Making 'Friends'

Western Weyr - Lagoon Shore
A sandy beach running along the edge of the lagoon, between the sparkling waters and the bowl. Sometimes riders and dragons are seen playing in the water nearby or a dolphin can be seen cavorting. At other times seacraft can be seen coming in under the arch to dock. The lagoon is large enough to fill a quarter of the length of the bowl. A path winds out along a ledge out to the docks to the southwest, the lagoon to the west and the bowl to the east.

It seems that, more often than not, Ila'den is finding himself between duties as a Weyrsecond, duties as a father (and weyrmate), and duties he feels he owes his baby sister so that she can get some rest while Sorel fills in as a candidate. It's why now, out on the lagoon shore, there's an all too familiar scene of Ila'den settled with two itty-bitty newborn babies snuggled close in slings that are strapped around his chest. It would appear that he's stepped away from the office to do some paperwork - and must've decided he wanted to do it on the beach! The hulking man is scouring over test, scribbling furiously with a writing utensil, tsking, and starting all over again. "Faranth," he growls out after a moment, mostly to himself. "This is a nightmare…" Don't mind him! Nothing to see here, folks!

Oh, it looks like there /is/ something to see there and Naris definitely is going to mind him. What she finds herself looking at as she heads down to the lagoon is… it's just plain curious. While she knows that Ila'den has a Weyrmate and children she just has trouble picturing him as a real father kind of person at times. Yet there he is, hunched over his work with a pair of babies strapped to his chest via sling. Some part of her can't help but find it downright admirable. It is a combination of that and the curiosity welling up inside her that drives the assistant headwoman turned candidate to approach the Weyrsecond. One of her eyebrows raises slightly as Naris remarks, "I have to admit, that's some impressive multi-tasking." Impressive or not it doesn't look very pleasant. She isn't about to say that thought! It might discourage him from continuing on with his work.

Sorel normally is a pretty unmotivated person, but he's been trying really hard to make sure to get those chores done at top speed to make sure he has time in the afternoon . Because even though he's a candidate he can still try to be useful as a father of course! So he's on a mission right now, hunting for his children. He nearly skids to a stop when he sees just who's on the beach with the little ones however. Nose wrinkles and a sigh falls away from his lips before he squares his shoulders and prepares for battle, or something. He marches up to his half-sib and bends down to try to relieve the weyrsecond of one of his charges, the little girl, because he's totally partial to her, even though he'll never admit that to anyone with ears. "Did you manage to get Kit to take a nap?" He inquires as he adjusts the sling around his chest and shoves a finger out to brush some baby hair away from his daughter's face. Naris is eyed with very Ila'den-esque gray eyes before he adds, "Don't give him compliments. He doesn't deserve compliments." Or you know, people being nice to him.

Impressive, is it? Ila'den's definitely got two masks he wears for others, and the private one is actually rather doting once he allows you /in/. Grey eyes look up in irritation at Naris, though the look softens considerably once he fixates on her - a sign, of course, that his frustration is with whatever he's pouring over and has nothing to do with her. "Multi-tasking? Newborns aren't hard," Ila laughs, and one hand comes up to soothe gently over one of the slings and the child inside. "They eat, and they sleep, and they only cry when they're in want of one of those two." Now the weyrsecond is gathering up his papers that've been scattered about into one neat pile - or he /was/ before Sorel decended upon him. Ila'den doesn't even argue as the nameless girl is taken away from him, but instead laughs as he readjusts the boy a bit more securely. "I did. I even stayed to make sure she fell asleep since /last time/, she winded up spending her nap with you." There's a raise of brows, as if this is a reprimand, and then he's shaking his head and laughing low and husky at Sorel's instant monsterization of him. Well, he probably deserves it. "You can sit, Naris. What brings the both of you out here anyway?" He will listen, of course, but he's bending over his stack of papers again.

It seems that it won't be just Naris and Ila'den as one of her fellow candidates promptly approaches the two, taking one of the two children before he says anything to her. This talk of Kit means nothing to Naris and she doesn't bother to say anything about it. Instead she eyes Sorel while telling Ila'den, "maybe you're just particularly good with them. In my experiences infants lead to endless unconsolable screaming." Or maybe she just /isn't/ good with babies. All the while her eyes remain on Sorel, noting how surprisingly similar he looks to Ila'den. There's interest on her fact but not enough to make her ask at the moment. However, at his remark she can't help but roll her eyes before shooting back, "I accidentally punched him once and it broke my knuckle, so I think it would be better to stay on his good side." /That/ was a painful mistake all around. Well, maybe not so painful for the Weyrsecond who only had to deal with a Naris punch. When said Weyrsecond invites her to sit she gives him a small nod of thanks before slowly sitting down. Then there's the question, which makes her wince before responding. "Ah, you know, day off, wanted to wander about… hiding from Naeda."

What else can Sorel do but torture his brother? Isn't that what baby brothers are for? Or maybe that's what big brothers are for and Sorel is just reversing the role? Either way, it isn't as if Ila hasn't gotten his own jabs in at the Seacrafter turned Candidate. "Well you know if I had known that she was playing hooky on a nap I would have sent her back home." The annoyance in his voice is more than clear. "I don't understand why she isn't retaining weight better. I'm worried about her, you know?" Isn't everyone though? But Sorel is plopping down into the sand to give better attention to his daughter, wiggling a finger into her tiny little hand so that he can play with her. A little game of tug-o-war with said digit. He does lift his head at Naris' comments about accidentally punching him. "See, there was your problem. Your best bet would have been to stab him. Then you would have had nothing to break." His gaze instantly flickers to the bronzerider as a sly smirk slips across his lips. Is Sorel teasing Ila? Possibly. Maybe he's just in an especially good mood because he gets to see his children. "We need to name them." Is grumbled finally, because it should be obvious what has brought him out here and kept him in the company of Ila.

At the mention of Ila'den being good with children, the weyrsecond shakes his head and offers a rather amused, "I've been raising children since I was 12 turns, Naris. Maybe it's just experience." When the candidate settles onto the ground alongside him, the Weyrsecond reaches out to gently ruffle her hair before going back to his work with a thoughtful noise in the back of his throat. "That was an accident?" Low, easy laughter accompanies his pause, as a hand comes up to rub lightly at his chin in thought. "I still think we need to give you lessons on how to throw a proper punch." But Sorel is bringing Ila'den back to the topic of Kit, and those grey eyes flicker up towards his half-sibling before looking away with a small sigh. Notice he doesn't say anything? That must have been a moment in which his thoughts weren't terribly kind. He will, however, comment on her not retaining weight. "Aye. I don't really know what to do, but she's always been tiny. Still, she had more meat on her than that when she came back to us from Veski." He's adamant she should see a mindhealer, but this topic only serves to upset the new mother and so he's brought it up only once. Ila'den's good natured enough to laugh at Sorel mentioning a good stabbing, and then he flickers his eyes at Naris. "Don't listen to him, little one. He'll get you whipped and thrown out of the weyr faster than you can blink. Of course, it'd probably be a good deterrant for Naeda." A pause, and then, "And they /do/ have names, Sorel." The baby boy is given a gentle pat. "Naeda Junior," and he hooks a thumb towards the girl, "and Iladenna."

Naris stealthily fails to say anything in regard to this Kit, skipping naps, and being thin. It's not her child, as a matter of fact she doesn't even really know the child, so she doesn't particularly feel that she needs to say anything. There are much more important things for her to worry about at the moment. Thing like smoothing out her hair after it's ruffled while casting the bronzer and annoyed look and how that punch was totally an accident. The candidate frowns before remarking, "well you /did/ sneak up on me. I thought I was being attacked! But I didn't know I was punching you and not some thief so… yes. It was an accident." So /there/. It is what Sorel says that stops her from saying anything regarding the punching. More specifically what he says about /stabbbing Ila'den/. Naris just gawks at Sorel for a moment, shock and horror on her face. "Y-you," she chokes out, "you're the one that /stabbed him/!? Why!? And you're a candidate? Why aren't you locked up for attempted murder right now?" Apparently she assumes that the stabbing was nothing less than an attempt to take the Weyrsecond's life. She does pause for a moment to glance at Ila'den and mutter, "I wasn't planning on it. Also, they aren't my children but I /refuse/ to let you punish them by naming them that."

What possibly unkind words could Ila have to Sorel about that? It isn't as if they were running off shagging or something of the like! He should be thankful for that at least, right? Sorel does arch a brow at Ila'den however, curious just what words he swallowed down and didn't let bubble to the surface. "I don't remember her being bone thin like she is now, I mean, before Veski.." His eyes go dark at the mention of that man, his jaw clenching as well before he forces it away and looks back down at the young baby in his care. He tugs his finger, trying to get it back, but she refuses to let go now that it was given to her. Oh what, you expected to get this finger back? HA. Don't think so mister. "That's it. Next time I see Kit we are naming them, because I would rather be dead than let them be named Naeda junior and Iladenna. God, why did she even have to make that joke." Because the woman enjoys torturing Sorel. That's why! His attention shifts to Naris once more and he blinks at her a few times. "He deserved it? Why else… would I stab him." He says the words as if she's slow in the head or something. "I'm a candidate now, I wasn't when it happened. And it wasn't attempted murder. Rest assured, if I wanted Ila dead, he'd be dead. I was just.. showing him some brotherly love, a steel hug if you will." Totally makes sense.

"So what you're telling me," Ila'den says very slowly, and very softly, "is that it was /only/ an accident because I'm the Weyrsecond." There's a huff of laughter, but no comment as to why he finds this amusing. Whatever it is is probably found in the same reasoning behind the fact that the man /never ever wears his knot/. Ever. To look at him, you'd never know he was a dragonrider, let alone the Weyrsecond; perhaps he likes to be treated like all of the others. After all, when people know your status, they tend to give you respect whether you deserve it or not - unless your name is Sorel, of course. Sorel is a particularly special kind of cookie. "He didn't stab me. I tripped because I was drunk and if he tells you otherwise, he's a liar." At which point Ila'den pauses, so that Sorel can contradict. The story ends with, "See? Liar." But Naris telling him she refuses to let Ila'den name the girl after him, and Sorel's indignation has the Weyrsecond laughing low, easy, husky. "Oi, oi. Calm down, the both of you. They do actually have names, though. Kiltara was calling her Kiorel, and him Katrel when she gave them to me." A flicker of eyes in Sorel's direction. "I assumed it was an executive decision when you mentioned them still not having names."

Naris awards Ila'den a frown at his remark. "No," she begins, "not because… well /then/ it was because you're Weyrsecond but I didn't know you as much then. /Now/ I'd only punch you if you did something truly awful, Weyrsecond or not." Yay? Small victories and all that? Her blue eyes narrow in a disbelieving glance at Ila'den's explaination, only to narrow further at what Sorel says. His own slow tone is repeated back to him as she says, "you should still be locked up if you tried to stab him and if stabbing someone is how you show affection you should probably see a mindhealer. Do you know what sadism and masochism are, Sorel? Because even on the off chance that you enjoy it not everyone likes the feeling of pain." Yep, Naris has classified Sorel as mentally unstable. Maybe not a title that everyone wants to be rewarded awarded with. Then to the Weyrsecond, "well I'm glad that they were named by someone with a decent grasp of acceptable names but that doesn't explain how you could get drunk and trip on a knife. Where /were/ you when this happened?"

"Yes, you tripped on my dagger that just happened to be out, and held in my hand." Sorel replies dryly with a roll of his eyes, but whatever, if that's the way Ila wants to swing it so that Sorel wasn't banished, he's not going to push those little details. Especially not with children to care for. "Kiorel and Katrel?" He asks, but doesn't seem bothered for a moment that the decision was taken away from him. He did tell her to come up with names for them, afterall. "Kio." He murmurs the name with a stupid grin on his face as he tugtugs at his finger. If Kit is gunna name them, he's gunna nickname them. Deal with it. However all those words being thrown around at him from Naris does cause his grin to fade very abruptly before he pins her with a very serious glare. "I would suggest you refrain from making snap judgments about people when you don't know the fucking situation. Just a helpful little suggestion, less you want to piss someone off." But it's very apparent she's already pissed him off. And for the record, Sorel is very mentally unstable, with very good reason, but still not the best plan to irk him either. Just ask Ila! He falls silent then and glances at his half-brother, the expression worn less than amused.

Ila'den's flickering a sidelong, amused glance towards Naris and then laughing under his breath. "That's the problem. I dislike it immensely when people treat me differently because I am the weyrsecond. I want to know who people really are, not who they are when they think somebody's watching." That's not to say that he doesn't wear his title and honor his lifemate with pride; Ila'den simply prefers to mingle without the complications of leadership. There's a stirring, and a fussing coo from the baby snuggled in tight against his chest, and Ila'den's every attention is immediately on the fussing child. "Shh," he croons, and everything about him /changes/. He hugs Katrel slightly closer, and rocks until the child quiets. He even sacrifices a finger for the baby to suckle himself back to sleep on. After a moment, those grey eyes are moving back to Naris, with a bit of a teasing smile. "Tiki lounge. If you see any blood decorating the patio, it was my artistic masterpiece." Or just a really drunk, really stupid idiot pulling a knife out of a wound prematurely. Oi. Then Sorel's temper is rearing it's ugly head, and Ila'den's no longer looking amused either. Those grey eyes move onto his half-sibling as the man shifts subtly into his line of vision. Was that a gesture to shield Naris? Absolutely. You'll have to come through a wall of Ila if you want to get at her! Not that he's worried about Sorel doing anything (much less with Kio in tow). "Temper, temper," he says softly. "Mind it, Sorel." And this? Said with a tone that leaves little room for argument. He's not Ila'den the half brother now. He's Ila'den the Weyrsecond, rider of Bronze Teimyrth, and his tone makes that very clear.

Naris glances at Sorel when he tries to insist that he truly had meant to stab him but doesn't say anything on the matter. Instead she settles for focusing on the Weyrsecond and giving a small frown at his words. "I can see how that would be frustrating," she murmurs. "I mean, I haven't ever had many issues with that. In fact a few people seem to think that I'm just ridiculous…" she trails off with a shrug. "Anyway I think I would hate it if people acted differently around me because of one thing or another. It would be like lying and Faranth knows I hate liars." Her eyes narrow and she frowns for a moment only to push the thought that had been sneaking into her mind away. In regards to the tiki lounge she can't help but snort and roll her eyes. "Shards," she mutters, "that place is a disaster zone. Sooner or later someone's going to start a rumor that it's cursed." Then there's Sorel snapping at her and swearing. Naris immediately tenses as if preparing herself for a fight, although there's no telling if she expects physical or merely vocal. But before she can say anything Ila'den steps in, making anything she may have said die on her tongue. She doesn't move, just waits.

Sorel has a temper, but normally isn't violent unless he needs to be to get a point across. Haha.. point… across. Ahem. The actual anger that Naris has provoked fade away decently quickly, but his stiff posture is a good indication that he's still irritated. "Give me Katrel." Sorel then demands, but his voice is rather quiet even if it's stern as he outstretches his hand towards his other child. "I'm going to go find Kit." He states, and surely the bronzerider could guess why. That girl has the ability to make him feel as if he's walking on cloud 9 in seconds flat. "Or I'll just watch the kids somewhere quiet for a while." Quiet and away from Naris at the very least. He glances at Naris, expressionless as he just blinks at her before turning away, dismissing her and whatever issue they had as not worth his time. He waits patiently until his son is returned to him before he turns on his heel and wanders back up the beach, probably in the direction of his hut.

Ila'den tilts his head towards Naris, and smiles. "Aye. I'm used to a life where getting noticed is a bad thing. Coming here was an adjustment." To be sure, one that his little sister didn't handle all that well. When Naris mentions hating liars, there's a rather mischevious look spared for her before the Weyrsecond says, "Some people have very good reasons to lie, Naris. What do you think would happen if I told Iris she was fat every time she got pregnant?" A point made. "Everybody is entitled to their secrets. Sometimes you have to lie to people who pry, because it's not their business." It sounds like Ila'den has a lot of experience in that field! And then there is Sorel. Ila'den's quiet a long moment as he watches the candidate rise and speak and demand his child back. Ila'den doesn't argue, but is very gentle when he removes the harness from his person and very gently hands off the bundle. "No," he says, and there's a thickness in his brogue that usually indicates some kind of heightened emotion within the bronzerider. "If Katrel is trying to suckle, he's hungry. You should find Kit." Or maybe he just wants to make sure Sorel doesn't brood himself to death somewhere on his own. He watches the half-sibling go, then turns another look onto Naris. A pause, and then laughter. "You have quite the effect on people, did you know?"

Naris doesn't say anything as Sorel leaves, instead watching him with her narrow eyed glare. So it looks like she has /another/ candidate that she's on poor terms with. /That's/ going to be fun, won't it. Except by 'fun' she means horrendously awful. As she fails to say anything to the seacrafter she gives a small nod to Ila'den before remarking, "yeah, I'd imagine. I don't think I'd be able to last long in your old lifestyle to be honest. I might somehow upset the wrong person and end up dead in a ditch or something." Again with the frowning. There's a raised eyebrow as she comments, "and pregnancy isn't pure fat, so /technically/ she wouldn't be fat, she's just look it. There's a difference. Either way… lying is something I have trouble with. I'm terrible at lying and just as bad when it comes to being lied to." Once Sorel is gone and Ila'den laughs about her way with people Naris can't help but slump forward slightly and sigh. "Sweet Faranth don't I know it. I seem to share a mutual loathing with one candidate, I have issues with another, you saw what happened just now with Sorel, and Naeda… I guess we could count as friends but she seems to be pretty insistant that I participate in more recreational activities. Plus she has some… odd ideas as to what would make a good idea." So why not shove them all in one barrack? Should be fun!

Sundari has spent a good amount of her afternoon off on the docks, waiting for someone, which from the looks of it never showed up as she's wandering back towards the beach on her own. Her boots are within a hand as she wanders along the sand barefoot, flight jacket hanging open which shows off a simple t-shirt and pants. Her free hand lifts to push some hair from her face while a yawn escapes her. A yawn escapes the bluerider as she wanders ever closer towards where the pair happen to be talking. She sends a curious glance to Naris, smirking a bit as she catches some of the conversation on the other having problems with candidates. "Hey guys. Having trouble making friends as normal Naris?" This questioned with a joking tone. These two have never seen eye to eye after all.

Notice here that there's a very subtle shift in Ila'den's demeanor. He's not nearly as warm as he was moments before, but seems to turn a bit icy. Smokey grey eyes regard Naris for a long, quiet moment, and then there's a very softly spoken, "And what is it that you would know about my past life, Naris?" His tone is hushed, but there's a clear warning of danger lurking beneath that thickened brogue. Ila'den being a renengade is not something that he shares with /anybody/ - and if the candidate knows, that means that one of the very few people he indulged with the information opened their mouths. Tsk. This is why he's better off being a perpetual liar. And then? Saved by Sundari! The bronzerider loses some of his tension as the bluerider approaches, giving the woman a winning smile that he soon fixes on Naris. Watch him change topics oh-so-smooth like! "Sometimes, Naris, even when you disagree immensely with something that somebody does, it's not the wisest thing to voice your opinion." This is said gently, without any malice, without any judgement. "You're very strong willed - which is not bad, Naris. Do not mistake me. However, sometimes it is better to let people be who they are, and accept that they do not always do things the way that you do." But his attention is back on Sundari again, as he tilts his head to the side. "What are you doing out here, little bird? Have a seat." He will just go back to leaning over his papers, thank you!

Naris frowns at the sudden icyness that Ila'den displays, picking up on that she must have said something wrong. But then again the Weyrsecond seems to think that lies have their place, right? Lies and secrets. Perhaps this is one of those things that he thinks lying exists to help with. Her voice is quiet enough that only Ila'den should hear when she honestly answers, "not that much, no details, but it seems to be more than I should." Naris has always been good at picking up on passing comments that someone might without really meaning to talk about or bring up something, there's every chance that the person she picked up on this little tidbit from didn't mean to let it slip. At least Naris isn't exactly a gossip? As it turns out it may be a good that that she's quiet since Sundari shows up, commenting on her friends. Or lack thereof. With an overdramatic sigh she asks, "honestly, why does everyone think that? Maybe I could be a downright social butterfly if I wanted to!" Which… would probably look kind of terrifying to be honest. She gives a small nod at Ila'den's comment about her will, her face showing that she's pondering it. "I see," she murmurs. It's definitely something she'll have to think on.

Sundari wanders onwards, heading towards Ila'den at the offer to join him, which she does settle down next to him with easy. Bits of the conversation are taken n while she drops her boots to the ground next to her and lets her toes wiggle in the sand. "Good luck there Ila'den. Trying to talk to Naris is like watching paint dry at times." This said with a teasing tone while she shrugs out from her jacket. "I was waiting on my parents to come for a visit. I suppose there late or busy elsewhere." A slight shrug is seen before her gaze flicks from one to the other. "How goes it then?" A curious look is sent towards Naris, a brow lifting and she smirks slightly. "Right As if you possibly could be a social butterfly Don't try to hard now."

This is definitely one of those things that Ila'den believes lies are readily set in place for. Her quiet draws his attention back to her, with raised brows, and a suddenly soft smile. There's a husk of laughter, and the Weyrsecond's attention returns to his papers. It feels like he's been at this for hours! "Let's keep it that way," he says softly, as if insinuating that she shouldn't /pry/. He scribbles out something, rewrites it, and then scratches at the stubble on his chin before emitting a long-drawn sigh. "I don't doubt it, Naris. I think you'd be able to do anything if you set your mind to it." She has that type of personality, or so /Ila/ believes. When Sunny settles in next to him and passes off teasing comments to the candidate opposite, Ila'den lifts his gaze to look at the bluerider and furrows his brows. There's one, two, three seconds of silence, and then in absolute seriousness, Ila'den is saying, "Why? She's interesting." Indeed. Ila'den /does/ find Naris rather intriguing. Despite the fact that it might not make her many friends, she /does/ stand up for her own beliefs. It's admirable in Ila's eyes. His eyes are right back on his paper, reading, writing, shuffling. Damn things… "Don't discourage her, Sundari. Maybe she's always on the defense because we put her there." A pause. "And I'm sorry about your parents. Did you ahve plans to do something?"

At least she can pick up on when she shouldn't pry for Naris proceeds to give a small nod to tell Ila'den that she isn't going to go digging into his past. Some things are private, a concept that she at least comes close to understanding at times. The remark about her being able to do anything she sets her mind to makes her blink in surprise before giving a small smile. "Thank you," she murmurs. People suggesting that maybe she could be more social if she tried is a little unusual to her, in fact quite a few compliments that don't involve efficiancy and raw intelligence are. Sundari's words come at much less of a surprise to her. Watching paint dry!? A scowl crosses her face and she opens her mouth, probably about to argue, only to be surprised by Ila'den once again. Instead of arguing she offers to Sundari in one of the nicer things she's said to the woman, "I'm sure they'll show up eventually." But then there's that remark about her being social and the smirk, which makes the candidate start to bistle once again. She looks like she's about to fall into lecture mode once again when Ila'den says the /third/ surprising thing in a short period of time, only this one is much more so than the first two. Now /that/ is something that she has /never/ heard anyone say in regards to her before. Naris finds herself unable to say anything for a moment and the look on her face shows an incredible amount of surprise. Gobsmacked, some might say. But not with that horrified tinge that tends to join surprise when it's surprised in a /bad/ way.

Sundari is quiet for a moment as she hears Ila'den, a brow lifting but that is all at the moment. She sends a curious look to Naris whom is eyed for a few moments. She won't go that far it seems and takes in a soft breath. "Perhaps so Ila'den." Is all that is commented on the Naris bit, why? Because she has been nice to Naris in the past and it did nothing for her, nor help the relationship between the pair either. "I just haven't seen them in a while.. A full turn I guess." She shrugs and sends a curious look towards the docks. "Was sort of looking forward to seeing them I suppose." She may off living on her own, and a rider but she still misses her family.

Ila'den's eyes are back on Sundari, and after a moment he reaches out to pull her in against himself and drape an arm over her shoulders. He presses his cheek into the top of her head, and then rubs his chin back and forth for a minute. Is that a silent apology? Perhaps. It's not often that the weyrsecond makes verbal acknowledgements of fault or even affection! Poor Iris. Weyrmated for so many turns and she's, in all honestly, only heard, 'I love you' twice from the bronzerider - once when he was drunk. "Chin up, little bird. What were your plans with them?" And then he's blinking over at Naris. Her expression? Priceless. Ila'den watches her for a moment and then laughs low and husky, reaching out to waves his hands in front of her face. "Alright there, Naris?" he inquires.
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Blink. Blink. Naris has absolutely no idea what to say or do at this moment. She doesn't make a comment on Ila'den rubbing up against Sundari, she just sits there trying to figure out if those words were the words she actually heard. The seacrafter saying that the Weyrsecond might be correct causes another wave of surprise to wash over Naris, only for her to be snapped out of it by Ila'den's wave. She blinks rapidly before saying, "no, no, I'm fine." There's a pause before she adds in a quiet voice, "I'm just… surprised. Thank you, people generally don't say or think that about me." There's a small smile before she stands up, brushing sands off her pants as she does so. "Anyway, I should probably go find Naeda before she decides to wake me up in the middle of the night or something. It was nice talking to you." With that she begins to head off, gone to do dancing lessons. Yikes.

Sundari blinks and chuckles softly while she leans against Ila'den, pressing a bit close to the bronzer. A soft smile is seen and she tilts her head to glance up to him. Seems she's alright with the apology and nods a touch to show it is alright. If he can offer silent apology then she can make silent shows of accepting them. "I was going to go fishing with them, or well my father and brother's while they was here." There is a slight pause and she shrugs a moment before sending a glance on over to Naris and she is grinning a moment. "You stunned her into silence Ila" This said with an amused tone before the other girl is off it seems. "See you around Naris."

Ila'den is getting thanked? The bronzerider, in turn, looks confused but, after a moment, offers a rather gentle smile up to Naris. "Don't let them get to you," he says softly. "And you're welcome." But she's gone, and Ila'den watches her go before making a thoughtful noise in his throat. He gives Sundari a bit of a squeeze, and then brings his arm away from her so that he can go to work on those papers again. "Well, Sundari, sometimes the truth is surprising. Fishing, was it? The one thing I'm no good at." A tsk, and then the bronzerider rubs at the back of his neck, emits another sigh, slumps his shoulders, and then allows himself to fall backwards in the sand so that he can look up at the stars. Yes, he does spread out his limbs. "I give up." And he's turning his head to look at Sundari then, with one of those smiles. "How's your body holding up?" Last time he saw her, she was riddled with bruises!

Sundari curiously watches Naris go before she is looking back to Ila, a soft smile seen at the squeezing hug she gets. "Suppose it can be surprising at times." There is a slight pause and she peers at him pondering I seems before she chuckles once he falls back into the sand and she looks up to the sky. "Fishing isn't that hard, if you interested I could teach you a few tricks of the trade even." She grew up a sea crafter on a fishing boat after all. As for the question she glances back to him. "I'm alright, some lingering bruises that are nearly gone. Darn kid kicked like a runner though." She half rubs at her side at the thought of it. Onwards though with th conversation and she glances back to him curiously pondering for a moment. "Ila'den Why are you so nice to me? I mean I don't see you hugging on anyone else and well.. so forth"

Ila'den laughs, grey eyes flickering towards Sundari moments before he rolls onto his side facing her, creasing an elbow so that he can rest his head on his hand and smile at her. "Aye. I can't promise I'd be any good, but I'd like to give it a go. I'm more of a hunter myself. Give me a bow and an arrow, and I'll have you dinner by the next sunrise." His brogue is thicker now, with amusement and good nature. The bronzerider reaches out to gently pat her knee when Sunny goes about being sore about children (who are apparently half runner), and then he's dropping his hand back to the sand and raising his brows at her next question. It takes the weyrsecond one, maybe two moments to process, and then he's looking away from her, rolling back onto his back, and looking up at the night sky. He doesn't answer her, at least not right away, and then says very softly, "Does it bother you?" He isn't going to give himself away, apparently, but the tucking of his hands under his head could be a signal of distance, or just a result of him finding a better position to relax.

"I've never used a bow and arrow before. Is it hard?" Sundari questions with a curious tone, a bit of amusement seen and she chuckles. "Well, if you ever want to go fishing let me know. I know a few good spots where it isn't /that/ hard to land a few fish with a little bit of effort." As her questioned seemed to send Ila into a pause she watches him curiously, tilting her head and pondering as she eyes him looking for signs that perhaps she shouldn't have questioned such things. She's rather good at being observant though, countless hours out on a boat, looking over maps, studying and the like most likely helped. "Well, no. Doesn't bother me at all. I was just curious is all honestly." There is a moment where she ponders. "I've always been a bit too curious for my own good I suppose."

"Nothing wrong with curiosity, little bird. It's because I like you." Ila'den does not elaborate on that admission, which could be either a very good, or a very bad thing. He's silent, and then shifting back onto his side to face her with a roguish smile. Any hint of seriousness is gone, and as skillful as always, he's switching the topic back to less important things. "It's tasking, but I could teach you how to shoot a bow. Or V'ric; he's a better shot than I am. Kiltara's excellent as well, and has been teaching my children. There's quite a few people who'd be happy to help you get it right." Though Kiltara might be a better candidate, on account of her being much smaller, and thus requiring a smaller bow. After a moment, the bronzerider makes another soft noise in his throat and says, "Well, we should do it soon. When is good foryou?" Fishing! ADVENTURE!

Sundari is left wondering for a few moments until he is speaking once more. The answer does catch her a bit surprised, though really if he didn't like her and was getting all cozy with her she would be a bit worried perhaps. A soft smile is seen along with a nod while her gaze rest on his. There is a moment, a pause before she clears her throat to comment. "I well I like you too." Answer offered back, hopefully she won't be shooting herself in the foot with that. Onwards though at the talk of getting lessons to use a bow which makes her grin slightly. "Really? Do you think she'd be willing to give me lessons perhaps?" Not like she knows her after all, they met the one time just the other day after all. A grin is seen at the fishing bit and she nods. "My next rest day is in two days. Maybe something then?" This questioned with a curious tone.

"I think she would, though you'd have to find time between her children since she just gave birth." And then Ila'den is nodding his head, rolling his shoulders. "Sounds good to me. I wouldn't mind a little vacation." As it is, he spends a majority of his time chasing his children around, suffocating under paperwork, and getting glares-of-death from Zi'on. Suddenly there's a pop from between, and Ila'den's staring down a twittering grin that nips and croons until he pulls away a small letter. He reads it, and then smiles after Sundari again. "Can't keep the weyrmate waiting," he says softly. He's rolling to sit up then, grabbing his stack of papers as he gains his footing, and leaning down to plant a kiss on the top of Sundari's head. "Keep safe, little bird." And he's walking away. Vamoosh!

Sundari nods as she ponders that. "Well… I'll try and ask, I don't want to bother her with the new kids and all." She is a bit curious into learning how to use a bow still. If she did it on her own she would most likely cause herself some sort of injury as she is not /that/ skilled with such weapons. She blinks at the apperance of the firelizard, a warm smile seen and she soon nods as he needs to get going. "Just send me a message when your free then, can go from there." Her smile stays at the kiss while she does a little finger wave after him. "Have a god night Ila!"

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