Fresh Scent (Leeta is Searched)

Half Moon Bay Weyr - Laundry Room

The laundry rooms has for a long time been the primary source of weyr gossip and stories. Many aunties hustle and bustle about the place, taking care of the weyr's steady supply of laundry. The room itself is large and has been divided into two halves. The main half is for actual washing and drying of clothes. The other half is for mending, sewing, sorting and folding.

Late afternoon is accompanied by an enjoyable spring breeze in Half Moon, but…not everybody gets to enjoy the fresh air right now. There are /chores/ to be done and dozens of loads of laundry to finish off. Of course, laundry is /not/ a part of Suyi's new duties as AWLM but…she's here anyways and perhaps the reason is soon to be quite clear. The dark skinned woman arrives to the caverns, her steps graceful though her appearance…not so much. Her thick curly locks have been tied up in a bun behind her head and she sports a fairly normal pair of shorts along with a v-neck. The problem arises with what's /on/ her clothes though. Splotches of mud and clay are all over her. In fact, she looks a bit like a mud monster underneath it all. Frankly she should be at the hot springs right now, but /nope/ she is here and she has a bottle of alcohol in one hand because why not!

If Teinon is bothered by not being out in the spring breeze, he's not advertising the fact. Then again, in the few days since he's arrived to the weyr, he's been doing his best to keep his head down and avoid attracting /too/ much attention. Which isn't to say he isn't willing to work hard. He might not know what to do with a box of soap or a washing machine, but that hasn't stopped whoever's in charge from putting him to work picking up and hauling giant baskets of laundry. When Suyi arrives, he's doing just that, arms full with a basket of still-damp laundry to haul it toward the drying area. Pern probably has electric dryers now, right? Whatever the case, he sets the basket down and starts back for the next. He notices Suyi in passing, taking in the mud, clay, and bottle of alcohol with a quick, curious glance… And then he ducks his head and keeps walking, because he has /laundry/ to move, people.

Maybe Suyi and Aishen fell into the same mud-hole, because the Candidate doesn't appear too long after the weyrlingmaster, arms filled with a small wicker basket containing what looks to be a few scraps of fabric marinating half a field's worth of soil and muck, matching samples splattering russet hair and beard. His expression is one of general disgruntlement, and the soft mutters rumbling up from his broad chest speak of words best left unuttered in a lady's - or anyone's - hearing. Azure gaze flickers over Suyi, take in Teinon at work, and he grunts eloquently. "That," he rumbles, nudging his bearded chin towards the bluerider's bottle, "is simply not fair."

It's a well known fact that it's more convenient to change your clothes right in front of the washing facilities so you're not dragging it all the way there and dropping unmentionables all over the place. Unfortunately for Suriya - who's chore was definitely Fish and Game today - that made her a target to get added to the roster and here she is dragging a load in of her own. Thankfully she has on a pair of shorts and a clean undershirt but her hair and skin are smelling rather fishy. "Can't we just toss a bunch of soap into the hotsprings and just let the general populace have at it?" Suriya might be a little salty at the moment… and fishy. Definitely fishy.

"I live to torture," Suyi replies with a smile dripping with saccharine sweetness thrown in Aishen's direction. She doesn't take a sip quite yet though, instead choosing to move over and lean on one of the washing machines. Her dark eyes eventually move from Aishen towards Teinon and her head tilts slightly to the side. A moment's thought later she's bringing to fingers to her lips and letting out a loud whistle in an effort to grab his attention, "If you have a second, could you bring over an empty basket? And maybe one with clean clothes too." Because what else are candidates for! She may or may not intend to just steal some poor soul's clothing. Eventually Suriya's arrival and comments reach her ears and the assistant weyrlingmaster can't help but let out a bright laugh, "Pern's largest bubble bath…that does sound efficient."

Teinon might be watching that interchange between Suyi and Aishen out of the corner of his eye… At least closely enough that he jumps a little at the sudden whistle. He blinks at her, owlishly, but then shrugs a little and goes to fulfill her request. He gets the clean clothes first, picking a basket entirely at random. He stacks that basket with an empty one, then carries the whole caboodle over to set at Suyi's feet. She gets a bit of an odd, slightly confused look from him. He definitely did not guess that she was planning to steal clothes. So who knows what's in that basket he brought her. Too bad, he's off to continue work… but he does muster a sympathetic little smile for his fellow candidates and their apparent ill fortune.

"I'll bet you were an apprentice master in a former life," comes Aishen's sour reply, his bright gaze marking the bluerider briefly before he turns his attention on his fellow Candidate…s. Suriya is eyed thoughtfully, even as the once-journeyman moves to add his burden to the pile of dirty clothes that has been collecting for the pleasure of those hapless souls who drew the short stick. Like Teinon! "I'm almost afraid to go in the springs like this. Probably gunk up the place. I was thinking a dip in the lagoon first, myself. Brine washes off better'n mud." He grimmaces down at his begrimed clothing, dusting his hands against the tattered cut-offs currently clinging to his hips - and displaying thick, hairy calves for all to enjoy. "Ugh. Who thought plants'd be so damn dirty?"

"Just think about it! Everyone can wash their own clothes and get a bath all in at the same time. Hot springs replenishes itself so there's not gonna be a ring around a tub to scrub later on. Headwoman should get on that, would be economical." And the largest case of shrunk clothing with a long list of injuries for the healers to deal with but those are just the tiny details. Suriya drops her load and reaches up to gather her hair back up into a messy runner tail, keeping the grossness out of her mouth. As she pulls her hands down, jade eyes examine her fingertips and she sighs with a frown. After a quick glance, the load of clothes Aishen once had possession of is now the proud owner of a wiggly aquatic entrail. "Plants are out to get you, it's true. They release toxins in the air if they know you're coming." It has to be true, traders said so and they're everywhere.

Suyi immediately crouches down to begin rifling through the clean basket of clothes, "Perfect, thank youuuuuu….." Her word becomes drawn out as she looks up to see Teinon is already heading off again, which seems to earn a bit of a raised eyebrow. "Is he that much of a lone wolf?" She's asking this to the other candidates but makes sure it's /plenty/ loud enough that Teinon could hear her. Continued rifling later she comes up with a very plain shirt that's a few sizes too big and some loose fitting capris. Loot in hand she finally straightens up and lest out a quiet chuckle as she does so, "Apprentices were the bane of my existence." Which…makes little sense given her current occupation. Chatter will cease for a moment as she turns around and proceeds to wiggle out of her dirty clothes and into the clean ones. "By air toxins do you mean…fragrance?" Because she's thinking of flowers.

See Teinon's face? That is the definition of incredulity. First at Suyi, for accusing him of being a 'lone wolf.' Then Aishen, for his apparent surprise at the idea that plants = dirt. Finally, Suriya and her toxin-spraying plant theory earns an actually audible snort of amusement. Then, suddenly, he remembers that he's supposed to be working. He grabs the nearest basket of laundry and starts for the nearest washing machine.

"Not sure I'd want to be marinating anywhere near that," Aishen remarks, eyeing the growing pile of laundry, which now seems to include not only his mud-coated clothes, but Suriya's fish-and-entrail gunked set as well. What's next? The butchers? Wait. Don't answer that. As Suyi begins to change, he clears his throat and politely glances away, letting his gaze rest on Teinon. "Dunno. Ain't met him - or really, anyone. Seems we're all out at chores or asleep most of the time." Snorting, he casts a glance towards the female Candidate, expression slightly baffled. "Don't know about toxins - although the bulk of my experience with plants is turning them into more intoxicating substances, not… making them grow." Or die, if the Weyr's particularly unlucky and his thumb is as black as the dirt he's been grubbing in.

"That's just plants trying to lure you into a false sense of security. I know there has to be a master plant somewhere in the jungles. Something big enough to eat a man!" Said with conviction, naturally, and Suri's eyes did shamelessly follow Teinon as he was on his way. "I think he's just playing hard to get. Just look at the way he works at the mashine. So adorable, I could almost eat him." Suriya even goes as far to stare at the man thoughtfully, fingertips tapping on her lip. "Or shove him in. Kidding!" Not on the eating him part, definitely not kidding. Maybe. What's this? Something gets her attention, something that brings out the predatory look in her eyes and the gleeful smile that can only be called sinister. She wriggles her fingers dramatically, even making long tip-toeing strides to the dirty pile before retrieving what she had her sights on. "Oh, I can totally picture the Weyrleader wearing this." What's this? Just some poor unfortunate souls teal furry… thing. There's straps, so it has to be a clothing item of some kind. Right? Right. Aishen is given a quick once over and Suri frowns, "The color wouldn't work for you, though."

"Well, that's not any fun is it?" Suyi sighs for a moment before bringing her fingers up to whistle again and beckon Teinon over, "If you all are going to be stuck with each other you should probably get to know each other." Because everyone's favorite thing is forced team building activities, right? RIGHT? She might not have anything particular in mind yet, but surely something will come to her…and the alcohol helps her think. Or so she'll claim. The bottle in her hand is brought to her lips for a quick sip before looking /quite/ intrigued with what Aishen has to say about plants. "Remind me to ask you about that again later." She leans back against one of the machines, her skin still muddy though her clothes are clean now, and /just/ in time to fully feast her eyes on the fuzzy teal…/thing/. It seems the AWLM can't quite help herself because there's a bit of laughter followed by a quiet coughing fit. "That should be my next song…Z'tan in…well, whatever those are."

Teinon is very carefully /not/ looking at Suriya. Or Aishen. Or any of them. He just dumps the laundry into the machine. By the time Suyi whistles at him again, he's still staring at the machine with a vaguely confounded expression, which turns to an only momentary flash of annoyance when he looks up. He covers it with a glance away and a bite of his lip, but he can't exactly pretend he didn't hear it. So, with a little sigh, he leaves the machine loaded but not started, and returns to the Candidate-AWLM group. His nose just wrinkles in an expression of utter confusion at the teal furry thing.

"Not my color, not my fabric, not my style." Ignore the furry legs - Aishen's only showing those off because he, like so many Candidates, arrived in the clothes on his back and maybe a set to spare. "I'm more of a plaid man, myself." And maybe suspenders and a br- nevermind. Sharp gaze studies both women in turn, and he prudently backs up a few steps, closer to Teinon and the solidarity of testosterone. Or something. "Don't forget to ask me about that later," he offers helpfully to Suyi - no, he's not smiling behind that neatly trimmed beard of his. Not at all. Even a little. Really. But - sigh. He'll bite. "Fine. I'm Aishen - Ash, if you're feeling lazy, once a journeyman vintner, now trapped on this island with the lot of you." Don't vote him off - he's good for carrying things. Really.

"That frustrated at having to interact? I honestly don't know how you're going to survive until the hatching then." Suyi doesn't seem phased by the annoyance really, but there's a critical eye that looks Teinon up and down for a moment as the harper turned AWLM attempts to size him up - personality wise! Thankfully attention shifts at Aishen's introduction and she holds out an unfortunately muddy hand in the candidate's direction, "Suyi…you'll probably be seeing more of me around, and Zychaelth." At this point she fully expects Suriya to introduce herself next, but it seems that the woman is quite busy gawking at what seems to be a mustard yellow and chartreuse striped mums. They should just be glad Suriya hasn't plucked up the unfortunate undergarments in matching colors. Which of course….leaves Teinon. He wants all this attention, right?

Teinon offers something approaching a smile when Aishen introduces himself. Or as close to a smile as can happen underneath the layer of anxiety that seems to be distracting him. He fidgets with his sleeves a little, looks toward Suriya, waiting for her to introduce herself… But then he realizes that all the attention is on him, and his face goes a bit red. Reluctantly, he reaches into a pocket. Out comes a scrap of paper, then a pencil is pulled from his other pocket. He stands there for a brief moment, awkwardly scribbling. He offers the note to Suyi with a painfully apologetic smile. Written there in (mostly) legible script: "Teinon. I was a herder from Xanadu."

Ooh, drawing! It's drawing, right? Suri has a few drawings of her own but she had to hide those because they apparently aren't appropriate for Candidacy or some other excuse the aunties come up with. The young woman glances over from her treasure hunt, sporting a puffy pair of lacy boxers (they're really a thing!) on her head and she offers with a bow, "I'm Suriya, Quality Control tester of stranger danger here in Half Moon. Originally from around the Minercraft area. Dad was boring and liked it that way." Frown.

Thumb rasping softly against rough hair, Aishen rubs at his chin, narrowed gaze dividing between Suyi and Teinon as she singles out the poor, reticent Candidate. "Don't remember being told there'd be campfire sing-alongs when I signed up for this," he drawls thoughtfully at Suyi, "although I suppose, bein' the awfully personable and sociable man that I am, it's possible that the… lady… that kidna- ah- recruited me skipped over that part. Don't bedevil the poor man, rider. He's just tryna make this place a little less fishy, as ordered." As Teinon responds through writing rather than vocalizations, however, his brow furrows and he studies the other Candidate keenly. Then - "Hey, mining isn't boring."

"Well met then Teinon," Suyi pronounces it Tay-none, though she hasn't a clue whether that's how to say it or note. "What's with the notes though?" She'll offer the piece of paper back to him, but if he doesn't take it quick enough she's going to attempt to fold it into some origami critter. She holds it out for pretty long though because there's an incredulous laugh at Suriya's introduction. "Stranger danger? How do you quality control stranger danger here?" Because it's honestly quite an amusing and interesting concept…that and Zeek is very KEEN to know and possibly join in on this. As for the campfire sing-a-longs, "How else do you think I coerce candidates into making me s'mores? Campfire sing-a-longs are a must."

It's later afternoon at Half Moon and while some are out enjoying the Weyr a small gathering of candidates and one harper turned AWLM are currently in the laundry room.

Teinon doesn't make any effort to correct the pronunciation of his name, but he /does/ pluck that paper from Suyi's hand before it can be made into origami. He starts to erase it… but then thinks better of it. Instead, he folds it carefully in half, then tucks it into a chest pocket. He just gives a shrug and an apologetic smile in answer to the question about the notes, then pointedly turns his attention to Aishen and Suri, counting on the other candidates to provide an appropriate distraction.

And why would someone like Leeta need the laundry room, given she's not even a Weyr resident? The sodden, alcohol-smelling front of her nice shirt is likely the cause. The nose-wrinkled, slightly sour faced woman enters this large place with quick, light boot steps, looking around quickly for someone who might help her. Green eyes spot the small group gathered around, and — not seeing a laundry room person — she heads for the hopefully next best thing: the woman with the Weyrlingmaster-type cords. After a brisk but polite nod to the gaggle of Candidates, the Blue Fire Hold chief of gas field security waits for a lull in conversation before addressing Suyi in her level, light alto. "Pardon me, weyrlingmaster, but where can I find someone to help me with this sharding stain?" Looks like red wine on a pale beige tank top of sisal. Ugh.

"Mining is definitely boring. I grew up hearing nothing but boring mining with boring rocks and soot and stinky gas. Don't get me wrong, I like wandering in some caves but I intend to be the monster in them and if I can't fight hand to hand with some beastie or man-eating plant, I'm not interested." Life is dangerous, take it by the…er.. stuff or something! Teinon isn't safe now that Suri is definitely convinced he's a man of mystery. Def playing hard to get! Hard to listen to, too. Was there words spoken? She reaches up to scratch at the lace on her forehead before simply tugging the boxers off and tossing them aside. There's other treasures to find! "Can we just skip the songs and go straight to fire and s'mores?" Asking the real questions. Leeta is ignored at the moment, because she just has a wine stain. Fish entrails would've been more intriguing.

"Probably by making certain to match exactly the right stranger with the right kidnapee. Shame you weren't around earlier," Aishen remarks deadpan to Suriya. "You might have saved me a bottle of beer by finding me a rider who wouldn't add insult to injury by stealing first, then kidnapping." To Suyi, a snort, and he folds thick arms across equally thick chest, shaking his head slowly. "Ain't you people ever heard of asking? Coercing. Seducing. Bribing. A simple 'would you be so kind' could suffice, you know." Quick, Teinon, now's your chance. And look, more distraction. Leeta's entrance earns a glance, along with a faint hint of a sympathetic smile behind his beard. "Use a base," he recommends. "Peroxide, or baking soda, most likely." What? He's a vintner. "Nothing is boring if you bother to look beyond the surface. My father and sister are miners, and they've some fascinating stories - and finds - in the mines. But I like sparklies," he murmurs, a secret laugh lighting his eyes.

A shrug as explanation? That earns a distinct frown from Suyi. "You…just don't like talking?" Because that's exactly what she's assuming right now. But it seems she won't push the matter any farther, not unless she gets another written message. Instead the dark skinned woman's gaze is caught by Leeta's arrival. "Stain?" Suyi looks up at the somewhat familiar woman, they were candidates together once long ago (though they didn't talk much!) and lifts her eyebrows. "Uh…you can throw it in the pile of laundry?" She motions to the pile of dirty clothes with a slight shrug, because she really doesn't have a better answer than that. "Of course we can't ignore the songs, that's my /typical/ livelihood. Now that doesn't mean we have to be harping on about peace and love…we can sing about far better things." What does she mean by that? Well, they'll just have to find out later. And as for just /asking/ nicely? "That wouldn't be very much fun would it?"

Blink. Leeta's looking over at Aishen's sudden blurt of options for stain removal, her clear green eyes first looking at that white knot, then into his eyes for a moment. Finally, she questions, "Oh… good! Uh, thanks. You on laundry duty, 'r..?" Suyi looks a tad familiar, too, but Leeta can't place the face after so long, and after so many things she's gone through since they 'candidated' together. Still, "Uh… can't let it sit, or it'll set." Looking thoghtfully between Aishen and the AWLM, the holder woman finally asks, "Can anybody direct me to the head of laundry, then? I don't have those chemicals at hand." Her words are a little quiet, a tad stiff and halted in places, as if she's not very used to talking so much.

Teinon winks to Suyi, taps his nose, then points at her. Nail on the head, apparently! Or so he's going to let her think, anyway. With Leeta showing up with a stained blouse, he winces faintly, and retreats from the circle. It might seem like some more of his anti-social standoffishness, but he goes through the laundry looking for something that seems about her size, and returns with a shirt that she can wear while the stained one is cleaned. After presenting it to Leeta, he rejoins the Candidate circle, only for his attention to sharpen with sudden interest toward the AWLM. It's almost a speculative look. But he doesn't act on whatever it is /just/ yet.

There it is. The ultimate thing within the laundry rooms. The purity, the perfection. Solid whites. Clean ones and from the looks of the basket, it belongs to someone super important. "Oooh, hello lovelies. Would you all look at this?" she purrs, holding up some crispy looking shirt. "Not a single speck of mining anything on them. Like a fresh canvas ready to get fishy or planty, or fish-planty. It's missing something, though." And there the gears are turning. "Sparklies are nice, I just don't like digging for them. I'll dig for some things, though." Some things that would either get her proud looks or a concerned healer looking for one of those belty jackets. As for the kidnapee thing, she didn't miss that. Suri waggles a brow at poor Aishen and leers, "Only the strongest survive, what better way to find out if they're Half Moon worthy?" Teasing. Perhaps. Ooh, could this work. "What do you think, Teinon. Thumbs up or down." It's only a very large cupped fire-engine red lacy bra. Cups almost large enough to accomodate her head… Or a literal pair of melons! Would come in handy at the Tiki. Suri chews thoughtfully on her lower lip. "Wonder if I wanna keep this one."

Aaand on that note! "Uh huh. You do that." Aishen's backing away - far away - edging ever closer to the door. "Well, normally this would be my cue to go and have a drink or three, but damn those rules." And if he plans to break them, he's certainly not going to mention that in present company. "So I'm just going to, uh… go jump in the lagoon, wash this dirt off, then find the hotsprings. Or something." Good luck, man," he calls to Teinon, with a thumbs up and the white flash of a grin parting his russet beard. Then, yoinks! No more brewer.

Suyi honestly has no idea who the head of laundry is, but she does look around and spots someone that /looks/ like they know what they're doing. "Maybe ask them?" Probably someone who usually works here. "Now /that/ is damn beautiful…." Because now she's seeing the massive bra Suriya is holding up and the AWLM laughs, loud and bright. "I bet you could go wind-sailing with that thing." She'll reach over to closely examine some of the lace, "And pretty to boot." And with yet another distraction she only realizes Aishen is leaving when he's mostly already gone. Darn! But surely she'll catch him later, to ask specifically about the whole alcohol thing!

"Oh…" is Leeta's next glib comment at Teinon hads her the temporary replacement shirt, the woman looking a bit surprised, then quietly grateful. And then there's (da-DAHN!) the Bra (tm), and green eyes affix to it like the undergarment is a 3 headed squid, or something. "Faranth's non-existant teats…" is murmured out in disbelief and dark humor, a twitch of an almost-smile jerking over the woman's lips at Suriya's words. And then helpful Aishen's abandoning ship, though Suyi's helpful answer distracts the holder quickly enough. And suddenly, there's a loud, raucous cackle of bawdy humor on the heels of Suyi's wind-sailing comment, Leeta cutting it off quickly enough, though she shakes her palest head a few times. Smirkie.

Teinon turns a rather violent shade of red, himself. Maybe he's trying to match! He holds up his hands and gives them a little wave, backing away slightly. No comment? Either that or it's a mild panic. With the only potential liferaft in the sea of estrogen quickly making an escape, Teinon starts to back away, too. He makes a vague gesture toward the washers… Which, really, that /is/ his chore for the day, so really, it's not an escape attempt. He's just studious!

It's definitely impressive, them over the shoulder boulder holders. Melons in this case. "That's a wonderful idea, Teinon! I like the way you work." What idea exactly? That red bra is shoved into a washer and then that wonderful, wonderful pile of precious prestine whites are being viciously shoved into it. Once filled, she plants herself in front of the door to ensure her mission is complete. Suriya is practically preening, though Tei gets a waggle of brows for his laundry skills. "By the time this Candidacy is over," she warns EVERYONE with a serious and grave look on her face, "Teinon and I are gonna be best friends and we're definitely wearing matching mumus." Fight me.

Suyi can't help but laugh again at everyone's reactions, though her gaze is resting more sharply on Leeta than anyone else at the moment. Perhaps that's why she doesn't notice Teinon sneaking off either. But /thankfully/ there is a Suriya present who is a /great/ Teinon spotter. "I will personally buy you drinks whenever you're done with the alcohol ban if that happens. In fact…I'll even write a song about the epic saga that is your friendship." She /totally/ will. Though comments aside, she's glancing over towards Leeta again. "You've…certainly changed since the last time we saw you around here. I honestly never thought I'd see you laugh."

Teinon's trying to leave towards the laundry without her shirt? Shells, NO. Leeta quickly inquires of the remaining females about her, "Ladies, if you'd please provide me a quick privacy wall…" And, whether they do or not, she's undoing her knot, stripping off her wine-sodden shirt and donning the replacement one…then wadding up the sisal tank top and lobbing it very accurately at Teinon. He'd better watch out, or it might smack him in the chest. Suriya's comment garners another, though lesser smirk-grin, Leeta soon stepping out into the open once her shirt's in proper place. And then Suyi's addressing Leeta in somewhat familiar fashion, and those lurid green eyes are focusing on the other female like lasers…searching and sizing up warily. Wait… thiiiiink… thiiiiiiiiink. Blink. "Candidate class last time, right?" Shrug. "I had some…things ta' deal with, then." Leeta still looks in control of herself, but not emotionless, like those Turns ago.

A look of such utter, perfect horror crosses Teinon's face that it's a wonder he doesn't evaporate on the spot. He's certainly blushing enough to have boiled away to nothing by now. And as if that and Suyi's encouragement weren't enough, suddenly there's a female stripping down and throwing /clothes/ at him. He's only able to catch it out of pure reflex, but that seems to be the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back. With an embarrassed grimace, he scurries away. He probably doesn't even realize he's taking Leeta's shirt with him. Maybe she'll get it back. Eventually. For now, there's a Teinon-shaped cloud of dust where a mute herder used to be.

Pictures say a thousand words and the poor young man's facial expressions just spoke volumes! Suri will have to document those volumes in her little black book later. Teinon ran off to find more things to add to the majestic load of laundry? Maybe he went to find the man-eating plant to smash into the shirt and bring it back like a knight bringing a princess a prize to add to the special laundry! Whatever the case may be, damage properly done, Suriya bows with a little flourish to Suyi, offers Leeta a wink, and she does a little exploring somewhere.

"Mhmm, same class as Tanit and Z'tan." Which probably explains how she got this position that is not /usually/ her area of expertise. She did obligingly make a human wall, but once Leeta seems safely changed she'll step away to look Leeta over one more time. "You know, now that you're done with those things you were dealing with….maybe there's room for something else in your life?" There's a softer smile from the harper turned AWLM now and she reaches into her pocket….only to realize this is /not/ her pocket, it's the pocket of whoever's pants she's stolen. The muddy woman quickly looks around and finds her discarded clothes. A couple of moments of digging later she's pulling out something from the shorts' pocket and holding it out to Leeta. "If you'd like to give the Sands a try again, I think now would be a great opportunity." In her hand is, of course, a white knot. Poor Teinon, she'll have to interrogate him about his apparent unfriendliness at a later date! And as for Suriya's involvement, that earns a pleased smile in return…while she waits for Leeta's answer!

"Ah, yeah… Was kind-uv' nice…" Candidacy, that is, Leeta murmurs to the AWLM, those green eyes looking out and into a bad past before returning to the other woman. She remembers Tanit for some reason, but the rest… a little fuzzy. That softer smile from the Harper-cum-AWLM is reason for the Holder to look a little flustered for a moment, and look away to the retreating Teinon, then back to Suriya…offering the latter a nod as she too retreats. Huh? And then the offer of a white knot slightly shocks the blonde, and for a long moment she closes her eyes, debates inwardly, finally looks back to the offerer and notes levelly, "One more time. I'll be too old, anyway, very soon." SHrug, smirk. "Why the Shell not? It'll take me a few few sevendays ta talk to the Holder, get my duties shifted around, though."

"Take your time, but…well, not /too/ long." Suyi grins a bit once the knot is taken and then sticks both hands into her pockets. "I'll let the rest of the weyrlingmaster know to expect you." And surely they'll see each other around a bit more, maybe that will jog Leeta's memory…or maybe not. "I should probably go wash up too, Zych's demanding a good scrubbing as well." And with a small wave she's also heading off, but not before one last comment. "Find me when you get back, if you don't remember where the barracks are I'll show you!"

Leeta says, “Thank you, ma'am," is noted politely to Suyi, Leeta's mouth fingding a softer quirk and she nods and lifts a hand in farewell to the AWLM. And off she finally treads as the group splits up, heading for wherever she will inside this big place to mull over her decision…sans wine…but plus three happy firelizards!”

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