothered by the proddiness going on. And anyway I'll be gone shortly, I just had to drop off these and pick up more then I'll be off to join Shadha." Cereal dug into… and then forgotten as Ila tromps in. MELT. She leans away, reaching an arm around to hug him. "I /had/ to, m'love, we had to take care of stuff before we get outta here for the day." There's a light kiss planted on his forehead as she listens to the chatter, snorting at Zi'on. "Like I believe /you/. Brother? Who's your brother?" Yes, let's forget to ask names, because yet again her gaze is drawn another way, to Qiana. "Faranth girl, what have you been doing? Bathing runners?"

"Yes." The single word is spoken into the table, but loud enough where Iris can hopefully hear her. The goldrider's half-sister is just going to stay slumped in her chair, and hope that a plate bearing breakfast will magically appear in front of her. "Staccato wanted nothing to do with his bath." So it got all over her instead. Stupid tempermental stallions.

"I. Will. /Kill/. You," Ila'den informs the other bronzerider, with as much fury (and emphasis) as he can muster—which is to say, none at all! It would probably be more impressive of a threat if he didn't sound so much the part of a kicked puppy, look so much like a drown cat, or if he /actually meant any of it/. Instead, he's giving Zi'on a flash of one of those usual smiles as he says, "And /actually/, I had a fantastic night last night, thank you very much." Which ends in a wince when his brain protests the exchange, and demands more Iris hugs. He allows the goldrider to shift away from him, but when her arms come 'round him, and she's done planting kisses on his forehead, he brings his arms around her shoulders and leans heavily against her. It's an Ila-trap! One that probably muffles Iris fantastically as he buries his face into the top of her head and murmurs absolute non-sense. And then? And then he's blinking eyes towards the center of everybody's attention: Kaliena. A GLARE?! Now the rider is glaring /even harder/, and joining in the torture. "Who's your brother?" he inquires, muffled by the top of Iris' head, which he is also mumbling, "You should go and check on your sister," against.

Zi'on sits back down and pats Kali on the back a bit. It's meant to be comforting, though she'll probably take it… well, however she wanted. "So do you want me to get you your own room, or not?" He gives Iris an incredulous look. "Well, if you say so. You sent your dragon off without you?" Suldith would never allow for such a thing. He was far too clingy for that. The bronzer frowns at the goldrider. "Sheesh. What did I ever do to you?" Other than the underwear stealing, and the letters, and who knows what other pranks he's pulled. Zi'on laughs a bit at Ila. "How? By walking around looking like that?" He raises a brow. "That fantastic hm? Without Iris? Did you catch up with Enka's gaggle, then?" He grins and then stands up, looking down to Kaliena. "Come on with me if you want. I'll take you to meet Enka."

Kaliena takes on a close to panicked look when Iris asks her for the details of her brother, which quickly turns to another daggered look flashed to Zi'on when he sits down next to her and pats her back. See what you did? The young girl then ducks her head down, averting her gaze as she chews at her lower lip. Lie? Don't lie? She tries to make up her mind, though distracted by the conversations going on between all of them, including Qiana now as the girl catches a glimpse of her as well. Then Ila'den is glaring at her all the more and Kaliena matches him, though his current state is probably both amusing and puzzling her in turn. First Zi'on and now him? Her presumptions of bronzeriders are going to be so skewed. Cornered in the end, Kaliena answers with a snarky spoken, "None of your business, really." Manners (no matter how lacking) do kick in though and with a twisted smirk, she adds. "But since you asked and it's going to get out anyhow… my brother is Th'ero. I can't even get a month of peace, can I?" she grumbles, before blinking a little to Zi'on's offer. It's a way to escape though, even if it's with /him/ and so she nods her head stiffly. "Fine." Kaliena is on her feet then, but not without giving some form of farewell nod to the other riders, who she has yet to know their names. Maybe Zi'on will fill her in?

"Why not? I had to get paperwork transferred- she's only a thought away, my friend, only a thought away. And I've got a ride to her here in a little bit. Really, it makes things much easier when we can find ways to not utterly vacate the offices every single time someone gets proddy." Let's be logical, and not admit that honestly, Shadhavarth likes her onsies time sunning on a warm beach of her choice. Iris can definitely take care of making breakfast magically appear. She wriggles out of Ila'den's grasp, giggling like a fool before getting up. "Stop glaring, m'love, it's not a good look for you." One more kiss on the cheek before she's distracted. "Th'ero, you said? I wish he were around more often, Shadha misses Velokraeth…" She runs off all quicklike and fetches a nice plate of breakfasty goodness, a glass of juice and a mug of klah. All the fixings! "Eat up, Qi, you need your strength!" It is thusly presented with a flourish and a rub on her sister's back while her gaze lands back on Kaliena. "So you're here to… work, or just visit?"

Seryic glances up to Qiana as she sits at the table with him and gives her a slight nod, though he doesn't speak for now, looking around at all the folks that have gathers, though he does keep a wary eye glances towards Zi'on.

Qiana's head lifts off her arm as food /does/ magically appear in front of her, thanks to Iris. "Thanks Ris." She grins up at her sister, sporting a nice pair of bags under her eyes. So lets add up Fiesty Runner Bath with Lack Of Sleep, and this is the result! The klah is reached for first, in hopes it'll give her energy to attack the rest of the food. And then Qi is looking towards whatever drama is going on. "What's going on?" Seryic's wary silence is met with a bit of a headtilt, as the senior apprentice stares at him. "I've seen you before. Multiple times." Name? Currently lacking.

"Admit it, Zi. The only reason why you noticed me looking like this is because you are inexplicably attracted to me." Ila'den is teasing of course, but the effect it may have had normally is entirely diminished when smiles always transform into grimaces, and attempts to look at people always results in a glare. Grey eyes settle on Kaliena, and her ability to match him tit-for-tat actually has him attempting to grin. "Th'ero, is it? I like that guy…" But then everybody is /moving/, Iris included, and he finds himself without weyrmates in his arms and trails a very, very pathetic look after her. "M'not glaring," he murmurs, sullen. "M'trying to see." His head goes down to his arms on the table, the mirror image of Qiana, and he's giving a lazy wave to bronzerider and his latest victim as they make to depart. When his arm drops back down, those scowling grey eyes raise up, and Seyric is on the recieving end this time (well, /again/, actually). "Oi," he murmurs, voice slightly muffled by the obstacle of arms. "Do you talk?"

— Kaliena's Log Ends —

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