Zi'on's Typical First Impression

Western Weyr - Living Caverns
Here is the center of Weyr life, the living caverns. These two main rooms were man-shaped from smaller caves, and are joined by a carved arch with depictions of dragons in flight and dolphins leaping in swirling waves. One room has many round stone and wooden tables and a stone fire-pit instead of a hearth. Over the round-walled, gas fired pit is a large conical hood made of polished bronze, with reliefs of dragons with their riders flying over ships guided by dolphins. This hood and chimney keeps the room smoke-free. Through the archway is an enormous hall, with long tables and benches, some carved from the rock floor, many crafted of wood. This room is a combination dining and meeting hall, and can seat over 300 comfortably. Above both rooms, angled shafts lined with polished metal bring in sunlight during the day. Electric lights also burn, day and night.

It's a nice springtime morning at Western. Birds are chirping, the sun is peeking over the horizon and there are some nice puffy clouds in the sky. Really a perfect morning. For Zi'on though… he'd much rather be sleeping in. The weyrleader trudges into the caverns still looking half asleep. At least he's dressed. His first stop is to head to the food tables and pick up a pot of klah and a mug. YES THE WHOLE POT. Then he picks up a sticky bun and heads to a nearby vacant table to sit down. Anyone wishing him a good morning is greeted with a general grunt. Once he's seated he pours himself a nice hot mug of klah and starts in on his breakfast.

She looks rather energetic for so early in the morning, already up and ready to go. This is probably because she has already been awake for several hours, getting some chores done before the rest of the weyr starts to wake up. But it seems that despite having been awake for a while she has not had breakfast yet. No matter how much she wishes she could simply skip the meal she knows that it would do no good for her to pass out in the middle of chores. So Naris reluctantly grabs a plate which she fills with bacon, a meatroll, and a sticky bun. With that she heads over to a mostly vacant table and sits down, paying no attention to Zi'on, the man already sitting there.

S'ol slides his way into the caverns with all the grace and speed of a stone. He is walking so slowly the Grannies could pass him at this speed. His face is down on his notebook, which he's slowly scribbling a few notes into as he tries to walk. Pushing his glasses up onto his nose he looks up, and then folds his book close. "Yes yes, I know, but I had to write it down before I forgot it…" He talks to the air as he heads to the food tables. Clearly there must be a dragon on the other end of the exchange. And when he finally arrives at the food, he dithers over the task of getting something to eat. "Everything looks good today…"

Ah, klah! Sweet, sweet sustenance! After jolt from the klah and the sugar from the pastry he's selected hits his system, Zi'on looks somewhat more amongst the living. At some point he realizes that someone has sat down with him. He looks over and gives a nod to Naris. "Morning." It's somewhat cordial? The weyrleader is not known for his morning manners. In fact this the worst time to bring him news, since this is Zi'on in his serious time of the day. His gaze flicks to S'ol for a moment, then back over to the teen sitting across from him.

The sound of Zi'on's voice causes her to give a small jerk of surprise. It appears that she did not expect him to say anything or possibly just forgot he was there. Part of the meatroll is dangling out of her mouth when she looks at him, which she soon removes and sets down on the table. For a moment she is silent, simply looking him up and down with narrowed eyes. Then she slowly responds, "'g morning." Her voice is cautious, clearly Naris isn't sure how to react.

S'ol finally manages to make some choices, including a generous mug of klah, and slowly heads over to the table with Zi'on and Naris and respectfully nods his head to the weyrleader since he can't salute, his hands are full. "Good morning Sir, may I join you?" He smiles and nods to Naris as well.

Zi'on does have a manly booming voice and all. It was one of his qualifications for being a weyrleader. Okay, maybe he's just loud in general. As Naris looks him over he furrows a brow at her. "What? Do I have something on me?" He looks down. Nothing on him. At least not yet. He peers at her when she finally returns his greeting. "What's your name?" Zi'on turns to S'ol then, giving the greenrider a nod. "Morning, S'ol. Have a seat." He motions in general to the table. "How are things?"

Manly booming voices are always good in a weyrleader according to Naris. That way no one can pretend they didn't hear you and more stuff will get done. Unfortunately the same manly booming voice can also be very statling. When a rider walks over and asks if he can join them, completely ignoring Naris in the process, she frowns. But her attention is stolen away by Zi'on, who actually asks her a direct question. She gives a small shake of her head and mutters, "no, I just like to have a good look at who I'm around." This is not completely true, when it is someone ranking higher than her and she has to show respect she likes to avoid eye contact at all costs. But it seems that she has failed to notice the weyrleader knots on Zi
'on's shoulder.

S'ol smiles a little coyly at the Weyrleader. "Oh everything is good with me," he rips a peice of muffing free of its fluffy golden top and pops it into his mouth only after saying, "Tari's been hiding in our weyr, peeking out all morning whenever anyone flies near, and glowing like a firefly in summer. I think I'll give her a nice oiling so she can show off," he nibbles the muffin daintily, not letting even a single crumb fall onto the table top. Then he smiles at Naris. "I can understand that. It can be a bit overwhelming meeting new people," he gives the Weyrleader a little wink.

Plenty of people still ignore Zi'on if they feel like it. Not too many get away with it though. Zi'on isn't generally considered scary though. He blinks, then grins to Naris. "Well, soak in my handsome face." He rubs his chin. "Thinking of letting the beard grow back in. At least partially. What do you think? I can't ever get Kiena to give an opinion one way or the other." Zi'on pauses mid-sip of his coffee to peer at S'ol. "Proddy, eh? Sounds like… fun." Or something. Zi'on personally was rather glad he didn't end up with some crazy lady-dragon. "How much longer until take off?"

S'ol's words cause Naris to give him a wary glance. Most of her life she has tried her best to avoid proddy dragons and riders, not really wanting to deal with anyone going through that rollercoaster of emotions. Now here she was stuck sitting with one. Great. In an effort to distract herself from him she turns her gaze back to Zi'on, taking in how his face looks right now then imagining it with a beard. Eventually she responds, "it depends. A beard might look really great, but then again you might be one of those people with really horrible and tangly beards. Then it would just look like you're walking around with a growth on your face, or maybe a hairy firelizard. Of course if it really was firelizard shaped that would be neat, but then again some of the less intelligant flits might get ideas and start surrounding you…" She trails off, lost in her rambles.

S'ol leans in closer to Zi'on. "I think a beard would be wonderful, but Tarieth disagrees with me, of course," he gives a brief glance to the teen, then back to the weyrleader. "Oh not long now, a day, maybe two. Not today though, she's still hiding a great deal, and being shy. Usually she hides a little bit, but on the day of she'll start being a show off. I guess she likes to save her best for last…"

Such was weyr life. There were proddy greens and their riders all over the place. Zi'on has learned to ignore it most of the time, unless it suits his interests. He laughs at Naris' description. "I don't grow tangly knotted beards. It grows in pretty evenly. I guess it's the gift of thick dark hair like mine." He tilts his head at her as she describes some sort of hairy firelizard attractor. "Uh. Hopefully that won't be happening." He chuckles at S'ol. "For me, or for you? Why does she care if I grow a beard?" There's a nod to S'ol then. "Well, good luck with that. Suldith might be in the mood to give a little chase. It's been a while since any of the golds have flown."

Naris nods when Zi'on talks about the gift of thick dark hair, running her hand through her rather thin black hair without even noticing. Her gave briefly moves to S'ol again as he talks about how his dragon will probably rise soon, feeling more uncomfortable by the minute. Sexual contact or talk of it of any sort has never been something she felt comfortable around, as suggested by her tense body language. In her desperate attempt to change the subject, at least slightly, when Zi'on comments that it's been a while since one of the golds flew she asks, "do you think one will rise soon then? A clutch would be nice, new blood and all."

S'ol grins. "I've been caught then. Tarieth is interested in beards because she knows I like them," he grins and takes another bite of his muffin. "I'm sure she'd be happy for any suitors that rise…and…I won't comment as to the lack of gold rising of late," he gives a sort of knowing look and takes a sip of his klah.

Zi'on leans back in his chair slightly and stifles a yawn. He's still waking up it seems. Sex was all over at the weyr! Naris must hide during the goldflights, if that's the case. He shrugs about the gold rising. "That's not really my area. I would guess we're close to a rise, yes. It seems about time. They'll all come rather suddenly and close to one another. That seems to be how things work here, anyways." He finishes off his pastry and licks a couple of his fingers. "Heh, if you like beards why not grow one yourself? I just like to change my look around. Beards are easy to change. Growing my hair out would be more difficult."

Yet the greenrider keeps talking about his dragon rising, causing her to narrow her eyes in annoyance. Goldflights certainly aren't any fun for her, most of the time she spends them locked up in her room, careful to avoid anyone. Luckily Zi'on says that although it's not his area he guesses that they're close to another rise. Naris nods and falls silent, looking down at her hands. Her body language still says that she is uncomfortable, although she doesn't do anything about it just yet.

S'ol turns slightly red. "Oh, I tried to grow one," he scratches his face. "Tarieth teased me about it, called it a little black catterpillar," he takes another large drink of his klah.

The conversation seems to have shifted away from flights for the time being. Naris is safe, for now! Zi'on for his part pours himself another mug of klah, then gets up to snag another pastry. "So are you feeling better about introducing yourself now?" He asks Naris. "Or are you shy? Or worried because I'm the big bad weyrleader?" Zi'on grins a bit. He's teasing her a little, trying to get her to loosen up. There's a chuckle for S'ol. "I see. You have to give them a little time if you want them to grow in proper."

When Zi'on says that he's the weyrleader Naris's eyes widen in surprise and her gaze flashes to his knots, the things she has failed to notice all this time. Before she can stop herself she blurts out, "/you're/ the weyrleader!? I thought you were just a beard-loving brownrider…" Her voice trails off as she realizes both how rude that sounds and how inappropriate her talk of tangled beards is for someone as his stature. But in her defense he was the one that started the talk of beards. Shards, she had expected that the weyrleader would be a little bit more fancy, work orientated, and mature. This is shown partly by the surpise clear on her face. And yet she still forgets to introduce herself

Zi'on does have one big shiny knot! Which certainly gives away the fact that he is indeed the weyrleader. Though he is not one of those grumpy, scary weyrleaders. He prefers to rule by being approachable. He wrinkles his nose at Neris' reaction to his announcement. "Why does everyone say that to me when they find out?" He means about the first bit. "Also, nope. I'm a beard-loving bronzer." Zi'on is only twenty-three. Which wasn't exactly old for a rider, and was still very young for a weyrleader. Though he's been weyrleader for turns now, and is an old hat at it. "Well, if you weren't afraid before, you are now? Introductions can be hard. Here, I'll start. Hello. I'm Zi'on, Suldith's rider. Weyrleader at Western. And then you say 'Hello, I'm…'"

Naris lets out a little snort when he asks why everyone says that to him. Well at least it looks like she isn't the first one to make that mistake. At least she was right about him being a beard lover. Of course it would have been terribly odd for him /not/ to have to fondness for beards with the way he was going on about them earlier. When he assumes that she's afraid now and tries to show her how to do an introduction she rolls her eyes and, instead of introducing herself, remarks, "I'm not /afraid/ of you, shards, I was having a chat with the senior weyrwoman just last night! I'm just not that big of a fan of pointless socializing." There is a pause before she says, "tell you what. My parents names are Canis and Neral, figure my name out and I'll tell you my status in the weyr." At that moment she covers her knots, not about to let him cheat if he hasn't already noticed.

"And I am S'ol! Rider of little green Tarieth! Who is demanding her oiling now…" he leaps to his feet. "Well, it was nice meeting you too…um…daughter of Canis and Neral…" he says to Naris awkwardly. He waves goodbye and retreats hastily back to his weyr. "Coming coming Tari!!"

Zi'on will chat about just about anything. Beards included. It was his way of staying on top of any weyr business, since most new travels word of mouth. He laughs. "I'm much scarier than Enka though. Unless you're one of her juniors. Anyways, there's no such thing as pointless socializing. It always has a point, even if it's just to help you relax by having a nice chat with someone." He gives her a droll look. "However in your case it could be that you're trying to get the weyrleader to like you, instead of just thinking you're another annoying weyrbrat, come to ruin his morning." He sighs. "Alright fine. Nasal? Canal? Ariel? Cercei? Anal? Air? Ali? There are a lot of possibilities, if your parents names are spelled how I think they are. I'd probably have an easier time guessing your status."

Naris on the other hand dislikes to chat, much prefering to only talk with others when it's serious business. When he says that there is no such thing as pointless socializing she shrugs, not about to argue with the weyrleader but clearly not agreeing. In her mind relaxation is pointless, nothing but a waste of time. Upon him saying that she could be trying to get the weyrleader to like her and not think she's a annoying weyrbrat she snorts and deadpans, "yes, because at seventeen turns old I'm still ranked as a weyrbrat." As she listens to his list of possible names her eyes widen at exactly how far from her real one most are. For a moment she is silent before slowly taking her hands away from her knots and reaching her hand out in a offer to shake. Her voice is casual as she says, "nice try but none of those are even close, you do win for effort though. The name's Naris, resident that is bonded to absolutely nothing."

If Naris had to deal with Zi'on's sort of high-stress job she might feel differently about relaxation. Sure, his job wasn't hard physically, but every decision he makes affects the people at Western, so it can be a handful. "If you were born at the weyr you will always be a weyrbrat, I hate to say. Even I'm still a weyrbrat. It's a birthright." Once she actually introduces herself, he warily shakes her hand. "Hello, Naris. Now, is there something I can do for you? Or shall I go back to what you call pointless socialization? Or I can just sit her in silence, and be the dark and brooding weyrleader everyone seems to expect."

She actually laughs at his question, a real laugh, not some little snicker. Naris shakes her head and points out, "there's a difference between 'dark and brooding' and 'silent and creepy'. Dark and brooding is when someone has something going really wrong in their life, they have serious trouble, and they want to sulk about it. Silent and creepy, on the other hand, is sitting there being silent for no reason at all. The creepy part is becuase you part expect that person to jump up, attack you, and take you to the secret hole where they keep their tunnelsnake skulls. My type of silence is where I'm thinking about something. Although that can sometimes be confused with silent and creepy, but rest assured, I do not have a tunnelsnake skull pit." She pauses before continuing, "anyway, no, I don't need anything. So 'pointless socializing' it is then, unless you have some tunnelsnake skulls to collect."

Zi'on peers at Naris. "You think I don't have plenty to think about, then? I can sit here and mull over my beard cut. And when I get tired of that I can figure out what meetings I can skip today, and what sort of paperwork I can make Ila'den do. Also whether or not I need to meet with S'rorn this afternoon. And whether or not that will impact the hold meetings I have to attend with Enka. I need to adjust the sweep schedules and I think we're still short a healer or two. Plus I'd like to check on my girls today and Kiena wants to meet me for dinner." He grins to her. "No. I don't have tunnelsnake skulls to collect. Though my firelizard Thrall probably has a large collection someplace. So what is it you have to brood over, anyways?"

Naris shrugs before pointing out, "even with all that to think about it's not really brood worthy material. Not horrible, not life threatening, just the daily duties a weyrwoman is supposed to attend to. And I don't really have anything to brood over, in fact my life is rather nice. I can be as busy as I like without being forced into some chore I don't like, not that I wouldn't do it anyway." A strange grin crosses her face as she adds, "didn't you hear? I'm the silent and creepy one." Naris completely failed to notice that she had accidentally called the weyrleader a weyrwoman.

Zi'on laughs. "You've never met some of the lord holders. Also, I am weyrleader, I am not a weyrwoman. Nor are you, last time I checked that required a dragon." He stretches a bit. "I'm glad your life is nice and comfortable. That means I'm doing my job correctly." He raises a brow to her. "You're the silent and creepy one, eh? Also you don't mind doing chores you don't like? That's swell. You won't mind fetching my laundry then later?" He stands from his seat and rifles through his breast pocket. "Here's my slip." He sets a slip of paper with a number down on it. "Be careful with it, I was having my good leathers mended. Thanks. The weyrbrat who normally does it is off visiting his parents or something. I dunno. See ya later, Naris!" And with all that he starts heading towards the door.

Baffled is a good word to describe the look on her face, absolutely baffled. For someone that appeared rather lazy that man was /fast/ when it came to pushing his work onto someone else. Before she really knows what's going on he has corrected a mistake that he didn't even know she made and taken out a laundry slip, successfully pushing one of his chores onto her. Naris stands up and attempts to follow him, but once again he proves to be fast for someone that seemed so lazy. With an annoyed huff she ends up storming off in the end, going to do her chores which now included doing the weyrleaders laundry. And, by extension, locating said weyrlater later on, which quite possibly meant finding her way to his weyr. That's what you get for talking about how much you like chores.

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