Scrub Down

Western Weyr - Hot Springs Cavern
Created by the fires of the volcano a pocket of ancient air has created this huge open cavern in the black stone. Most of the floor is covered by bubbling mineral water that gleams azure in the dim light of glows. Swirls of green, blue, red, yellow, black and white are awash on the walls and floor, earmarks of earlier times when the hot water boiled out of its bed and rose to fill the dark cavern.
A few signs of humanity can be found. A trunk with soft fluffy towels, soap and a boardwalk erected through the middle of the four pools so that people can find their way to the hot water without burning their feet along the way. It is rumoured that an hour in the hot water can melt away even the worse of troubles, leaving a person relaxed and ready to face a new day with vigor.

Sorel got stuck with the candidates favorite chore, in the world, cleaning the latrines! And because of this fact it was straight to the hot springs with him. At the moment he's saving everyone the wonderful view of his rear end because he's actually already in the water. A damp towel is slung across his eyes and he's resting the back of his head on the ledge. Perhaps he feels as if he sits in here long enough the stench will just melt off him and he won't have to do any scrubbing. It's early evening, not quite late enough to go have the final meal of the day, but it's about that time where everyone is finishing up their own personal chores and duties and trying to find a way to relax. And that, is just what this particular candidate is doing, soaking, relaxing, and trying not to breathe through his nose.

Spare the world of seeing Sorel's rear end?! You're not doing Kiltara any favors! The teenager looks bed tousled, as if she's only just risen out of bed and decided to wake up by soaking in the bath for a time. She's not exactly steady on her feet, seeing as how she's much too busy rubbing at her eyes, and she's not exactly dressed down, either. She's in the bare minimum of clothes - in fact, it looks as if she's stolen some of Sorel's. Her only article? A shirt that's just a tad too-big for the girl. She does, however, spot the object of her affection, and it takes her a long sleepy moment to actually /register/ that yes, yes that /is/ Sorel. "Sorel," she whispers, and it's laced with the hazy fog of being much too tired. Still, she heads over to the pool, sitting at the edge for a moment with her feet in the water so that she can fold up her towel, ease herself out of her shirt, and then sink in opposite the older man. There's a yawn, another rub of her eyes, and then she's dunking under the water. No hello for you!

Sorel reaches up to lift the damp towel off his eyes so he can peer out when he hears the splash of someone entering the same pool as him. It's not as if he really minds that someone's entered the water, it is a /public/ bathing place after all and Sorel is far from prudish. But he barely catches the sight of a familiar far too skinny body ducking into the water before he lets the towel slide back in place. He definitely notices the lack of a hello, or you know, acknowledgement, but maybe she didn't recognize his awesomely shaped chest without his face more clearly connected. Either way the arrival of someone else does prompt him to then abandon his relaxing soak, remove the towel from his eyes and make an effort not to be the super smelly, candidate of doom. Sorel reaches over to a bucket of soap sand and start rubbing it up and down his arms. It's one thing to make himself suffer with the lovely aroma of latrines, it's quite another to make someone else suffer.

Kiltara doesn't mind the smell - or doesn't notice it. Either way, she's not making any attempts to retreat, and after a moment, she's surfacing just enough to bring her eyes and nose out of the water for a breath. She pushes her hair from her eyes, rubbing at them again, and then blows bubbles as she watches the candidate across from her start rubbing himself down. This is all done, of course, without a word. It's difficult to make conversation when you're just too damn tired! Finally, Kiltara moves up a little higher (because she has to yawn), and gives quite the impressive stretch before murmuring, "Alright, Sorel?" It's a total Ila'den thing to say, but then… he /did/ raise her. What do you expect? Notice she isn't making any moves towards him! KEEP THAT DISTANCE!

It's purely coincidence that finds Rhysanna sliding into the water in the same pool as Sorel and Kiltara, though she's rather on the other side to the pair of them. There's something mucky in her hair, and a streak of it down her face, though at least that is easily taken care of with a hurried splash of water and the careful application of soap. Cleanliness, in the immediate sense, takes precedence over conversation; really, it doesn't look like she's yet paid any attention to who else is here.

Sorel doesn't blame her for keeping her distance with the way he smells right now. Did he get some in his hair? Ug. Just.. UG. A grimace quickly creases his entire face before his hand is making another dive at the sand and he's grinding that into his hair on that particularly offensive spot. Latrine duty is, by far the worst. But he does spot Rhysanna as she makes her appearance and appears to be trying to get something out of her own mane. "Did they stick some of that chewing crap into your hair?" He asks her, voice edging on disbelief. "They really can be little monsters. I hope you won't have to cut it out. But I have a knife if you need one." So useful! It's then that Sorel's gray gaze slips across the pool to where Kit is keeping her distance and a solitary brow arches. It's the smell, right? He gets to scrubbing a bit more. Must.. rid.. self.. of stink! He's a man on a mission! "Sleep well, sweetheart?" He inquires of Kiltara, mid-scrub.

"Gross," is Rhysanna's answer to that, as she blinks away distraction to identify Sorel across the pool. "No, it's just food, I think. I hope. The really little ones shouldn't be eating anything too bad… right?" She's evidently inclined to laugh away the possibility, even if her fingers are all the more determined to scrub away whatever it is that has gotten tangled up in that long, loose hair. If she's aware of Sorel, she's also aware of the other person in the pool, though she's acknowledged with nothing more than a quick smile.

"Hmm…" Is Kiltara's response to Sorel's inquisition. Why? Because those grey eyes are much more intent on studying Rhysanna when the slightly older woman appears. Now /that/ is a woman, and the young teenage girl suddenly feels alarmingly inadequate. She even looks down at her own chest (when she thinks nobody's looking), and then slowly brings her arms over herself to hide herself away. There's admiration in the look, but it's clearly not on a sexual basis. When she realizes that she's staring (because she's working off of a rather sleep-leaden brain), she snaps her attention back towards Sorel with a blush. She opens her mouth to say something, manages only a squeak, and lowers herself back into the water until it's just her eyes. Her exhale causes little bubbles, but it doesn't necessarily distract from the fact that the girl is red as a redfruit, and sloooowly inching away from Rhysanna. SHE WILL NOT TALK. SHE WILL NOT DRAW MORE ATTENTION TO HERSELF.

"Gross indeed." The seacrafter gives a bit of a sigh, "I think I got.. stuff in my hair that I don't really want to think about." Poor Sorel, he groans rather loudly, "Latrine duty." Is offered as a description for his personal little corner of hell. "Little ones typically aren't eating much but mushy stuff so maybe you'll escape unscathed? I don't know, Kio and Kat are still so young. Guess that's what I get to look forward to for the next few turns, huh?" He's just kind of rambling at this point, because even though he's speaking to Rhysa his eyes are glued onto Kiltara and her.. strange behavior. And if one question is an inquisition, who knows how she's going to take what he does next. "Kit.. what.. are you doing." Don't worry, Sorel will make sure to aim all the attention onto her and her redfruit hued face. "Come here. I don't smell as bad now." Or at least he thinks. He still smells. There are still several more scrubbings he's going to have to go through to get the lovely small of piss out of his hair.

Rhysanna is plainly a little bewildered by Kiltara's so-peculiar reaction, but evidently she's inclined to wave it off in lieu of concentrating on the more important job of getting herself clean. "Oh," she says, sounding pleased. "You named them! And this— this must be your girl." Poor Kiltara is now definitely in her sights, and though Rhysa's still busy trying to scrub mush out of her hair, she's also turned partially in that direction. "Congratulations on the babies. I'm Rhysanna; I'm one of the other candidates, with Sorel."

Rhysanna…? Come on sleepy brain, come on, come on. Eyes go wide, Kiltara points one finger, and instinctively draws in a breath. BAD IDEA! Very bad idea. Suddenly the teenage girl is choking on water and flailing as she coughs and tries to clear out her airway to /breathe/. Faranth. So much for keeping herself out of everybody's line of sight! Kit drags herself to the edge of the pool so that she can cough and depress her lungs against the ridge of the outside. One, two, three moments pass after she manages to stop sputtering and then… she just kind of… deflates. Maybe if she stays here long enough, not moving, everybody will give up hope and forget that she exists. No such luck? /Well/ then. "You are a candidate," she finally manages, though if this is for Sorel or for Rhysanna is up for debate. Her voice is weak (what with that EPISODE), and then she's quiet for the moral debate: To Stay or Not To Stay. That is the question. "Sorel, that's not… appropriate…" And then… she's slipping back into the water, arms back over her chest as grey eyes ENVIOUSLY take in Rhysa and then drop towards the water. "S-Sorry. I was just… well… It's nice to meet you, Rhysanna. I'm…" Not finishing her introduction. She will scoot towards Sorel as he wished even though she just reprimanded him. Comfort zone!

Sundari had spent the morning out busy with work, sweeps and so forth and the like. She is making her way on into the springs yawning, a set of clothing tucked under her arm and a towel, she has on a shirt and shorts, moving along barefoot from the looks of it. She peers curiously as to whom all is around, voiced caught mostly. A slight wave is seen while she sets her things down. "Hey everyone." She offers with a friendly tone. With her things down she pulls out a band and is pulled her hair up so it's out of the way for the moment.

Sorel shakes his head, "I didn't name them, Kit did. But I'm glad, have to say I got kinda sick of calling them baby number one and baby number two. Or of people trying to name them Naeda junior or Iladenna." There's an eyeroll at both of those suggestions he oh so helpfully got. And Rhysanna isn't the only one looking a bit more than bewildered at Kiltara's whole reaction. His brows are furrowing and he's watching in concern as she inhales water and then.. tries to hack it back up. Concern is quick to flicker across his face though and he's moving through the water to get a bit closer to her. "Appropriate? It's not as if I'm going to maul you in public." He looks rather offended at the idea of him being inappropriate with her in the first place, let alone you know, with an audience. What does she think he is?! Some sort of monster? He's making a grab for her though, eyebrows still pinched and drawn down because this isn't how Kiltara normally acts at all. "Kiltara, this is Kiltara, yes." He helpfully supplies to Rhysanna but lifts his gaze up at Sundari when she makes her appearance and he greets her warmily enough, but concern is plain upon his features, "Afternoon." It's late afternoon but that still kinda classifies, right? He then goes to stroking Kiltara's hair, as if trying to calm her down or something. He's really not sure /what/ to do with the teen.

Rhysanna's eyes open bug-wide as Kiltara reacts so dramatically, making a half-move away from the wall she's been leaning on as if to go rescue the other girl, even if it's obvious that Sorel has things in hand. Chewing on her lip, she seems lost for words in the immediate aftermath, gaze fixed upon the couple. "Uh," she says, taking in a deep breath. She's even stopped scrubbing at her hair. "Well, it's lovely to meet you, Kiltara." It all means she's perhaps a little rudely late in turning to greet Sundari, though she does manage to smile warmly enough, despite continued - and obvious - concern.

Kiltara is not crazy, honest. She lets herself get caught by Sorel, opens her mouth to say something in retort to his offense at her comment, and then snaps it shut again when Rhysanna, once more, speaks to her. There's a long moment when she looks like a deer-in-headlights, and then, slowly, slowly, she offers up a shy smile. "Mm," she says then. "It's a pleasure. Sorry for all of the… antics. I was just surprised. I spoke with Zi'on, and he mentioned you, and… well… You're a candidate." She was shocked, is all. She burrows into Sorel's side, INAPPROPRIATE though it is, and gives the man a gentle poke in her ribs as she offers up a hushed, "Well, now I'm insulted." Shouldn't it be inappropriate to be undressed around each other? Saved by Sundari! This one is at least familiar, though Kiltara furrows her brows trying to remember a name. "Sunny, right?" Finger-waggle!

Sundari heard someone coughing, which makes her send a curious look towards the ones in the water once more to make sure everyone is alright, or at least still above the water's surface. So far so good it seem! One out of her clothing she is off on to the pool and is slipping down into the warm waters until its up to her shoulders. A soft ah escapes her while she enjoys the warmth of the water. Her gaze flicks to Kiltara and she nods with a smile. "Yeah, ah" There is a slight pause. "Oh Kiltara Right?" She is a bit bad at names at time. There is a curious look offered over to Rhysanna as she catches a bit of Kiltara's comments. Oh she's heard herself but onwards. "So How is everyone?" This even sent to Sorel before she is peeking to eye the towel she brought over and goes about looking for her soap is to possible be found, unless she went and forgot it again.

It's not as if Kiltara is an overly social person or anything, but still her reaction to the other candidate does makes Sorel very confused. He does however wear a not so pleased expression at the fact that Zi and Kit were apparently talking. Why does the Weyrleader have to talk to Kit about? Up rears the seacrafter's overprotective side. "She named them Kiorel and Katrel." He offers to Rhys, trying to keep the conversation you know, not awkward. He does blink owlishly at Kiltara when she says she's insulted however, "What? Why're you insulted?" Because he can control himself even with her nakedly pressed up against him. Kinda hard to have naughty thoughts when there are two other people around! If it wasn't, boy, that'd make things awkward in a hurry. Ahem. He pulls his attention away from Kit to peek over at Sundari once she's well 'covered' by water. Last thing he needs to do to get himself into trouble is be accused of checking out other women. "I'm mostly fine. Just trying to get this.. stench off of me. Latrine duty, candidate's favorite chore. Can't say I've had to clean a toilet since I was a kid." There's more than a little disgust held in his voice, "It was nice that while I was a candidate at Xanadu I just pretty much worked on craft stuff. None of this.. clean the latrine duty." Sundari should totally pass that on to the higher ups.

A tiny, wistful/happy/radiant/delighted smile appears upon Rhysanna's face at mention of the Weyrleader, along with a flush that doesn't really have anything to do with the heat of the springs. "I'm a candidate," she agrees, firmly. "It's… no, I understand. It's fine. It's lovely to meet you." She has to pause her words in order to dunk her hair back, but as she rises back up, more or less modest thanks to the covering of her hair, she adds to Sorel, "They're lovely names." To Sundari, as she begins trying to comb out her hair all over again, she adds, "I'm well, too. Now that I think I've confirmed it was only food in my hair, and not gum. How are you?"

Kiltara nods once at Sundari, as if to confirm that she's got the right name, and then grey eyes are back on Rhysa again. There's a warm smile for the older woman, but again, no words. Instead she's turning her head up to look at Sorel, furrowing her brows, and then giving him a gentle poke to his side. For the record? She doesn't answer him either. How the heck is she supposed to answer that question in front of all of these people anyway? She will just do her best to fade away into the background, thank you very much, and hide away in Sorel's side while she soaks. It's better to listen to everybody else's day.

Sundari fingers her soap, yay she didn't lose it, at least that is what she is thinking when she goes about dunking it in the water a few times and then working it into a nice soapy lather which she works across her arms while listening in on the conversation. "Good to hear that everyone is well. I'm alright, glad my sweep is over now. Planning on soaking and being a bit lazy the rest of the evening." A curious look is sent to Sorel, a soft smile seen and she chuckles a touch. "Yeah, I remember doing that. Drove me crazy" She makes a face at the thought and is soon shaking her head. As for Kiltara, sorry but the bluerider has a question for her! Not that Sunny actually knows the other is trying to melt and become one with the shadows. "Hey.. Ah I was talking to Ila'den the other day, he said you was rather good with a bow, and that maybe you could offer lessons if I was interested?" Her bright gaze drifts to Kiltara and she catches on that the other is trying to turn into a bit of the wall. There is a pause and Sunny pauses before going on. "I can talk to you later about it" Maybe.

Rhysanna is likely still a little bewildered by Kiltara, but her smile's still warm; perhaps it's even warm for Kiltara and Sorel both, adorable couple as they clearly are. "I just had the children, today," she puts in to the conversation. "And they're not so bad." A shadow crosses her expression before she adds, "and then we touched the eggs, and that was…" perhaps worse, though she's quick to try and shake whatever thoughts there are in her head away, and get back to this soaking thing - leaving time for Sundari to press Kiltara with questions.

Her? Give lessons? There's bewilderment on /her/ face at the realization that yes, Ila'den really /did/ throw her to the proverbial wolves. There's a soft sound in her throat, and then an even softer, "Well… I'm not as good as he is… or as good as V'ric, but I could teach you what I know." She was very young, after all, when she was taught, and didn't get much… outside use as she came to the weyr before it was even worth Ila'den's time to really show her the proper way to shoot a bow. She turns her attention back to Rhysanna, and then lowers her gaze before murmuring, "Children can be pretty fun, even when they're being messy." She looks as if she's thinking about something else, since her eyes take on a look that says she's somewhere far away, and then, suddenly, sad. She latches onto the talk of eggs to pull herself out of it, and murmurs, "What's it like?" Burrow into Sorel. SOCIALIZING. It is the worst thing.

Sundari glances between the two other girls for a moment, looking a bit confused as she ponders while tilting to catch up with the conversation. Either or her gaze turns back to Kiltara and she smiles a bit before nodding. "It's alright.. I mean was just an idea seeing how I was interested in it. I know your busy with the kids and all so I wouldn't want to pull you away from them for some lessons." She ponders asking V'ric for a few moments and hums. "You think V'ric would give lessons if asked? I don't know him that well…" Or well at all really. The conversation goes to the bit on touching eggs and she glances to Rhysanna.

"They do have some lovely names." He's agreeing with Rhysanna, bobbing his head at her, offering a happy smile to Kiltara, proud that she was able to finally decide on something that wasn't well.. going to make him want to dig his eyeballs out because. And they really aren't that adorable of a couple right now, they're awkward and something weird is definitely up, but Sorel is taking it and will surely bring it up later when there aren't so many ears around. "I understand we're the lowest of the low type thing, but still.." He's shaking his head, not really going more into the fact that he really, really doesn't like cleaning up poop. It's bad enough he's gotta do it at home for people he's related to, it's different doing it for the weyr at large! He mostly just 'hangs back' so to speak when Kiltara takes to hopping or attempting to hop into a conversation with everyone. He'll just play it smooth and be the quiet onlooker really. He's not the biggest fan of eggs and touching them honestly. They're all so strange inside so he's in no hurry to get ushered out onto those hot sands this time around.

"They scared me," answers Rhysanna, simply. "I left after touching two; I don't think I want to do it again. Dragons themselves can't be that bad. It must be just because they're… not hatched, yet. Not ready. Or perhaps I touched the wrong ones, but I'm really not game to find out." Her shudder is probably exaggerated for impact; she is, after all, still smiling - if not quite so brightly. "Latrines is one chore I'm definitely not thrilled about," she adds. "Most of the rest… they're not so different from what I normally do." Her hair is evidently now considered 'clean', or at least 'clean enough': she lazes back against the edge of the pool.

Somebody is going to seriously make Rhysanna do latrines? Why does that seem like the most unjust idea in all of the world to Kiltara? Ah, right, it's probably got something to do with the fact that the woman exudes feminity in a way that makes Kiltara wish she could be just a little taller, and just a little prettier. Smokey grey eyes lower, and move to Sundari who, after a time, gets a shy giggle of laughter. "Well… V'ric isn't the most… hospitable of weyrfolk, but you might be able to convince him. He's got a soft spot for people, but you have to find it beneath all of that… Vel-ness." The man is a gruff dude! She knows it, 'cause he pretty much helped to raise her. Then she's returning Sorel's smile, and nodding at Rhysa. "I… I have heard it can be disorienting. When I was young - and sometimes even now, though not as often - my brothers dragon would speak to me. It was very… painful. Like my brain was being ripped out of my skull and so, so cold. Needless to say, I haven't really shared much of an interest in seeing how it feels to brush minds with any others." Unpleasant, that. Suddenly she's leaning over Sorel, to press her lips against his just as she pulls herself out of the pool. She didn't even scrub! But she is grabbing her towel quickly to cover herself up, and getting to her feet. "I think you smell wonderful," she offers up, with a brilliant smile to Sorel and then, albeit wistfully, "but I do miss you." A pause as she gathers up her shirt again, to pull over her wet body, and then she's waving goodbye with just her fingers. "I need to get back to Kiorel and Katrel. I'm sure Ila'den's wanting some time to himself."

Sundari blinks a few times as she hears the answer from Rhysanna. "They sacred you?" She ponders that while lifting a hand to scratch at her neck as she hums. "I know I got a bit fearful, but I also wanted to see the outcome I suppose so I just never gave up in such things. Egg touches can be different depending on the person of course." Her gaze flicks back to Kiltara at the bit on V'ric and she nods wondering how to approach such things. "Well Maybe I'll try to ask him then." It'll prove interesting that much she is certain. She dunks her head down under the water to get her hair nice and wet and once up she gives her head a slight shake to send some water flying, which may or may not hit a few of the others to be found nearby. "Have a good afternoon." This said with a slight wave to the seemingly leaving Kiltara. "I'm also glad to hear that your little ones have names, which are good names as far as I see it." This said with a slight smile. Still the ones that were suggested the other day were still amusing.

"That sounds like how they were at Xanadu." Sorel comments offhandedly to Rhysanna, lips drawing into a frown. "It's why I wasn't out there with you all today. Figured I'd put it off, they might get better when they're a bit harder, but either way I'll avoid it until they force me out there. There's no evidence that touching the eggs helps at all anyway. But they each do have their own 'personalities', even at that stage. So it could be you're touching the wrong ones as well." Not that the seacrafter candidate is an expert by any means, but he does have some experience to draw on. He does peer at Kit as she talks about Ila's dragon and he shrugs. "R'bel's dragon was talking to me when I was searched and it wasn't really that unpleasant, just.. disconcerting I guess, having someone talking in your head like that." But then Espeth no Teimyrth. And then he's getting a kiss and his lady love is escaping. There's that frown, creasing ever downward again. "I miss you too, and the little ones. Give 'em a kiss for me." And then she's gone and he's left.. with awkwardness. He clears his throat and very quickly hops out of the springs to grab his towel and wrap it around his mid-section. Ahem. "I'm not too shabby with a bow either." He offers up to Sundari, even though his back is currently towards the pool. "If I ever get some free time, maybe I can show you a few of the things I know. My brother's probably the best be though, if-" His voice grows slightly tighter, "V'ric isn't up for helping you." He glances over his shoulder, giving the bluerider a grin before he's scooping his clothes up and making a b-line for the exit. Yup, Sorel's gunna run around the weyr in a towel and find somewhere else to get changed. That's right.

"I still think I'll pass next time," decides Rhysanna, but not without a smile: first for Kiltara, and then for Sorel. "I'm sure I can come up with half a dozen reasons why I really, desperately need to be elsewhere. I'm sure it'll be different, if…" if she Impresses. "It was nice to meet you," she says, after Kiltara. Sorel… well, she just glances after him, brows raised; if anything, though, she seems amused. To Sundari, after the departures: "I'll take comfort in the fact that they can be fearful for people, even if they're not always. I thought it was okay, at first, and then… I don't know. Perhaps I'm not cut out of this." She doesn't seem too bothered.

Sundari glances to Sorel, a soft smile seen at the offer for said lessons and a nod is seen. "Thanks Sorel. If you get any free time just let me know." If not, well she is ok with Ila'den gives her lessons honestly. A wave is sent after the pair that are on the way out before she glances to Rhysanna curiously. "Perhaps… But you won't know unles you finish it out yeah?" This questioned while she works some soap into her hair and dunks under the water once more to get it out. She sputters a bit once back at the surface. "Anyway… I didn't think I'd find Irke. No rider thinks they will until they actually find their dragon after all."

Rhysanna examines her fingers, inspecting them for waterloggedness. Apparently satisfied, she turns her attention back towards Sundari, and smiles. "Oh, right, of course. It's not as though I'm going to walk away. I said I'd do this, and I will. It's… I think I'll still be glad, gladder, when the hatching is over." She gives Sundari a studying glance, as if trying to decide something, and then, finally, says, "No rider? I'm sure there must be some who are over-confident. Although," her smile is wry, "I haven't met any of that kind of candidate yet so perhaps not."

Sundari smiles a moment and nods before lifting her head a bit as she ahs softly. "Good to hear." This said with an amused tone. "Well, I've not seen or heard of such a person. Though I am rather sure it is out there somewhere or another. Not that I honestly give them much attention honestly."

"No," allows Rhysa, with another of those smiles. "Perhaps not. It's— well. It just is. Over-confidence in something you have no control over, no real say in, seems ridiculous, doesn't it? And… even Zi'on stood three times before he Impressed." She may be attempting to reassure herself, though there's something so casual about the way she talks that it may just be casual conversation. "We all just have to wait and see. Twice, presumably. I mean, with Miraneith having flown, too."

Sundari nods slightly while she turns, pulling herself on out from the baths and moving over to pick up her towel and wrap it around herself. "That is true. I stood only once before finding my lifemate, his a good one." Though she may think that because she is linked with the grumpy blue after all.

Rhysanna's laugh is warm. "Of course you think that," she says, with a grin. "Thank you. It helps to… hear other perspectives." She gives the bluerider a nod, slowly beginning to wade away from the wall, deeper into the pool. Now that, after all, she has it all to herself.

Sundari goes about picking up her things and nods, a soft smile seen while she glances over to Rhysanna curiously watching her a moment, as if there is something else she wants to say but keeps it back for now. "Have a good night, and if you ever want to talk just let me know." A wiggle of a wave is seen before she is moving off heading to her weyr to get some rest back at her place.

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