Brotherly Heart-to-Heart

Western Weyr - Living Caverns
Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

Don't think for a second that Ila'den wasn't /roused/ by Sorel and Kiltara's latest… /debacle/. Ila'den had arrived to bring their children home and, upon seeing the state that Kiltara was in, declined to return them at all. It wasn't that he didn't trust them with their own children, or really that he didn't even want them to see them, but more a fact that Kiltara was doing it nearly by herself and how was she supposed to care for two infants when her hand was… well… broken? The bronzerider's up for a late night with the two, and with his family in mind (and their ability to sleep of the utmost import), the Weyrsecond gathered the bundle of fussing children and carried them from the weyr. He found his way into the living caverns, and there's exhaustion in his face as he sips at klah between rocking Katrel and Kiorel, both of whom seem little and less inclined to settle. The children are inconsolable, and while Ila'den has a feeling that he knows /why/, he doesn't attempt to remedy it. That would require Kiltara's attentions, and he's pretty damn sure the little troublemaker is asleep. And so? He will sit there, looking half-ready to fall over, while doing his best to be a doting uncle to his sister (and brother's) children. "Shhh, it's okay," he croons, brogue thick, voice husky. He'd give them a shot of whiskey, but somehow he thinks the parents won't be too keen on that…

Sorel wouldn't be too keen on that, no. Maybe a little whiskey on their gums if they're teething but that's about as far as he'd let that little idea go. But Ila isn't the only one exhausted, although Sorel is probably more emotional exhausted than anything. He does have his arm in a sling and his hand has been bound, and set and a board is making sure to keep everything straight. His fingers peek through and while they're rather beat up, they're still let's say, 80% functional at this point. Not quite perfect but he's still mostly good for chores, if not just a bit gimpy now. A few weeks of this and they said he'd be good to go, but the likelihood if keeping his arm like that for so long is probably pretty slim. Boys will be stubborn, won't they? But all that's happened in the past day makes it exceedingly difficult to sleep, so he's out and about as well and comes upon his sibling and his children with a look of pain plastered to his face. Yup, that's what you get for being a dumbass Sorel. But he's quickly reaching his good arm out to Ila, to help relieve him of one of the charges at least. "Sorry.." He murmurs as he plops down in the chair next to the bronzerider. "I thought it'd be a good day." Not that Sorel had mentioned to Ila that he was gunna pop the question or anything. But the young man had probably seen a bit happier than normal when he requested Ila care for the twins for the afternoon.

Grey eyes come open from being closed when Sorel is in his immediate vacinity, and despite the lax posture (if you don't count the fact that he's gently bouncing babies), the bronzerider is clearly on high alert. At least Sorel can rest in the fact that his brother would rip the heart out of any man who dared try to hurt Sorel and Kiltara's children. "Hmmm?" is his soft reply to the apology, and he doesn't argue for even a moment when he's relieved of one fussy child. The greatest part? Being held by Daddy instantly has the twin quieting down to snuffling croons, which die into silence from there. Ila'den uses one arm to cradle the child that's left, and leans on the table, elbow on top with his hand curled into a fist and his temple pressed into his knuckles. His eyes close again, and despite the very evident tired, there's absolutely no trace of wanning patience. Ila'den is, after all, a father. It's not like he hasn't had plenty of sleepless nights before; hell, as far as he can /remember/, he's been raising little babies - Kiltara included. "Nothing to apologize for," comes that sleep husky voice, a rumble of sound from somewhere in his chest. "I was wondering when she was going to tell you, I guess I figured she would at least wait until after you were out of candidacy." Eyes peek open again, focusing on Sorel's hand, and then once again they're closed. "How's your hand?"

"It was my fault. I should have waited to ask her I guess. I just.. I know I'm not 'rider material. I should probably just hand in my knot, to be there for her and the kids. But I bet she'd never forgive me if I did." Sorel gives a shake of his head as he tugs the infant closer to him and rocks it back and forth to try to help maybe remind her that hey, it /is/ past bed time. "Oh, it's broken, or something. I kinda ignored what the healers said, but it was pretty much ordered that I keep it in a sling for several sevendays." He gives his fingers a bit of a wiggle. "We'll see how that works out. I'm sure it'll be right as rain by the time the eggs hatch though. Lucky me." If only it was more serious he could perhaps have a real reason to get his ass kicked out of candidacy. But then he sighs, feeling so much older than he is suddenly. "I really.. hate Zi'on right now. I mean.. I never really liked the guy before now, but.. I really don't want to see his face after what he did. Even if he has no idea, he knew that we were together." Eyebrows dip down as he scowls, "Does he stick his dick into everything that moves?" Pause. "I heard you gave him a black eye. Was curious why, but I'm going to assume that it's because of this." Because why else would Ila punch Zi?

Ila'den's eyes come open again, to study Sorel as he talks. There's redness in them, and around them, and the irritation only seems to grow - though there's not a hint of /emotional/ irritation. Ila'den simply listens, quiet, allowing Sorel to vent his every word without interruption. It's not until the younger man is reaching his question about Zi'on that the bronzerider rumbles a low, husky laugh and his eyes close again. "The dragons will know if you're not ready, Sorel," he offers then, softly. "I think you need to sort out what you are feeling and what you are going to do about it before the time comes. And trust me, little brother, if you hand over that knot, Kiltara will be the least of your worries." Was that a threat? If it is, it's said around a tiredly friendly smile, but it's clear that there is some weight to the words that the bronzerider says. "What you do with your broken extremeties isn't any of my business, but take it from a marked man that impropert healing isn't always the most pleasant reminder." Eyes come open again, brows raise up as if this is a silent reprimand, and then he's shifting just slightly, bouncing Katrel with another soft shushing noise despite the child's inability to understand the noise. He just won't stop! "I know it's not what you want to hear, Sorel, but Zi'on is a good man. He didn't hold her down, and he didn't force her. I bet he'd even burn the weyr down to protect her, if only because she's my little sister." A pause, and then soft. "But yes, I did give him a black eye because of 'this'. Kiltara is past spankings." Meaning he blames her just as much, if not more.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Sorel's voice hitches at that question, at that 'threat' that Ila lobbed at him. "I don't understand why anyone cares if I'm a candidate or not. I've never went out seeking to become a rider." A rush of air is expelled before he adds. "I'll finish this one out, but I refuse to stand again. If there is no dragon out on those sands. I will make Kiltara my wife." That's to say that you know, she accepts, because there was really none of that going on during their dramafest earlier. But to say that Sorel doesn't want to hear about Zi'on's good qualities would be an understatement. "Fuck him. I don't care how great a man he is. He's shit in my book if he's willing to disrespect me in the way he has. I'm not saying he's the only one to blame. I'm well aware it was 'tara's decision to initiate that. But a better man would have told her no." And that's how he definitely feels about the subject. But he is no rider, and riders are known for their lack of 'morals' in that regard. "I.. I'm really hurt by what she did. But I can't blame her and I can't hate her. Because she's not right in the head. I don't know when I'll full forgive her for this betrayal, but I doubt she fully understands what she did either. It's like being upset at a child for breaking something. There's only so mad you can get before it's pointless." His shoulders lift in a rather defeated looking shrug. He does however shift Kiorel to his injured sling, but hey, it actually helps keep her in place before he's motioning for Katrel to be placed in the now empty good arm. Maybe he can get the lil guy to quiet like his sister.

"I don't think what it means needs explanation," Ila'den says softly; that is to say, the Weyrsecond is pretty positive he's made himself clear. "Nobody cares if you become a rider or not, Sorel. What we care about is you giving yourself a chance at something better. Like it or not, becoming a dragonrider would probably be the most beneficial to your 'future life' with Kiltara, if only because it'll keep you from stabbing somebody else." Ila'den's clearly teasing, despite the fact that the words come out a little gruff. There's a sigh then, and Ila'den's eyes are once more closed as he listens to Sorel speak. Finally, he's saying, "It's not at all like being upset with a child for breaking something - and if that is the case, being upset with them isn't pointless. You teach a child that it's wrong when they break things, and they never break things again. I love her, and I understand what she went through, but you cannot allow her to be a victim, Sorel, and that is exactly what you are allowing her to be." Those are harsh words from the one who raised her from a child up. "Blame her, Sorel, or I promise you that she's going to do it again." And then he's shifting, gently easing Katrel over to Sorel. It takes a bit longer, but it does work. The child settles. Sometimes it's really just best to be with Mommy and Daddy. Uncle isn't the remedy! "I am not saying Zi'on is faultless, but you seem to have on blinders, little brother, for my little sister. Open your eyes. It hurts /because/ you know she comprehends to some degree that what she did is wrong." How could she not? She doesn't feel that way towards Ila'den, or her children, or anybody else! "But she is allowed to make mistakes. It's your choice to forgive her."

Sorel snorts, rather loudly at that about the comment about it being the most beneficial to his future life. Whatever, they can think what they damn well want, but knowing his luck he'll impress some proddy green and end up having to sleep with Zi'on himself. Faranth, wouldn't /that/ be a nightmare. He shakes his head, trying to clear that not so fun image from his mind. Ew. "I am upset at her. I'm furious at her. But I have no right.. after what I did to force anything else upon her. I told her I wanted her to go to a healer. And if she doesn't do it of her own accord soon, I will force her. She isn't well and she isn't going to get better. And I'm scared to death that one day Veski is gunna come back, wag a little finger at her, and she's going to go running to him and abandon us all again." He goes rather rigid and would probably pound his fist into the table in frustration if he wasn't you know, laden with the twins. "But no matter what you say, I won't forgive Zi for his part in this. I had to share her enough, I refuse to share her ever again. And if she does do this again, if she still can't grasp what I meant to her, then.. she'll lose me… she'll lose us. I won't let my children be raised by someone who won't get help and admit she has a problem." Now that's a threat. Probably not one Ila will much care for, but that will be what happens.

Ila'den makes a soft noise in his throat, thoughtful, and says, "Well, then help her to understand Sorel." And don't think for a second that the bronzerider didn't light into Kiltara when he saw her last, because guess what: he did. He rolls his shoulders slightly, and nods his head in agreement to the comment about Veski, but he's completely silent for the duration of Sorel's continuing speech. When they come to the end? There's a soft rasp of laughter, and tired grey eyes open long enough to take his younger brother in. "So you will take them away from her, just like Veski did." It's not a question, it's a statement. It's pure, and honest fact. Those eyes close, and Ila'den shifts backwards in his seat, sitting up just a little straighter as he stretches, and then sinks right back into the same position as before. "Kiltara knows she has a problem, Sorel. She doesn't know how to handle it. If I know her - and I think I do, because I raised her - she's probably terrified that what happened to her is her fault. She probably thinks that because she didn't leave, and mind you, I don't even know if she could, that she has some sort of blame. A healthy relationship is going to be a long time coming for her, and if you aren't prepared to take on the commitment of healing her when she's broken, then maybe the best thing for the both of you would be to walk away before things can get any more serious." Not that Ila'den sees how they can. They have children together, for crying out loud. "Still, if it needs to happen while you're in candidacy, then Iris and I will watch your children. I can keep her from them, and V'ric, I am sure, would console her as much as he could, but he'd agree it's for the best. She does need a mindhealer, even if we use underhanded means to get her seeing one."

That's it Ila, drive that dagger into Sorel and twist it around why don't you. "No. I will not take them away from her like he did." The words are gritted out in disgust. "I will protect them to the best of my ability until she makes serious attempts to get better." Grumble. He's a monster, but he's not quite on the same level as Veski and does not like seeing the parallels in their behavior. Even if he was just wallowing in the fact that he did say he was just like Veski, it hurts a lot more to hear his own brother say such words. "She couldn't have gotten away. He would have hunted her because she was his newest bobble and he wasn't going to let her go until he was damn good and ready to. But you're right, she does blame herself. Just as I blame myself for what happened. I don't know if that will ever stop, but one day she has to understand that he manipulated her to feel exactly what and when he wanted and she had very little control over that." He shifts, motioning towards his daughter so that Ila can take her back. At least she's sleeping now, maybe, if they're lucky she will stay that way for a bit. "I don't expect a healthy relationship out of her, but I sure as hell won't sit here and let her continue to betray me without doing something. She does need to have consequences for her actions." A small yawn threatens to break but he fights it down and glances away. "I just want what's best for the kids and her. And if that means they have to be apart in order for their mom to get a little better, then I will do that. But I would never just.. take them and disappear on her. But.. thank you, for offering to help. I just really hope it doesn't come down to that. I hope she will make the move on her own. I don't want to force her."

Ila'den takes Kiorel and, more than that, he takes Katrel back too. It's ridiculous watching such a big man, capable of so much… damage treat those tiny infants with the utmost care. "Maybe," he says finally, softly. "Maybe he'd have appreciated that she was intelligent enough to escape. Veski is strange, Sorel. Just when you think you can pinpoint one aspect of his personality, you're wrong. I hate what he did to her, but I hate even more that I know he cares for her." Even if it's sick, and twisted. Ila'den was, after all, raised by the man for a time. There were some hard lessons learned, though Veski never once touched him. "It's not entirely selfless, my offering. I want to see you do well, and I want to see her do well. If nobody else deserves it, your children do." That is one thing Ila'den has always been great about: the kids. He's always been very doting, very loving, very focused on their every wish and need to ensure that his own little ones are overwhelmed with love and never left to want in that department. Slowly the bronzerider rises to his feet, and there's a long, quiet look for Sorel. "Did we just get through an entire conversation without some form of violence?" Ila'den smiling again, teasing again. "I'm disappointed in us." And then, the smile fades, and with the utmost sincerity, Ila'den's murmuring, "Sorel, if you need anything, ask. You hate me, I get it, but you are my brother. We are family. I'm here for you, understand?" He doesn't wait for acknowledgement. He's bouncing babies again, crooning nonsense, and turning his back on Sorel to leave. Bye bye! Ila out!

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