The Importance Of Relaxation

Western Weyr - Docks
// Wooden boardwalks lead out to where boats are tied to the dock. Once in a while a good sized ship will be docked here, unloading or loading various items.//

Naeda is hard at work on her day's chore. One might not see that at first glance, but she is. She's lounging in a pool chair at the end of the dock, wearing her favorite blue bikini and slathered in tanning oil and wearing a pair of sunglasses to shield her eyes from the sun's glare. A spyglass lays in her lap, which she lifts to peer through from time to time.

It is probably a bit easier to tell that Naris is hard at work on her chores for the day. However, sometimes when one works hard enough on their chores they move with speed, and when they move with speed… they run out of chores. But it seems that she is not ready to accept that she is out of chores at the moment and has been trying to find something that someone needs her to transport. The result of that was Naris being sent to the docks to 'see if the sailors will need anything transported'. Does she look a bit huffy if she arrives? Possibly. Actually, yes, there is no doubt. Her arms are crossed and she is glaring out at the water, not so much as glancing at Naeda for the moment.

Naeda is acting as lookout. That means being observant. Sort of. So of course she spots the huffy Naris storming and glaring around. She turns lazily onto her side to peer at her fellow candidate, lifting her sunglasses up. "Hey, Naris. Working hard?" She asks.

Naris doesn't respond to Naeda at first. Instead she just gives her a look that seems to be silently reprimanding her for looking so relaxed when she's probably meant to be doing some sort of work. While she has no way of knowing for sure that she's meant to be on lookout without the other candidate telling her if she did she would /probably/ make some sort of remark on how lookout is not supposed to be tanning time. As it is she simply states in a plain voice, "work that cannot be classified as wasted work is nothing but 'wasted time'."

Naeda raises an eyebrow at that reprimanding look and the remark that accompanies it. "Excuse me?" She asks, head tilted to one side. "I am on lookout duty." She says with a slightly stuffy tone that seems utterly at odds with her relaxed, lounging state. "And I'll have you know I haven't missed a ship all day."

The magic words have been said to launch Naris into a lecture. She crosses her arms over her chest before beginning in a stern and cold voice, "/lookout duty/ does not involve lounging around on a chair and tanning. Since you apparently find it alright to look away for large periods of time you could be spending that time being productive. Surely you could find another chore to do around here, maybe help clean off the docks." Something might just appear to be a bit off about Naris today. Yes, she is a bit stuck up in general, but today she seems exceptionally cold. Maybe even a bit more reminiscent of how she would act in the past, long before Naeda even knew her.

"Lookout duty doesn't /not/ involve lounging around on a chair and tanning." Naeda replies, about as childishly as usual. "It's not interfering with my duties. I'm just… multitasking. I'm working smarter, not harder." She lifts the spyglass to her eye again, perhaps hoping the gesture might placate Naris. "And I'm not assigned to clean the docks. I'm assigned to lookout duty. Which I'm doing an exemplary job of." She stretches out in her chair. "… You're upset about something other than me." She concludes. "… Is this about the Weyrleader?"

Naris is silent as Naeda explains how lookout /does/ involve lounging around and tanning. She's just silent and giving the other woman a look that says exactly how much she is judging her. But then she makes that comment about her being /upset/, and potentially upset about the /Weyrleader/ at that. Her shoulders tense as she hisses, "I am /not/ upset, you don't know what you're talking about!" As the words come out that sound rather… well… upset. As a matter of fact the entire way she speaks is probably one giant contradiction. "I'm just… serious."

Naeda suppresses a smirk, though a little bit of it does creep through despite her best efforts. "Oh, of course. You're always serious. You take your duties seriously, and respect weyr traditions." She lifts her spyglass to her eye again as she goes on. "Speaking of traditions, you know what else is traditional? Candidate pranks." She grins. "You know who might be a good target for a very traditional prank? Rhysanna."

Naris can't help but feel a sneaking suspiccion that Naeda is out to push her buttons right now. But no, from what she's seen of her Naeda doesn't seem like the kind of person to /try/ and make someone more upset. Maybe this is her own convoluted way of trying to help? Either way she can't help but grit her teeth for a moment. After a moment of noticeable deep breathing she responds, "pranks are done by deviants, not tradition. And either way I am /not/ the pranking type of person." Even if she was there's a chance that she would manage to do something wrong and get everyone in trouble.

Naeda does seem to be trying to help. She thinks she has the source of Naris' agitation all figured out, and thinks that revenge is the best solution for getting Naris back on track. She continues to grin and peer through the spyglass. "If only deviants pull pranks, then the vast majority of candidates and riders are deviants." She lowers the spyglass and blinks. "… You might have a point there. But even so! I'm not talking about anything /bad/, you know. Just… making us all even."

Again Naris doesn't say anything for a little while. It would seem that she was been thinking about what she says quite a bit lately. When she finally does speak her voice is slow as she states, "I am not interested in petty revenge, Naeda. It is rare that I desire to seek revenge and when I do it is not petty." Well then… that might sound a bit dark. There is a pause before she lets out a sight and adds, "it wouldn't be about something as… insignificant as this, either. Besides, I don't… blame Rhysanna. It's not her fault that she's herself. If I /did/ have an issue it wouldn't be with her." Not that Naris has an issue, not at all, nope. She's absolutely fine.

Naeda puts the spyglass back in her lap and peers at Naris, skeptical. "… You don't get revenge. Sex and booze are out with the white knot and all, I'm sure. How /do/ you relieve stress and frustration, anyways? You do know the importance of having fun, right? Maybe being a little bad once in awhile?"

How does Naris relieve stress and frustration? The answer is simple, she doesn't. Most of the time she just waits for it to go away and what /doesn't/ go away builds up to rear its ugly head for some sort of eventual explosion. This has been changing, yes, but in that department Naris has been very slow to improve. She doesn't actually /say/ this though. Instead she shrugs briefly before answering, "sometimes I like to read files when I can get my hands on them. Maybe sort things, busywork. As for being bad… there's nothing good about acting out."

Naeda rolls her eyes, giving Naris an almost disbelieving sort of look. "Seriously? /Read files/? That's your stress relief? C'mon. You have to do something to cut loose once in awhile, or you're going to go crazy. If you're stress free, you can work better. Like me. I work hard and I play hard." She ponders for a moment. "You don't dance? Play cards? Or… 'take care of yourself' the old fashioned way?" Her eyebrows wiggle.

Naris' voice takes on a defensive tone as she exclaims, "it's… it's relaxing! You don't have to think too much about it but you're still being useful." And being useful is good! Or at least it is very much implied that that is what she believes. "Anyway," she continues, "I /highly/ doubt that I am going to lose my mind any time soon. I've tried physical activity before but I'm not very… good at it. I mean, I'm downright clumsy when it comes to dancing." This is accompanied by her looking down at her feet and a frown crossing her face. It looks like she isn't very proud of this little tidbit!

"Relaxing isn't about being useful." Naeda says with a sympathetic smile. "At least, not at the time. It's about letting your mind heal and refresh so you can be useful later. I mean, you sleep, right? Recreation is just as important as sleep for focus and mental health." She grins more. "Dancing can be learned. Want me to teach you?"

Is it a wherry? Is it a dragon? No, it's Naris, the perpetually tense! She continues to frown at what Naeda says at first, as if she doesn't understand puny human concepts such as 'fun' and 'relaxing'. But after a moment she remarks, "of course I sleep, going without sleep for too long would leave someone in a vegetative state." Which is /probably/ not the response Naeda was hoping for. There's a flash of realization across Naris' face as this occurs to her as she adds, "I mean, I don't seem to be very good at recreational activities in general. I'm not sure that even lessons would help at this point."

"Exactly." Naeda actually seems to grin at that response she gets on the subject of going without sleep. "Going without relaxation and recreation can have consequences that are just as devastating. Poor thing, you probably don't even know how much happier and focused you could be… And how would you know if you didn't try?" She sits up a little straighter. "We could always go with something a little more simple…" She tilts her head. "Alas, the white knots remove so many fun options. But we could figure something out!"

Naris raises an eyebrow at the idea that not relaxing could have results just as bad as not sleeping. Oh, but she has a point with the not knowing unless she tries. As a matter of fact Naris herself has used the same reasoning on others herself. So it looks like Naeda /has/ been learning a thing or two from her after all. Or maybe she's just that devious. There is a faint undertone of amusement to her voice as she says, "somehow I can't help but think that there are ways to have fun that /don't/ involve drinking or sex. Maybe we could try those dancing lessons?" Well it's better than how she was acting earlier at least.

Naeda has been called devious, along with many other, less flattering things. She grins with satisfaction at Naris' agreement. "Fantastic. Dancing it is. Next evening we both have free, we'll have to go down to the Tiki Lounge. Find a few cute boys. We may not be able to hop into bed anymore, but that's no reason to avoid all fun." She grins and lifts her spyglass again. "… Ah. Got a ship coming in." She reluctantly rises from her chair. "That means I need to actually let somebody know to get ready for them. The work part of all this. But I'm holding you to that dancing lesson agreement!" There's a wink before she heads down the dock.

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