First Thing In The Morning

Western Weyr - Candidate Dorm
Carved from a natural bubble in the volcanic stone, this small dorm room has room enough to hold around two dozen occupants comfortably. Along the walls are stationed sets of cots and clothes presses, each made up to the standards of the weyrwoman. Above, the soft white light from electric lamps cast down during waking hours.

Morning has come to the candidate barracks. Naeda, still on her schedule from her time as a dolphincrafter, is among the first to wake and rise. Not that she seems happy about it. She frowns, combs fingers through messy morning hair, and throws on thin blue robe so that she can crawl out of her cot and peek at the chore board. As soon as she does, she frowns even worse. This will not do. But, immediately, the wheels begin to turn. She forces a chipper smile, and moves towards the cots of the unsuspecting Rhysanna and Sorel. "Ooooh Rhys. Sorel. Wakey wakey." She says with fake singsong cheer.

Rhysanna is the kind of person who doesn't do mornings all that well, let's be honest. Her head is still firmly on her pillow, and her covers pulled up almost over her head to protect her from any outside influences. Naeda's cheer elicits a groan, suggesting that she's not wholly asleep; a moment later, she proves that by picking up her pillow and pulling it over her head to block out the noise. Nope. It is not morning yet. It just isn't.

Sorel is a morning person, but not necessarily a /happy/ morning person. He was awake, but lying in bed staring at the roof. Oh so exciting. As Naeda creeps over, with a smile that makes Sorel want to.. do something not so nice to her. Because hey, no one should be /that/ happy in the morning, it makes him a tad sick. His gray gaze flickers to Naeda though and he fixes her with a very clear 'leave me alone' stare. Grr. "People shouldn't be allowed to smile in the mornings." He hisses at her and rolls over to give his back to her.

Naeda's smile disappears into a pout when Rhysanna puts her pillow over her face. "C'mon, rise and shine…" But Sorel is actually speaking to her. That makes him a far more promising target. So she musters another fake smile and circles his cot, attempting to thwart his rolling over. "Heeey, Sorel." She crouches at the side of his cot. "Wanna trade chores today? It'll be fun." She asks, hoping to take advantage of his just-awake confusion.

"Noooooooo," says Rhysanna into the mattress of her bed. It's really hard to tell whether she's awake enough to register that Naeda has moved on to easier prey; in any case, she doesn't make another move. Yet.

Sorel's eyes seem stuck in that glarey way. He seems to wear scowls often, and the mornings are even worse because he's not used to sleeping in barracks again after being used to having his own place. Plus the cot is /cold/ and not nice at all. "What's your chore for the day?" Is asked as his voice hitches in pitch and a brow is arched. Why does he have a feeling he's not going to like the answer. He does glance at Rhysa's cot and for a few moments he debates throwing a leg out and kicking the thing over. Thankfully she's saved from that.

"Hey, Rhysa." Naeda calls over, smiling. "Do you not want to trade chores today?" Perhaps she's just hoping the sleepy dazed Rhysanna will answer any question with 'no'. But she keeps focused on Sorel. He seems like the easiest target. She smiles as charmingly as she can manage this early in the morning, idly tugging at her robe. "Oh, it doesn't matter." She says, cagily. "Trading chores is fun! Y'know. Mystery, excitement. Just say yes." This is totally not suspicious.

Early morning Rhysa is not quite that obliging. Instead, she's rather free with her expletives, employing a couple of them (muffled beneath the pillow, of course) before finishing with, "Off." She may have just told Naeda exactly where she can go… and it's not a fun place. Her head remains firmly hidden, except for some tendrils of dark hair that peek out the bottom - and then, of course, there are her hands, clinging tight to the pillow to keep it in place.

"You're not gunna sucker me into something without at least telling me what I'm getting myself into." Sorel tries not to snort at her, but it's really, really hard. "Do you think me daft? Or just an easy target 'cause we're all half asleep right now?" Rhysa and her language does get a bit of a smirk out of him though. A woman after his own heart it seems, 'cause boy, he is sailor in every regard, his mouth very much so embodying 'mouth of a sailor' saying.

Naeda pouts again when her rather simple attempt to trick Rhysanna fails to achieve anything. It's the best she can come up with this early in the morning. Now, the pout is turned on Sorel. "Oh, it's nothing bad, just… helping with the elder care." She says that quickly, trying to move past it. Now she pouts in earnest, kneeling down at the side of Sorel's cot and giving him the puppydog eye look. And adjusting her robe to give herself as much cleavage as possible, just in case. "Pleaaaase?"

Despite the lack of verbal reaction she's getting, Naeda and Sorel are close enough to Rhysanna's cot that it's pretty obvious she's not going to be getting back to sleep. Abruptly, she rolls over, tossing the pillow to the foot of the bed, and sitting up. She sleeps relatively clothed, and she's also one of those girls who manages to look relatively good even first thing in the morning. "Will you shut up, Naeda? Some of us are still trying to sleep."

Sorel lets out a bit of a groan before he pushes out of bed to wander over to the chore bored. He squints, rubs at his eyes, and squints again. "You want to be errand bitch?" The incredulity in his voice hitches the tone before attention sways back to Rhysanna when she finally snaps. "Oh, the joys of living in the barracks." His lips twist into a smartass smirk, "Xanadu was nice 'cause they let us mostly sleep wherever til the eggs were a bit harder, ya know? Made sleeping much easier when you don't have some random candidate who has a terrible snoring problem. Or you know, those damn early risers." Queue him looking back at Naeda and blinking at her. That's right. That's you Naeda!

"Would you rather get woken up by me, or a weyrlingmaster who will give you extra chores for sleeping in late?" Naeda responds testily towards the relatively clothed Rhysanna. She sticks out her tongue in a display of immaturity before looking back at Sorel. "I'll take errands over giving some old guy a sponge bath. C'mon. Trade me. You know you wanna."

"I slept in dorms before, too," says Rhysanna, grumpily. "But we all did our own thing there. There was none of this… sharing." She gives Naeda an unhappy glance, tossing her hair over her shoulder as she insists, "I would've been up in time. I could've had at least a few more minutes, if it weren't for you." Still waking up, she's a little slow to get her head around the conversation, but she's getting there. "What am I down for?"

Sorel flicks his tongue across his lips, thoughtful for a moment or two before he shrugs, "Sure, why not. I'm not a big fan of being ordered around like an apprentice again anyway. I'll go sponge your old people, Naeda. But just remember, you owe me one." Because Sorel is such a nice guy that way, he's not gunna do it for free. "Cleaning Duty." He offers to Rhys, "Lucky, you got an easy one. Can basically space out all day."

Naeda grins with as much glee as she can muster at this hour. "Yay! Thank you, Sorel." Groveling done, she gets back to her feet and dusts off her robe, glancing back at Rhysanna. "Yeah, that's definitely one of the better ones." She sighs. "I miss lookout duty. When am I getting that again?"

Rhysanna seems pleased enough with the cleaning, and admits, "I like having the time for my thoughts. Plus, it's usually just dust, and that's easy enough to clean off afterwards with a long, long soak." Good news has apparently brightened her morning, because now she's pushing back the covers and stretching; her beauty sleep is forgotten. "You should've said you'd think about candidacy, and kept to your old duties for as long as possible."

Sorel gets used and then Naeda moves right on. For some reason he laughs, because once she got a yes out of him she just zipped on away. "You're welcome.. I think. I'll get back to if you're welcome after the chore is completed." He reaches up to give his head a scratch before his attention is back on Rhysanna and then he's making a throaty 'Meh' sound. "The craft isn't too pleased with me anyway, pretty much have an apprentice telling me the rules and regs after the whole thing with Ila. So it's probably better I'm a candidate anyway. Gives me more of a variety of chores I guess."

"Probably." Is Naeda's response to Rhysanna, evidently taking that as advice for her. "And yet, you ended up here, same as the rest of us." She grins as she skips on over to her cot, gathering up clothes. "Well, time for breakfast and a bath before chores. Toodles!" And she's off, quite pleased with herself.

"I can see why you said yes, then," teases Rhysanna, reaching for the hairbrush sitting on her press. "I wasn't doing anything important enough that putting it off seemed useful," she adds, though even as she says it, she's frowning. Perhaps that's not quite the truth. Naeda's departure gets a lifted brow, and then a roll of her eyes. "She has far too much energy for this time of the morning."

Sorel shakes his head, reaching up to push a clump of unruly hair out of his pale eyes. "Well, it was more because the dragon who asked seem very excited about me being her first search. So I didn't really have the heart to tell her no." Is admitted with a forced smile that quickly is fading from his face, "I didn't really want to stand at all. I figured I'd tell them later, when the little dragon wasn't around. But then Kit wouldn't let me say no. She thinks I'd make a good rider or something. I dunno. I.. I just.." And then he's reaching into his pocket and pulling out this little wooden box. "I had other plans." He admits, his face brightening for a moment before once again it fades, and he looks rather crestfallen.

Rhysanna listens, her smile abruptly fading over the course of Sorel's recitation. Her eyes, by the end, have gotten wide. "You were going to marry her," she says, sounding— not incredulous, but certainly surprised. And a little… hesitant, somehow. "I'm sorry. Hopefully… if you don't Impress, you can walk straight off the sands and do it," she says, a little hastily. "And even if you do, well, there's no reason you can't offer something similar. I know riders don't marry, but… Something."

Sorel laughs shakily at Rhysanna's reaction, tilting his head so that the hair he just pushed back falls back into his face, obscuring his full facial expression. "Mmm. I mean, I was thinking about asking her. But I know she's young. So I think that's why I was kinda waiting." He opens the box, poking at the simple little ring in it before snapping it back closed and shifting around to shove it back into his pocket. "I knew the moment I met her, no matter how wrong it was, that she was special, and that I loved her. I don't think that's ever changed, even after what.. happened." His face pinches as rage dance in his eyes and his brows furrow as he nearly snarls that last word. "Yah, I dunno. I mean, it doesn't matter. I'll eventually get to ask, right? Weyrmating isn't the same though. Riders aren't.. they can't be.. you know?"

"She is young," agrees Rhysanna, cautiously. She's watching Sorel very closely, now, and though she's pulled a smile back into place, it lacks the more frequently found brilliance. Still, it is early, and she really isn't a morning person. "What… happened?" she asks, finally. And, "I know." She pauses in her hair brushing, glancing down at the brush as if inspecting it for the quantity of shed hair— and then hurriedly returns to the brushing. "It's not the same, and it can't be the same. But if you just don't count flights… I don't know. Maybe."

Sorel bobs his head at her first comment before his eyes lift and he's seeking Rhysa's, looking confused a moment before he shakes his head. "That.. is not my story to tell I'm afraid. I don't know if she'll ever fully tell anyone what happened. But I will say this now, if I ever.. meet the men who did what they did for a second time. I will kill them." His voice is level and even, very cool the way it's said, as if taking someone's life would be nothing. But only their lives. Only they deserve to die. But he awkwards out a bit, and forces a quick burst of laughter afterwards, as if that would soften what he said magically somehow. "Still, seems kinda hard on the non-rider, to just pretend that hey, the person they're in love with just screwed someone else. Ya know? Even if they might not be in complete control, how do you get that image out of your mind?"

Rhysanna's mouth opens - really, her jaw drops - and she seems… genuinely discomforted for a long time, despite his laughter. Or perhaps even partially because of it. Her teeth come to rest upon her lower lip as, watching Sorel closely, she considers the rest of what she's got to say. Her exhale, when it comes, is lengthy. Her, "I believe you," is quiet, despite obvious trepidation. No doubt it makes the rest of her answer more serious than it might otherwise be: "I don't suppose you do. I mean… it's easy to understand something like that on a logical level, but on an emotional? But people do it. They manage."

Sorel glances up at Rhys when she goes silent and that mouth of hers pops open and he's sighing, reaching up to pinch his temples between his thumb and middle finger. "I'm sorry. That.. that probably sounded really bad. I mean, that's not to say I am not serious. Because I am, but, they deserve it. I'd never hurt anyone who didn't deserve it." Unless your name is Ila'den, but even then, he does deserve all that he got, including a knife to the gut. But he's shaking his head at her again before pushing of his cot and running his hand down his body to unwrinkled his very slept in clothes. "Yah. I just don't think I could live with myself, if I was that person who slept around. Regardless if I'm in control or not. I'm not like that. I couldn't.. bear to do that to someone I cared about." Lucky Rhys, she gets a little peek into the inner mind of Sorel. He flashes an almost shy grin at her and looks down at the floor. "Sorry if I scared you. I guess I'll uh.. go see if the old folks are up I guess. Get a jump on that fun chore." He already knows he's gunna regret that trade with Naeda. Maybe he can just look at them as more wrinkly babies? Maybe..

Rhysanna shakes her head quickly, as if to reassure, or to utterly dismiss any indication that she's bothered or upset; she even smiles, though it's a tentative thing, and doesn't last very long - though it does reprise after that grin. "Don't be sorry," she says. "It sounds like something you hold very close to you, and… I suppose I can't blame you for it, or anything. It's…" She stops herself, and shakes her head again. "I couldn't do it either. Cheat, I mean. It's one thing if you've talked about it in advance, if it's part of your arrangement. But…" For a moment, she looks deeply and genuinely bothered. "I should get myself up and dressed, too. Those surfaces don't clean themselves. Have a good day, Sorel. And please - don't worry about it. I was only surprised."

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