Change of Plans (Suriya is Searched)

Day 21 of Month 3 of Turn 2720
Half Moon Bay Weyr - Rooftop Garden
Soft grasses form a lawn central to this open air garden, producing a pleasant picnic space. Surrounding this greenery is a sanded and bordered path that wends around it and continues toward the front of the roof, where the pleasant aromas of cultivated herbs waft on the breeze. Rock gardens and low-hanging tropical trees form shelter from the elements, combined with an overhanging jut of the caldera wall, underneath which benches and sun chairs have been arrayed, rather like a natural gazebo.

Half Moon's weather is never what one would expect when the word 'Winter' is thrown around, and the tropical weyr is one to never disappoint. The skies are clear with the tiniest of clouds drifting across the sky, and surprisingly, the warm gardens are firelizard-free. Why? There's a series of food booths down on the beach and Suriya's body guard bronze is down there getting his grub on. In the meantime, the young woman is merely people watching, with light eyes taking in the details while nimble fingertips jot notes down in her little black book. What secrets does the little tome hold? There's no telling, but the tongue poking out of the corner of her grinning mouth might hold a thing or two. Once her sentence is done, the pen is tucked between the pages and she closes her little book, tucking it under her knee for safe keeping. Suri picks up her loosely braided dark hair and tosses it over her shoulder while arms are raised over her head in a lazy stretch, her long sleeved shirt rising just enough to show there are in fact shorts adorned underneath. This one is definitely NOT a voyeur.

Surely, if anything can be certain, it is that the Hatching Sands are the one place that Zel definitely does not want to be right now. Ysgieuth it seems is taking one for the team, because while the bronze is nowhere to be seen, the still relatively newly made Weyrleader is free to roam, and roam he is. Meandering through the gardens, pausing to talk to the few he meets, his steps are paused as he spots the stretching young woman from behind, arching an eyebrow. A glance around him, and he is slipping a little closer with a smirk. "Why, hello.." He offers cheerfully as he nears.

Mid-stretch, Suriya slowly glances over her shoulder, peering at the source of the voice with a sinister smile through those dark strands and she straightens up before turning the rest of the way for a proper greeting. "Oh, why, helloooo," she croons, neatly folding her hands into her lap while she tries out what should look like a sweet and innocent smile. See? All sunshine and rainbows here! Somewhere. Maybe. Ahem.

The smile falters for a brief moment as Z'tan gets a better look at the -girl- as she turns around, coughing and attempting to recover quickly. A hand wave, and he motions to the garden. "Seems you have the place to yourself. Or, well, I guess had. Since I am here now." And then, as she is folding her hands and settling in all innocent like, his eyes narrow a bit more, smile slipping again. Mouth opens and closes, and it seems the Weyrleader is at a loss for what he wants to ask - or perhaps how to ask it.

Weyrleader. Yes, she definitely noticed but playing the innocent always has it's perks. That faltering smile only adds fuel to her mischevous behavior. Suriya leans over to the side and she pats the ground beside her gently. "Well, it's true. I /did/ have it for myself but this /is/ a public place after all. I wouldn't mind some company, I don't have a single lizard willing to enjoy this peaceful day with for once." See that, Z'tan? Suriya is totally pouting, just look at that widdle lip poking out between those milky jade eyes looking mournfully under long raven lashes. "I've been here in the weyr for a couple turns now and I'm still trying to figure out what to do with myself." Her book, on the other hand, has plenty to do with the general populace with the right motivation.

There is a moment of hesitation, and it is quite evident on Zel's face as he considers, glancing around, and then at the spot next to Suriya, and then back around the garden. And only then, does he shrug a little and settle down - careful to maintain an appropriate distance as he does so - after all, the last thing he needs at this point is to be marked as a creep, right? Clearing his throat, he carefully arranges his arms behind him, and away from the young woman, before glancing anywhere but at that pouting face. "The best of us only figure it out, when we are forced into it, for what it is worth." Is that suppose to be reassuring?

Behind him? Suriya loves it when people play hard to get! Not that she is looking for anything in particular, the game is where all the fun it after all. "Oh really? Maybe something will fall into place for me one of these days. As long as it doesn't pull my hair too much, it could either be annoying or can be exciting just like LIFE." That's how it's supposed to go, right? Motivated, much? Definitely! Suriya clears her throat, tucking strands of hair behind her ear while she carries the conversation along. "What else is there for the best of us?" That was totally an innocent question! "If you don't mind me asking."

"Well, hopefully it won't be something that pulls your hair. Would watch out for bronzeriders then, though." Like, uh, probably all bronzeriders. Including him. Even though he is definitely over here, not watching Suriya at all, honest. A bit of movement, and his eyes slip sidelong at her, and he watches for a moment. "Adventure, if you play your cards right. Though, right now, probably just a lot of glitter. I give it a sevenday before the Weyrwoman is stir crazy and something breaks."

"Oh? Are bronzeriders dangerous?" Suriya giggles, letting those milky jade eyes drift across the way as a couple wanders past clearly looking none to happy with one another. Is this one of those places where relationships come to die? If so, she's happily got a front row seat! "Glitter?" Wait, wut. Now it's Suri's turn to have that sure smile falter and she looks at the man as though he spouted another language. "Is glitter still a thing?" she asks, her tone filled with disbelief. All she can do is blink widely at that and she shakes her head. Naturally, Half Moon Bay. Oh well, at least it's not shimmery squid party left-overs. "Maybe I should get her one of those industrial blowers for the glitter. Doing it manually would leave me out of breath. Would you be out of breath?" Beam.

"Incredibly. Especially when it comes to ending up with things that pull your hair." Zel blushes a little at that statement, clearing his throat, before he shrugs. "Have you seen the hatching sands? There will be glitter for the rest of forever. This hatching will spread glitter to all the ends of Pern." And there is a grimace, before her question gets a long look, and he blinks a few times, confused again, before it seems his old habits get the best of him, "You'd be surprised at the breath control I've learned over the turns."

At the talk of glitter, well, that's definitely a buzzkill but Suriya manages to keep a smile on her face while her mind things dark thoughts, otherwise. Where's that glow in the dark mold to keep things interesting? "Oh, the hatching sands. Those poor toes, though the nails would be looking fabulous in those sandals." Suriya leans back onto the ground, face up while propped on her elbows so she can keep a comfortable watch on Z'tan. "You know, I wouldn't mind a practical demonstration on that breath control sometime. You wouldn't happen to know where I could find one of those, would you?" Kitchens, laundry room, out in the bowl somewhere. Fortunately for her, she's in decent shape. Her black book? Fingertips hastily reach out and slide the little book close to quickly shove into a pocket. Safe! "Sometimes I like to expand my lungs along with my horizons. I'm young, I need to watch out for my health and overall well being, you know?"

"Well, I could, but it is something that should probably not be addressed in public." What may start as something headed towards a leer is quickly checked, and the bronzerider is left frowning, sitting up straighter to look around him, before he is slowly relaxing. "Sharding dragons.." He mutters, shaking his head, though he doesn't quite relax - though it also means he misses the transfer of that little black book.

Suriya looks around quickly herself, but she doesn't have anyone to watch out for. She's the master of her own chaos! Innocent look on her face well in place, she dares leans over and brushes off an imaginary mote from the poor man's shoulder. "Oh, I suppose you're right. Perhaps a raincheck for a more private place in the future?" Shame? What's that? Dragons? "Oh, are you being summoned or are they gossiping like the horrible folks I keep hearing they are like. Can't keep secrets from anyone. You're safe for now, though, sir. I don't know any of your secrets yet." Though, she sure is hell saving some pages for the occasion! If Z'tan plays his cards right, she just might draw him like one of those Bitran girls.

"Someone unfortunately -does- know all my secrets, and he is being quite rude." Zel explains, even as his gaze slips to Suriya again, and he opens his mouth, but is once again cut off by a voice that is only heard by him. "OH FINE." He mutters loudly, pushing himself to his feet and turning to stare down at Suriya with his hands on his hips - apparently there will be no card playing now. "What's your name?" He asks a bit roughly.
"Suriya," she oh so cheerfully supplies while she adjusts her tunic once upon her feet. There might be a little bit of lip biting at the rough sound of her name. So thrilling! She'll be good for now, though. Curious eyes wait patiently for what fuel poor, poor Z'tan is going to give her to toy with.

"Well, Suriya. Ysgie has decided you should get a first hand look at the glitter. You remember how I said people are forced into situations, and that's how you figure out what you are going to do? Well, congratulations, you're a candidate." And you can tell from the look on Zel's face and the grumpy tone to his voice, that is the -last- thing he was hoping to hear, or to have to ask.

"What?" she says, working hard to keep that smile there but it falters just a little. She recovers as quick as she can, quickly letting those gears turn. Candidates have all of those boring rules and pesky restrictions, where's the fun in that? The only real benefit would be all of those unsuspecting victims in close quarters and she might be able to have a little fun with that in the least. Suriya looks right into Z'tan's eyes like a predator, her grin growing widely on her face. She'll have to uncover the Weyrleader's secrets another day among other things. "Well, sir," she says, adding a bashful lean to her stance. "Tell him I'd be honored to figured things out as a Candidate…til I can get to his rider in the future."

"Perfect." Her acceptance is what registers first, and then there is the rest of it, and its filtering into his consciousness. "Uhm, yeah. That.. works." He manages after a moment, before shaking his head and looking confused. "I, uhm, I'll let you go get settled in the barracks. I'm.. I'm gonna go check on Ysgie." And probably distract poor 'unfortunate' Tanit, given the sudden change in the circumstances.

"Thank you for the opportunity, sir. I'm sure this will be memorable." With that said, Suriya offers the man a quick bow of her head as she does as shes told after details are filled in. Settle into the barracks? Sure! How else is she going to get a good vantage spot to size up the prey and competition? Poor Tanit is going to have her hands full with this one. Z'tan better get the drinks ready.

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