Zi'on's Black Eye

Western Weyr - Tiki Lounge
The room seems far bigger inside than outside, even when full of relaxing weyrfolk and travelers. Towards the front, in the western corner, is a small stage, providing the intoxicated or just plain brave a chance to display their talents. Several tables with chairs decorate the floor and a small area is open for dancing. The bar is rather long and well stocked, glasses of different shapes and sizes hanging suspended from a rack above the bar. Behind the bar is another open window that gives one a view of the forest behind the tavern. Turning around, one is greeted by a lovely view of the lagoon. A decent breeze helps to cool the room. Up above, rafters provide a perch for fire lizards and local avians. The thatch roof, made of straw, rarely lets in any rain.

Sundari peers curiously at him, blinking a few times before lifting her head as she ponders a moment or too. "You shouldn't hate your life." Though she pauses for a moment at the thought while poking at her glass a few times. "But yeah… I can sort of undertand that feeling." She offers after a few moments, a slight shrug is seen while she eyes her glass a moment. She soon looks back to Zi'on and eyes his face a few moments. "What happened to your face?…"

Zi'on is sitting in a booth in the corner of the Tiki lounge, with Sunny across from him. The bronzer is sporting a nice new shiner today! Courtesy of Ila'den. Zi'on tips back his glass of whiskey and fishes around for one of the ice cubes with his tongue for a while before giving up. "Meeeeh." He flops his arm down onto the table, then his head down onto his arm. "Ila'den punched me in it." He explains about his face.

They may not be allowed to drink, but clearly Rhysanna and Naeda still consider the Tiki Lounge an appropriate leisure destination. Post-chores (and the bath that tends to follow them), the pair make their way in together; Rhysa's giggling over something, her color bright in that mirthful kind of way. "I'll go get us some - boring - drinks?" she suggests. "And you find us a table?" She's clearly not noticed Zi'on and Sundari in the corner— no surprise, really, when she's so cheerfully focused on the bar itself.

Naeda sighs overly dramatically at the 'boring' qualifier Rhysanna uses to describe their drinks, but her quick smile and relaxed look show that she is in much the same mood as her candidate companion. "Sounds like a plan. Keep an eye out for good dance partners?" She asks with a wink before parting to start looking for a table to lay claim to. As she swings by the booths along the wall, she spots two familiar riders, one with an eye-catching new facial injury. She blinks, looking more confused than anything. "Zi'on? What happened?" That's going to be a popular question today, apparently.

Sundari just blinks a few times before she eyes Zi'on looking well confused to say the least. "Wait… Why would he have done that?" Needless to say she looks utterly confused. Her gaze flicks to Naeda and then Rhysanna, a soft ah esacpes her before she looks back to Zi'on. She is clueless and she goes back to sipping her drink.

Zi'on is taking up his whole side of the booth, with the way he's played out moping. Someone will have to shove him over if they all don't want to stuff in with Sundari. Yes. It would be a popular question. That's why he was sitting back here in the dark. "Meh." He whines. "I got punched." It's not really an explanation. And neither is what he tells Sunny. "Because he found out about something I did a while back. Well, I guess I told him about something and he didn't like it. So he punched me."

The bar is evidently not too busy, today, because it doesn't take long for Rhysanna to begin hunting down her companion, drinks presumably on their way. The dark haired candidate spots the trio long before she actually makes it across to them; she draws up alongside Naeda, her expression both bewildered and full of concern, just in time to hear the very last of what Zi'on is saying. It really is a day for repetition: "Who punched you? Why? Are you all right?" Hi.

Naeda gives Sundari a quick little smile. Can't be rude, right? Though any attempt at politeness is rather quickly dashed when she helps herself to a seat at the booth without asking. The interrogation is just beginning. "Ooh, this sounds juicy. What'd you do?" Subtle as ever. She scoots over to make room for Rhysanna to join her in invading the booth.

Sundari just peers at Zi'on watching him a few moments as she could only wonder why. She can't imagen Ila actually punching Zi'on unless it was for a really good reason. Though she doesn't press the matter while shaking her head a touch. "Are you going to be alright?" This questioned curiously before she glances to both Rhysanna and Naeda and shifts over so there is more room for them.

And then Rhysanna comes over. And now all three ladies are looking at him. EXPECTING THINGS. Things like him spilling the beans about why Ila'den punched him. And there's all this pressure that doesn't really exist. And he's already pretty drunk. "Argh! Because I slept with his sister! OKAY!? Okay?" He frowns then, and looks pathetically at Rhysa. "It was before we got together. But he just found out. And then he punched me. Now I get to walk around like this. Don't tell Sorel. Or anyone else. Ever. Any of you. And don't mention it to Ila'den either. In case he wants to punch you afterwards, too." The bronzer waves at his waitress for another drink. "I'll be fine."

Wryly, "If you told us that easily, I don't fancy your chances of keeping it quiet." Rhysanna's expression hasn't changed, much, so at least it doesn't seem like she's upset at this particular news; after a moment, though, she frowns. "Wait. Sorel? Kiltara?" She's still standing, and now? Her eyebrows are raising.

Naeda shows the level of sympathy which might be expected. Which is to say, none. She gets the grin that only comes from one who has just heard a particularly juicy bit of gossip. "Oooh. So, are the kids yours, then? We all know about those super potent Shipton swimmers." As tactful as ever. She reaches out for her drink when the waitress passes.

Sundari is speechless for a few moments while she looks at Zi'on, whom she eyes once the news is given. "Really?…" Is questioned with a soft tone. Hearing Naeda her elbow 'accidently' finds it's way into the other girl's arm. "Sorry." Is sent to the other while she smirks a bit.

Zi'on frowns at Rhysanna. "Well now I'm sorry I said anything." The bronzer flop his head into his arms on top of the table. As if that's going to help anything, or make the girls go away. When Naeda insinuates that the kids might be his, he blinks and lifts his head back up enough to look at her. "What? No. Don't be crazy. It wasn't -that- long ago." There's no sorry Zi'ons or Ila'den shouldn't have done thats. Which means they all think he deserved it. So the bronzer is just going to sit there like that until his drink comes.

Rhysanna's drink arrives along with Naeda's, and gets promptly set down upon the table. Now, she aims to give Zi'on a gentle shove so that she can sit next to him, and says, "Well, I'm sorry he hit you. But that's what you get for sleeping with people's little sisters, I think. Especially when they're already with someone. If Sorel finds out… not that any of us are going to tell, are we?" The other two get a meaningful glance.

Naeda gives Sundari a little grin after the elbowing. "No big deal. Hitting the drinks early tonight, huh?" She's on fire. But back to the juicy gossip! Undeterred by the elbowing, she raises her eyebrows and goes on. "Not that long ago? So this was /while/ she was pregnant? Ooh. Or after she had the kids? You said it was a while ago…" She gives Rhysanna a grin. "My lips are sealed."

Sundari watches Zi'on for a few moments, a soft breath escaping her. What to say… What to do. She leans over the table lsightly and gives the bronzer's arm a slight squeeze. "She has a point Zi'on." This said with a soft tone as she agrees with what Rhysanna says it seems. A glance is sent to the others and she shakes her head. "I'm not going to tell anyone." She leans back in her seat and takes a sip from her drink. Hearing Naeda she sputters at the drink and winds up coughing as a result. "Enough Naeda… Don't do that to Zi'on." This said with a faint tone showing she doesn't enjoy the comments she is bring up seeing how Zi'on is already beaten, he doesn't need anyone dumping salt on his wounds.

Zi'on shifts over a bit so Rhysa can take a seat. At least he picks his head up at this. He wraps the arm closest to her around her waist and leans his head on her shoulder. "Mmm. You smell good." He tells her. That's creepy drunk Zi'on for you. He peers at Naeda then. "No, it was not while she was pregnant. It was after the kids were born. But before they had names. And before I got together with Rhysa." His shoulders sink. He leans back to look at Rhysanna. "She encouraged me to pursue you." Some pillow talk for you there! "Let's talk about something else now. Have any of you seen the eggs?" SOmething else! Not Zi'on or his black eye.

Creepy drunk Zi'on doesn't seem to faze Rhysanna too much - or, at least, not enough for her to try and pull away again before he himself leans back. Her glance at Naeda is meaningful, and seems likely to be intended as a repetition of Sunny's warning. "So that's why she reacted so strangely to me," she concludes, sounding amused. More firmly, and with an obvious, yes-let's-change-the-subject forcefulness, she adds, "I got to touch them the other day. I didn't like it much. I think I prefer dragons to eggs."

"If we don't tease him, he'll never learn." Is Naeda's lighthearted response to Sundari. But still, a little bit of remorse sneaks in when she looks at Zi'on's forlorn expression. And so, the wicked candidate's heart grew three sizes that day. She sets down her drink and reaches out to pat Zi'on on the shoulder. "Look, Zi, the worst is over. Kidding aside, none of us are gonna say anything. And Ila'den will forgive you. We've all screwed up and slept with people we shouldn'tve, right?" Well, maybe not all of them, but Naeda likes to make her sweeping assumptions. "Buck up. And come up with a better story about the eye. Say you got hurt while single-handedly fighting half a dozen renegades. Or a mighty feline!" She sips her drink and ponders. "… No, nevermind. The lack of scratches is a problem." Then Zi'on's question sinks in, and she blinks with confusion. "… Of course we've seen the eggs. We're candidates." She gives Rhysanna an envious look. "What? They had a touching? When? Where was I when this happened?" Then, the wheels in her head turn. "Wait, so… this was when we were seeing each other?" She tilts her head. "Why didn't you tell me?" Can't quite get off the topic, it seems. She tried!

Sundari has had to deal with a drunk Zi'on before and she doesn't even react as she watches Zi'on for a few moments. She wants to ask something, push the subject perhaps but keeps what is on her mind to herself as she glances off a moment. "The eggs are innocent… Some of the stuff they show you I can understand how it might make a person feel honestly." She looks to Naeda, a brow lifting and she smirks a moment. "There is times for teasing and not times for such things. Like this moment." She says with a faint tone at the thought of such things. A brow lifts as she hears Naeda and the rider shrugs slightly. "Can't say that I have the excuse to use as I've not done it before." Screwed up and slept with someone she hasn't that is. For a rider she's not really known for bed-jumping so to speak, maybe lack of winning flights, or well lack of finding someone interested at the time. A slight roll of her eyes is seen at the comment of Zi'on saying a feline attacked him. "Perhaps he should just say he ran into something…" Though her comment slip quiet once Naeda is talking to Zi'on about when they two was hooked up. She needs something else to drink at this rate.

Zi'on peers at Rhysanna. "You've met her?" The bronzer, for now, remains drunk but not creepy. Well, maybe still a little creepy considering the age difference and that Rhysa is a candidate. "Heh, be careful what you wish for, Rhysa." Whatever that means in this context. Zi'on gives Naeda an incredulous look. "Well, maybe some of us have." He doubts Sunny or Rhysa fall into the category of having slept with someone they didn't mean to. "That would be amazing… if I had fought off a feline and only ended up with a black eye. And not laying dead in a ditch somewhere half-eaten." He raises a brow as Naeda starts drilling in about when he slept with Kiltara. "Yes. I didn't think to tell you? It was only once." Also, he didn't think he was obligated? His whiskey arrives and he takes to it like rain on the desert. Nope, the subject is not going away.

Naeda. Rhysanna doesn't glower at her, but there's a raised of eyebrows: really? Really? "How much have you already had to drink?" she wonders of Zi'on, dubiously eyeing the glass. "Yes, I've met her. And—" she turns her head to regard the other two all over again. "Ran into something. Or perhaps someone started up a fight club, and the rest of the bruises are under his shirt. But, we don't need to talk about that, do we? Any of this. Maybe the eggs. We're changing the subject."

Naeda just looks at Zi'on with something akin to confusion. "I mean, you knew I wouldn'tve been upset. I just don't understand." Because clearly Naeda is very tactful and discreet and can therefore be trusted with compromising secrets. She shrugs and sips more of her drink, apparently finally willing to let that topic drop. "Fine, fine. The eggs. So when are the rest of us going to get to touch them?"

Sundari shakes her head slightly while she glances to the server, whom is at another table at the moment. "Can I have another fruity one?" Cause she needs something to make her mind stop wandering seeing how she already finshed her drink is record time. She flicks a glance to Naeda and then Rhysanna and smirks a bit finding something amusing before going on with the conversation. "I'm sure the rest of you all will have plenty of time to get to touch them. Has to be a certain time and when the dragonhealers say after all."

Zi'on moves his arm to cover up the few empty glasses next to him. "Not a lot?" He's not falling over or slurring his speech, but that might be coming. "I don't think I need to make up excuses. I can just say 'it's none of your business' and be done with it." Naeda seems insistent about twisting the knife. Probably in retribution for him breaking up with her. He's too cloudy to make a good judgment though, and engages her anyway. "I didn't know I was under orders to let you know about every girl I was sleeping with at the time. I slept with Enka, too, obviously." he ponders. "I think you already know about everyone else." There's a shrug about the eggs. "Generally it depends on the clutchmom. And when she is amenable to it. If there's already been one touching, more are soon to follow." He picks up his drink and sips at it.

Rhysanna bites at her lip, the faintest hint of pink obvious in her cheeks; she's looking at those empty glasses as if deciding how much - or little - she can interfere. Given she says nothing, well… Instead: "Naeda, just stop. Don't respond to that. Both of you. Let's leave that topic behind, okay?" She finally reaches for her own drink, though it's mostly so that she can poke the straw at the insides of it, since she doesn't actually take a drink. "Maybe we should just go and dance, the way we talked about."

Naeda actually gets a touch defensive at Zi'on's reply. "I was just curious! It's not a big deal. Shards." She shakes her head and sighs. "People create so much needless drama…" As if she's one to talk. She's going through her own drink quickly, even if it doesn't actually contain any alcohol. She glances sideways to Rhysanna. "Okay, okay, I'm dropping it." She insists, even if she actually did respond. The suggestion that follows, however, earns a grin. "Now /there's/ a smart idea. This isn't the place to be moping. This is a place to party. Who's up for dancing?"

Sundari sends a glance back to Naeda watching her a few moments and pondering a few things to say it seems. A faint breath escapes her while she leans back in her seat and peers at Zi'on, she is merely watching the bronzer now. "Maybe I'll just stay single if this is the mess that can happen." Not like anyone is knocking on her door to start with. The talk of dancing doesn't spark much interest in the bluerider. "You guys can have fun with that."

Poor Rhysa. Zi'on owes her pretty things and flowers and candy now. When he returns to his senses and realizes all the things he's been saying in front of his new beau… well let's just say he'll be ashamed of himself. Though he does feel sufficiently scolded to let the topic drop. "Sorry. I'm sorry." His shoulders slump again. "I don't know if I feel up to dancing. I think I'm going to sit here and mope and try to drink away my eye." His black eye, he means. Or at least drink until he forgets about it. He lets go of Rhysanna so she can head off to dance. Meanwhile he's making short work of his drink.

By now, Rhysa doesn't especially look like she wants to dance, either, not with the way she's casting glances around at the others, and then especially at Sundari: someone sane! Clearly, however, separating Naeda and Zi'on is at the top of her list of Things That Need to Happen, and so she gives Zi'on's hand a squeeze, and slides back out of the booth. "Don't drink so much you can't get home," she warns the bronzerider. "None of us can carry you. And you'll regret it in the morning. Come on, Naeda." Anywhere but here.

Naeda pouts a little at the reactions of the riders. "… I feel as if you two aren't fully grasping the whole 'party' concept." She's a little reluctant to leave, but Rhysa's prodding succeeds in getting her out of the booth. "… Alright. Try not to get /too/ hammered, Zi. You'll be hurting even worse tomorrow."

Sundari glances after Rhysa and Naeda as the two seem to going to dance. "Hey… I can dance, just don't want to. I've never been good at the party idea." A lie but anyway. Once the two are getting up to dance she looks back to Zi'on curiously for a few moments. A fain tsmirk seen. "I think I've half carried you back before. I bet Irke would help if I needed it." A slight shake of her head is seen and she glances to her drink, which is the new one and is fruity, one of those drinks that you don't taste the booze until later on. "I'm sorry all this happened to you Zi'on." The poor guy can't seem to get a break, at least that is what she's seen. "You want some ice for your eye or something?"

Zi'on pretends to heed the words of the girls. But really all he wants to do is get blackout-drunk. So he'll be paying for it tomorrow regardless. He looks a little hurt as they get up to go dancing. But it was probably for the best. He doesn't respond to Naeda's party comment. That wasn't why he was here. "Sunny will help me home." He says to them. Or some of the others around, surely. Or they'd leave him here, and he'd wake up on the floor in a pool of his own vomit tomorrow. "Eh, it's my own fault… Can't keep it in my pants if I ain't got a good reason to." he shakes his head. "Noo… It's not that swollen anymore. Just ugly." He tips back the rest of his drink, looking more wobbily by the minute. He peers out to try and spot Rhysa and Nae on the dance floor.

Rhysanna would, if she had to, bodily drag Naeda away, so really it's a good thing that she doesn't need to. Even so, she keeps glancing over her shoulder, back at the table, as she leads the way across the floor. In fact, she seems intent on doing that regularly, despite the dancing. "What's your problem?" she wonders of the other girl, sounding irritable.

Naeda is easily led away from the table, casting just one look back at the rider pair. When Rhysanna asks that pointed question, she frowns a little deeper, focus now on her fellow candidate. "I'm just trying to help." She insists. "Zi takes things too seriously. The best thing to do in this situation is to treat the problem like it is: no big deal. Getting all mopey is just going to play into this whole negative headspace he's in."

Sundari shifts in her seat, standing up and moves to settle down in the space next to Zi'on, perhaps to keep him up if he slumps over or somesuch. She lets her fingers tap slightly against her glass, a brow lifting as she hears Zi'on and she smirks a bit. "Well… I won't deny that that is true." This said while she glances to Zi'on. "Though… You let yourself slip into dark places where no one can help you when this stuff happens. You and Ila'den will figure things out, you normally do after all."

Naeda probably has a point. As does Sundari. The bronzer tends to get into his own head and make things out to be much worse than they are. Ila'den wasn't even all that angry at Zi'on. In fact, they'd parted on good terms. Zi'on was just being melodramatic because he felt guilty about everything. Sleeping around, sleeping with Ila's sister while she was with someone else, not telling Naeda, Rhysa having to find out about it, Sunny not getting to dance. All of it. He pouts at Sunny. "I like my dark places… It's where I belong. I'm hideous." It's hard to tell if he's talking about his eye, or just in general.

"I think," says Rhysa, and really, she's not exactly basing this on a lengthy period of observation, "that right now he needs to mope. If he's still at it later? Then he can get hit upside the head. I'll do it myself, even. It just seemed like you were making it worse, not better." There's a note of apology to her voice, and as she finishes, she bites her lip. "Maybe I'm wrong."

Naeda eyes Rhysa for a moment, uncertain. She frowns, planting a hand on her hip. "I've seen quite a few people get drunk and mope to deal with their problems. I can't recall a single time it's ended up helping." She shrugs her shoulders. "You do what you want. But picking a fight with me when we're both trying to help isn't going to make anything better. We're friends, remember? And last I checked, you don't have a lot of candidate friends to spare."

Sundari lifts her hand to lightly lift Zi'on chin up a touch so she can peer at him. "Your not hideous." She seems to be talking about something beside his eye. "No one belongs in such places Zi'on. There not to visit." She goes to her own dark places at times, just not as much as Zi'on seems to visit his own a lot more then she visit's hers.

Zi'on blinks at Sundari as she lifts up his chin. He looks back down at her, then off to the side. He pouts. "You sound like my mom… Fine then. If I can't mope then let's go dancing." He nudges her out of the booth. "Dancing! That's an order, rider!" Yes. He's ordering Sunny to dance. "Harpers!" He shouts. "Play something fun! Drinks all around!" Okay, for sure he is drunk now. Hopefully Sunny gets out of the booth, otherwise he might shove her out accidentally in a hurry to stand up. The bronzer starts pulling people sitting down to their feet in an effort to pack the dance floor, dancing between tables. Or at least wiggling like he thinks he's dancing. He bumps into a few people/things/drinks on the way.

Rhysanna's cheeks darken, abruptly, and her dark gaze slides down to the floor; her embarrassment is obvious and immediate. "I'm not trying to pick a fight," she insists, though there's an apology in her voice, one that gets echoed a moment later with: "Sorry. I just… haven't seen him like this before. And it was uncomfortable. We should—" She doesn't get to finish that. She's just caught sight of Zi'on, as her gaze rises again, and she's just staring. "Okay, now I think that's even worse," she murmurs, beneath her breath, to the other girl.

Naeda looks a touch guilty, perhaps having ended up being just a little harsher towards Rhysanna than she intended. She tries to smooth things over with a smile. "… It's okay. I get it. It's an awkward situation, y'know? I don't think any of us handled it as well as we could." She looks back to the wiggling weyrleader, her frown deepening. "… No, no, that's not good at all." She sighs. "… Well, I'm out of ideas. Well, out of ideas that'd work during candidacy, anyways. Any other suggestions?"

Sundari smirks slightly at that. "Really… Well I suppose that's good to some degree." A soft huff escapes her at being compard to someone's mother. She's not even twenty turns yet for shells shake. Then there is talk of dancing. "I don't think that would be —…" Not that she gets to finsh that comment as she is nudge and then pushed out from the booth with a half squeak esacping her as she scrambles to get up incase she is pulled out onto the dance floor. "Ok ok… Woah now Zi'on. Don't go trip over people… Or things." This said while she attempts to snag hold of Zi'on arm and guide him on out towards the dance floor between tables that are a bit wider distance to hopfully keep people from losing there drinks and so forth.

Zi'on moves to the bar, picking up a fruit drink meant for someone else. Then he is helped over to the dance floor. Apparently the bronzer only has two modes: mopey and crazy. And he seems able to flip flop between the two of them at any moment. Or after enough alcohol. He pulls Sunny over to where Rhysa and Naeda are chatting. "Come on, ladies!" He says, grabbing both of them into his dance by wrapping an arm around each of them. At least when he's not walking around he doesn't look so much like a fish out of water. Hopefully at least -some- people are excited. And everyone isn't just glaring his way. Though there are sure to be a few glares.

Rhysanna doesn't actually get a chance to answer Naeda - except that smile that indicates they're probably okay again - before Zi'on swoops in, and by then? There's probably not much more to say, except to laugh, and say, "Well, that's a change, right there. Sure, we'll dance. It'll be fun." Over her shoulder, she gives Sundari a helpless smile. Is it an improvement? Maybe.

Kyldar comes in, and raises an eyebrow at the partylike atmosphere, and especially at Zi'on sweeping the candidates to the dancefloor. "Good evening, all," she greets the clique cheerily and then turns toward the counter to place an order.

Naeda is a little surprised to be scooped up, not having anticipated just how much Zi'on's attitude would change in such a short period of time. "… Well. Dancing /is/ better than moping." She says with a little smile and a shrug. As long as it's a positive shift, why complain? She tosses a wave Kyldar's way as she whirls towards the dance floor.

Sundari thought she was leading Zi'on! So much for that idea. A half laugh escapes her as she is hauled out towards the others and she sends the bronzer a slight grin. Yes indeed he seems to have an on/off switch for the mopingness which she isn't sure if this is better or not honestly. Either way there all going to get to dance for sure. At the look from Rhysanna a slight shrug is seen. Isn't a candidate, but yes she's in there with the rest of them it would seem. "Hey Kyldar." Is called out towards the other rider.

Zi'on has forgotten about them being candidates. He's just leading a pack of women out to the dance floor. Lots of women. That is the secret to a good party. Once they've made it out, Zi'on undoes his shirt and pulls it off. Then he swings it around a bunch before letting it fly into the crowd. "Wooo!" Rhysanna is then pulled in against the bronzer. And then Naeda pulled in against her (hopefully she does not feel too violated). He wiggles his behind at Sunny. "There's a spot for you, back here!" Or she's free to get in on the Rhysa-sammich going on. The bronzer is too inebriated and distracted to notice Kyldar. Though she is free to join the party with the rest of them. At least he's forgotten about his black eye?

Kyldar receives a fruity drink and takes it over to a table, and leaves it there as she sidles up to Zi'on. "You do have a way with the ladies, don't ya?" she remarks teasingly to the bronzerider. "Having fun, are you?" To all she says, "Anyway hi. To what do we owe this little party?"

Lots of women. Shirt removal. Drunken bronzerider. Rhysanna seems to have decided that arguing is probably a bad idea, or at least ineffective, right now— and so she laughs, and lets herself be pulled in against Zi'on. Nor does she protest Naeda, though she's now beginning to giggle madly. It's that laughter that prevents her from greeting Kyldar, or indeed saying much of anything… but it has turned her cheeks pink, embarrassment and enjoyment all mingled in together.

Naeda is fine with her candidacy being forgotten. Candidacy just gets in the way when it comes to having fun in a place like this. She actually seems pretty encouraged by Zi'on's apparent mood shift. Somehow, she takes this as a success of her unorthodox attempt to cheer up the Weyrleader. She gives Rhysanna a smile that seems to silently say 'See? I was right.' She goes along with the bevy of women heading to the dance floor, eyes going wide at the shirt removal from the Weyrleader. "… This is a topless dance party now? Well, when in Western…" She seems to start unbuttoning her own top. Someone should probably stop her. Or hope she's joking.

Sundari chuckles at the thought of getting in on the dance party behind Zi'on. She looks amused but well the front seems too be all occupid! She slides on over to Zi'on to join in the dance and thanks to this well she doesn't catch on that Naeda is going on trying to take her top off at the moment it seems! "You want to come dance with us Kyldar?" This questioned with a grin as she wave the greenrider over.

What has Naris walked in on? No, really, what is this insanity going on in front of her!? The candidate slinks into the tiki lounge, possibly hoping to escape the barracks for a while or get a non-alcoholic beverage, only to freeze upon seeing… whatever's going on here. Nope. She did not sign up for this. Yet despite the lack of having wanted to talk in on this insanity she doesn't run off just yet. Instead she leans against the wall and silently observes the ongoing. For now. Knowing here there's every chance she'll be running off soon if someone doesn't call her out for whatever reason.

Kyldar grins. "Yeah, do as the Westerners do, right?" she says to Naeda. "I can tell you, Western has and has always had its share of mavericks—and there's hardly ever a dull moment. Granted it's not always a /happy/ moment, not normally dull." Then, to Sundari: "Um." Insert awkward pause here. "Ah, eggshells why not?" With that she joins the chaos. Naris gets a smile and a wave.

Yes, arguing would probably not be very effective right now, Rhysa. It would probably switch Zi'on back to mopey. At least the girls all seem to be having fun. He figures Naeda can handle herself. If she wants to take her top off, well… whatever! It's a weyr after all. It wouldn't be the first person running around topless. Candidate rules still applied, of course. The bronzer's hands hold onto Rhysa's hips in a rather familiar fashion and he leans down so that his face is close to hers. "You still smell good." Unfortunately Rhysa might end up feeling the after effects of a bunch of ladies dancing up on the bronzer and Naeda taking her top off. Zi'on can't see Naris, but one of the other riders in the mix pulls her right onto the dance floor, in a similar fashion that Zi'on was doing earlier. There! Get to dancing!

"Naeda," begins Rhysanna, evidently intending to advocate the benefits of clothing in public places… but she's distracted, Zi'on's hands on her hips, and then she's laughing again. "And you still smell like whiskey," she answers him, turning her face so that she can look at him, smiling. "But luckily, I like the smell of whiskey." She hasn't run away, yet. Besides? This is fun, right? Dancing!

Alas, Naeda seems to take Rhysanna's brief remark in her direction as encouragement of her current form of temporary insanity. She lets out a whoop and strips off her top, whipping it over her head before casting it off the dance floor and continuing her dancing about. It takes a few seconds for the obvious to dawn on her. "… I thought we were all doing that. Did nobody else do it?" She sounds more confused and disappointed than embarassed, really.

Sundari grins as she hears that Kyldar will be joining in the dancing, hip jiving, and whatever else you might want to call it. A soft laugh escapes her, she hears Naeda's name brought up and casts a glance up towards the other girls while leaning against Zi'on slightly. Though during this she catches sight of Naris getting pulled into the mix. Oh this should now be amusing. The flying shirt of Naeda is caught and she smirks while hearing the other girl. "Nope… Just you and Zi'on it seems. Wonder if we can get Naris to take her top off though." Yes she just suggested that.. Oh dear.

A suprised, uncomfortable, and distinctly /offended/ yelp leaves Naris as someone pulls her onto the dance floor. The candidate jumps back and briefly brushes herself off, as if the brief contact managed to make her dirty, before hissing, "I do not recall giving you any reason to think it was alright to touch me." The rider just chuckles at her antics, which proceeds to make her face turn a bit red and further fuel her anger. With a small huff she turns around and slinks away from the one that had pulled her out of her little hiding spot. Maybe she intends to slink off all together. But it that was the plan it has failed miserably as she freezes at the sight of a certain candidate before shaking her head in disapproval. Naris moves to fetch Naeda's flung shirt before approaching the candidate and thrusting it back in her direction. "Naeda," she begins, "I do /not/ think that this type of behavior is appropriate in a public place."

Kyldar looks around and about from her place in the tangle of people, and casts a glance toward the discarded shirt, looking a little uncertain of herself, and with an awkward shrug, just starts dancing. Keep calm and party on. A server approaches with a basket of fried tubers, asking where the greenrider is sitting. She points toward the table with the drink still left on it. "Over there." And so the basket is delivered. Then she lays one hand on Zi'on's shoulder and one on Sundari's and tries to get in step.

Apparently Rhysa's warning goes unheeded, and there goes Naeda's shirt. Wheeeee! Zi'on laughs a bit at Rhysa. "That's good… Hopefully you also like the taste of whiskey." Why? Because he's leaning down to kiss her. Which is probably sort of a rather unnecessary PDA, but drunk Zi'on is finding it hard to control himself. Not exactly a turn on probably, for what is amounting to their second date. When Naeda's shirt goes off, he laughs as well. "I did!" Though he was the first to take off his shirt. So that probably didn't count. If they expect Zi'on to scold her, well, they'll have to yell at him to do it. "Naris, take your shirt off!" He says, echoing Sunny's suggestion. What? It's hot out on the dance floor. People are touching him from all over and he's sort of lost track of who is who. In fact, the bronzer is starting to look a little muddled and sort of stumbles over his own two feet for a moment. "Whoa… Not feeling so good all the sudden…"

Naeda looks a little sheepish when Naris shoves her shirt back at her. "He did it first." She says in her defense, pointing at Zi'on. Probably not the best argument, given that the weyrleader seems to be having some trouble standing upright at the moment. "… Thought we were all doing it." She grumbles, taking back the clothing she had discarded moments prior.

Can a person get drunk on whiskey fumes inhaled via kisses? It's a fair bet that Rhysa's less enthusiastic about that, though at least it distracts her from Naris' shirt-assault on Naeda. Also, the shirtlessness in general. She's just opening her mouth to say something (exactly what is difficult to tell: approving, disapproving, it really could be either despite her earlier attempt) when Zi'on stumbles. Being right there, as she is, it's a little difficult to miss. "Whoa, whoa, whoa," she says, turning, and making a grab for him, glancing around wildly. Little help? "Let's get you sitting down, mm?"

Sundari chuckles softly and shakes her head a moment while casting a glance to Kyldar and grins. "Go for it." Is offered to let the greenrider in. As for Naris, she waves at her slightly. "Don't bother Naeda to hard. She just was following the party theme I suppose." Though Zi'on was the only one to do it so far. She is about to say something else when Zi'on is all stumbling and looking a bit pale. The bluerider makes a grab for Zi'on other arm while shifting closer to him. "Alright alright… I think you danced enough. Someone bring him some water, yeah?" This said while she helps Rhysa drag/help Zi'on to a chair, as for a kiss well she didn't catch sight of it in the least.

Kyldar casts a glance toward Naeda, noting the dolphineers disapproval with an acknoledging nod. To the crowd at large she says, "Um, I have to admit, this is a somewhat more, um, free-spiritied party than is normally my custom anymore. Maybe I'm just getting old." She does not look particularly old. Thiries maybe. To Sundari she says then, "Yeah, I should just have fun, right?" She does pause in both her dancing and any further speech as she notices Zi'on stumbling.

Naris isn't paying much in the way of attention to the Weyrleader's drunken antics with Rhysanna. However, at the call to take her shirt off she does look at him through narrowed eyes. "No," she says in her cool but chipped tone that means business, "I don't think I will." With that her gaze wanders back to Naeda and she finds herself letting out an exasperated sigh. Her voice is slightly pained, probably from what she sees as explaining something she shouldn't have to explain, as she remarked, "Naeda, he's /drunk/. I don't think following the example of a drunken man is exactly the best thing to do. Besides, you're a /candidate/. Candidates are supposed to be celibate and shirtlessness opens the door the non-celibate things." Like, you know, things that shouldn't be touching when you're a candidate touching. To Sundari Naris lets out another sigh and shakes her head, although a bit of a smile /does/ cross her face this time. "I know but… couldn't there be a different theme? Like… like seeing how many layers you can put on without suffering from heat stroke?" She's probably joking. Maybe.

Zi'on is not a lead by example type of person. He's more of a do as I say not as I do type of person. Though Nae is free to blame her shirtlessness on him. He doesn't mind. In fact he'd be encouraging everyone to take off their shirts. If he wasn't feeling nauseous right at this moment. He shakes his head at both Rhysa and Sundari. No water. No sitting down? The bronzer moves toward the exit, moving anyone aside who is in the way. He's at least got enough stamina for that. And then? It's right to the railing of the patio that hangs over the lagoon. And a few moments later all that whiskey is coming back the other way.

Rhysanna abandons her efforts after Zi'on shakes his head, staying where she is to watch him go. It's pretty obvious, surely, what he's going to do; she doesn't watch that. Instead, she turns her head towards Sundari, nose wrinkling, and says, "I suppose that was inevitable. Still gross, though. Better out than in?" She sounds less than sure about that, crossing her arms in front of her, fingers wrapping around her forearms. Now, without the bronzerider to worry about, her gaze slides back towards the others - and to Naeda and Naris in particular - but she still has nothing to add to that conversation.

Kyldar casts a glance toward Naris and frowns just a wee bit. "I don't think any of /that/ is going to happen just now," she remarks, pointing at Zi'on chumming to the fishies and wrinkling her nose. "It looks like the party is nigh finished," she says with a sigh, "or if not the party, then at least the life of the party." She returns to the table, slumps down into a seat, picks up a piece of fried tuber from the basket, frowns at it uncomfortably, and sets it back down. She does, however, take a goodly swig from the fruity drink, looking slightly bemused.

Sundari watches as Zi'on moves off to get sick, at least it is outside! A glance is then sent to Naris watching her a few moments. "Really?…" Is questioned with a faint tone. She is not amused. "You just jump right to that idea when someone takes there shirt off do you? Shells Naris, no one is touching anyone like that you know?" So much for having fun tonight. "I always love it when people jump to the wrong conclusions." She's done for the night, though it was from the puking not Naris's comments. The blueriders moves on owards wher Zi'on is, not looking down mind you. "Hey… You want a hand back home now that you dumped all your drink out?" A nod is sent to Rhys. "Yeah, better out then in after all that for sure." Maybe Zi'on won't feel like his dying fully in the morning now?

Zi'on is sitting on the side of the patio, his arms wrapped over the middle rung of the railing. Every so often he gets up again to hurl. Or at least try to. Nothing is coming out after a while. And so he just sits there looking miserable. At least he doesn't have to deal with whatever is going on inside between Naeda and Naris. Can't everyone just get along? When Sunny addresses him, he just gives her a long groan. "Just push me in and let me drown…" He says to her. Obviously not enjoying this part of the night. Zi'on will for certain feel like he's dying tomorrow.

Hey, don't suggest that Naris has a gutter mind! There are plenty of people that are think about sex all the time and /she/ is not one of them. She just… well what is she supposed to think!? Dancing can least to stuff and shirtlessness can lead to stuff… the conclusion /fits/. That isn't going to stop a hint of redness from crawling up onto her face though. There's a sigh before she says, "I /know/ there isn't any of that going on right now but… still. Shirtlessness isn't something that's meant to happen at restraunts." Naeda talking about how she isn't trying to seduce the candidates gets a /look/. Then there's a teasing tone in her voice as she asks, "but weren't you looking to scope out cute candidates before?" She's just going to ignore the puking and general drunk behavior for now. Yep. That's it Naris, don't get involved.

Naeda takes a look around, blinking a bit. "… This is a /bar/, not a restaurant. I mean, they serve drinks here, but… no, definitely a bar. Or at least a lounge. I wouldn't take my shirt off in a restaurant. I mean, unless…" She pauses a moment at the sound of more retching, then just continues right along ranting and buttoning her shirt once it passes. "Only to like, flirt and make out with. Not actually break any rules, Naris. Y'know, I'm not looking to get kicked out of candidacy. I just wanna have some fun while we're here!" She gives Sundari a grateful and hopeful smile, perhaps thinking that she might get a little backup here. Kyldar gets the same, evidently trying to draw her into this whole debate.

Rhysanna disappears off to the bar for a while; when she comes back, she's got a glass of water in hand, and this she brings over to Zi'on and Sundari, offering it to the bronzerider. "Clean your mouth out," she suggests. "And no drowning. We won't let you. I'd have to jump in after you, and believe me it would be no fun for anyone."

Kyldar nods. "I suppose there's that," she says to Naris. "I for one am not offended, though. Candidates do need to let their hair down a little, though. When you reach the Weyrling phase, that's when life gets really regimented." She pauses, as if unsure of herself. "Look, if you think this is more than a candidate should be doing, then find someone who can do something about it. In all sincerity I can't." Again she picks up a piece of tuber, and this time eats it, followed by another. "And granted, there were established riders participating. I'll take blame for my part, if it's blameworthy. But in the final analysis, just let it be. It seems to have come to an all too abrupt end." She gets up, picking up her drink, and moves toward Zi'on. "Hey, Weyrleader, hang in. If you die so sharding help me I'll kill you."

Sundari shakes her head sightly while she moves to try and take hold of Zi'on arm slightly. "Come on then… I'm going to get you home I htink." Or at least as close to it as possible. A glance is sent back towards Naris and Naeda, a brow lifting as she watches. "Enough… Stop the converation and go about doing something else. No more dancing, alright?" This sent to Naris with a slight look at her.

Zi'on takes the glass of water offered to him. He does as he's told, taking a sip and rinsing his mouth out a few times. "Okay…" He says a little pathetically. Once his mouth is cleaned out, he sips at the water, very slowly. Maybe some of it will stay down? "What's going on in there?" He asks. He can hear some people yelling from outside. He looks up at Rhysa then. "Will you walk me home? I promise I won't get sick again." Though it's a bad promise, as he might not be able to keep it. He looks at Sunny then. "Can you look after the others?" And break up the impending cat fight.

It's when Zi'on mentions whatever it is that's going on that Rhysanna actually turns her head to look; she sighs, rolling her eyes. "Nothing fun, that's for sure. So much for that," she answers. "Yes, I'll walk you home. I won't even hold you to that promise, as long as you do your absolute very best not to throw up on me. Do you think you can stand?"

Naeda finishes her argument with Naris and finishes buttoning up her shirt. Now is probably a good time to exit the dance floor, so she does so. She takes a glance out at the sickly Weyrleader and those attending to him, but decides against going to join them. Instead, she makes her way towards the bluerider and greenrider. "… Thanks for sticking up for me." She says with a brief little smile to Sundari. Kyldar's fried tubers are eyed. "… I was going to ask if I could have some of those, but I've suddenly lost my appetite." She glances in the direction of the vomit and wrinkles her nose.

Kyldar follows Zi'on back in, and settles herself back at her table. "Hey, like I said, it ended badly anyway," she says to Naeda. She looks at the basket and nods. "Yeah," she yeahs. To Zi'on: "You get yourself home. Get your strength back. Or at least get your usual exuberant self back." She gives a wave toward those who are departing and sips lightly at her drink. "Ah, well. Like I said, not always a happy moment, but hardly ever a dull moment."

Sundari glances betwen Zi'on and Rhys before nodding at the talk of her staying back to make sure all is well here. "Sure I can hang back and keep an eye on everything here. Just… Get some rest Zi'on." She offers with a glance to him and then Rhys before she is looking back at the others to make sure they area ll settled and nothing is turning into a fight. WHich it seems all is well!

Zi'on nods to Rhysanna. "I swear I will not throw up on you." He holds his hand up in affirmation. Then he grabs hold of the railing, and hoists himself to his feet. There's a moment or two when it looks like he might go topping over the railing, but he somehow manages to stay on his feet. He wraps an arm around Rhysa's shoulders, and holds onto his glass of water with the other hand. "Bye, Sunny! Everyone!" He turns back to Rhysanna then, a smile plastered on his plastered face.

Rhysanna sucks in a long, deep breath (of air that has not come from anywhere near Zi'on, mind), and then turns her head so that she can return that smile, somewhat ruefully. "Well, then," she says, gesturing with her free hand. "Let's get you out of here." Her expression shifts only as she glances back at the others, still within the bar: she does not look thrilled. Resigned and determined, yes. Thrilled? Not so much. "'night," she calls, as she takes her first step forward, pulling Zi'on with her.

"Have fun!" Naeda calls out chipperly to those escorting the drunken weyrleader away from the lounge. She gives Kyldar another little smile before settling back into her previously abandoned seat to finish the remains of her sadly non-alcoholic fruit juice.

Kyldar nods in agreement with Sundari. "Get some rest," she urges the Weyrleader. To those remaining: "I probably should have stayed up in my weyr myself, truth told. I had just come back with the children from the big turnover gather at Keroon. At least that was fun."

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