OOC: Take Off Your Pants!

Take Off You're Pants!

[Western Weyr] Ly'am snuggles the Zi'on, knows he likes it ;P
[Western Weyr] Zi'on grumbles about being more popular with the men than the ladies.
[Western Weyr] Kayse smooches Zi. "You're /very/ popular with me." Leer.
[Western Weyr] Zi'on is scared now
[Western Weyr] Sundari smooches Zi'on!
[Western Weyr] Kayse: XD
[Western Weyr] Zi'on: Take off your pants so I can double-check!
[Western Weyr] Kayse snorts. "What happened to taking it slow?"
[Western Weyr] Zi'on: We don't have to do anything, I just want to see.
[Western Weyr] Rhadan boggles.
[Western Weyr] Ly'am: Confirming Gender, just humour him. ;) (I am a harper, I should be there as witness. Sagenods.)
[Western Weyr] Sundari snerk
[Western Weyr] Zi'on: Rhad knows what this is about
[Western Weyr] Kayse: You've seen me in a two piece swimsuit. I think you got more than enough opportunity to check. :p
[Western Weyr] Zi'on: But… I want to check
[Western Weyr] Kayse: Well, you'll just have to wait!
[Western Weyr] Zi'on twiddles thumbs. Can I see now?
[Western Weyr] Kayse: Haven't you seen me in the bath a whole bunch of times? Seriously.
[Western Weyr] Sundari HA
[Western Weyr] Zi'on: A whole bunch?
[Western Weyr] Kayse: You leered at me enough when I /had a broken hand/!
[Western Weyr] Kayse: (Well, dislocated thumb(.
[Western Weyr] Zi'on: I don't understand what that has to do with your lady bits
[Western Weyr] Kayse: I was naked. You leered. Thus, you saw the lady bits.
[Western Weyr] Kayse: Not my fault if you can't remember them.
[Western Weyr] Zi'on thinks you misunderstand the idea of double-check
[Western Weyr] Kayse: No, I think you've had more than two chances to check!
[Western Weyr] Zi'on is sad now. :(
[Western Weyr] Zi'on: Hey Sunny…
[Western Weyr] Sundari patpats Zi'on.
[Western Weyr] Sundari: Yes Zi'on?
[Western Weyr] Zi'on :D
[Western Weyr] Kayse snerks.

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