Turnover Celebrations

Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.
Electric lights light the entrances as those on night duty come out to take over, moving quietly in the night so as not to disturb those sleeping about the Weyr.The days grow longer over the spring months, the air seeming more fresh and warm than it did over the winter.

It's evening time at Western, and Rukbat is just starting to sink below the horizon. It's been a nice day for early spring, plenty warm and only a few clouds hang overhead. It might be a little colder later on, but for right now it's still just about warm enough to swim (at least for those coming from Fort, maybe). There's plenty of fun and food going on down on the beach. There's a couple of BBQ pits going with whole animals roasting over there, and tables filled with finger foods and punch bowls. There's even someone mixing drinks. A couple of the firepits have been started up and some chairs set out, and the whole beach has been lined with torches so people aren't tripping over themselves as the night goes on. The barge is still sitting off-shore, and from time to time people can be seen milling about on it. It's Turnover!

It's Turnover and while most folk are gathering now to join in the celebration, some had already been there. Kaliena had been roped in with some of the older girls and cavern women to help with the preparations and that's where she has been, bustling to and fro from the lagoon and helping where she could. Now that the celebrations are starting, the young girl is freed from her tasks to go and enjoy herself. Only… Kaliena seems at a complete lost on how to even start. So the young girl only shuffles, uncertain and wary, along the edges of the gathering crowd, dresses at least in worn but clean clothes and her hair combed and unbound save for two unnoticeable clips that keep the worst of it from her face. Chewing at her lower lip, hunger eventually gets the best of her and slowly, Kaliena ventures out towards the tables filled with food. Hey, she helped set it all up. She should get her fair share of the food, right?

Suldith lands a bit of a ways out, a clearing more meant for dragons than the center of the party. The bronzer is wearing a cabana shirt, pants and sandals. He's also sporting a pair of shades. The bronze waddles over to watch the festivities for a while. Eventually he'll get bored and head out for a swim, but not right at the moment. Zi'on heads to a table to get himself a nice glass of punch, which he chugs down thirstily, then pours himself another. Then it's over to one of the food tables to see what's been laid out there. It's then when he spots Kaliena! "Well well well, if it isn't angry face. Look! You're still here. I haven't ratted you out. Do I get a kiss for being so nice to you?" He grins a bit at her, picking up some sort of seafood thing that's been breaded and fried and popping it into his mouth.

Kaliena had begun to help herself to the food and by "helping herself", she's pointedly skipped grabbing a plate and just begins to sample a little of everything when she thinks no one is watching. Having just popped some sort of appetizer into her mouth, she starts when Zi'on somehow manages to sneak up on her and swallows hastily as if she had been caught doing something wrong. At the use of his nickname for her, she gives a muffled growl and spins around to face him. "You wish." She grumbles, shooting him a quick and narrowed glance before deciding he's mostly harmless. His choice of clothing earns a quirked brow and perhaps a longer look, but Kaliena is young and easily distracted by the food again. "And stop calling me angry face. You tricked my real name from me, so use it." She says with a smirk as she pushes by him to browse the other end of the table.

Gang way, gold queen coming through here, move it, watch that tail. Miraneith is rather huffy as she waddles down to the edge of the lagoon, plonking herself down in the sand with something that should probably be termed 'queenly' dignity, a few dragons hovering around her as if they were attendants upon her wishes and needs, the dragon quite awake and aware for all that it's only just dusk and not the deeper shadows of night. "Oh bother," Enka is right behind her dragon, the goldrider dressed for a beach party with a sarong skirt and a tank top (hey, at least she's not dressed like a hula girl with a grass skirt and a coconut bra.) "I think you've dragged a furrow in the ground from the ledge to here, Mir. What have I said about liftin' that tail of yours." There's a snort from the dragon — like whatever — and the goldrider moves off to mingle with the crowd.

Zi'on is doing the same thing as Kali. Who has time for a plate? The bronzer was probably going to stuff himself silly once he got to the table with the pies and the pastries anyways. He chuckles to her response. Hey, he could have decided to not shave and come as Zi'on, beastman. "I tricked you!? I did not. You told me it willingly. So. You know what your brother told me about you. What did he tell you about me?" Suldith raises his head up at the queen with a surprised trill. Then he waddles over her way as well, to join the other attendants. Zi'on might like Enka in a grass skirt and coconut bra! The bronzer gives a wave to Enka. Then he looks back to Kali. "Still want to meet the weyrwoman?"

Kaliena takes on that familiar stubborn look and glances up briefly from her browsing. "Did too." She replies oh so maturely. "I only told you willingly cause you gave me no other option. You and your prying questions." The young girl gathers a few more pieces of food that she can easily balance in one hand and begins to pick away at the selection. At least she's not speaking around mouthfuls of food this time? "Nothing. Other then to find you if I had to." How nice of Th'ero or Kaliena is lying again. It'd be hard to tell, as her head has turned now as Miraneith arrives, with attendants in tow and the young girl is distracted by it. Zi'on's offer has her starting a little and focusing back on him, large eyes blinking. "Um. Sure?" Though she doesn't sound so certain at all.

Enka busies herself with collecting the two things a gal's gotta get before anything else — food and drink. The former is a plate of various finger foods and treats, while the latter is a nice refreshing glass of citron juice with just the right amount of sweetener. Just about hits the spot, that does! Juggling isn't the goldrider's forte, but with a little dexterity, Enka's managed to get the plate settled on her wrist, just so that she can hold her drink and still manage to get the food off her plate when she wants to. There's a low croon from Miraneith as she greets Suldith, dipping her head towards the smaller bronze, muzzle extended for a brief nuzzle or two. Now that's just not fair, Enka /can't/ wave back to Zi'on, not unless she wants to dump her plate into the sand, or spill her drink, so she settles for a cheery smile instead. Maybe he /would/ like her in a grass skirt and a coconut bra — it's not too late to ask, after all.

Zi'on laughs. "I did? I must be even more cunning than I thought. They weren't prying. They were 'getting to know you' questions. To make sure you weren't a pirate spy." He peers at her, then laughs. "If you had to? Why would you have to?" Find Zi'on if you have to, but stay away from him the rest of the time? "Heh, well, good. Cause there she is." Suldith gives Mir a croon as well, reaching out for nuzzles. The bronze settles in next to her, squeezing out one of her attendants, and stretches out with a yawn. Zi'on is waving Enka over, smile or no. So she can say hello in person. Or make him hold her plate, even. He might mention the coconut bra. But he likes the sarong, too. Zi'on examines what looks to be a piece of cheese wrapped in bacon before popping that into his mouth as well.

"Uh huh" Kaliena snorts, knowing Zi'on to be right but not giving him the satisfaction of actually saying it outright. "What is it with you an' spies?" she'll drawl next between bites of food, quickly devouring what she had stacked in her hand and then brushing her hands together to clean them. Manners? Oh, she's pretending she has none. She then shrugs her shoulders, "How do I know?" she grumbles now. "I can't read his mind and he's always been weird with his words." Cryptic, she means. The young girl straightens a little then, but still uncertain and wary as she tries not to fidget beside Zi'on. Keeping her arms stiffly at her sides, her blue eyes pick up the bronzerider's greeting and as Enka approaches, her gaze drifts to her. She knows nothing of their relationship, but settles for being silent for once and watching.

"Hullo there, darlin'," Enka probably doesn't greet everyone this way, so maybe it's just meant for Zi'on. On the other hand, the Weyrwoman is proddy, and she's been flattering and quasi-flirting with just about anything and anyone with a pulse lately, so it could be just her nature for the moment. "Quite a party we've got goin' here. To the end of the old Turn and the start of the new," her mug gets hefted a bit, just enough to let her plate start to slide, and the goldrider grabs onto it like a drowning person on a life preserver ring. "Whoops, almost lost that." The bronzer gets a bright little smirk, the goldrider quite missing Suldith and Miraneith doing their little nuzzle-kissy routine and there's an annoyed hiss from that squeezed out attendant, but like that little blue is going to argue with a bronze? Yeah, didn't think so either. "So," there's a long pause from Enka, the goldrider's gaze sidling sideways towards Kaliena. "Are you enjoyin' yourselves?" She'll include the younger girl in that question.

Zi'on grins at her. "What? You don't worry about spies? I thought everyone did. I especially worry about little angry-faced girl spies." He reaches over to poke at her cheek if he can. Though it'll probably earn him a smack. "Hm." Is all he says about Th'ero. It's possible he'd anticipated Kali fleeing to Western at some point? Th'ero was cryptic most of the time. Zi'on generally has to press him for information about as hard as he had to press his sister. Zi'on's somehow forgotten that Enka is proddy, though that greeting reminds him pretty quickly. He's blaming it on the proddiness, apparently. "Hey, Enka." He blinks when the plate almost goes toppling over and then chuckles. "Here, let me." He holds it for her, thereby freeing one of her hands to eat with while the other holds her drink. He lifts his glass to her sentiment about Turnover. If Zi'on misses the kissy-routine he doesn't show it. Not that he would. In public, anyways. "So! Enka, this is Kaliena. Th'ero's little sister. Kaliena, this is the weyrwoman." Introduction over!

Zi'on's little attempt to poke at her cheek does indeed earn him a slap to the hand again, though really Kaliena just brushes him aside in an annoyed manner while glaring at him. Angry-faced girl! "I don't even know what a /spy/ is. So how can I worry about it?" she points out in a snarky little tone before abruptly falling silent. The young girl has no idea that Enka is proddy and even if she did, that would not have changed her reaction by much. Even so, Kaliena regards her curiously once it seems Enka is fairly harmless as well. "Yes." She says, and then flounders a little awkwardly. What to say? Ma'am? "There's a lot of good food." And perhaps she would have relaxed enough to actually say more on the matter, until Zi'on moves on ahead to introduce her. She straightens then and even holds her head up a little; rather then hide like she tried unsuccessfully before. "Pleasure to meet you." Kaliena murmurs a little stiffly and while it may not be the exact correct greeting, she's making an effort at least. See? She can behave. Somewhat.

Yes, yes, let's blame /everything/ on the proddiness, shall we? "Thank you, dear," Enka does bat her eyelashes in Zi'on's direction when he takes that plate from her. "Seemed like maybe I should have gone and found a place to sit down, but why sit when there's such fun company to be had." Yes, definitely blame it all on the proddiness. "So," she does glance back over at Kaliena when the bronzer introduces the two of them. "Th'ero's little sister, how nice to have you at the Weyr. Settlin' in ok?" A smile, quite genuine, like most things Enka does. "Nice meetin' you."

Zi'on doesn't even seem to notice the slap. Though he does notice how angry-faced she is about it. "How do you not know what a spy is? It's someone here to infiltrate the weyr. learn all our secrets and report them back to the pirates so they can exploit them when they come to plunder our booty. Right, Enka?" That was Zi'on's definition of a spy, at least. And he will blame everything on the proddiness! It was a convenient excuse for things he didn't want to attribute to other feelings. Or something. "Heh, no need, I guess." He grins then. "She needs her own room I think. I mean, I wouldn't want her skulking around me at night. Look at how angry she is." He blinks then, and looks over across the beach. "Ooh, speaking of good food, they're taking one of the BBQ's down. I want first dibs on the good meat." He hands Enka's plate to Kali, and before she can protest, heads off that way. He'll still be wandering about, though possibly more distracted than before.

Kaliena only blinks at Zi'on's long explanation to what entails a spy and the poor girly looks only more confused and perhaps overwhelmed by the information. "I can't know /everything/." She mutters sullenly, feeling a little slow. Kaliena tries not to both flinch and grimace when she's labeled as Th'ero's brother. Instead, she manages some sort of half-smile directed to Enka and stands just a wee bit too straight and stiff. "Ah, thank you?" she says and then nods her head briskly. "Well enough. It's… different." And she'll leave it at that. Everyone knows how it can be a shock. And Zi'on is not helping. "I would NOT skulk around you!" she snaps and going as far as to stomp a foot to the sands, forgetting exactly whom she's snapping at and in front of. Yep, she's definitely a prickly little spitfire. "I'm doing fine in the dorms." Kaliena confirms, glaring at Zi'on but giving Enka an almost pleading look. "Really. I'm fine!" And suddenly she's being given Enka's plate and the girl instinctively reaches for it, only to look exasperated and wanting to flee when she realizes what she's done. "But…" Then Zi'on is gone and Kaliena can only purse her lips and glare daggers at his back. Blue eyes dart up then to Enka and suddenly the girl turns sheepish. "Umm." What now?

"You and your pirates," Enka laughs softly, expression merry as she glances teasingly at Zi'on. "Not that I'd be complainin' about them any, that is, as long as pirates don't come and plunder our booty." The Weyr's, that is. Although personal booty probably shouldn't be plundered either. "She's probably angry because you've said somethin' to her." Or something, maybe Enka sounds a bit distracted. "Oh, are they." Wait… now Kaliena has the goldrider's plate and Zi'on's running off. And all without saying goodbye. My, that was fast. "Oh dear," Her hand swings out, "I'll take that, if you'd rather not hold it. Can even put my mug on top of it, and see, works good as new."

"He interrupted my breakfast, then just started pryin' me with questions. So yeah, he said a lot." Kaliena mutters her take on the matter to Enka, now that Zi'on is gone and can't defend himself. When the Weyrwoman reaches for her plate, the young girl is all too happy to hand it over and does so with a vague smile. "Not that I wouldn't. Just isn't my plate and… well," She'd rather not hold it. Seeing that she's only going to dig herself a hole regardless, Kaliena only fumbles her way into silence, flushing slightly. "Ahh… yeah, I suppose it does work." She remarks, uncertain again as her eyes linger on plate and mug both, before drifting up to Enka with a confused frown settling on her features. "I should go." Kaliena adds, gaze darting away and for any possible exit. Then she takes one step back, then another little one. "… unless you need something?" Freezing then with her awkward offer, she'll wait.

Enka makes a sound that probably could be called a snort. But it probably isn't anything quite so undignified or ladylike, because proddy or no, the goldrider just isn't going to be that crude. "He can be like that," she comments, rather dryly amused — or at least making a good show of it. The plate's claimed then with a rather crisp nod. "I'm not blamin' ya for it," she remarks, "seein' as it wasn't your plate at all to begin with." It was Enka's, and Enka probably should have held on to it, but the bronzer was being gentlemanly, so who was she to argue. "And it does work." A pause, and a sideways glance towards Miraneith. Just checking on the dragon. "No, no, I'm fine." Enka would wave that off, or maybe she can, since with her mug atop her plate, she does have a free hand. "Go enjoy. Turnover's a grand party." And nobody does 'em better than Western.

Kaliena looks relieved when Enka waves off her offer and she bobs her head in a hasty sort of farewell gesture. "Thank you, Enka… err, I mean ma'am. Or… thanks. I'm sure it is!" She stumbles over herself in her hurry to simply flee. And flee she does, but not back into the weyr and the lower caverns, but simply into the crowds and to drift among the groups. Perhaps she will enjoy the festivities, but from the side-lines this Turn, content to watch and observe unless she gets tangled up with the other weyrbrats or children her age.

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